Madonna, Timberlake Song Leaks; World Preps Dance Moves


madonna.jpgA French radio station played the first single from Madonna‘s new album Hard Candy on Friday and all the Interweb is reaping the benefit. Justin Timberlake and Timbaland co-produced “Four Minutes to Save the World.” Her Madgesty trades off verses with Timberlake, who is either doing a very passable Michael Jackson impression or demonstrating just how much love he has for Cee-Lo. The song is a straight-up dance-floor classic, with the sort of bounce and jiggle made for South Beach clubs. Guitars grind; drums pummel; and the synths . . . er, synth. The song means for you to get up and dance, and in that, it’s successful. Madonna sings “The road to heaven is paved with good intentions,” which isn’t exactly how we remember the saying going, but whatever. It’s loud, busy, grinding and full of energy. No word on whether the French DJ who leaked this is currently running for his life, but we suspect that might be the case. Until the song gets an official release, check it out here.

Adnan Cheats on Brit, Gets the Boot


britney-phone-030308.jpgBritney Spears had a mini-meltdown recently after discovering that her photog-turned enabling boyfriend Adnan Ghalib was sending sexy text messages to another woman. While it’s not totally cheating, it sure ain’t cool, so Brit did the logical thing and chucked Adnan’s iPhone in her pool. Oh, she also dumped his ass. Apparently there were over a dozen of the digital love letters on his phone and were “pretty saucy stuff with sexual references — certainly not the sort you’d send to just a friend.”

We have to wonder, has Brit ever entertained the idea that the racy texts were not from another girl, but from her alter-ego, Crazy British Britney in a Pink Wig? Maybe if she had just looked at the phone she might have figured out what was really going on.

Crazy British Britney in a Pink Wig: Hello 2 my favorite bloke. I’m craving some figgy pudding – and yr hot body. ILY. Cheers!
Adnan Ghalib: You’re so much sexier than regular Britney. I want to run my fingers thru yr wig and taste the Frappucino on your lips. Yummers!
Crazy British Britney in a Pink Wig: Kinky! I’m driving rt now at 100 MPH. It gets me so hot when I do dangerous things. U make me want to run red lites.

Want Some Lip Chap? How ‘Bout Some Innuendo?


Saaphyri Windsor, best known for winning Charm School and asking God to give her the strength to resist beating a bitch’s ass on Flavor of Love, is kicking the promotion of her Lip Chap line of lip balm into high gear. Above is the first commercial for the product — if you didn’t think that lip balm could be sexually charged, well, think again! The clip walks the line between hilarity and hotness, and in doing so, it’s able to speak to as wide an audience as possible (except for, I guess, pre-pubescent kids). It’s kitschy, but it’s also smart business.

As always, you can get Lip Chap (now available in 10 flavors) at

Jack & Hill vs Barack & Will


Quite obviously it’s time to stump for your fave Democratic presidential hopeful. We know that Will.i.Am is down with Obama. The Black Eyed Pea has just dropped his second cool-ass clip full of famous friends. But Jack Nicholson has countered with a cool-ass clip of his own, full of famous footage. Click away. And tell us who you’re supporting.

Monday: Diddy Does La La Land


diddy_030308.jpgBrit’s Doctors Make a House Visit
Everyone has finally learned it takes a village for this girl to simply leave her house. Staying home is good for her health! [Ok!]

Diddy Ditches the Big Apple for Hollywood
But where will he send his Making the Band plebes when he’s desperate for cheesecake at 4AM? [TMZ]

J. Lo Names Her Kids Max and Emme
We’d thought she’d go for something weirder. Nicely done! [The Superficial]

Spoiled Suri Gets Mark Ronson to DJ her B-Day Party
This is the most ridiculous thing we’ve ever heard, but if it means we get to see Tom and Katie dance awkwardly, it’s totes worth it. [TMZ]

Amy Winehouse Stuck with Skin Disease
The singer, who has recently come down with impetigo, can’t seem to catch a break.

Perez Hilton Gets his Own Sex Scandal


perez.jpgGossip blog godfather Perez Hilton has found himself in some sort of sex scandal, after fellow blogger Jonathan Jaxson has come forward and accused Perez of goading him into making sex tapes and reneging promises of dirt for his blog. The two exchanged videos and numerous x-rated chats, and it appears (from reading their many instant messages) that Jaxson was desperate to get Perez to participate in some sort of staged phone-call for his blog, perhaps in an attempt to generate more traffic to his site. When Perez didn’t follow through on his promise, Jaxson made the IMs public (link NSFW), and the result is way more publicity than he would have gotten from his original plan.

The whole scandal doesn’t seem to be much more than a racy chat exploited by some dude to get famous, but we did learn some choice info – Perez is packing 8.5 inches of man down there! And hey, if you’re gonna become a celebrity for dishing dirt (and drawing on pics of celebs), there’s gonna come a time when you gotta take it, too.