OneRepublic Decodes “Stop and Stare”


After watching the awesome-but-hard-to-follow video for “Stop and Stare” by OneRepublic, we were left with some questions. For example — who’s the old guy? Where’s that creepy motel? Did this cost as much as a movie? Luckily, OneRepublic lead singer Ryan Tedder is such a nice fellow, he stopped by to walk us through the imagery-laden musical epic, plus fill us in on the band’s next video.

1. This video almost didn’t happen.
“We had written a treatment originally, and it just got too complicated and over-budget,” Tedder said. Originally set on the Lower East Side, the band settled for the desert locale when director Anthony Mandler submitted his treatment. “We got [the expense of the video] down from $620,000 to $450,000…which for a new band – no bands are getting that kind of budget right now.”

2. Don’t worry; you’re not the only one confused.
“A lot of people have questions as to what [the video’s] about,” says Tedder. “Any time you see a shot of me, it’s me contemplating where I’m at in my life when the song was written. The grave and the priest represent death, and the girl who’s later pregnant represents birth and life.”
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Everybody Wants Beyonce to be Pregnant


beyoncebaby.jpgJust days after Beyonce and Jay-Z allegedly capped off their six-year romance with a wedding, people are already whispering that the couple wed so quickly because Beyonce is knocked up. The alleged proof: their whirlwind nuptials, and that her sis Solange had a shotgun wedding a while back. Wow, so it must be true! Let me shatter the dreams of gossipy people around the world – she’s probably not pregnant. Aside from the fact that sisters love to do the exact opposite of each other (er, aside from Jamie-Lynn Spears and BritBrit), Beyonce and Jay-Z likely got married quickly so that we, the media, wouldn’t ruin it. And even though we kinda did by gawking at the whole thing, neither Beyonce or Jay have actually confirmed that they wed, which means THEY WIN. So don’t go around spreading pregnancy rumors just because you’re pissed that we still don’t know what kind of dress B wore. Besides, no one will believe it until we can spot a vague, hardly there, probably imaginary mini-bump. When that happens, I’ll be the first one to whisper the P word.

Frenchie Threatens eBay With a Good Time



For (at least) $2,500, the price of a round-trip coach class ticket from Las Vegas, ground transportation and hotel accommodations at a 4 star or better hotel, Rock of Love 2‘s Frenchie can be yours…temporarily. Via her agent at CEG, an eBay auction has been set up to auction off a date with Angelique. We just spoke to her and can confirm that this is 100 percent legit, and that those in search of a, ahem, happy ending should look elsewhere (“Dinner and that’s all,” is how Angelique put it). Perhaps, if you’re lucky, she’ll make you chocolate mousse or, at least, rub it all over herself at the dinner table.

On the relatively steep price to take her out, Frenchie notes: “I won’t go under $2,000. I still have a stripper attitude, even though I don’t dance no more. Ha ha ha!” When she puts it like that, she makes it seem like a bargain! [eBay]

Frenchie also notes that she’ll have autographed pictures, limited-edition DVDs and, most excitingly, clothes she’s worn up for auction. So, uh, keep your eyes peeled for those.

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The Hills Poem-Cap: Et Tu, She-Pratt?



Every week we re-cap Monday night’s Hills episodes with a series of haiku poems about the shows. Short skirts, shorter poems – Audrina approved! Add your own masterpieces in the comments section below.

Haiku #1
Kelly Cutrone is
the HBIC. She scares
the sh*t out of me.

Haiku #2
Really Heidi? You
curled your hair to get your mirror?
High maintenance! Obvs.

Haiku #3
She-Pratt looks pretty
But way too skinny. She’s right -
Spencer, get a job!

More Paula: One Plane Crash & 14 Surgeries

by caught up with pop legend and American Idol judge Paula Abdul to speak about her new song and video (see it here), “Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow,” off of Randy Jackson’s Music Club, Vol. 1 We’ll be breaking down Abdul’s comments over the next week in a variety posts. In today’s installment, she talks about her plane crash, injuries and the painful road to recovery.

Paula Abdul on her long absence from the music industry:

I wish they had [a way for me to show what was going on] behind the scenes. Because when [I was at my peak in the '90s], I had a plane crash. That’s something I quietly made go away — no paparazzi or tabloid stuff. I took care of that. I didn’t want people to feel sorry for me or to count me out. The truth of the matter is that when I got into a plane crash, it was on my birthday. [I was flying from] St. Louis to Denver. I had a day off in Denver.

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You Name It: Blonde Vampira?



Yesterday our cousins at Best Week Ever queried the blogosphere regarding Kristin “Sex Tape In the City” Davis‘ oddball stance during a New York art event. Yep, she was doing the Robot, no doubt. Here’s a follow-up. Is it possible that the dude above is working on a JessSimp figure from Madam Tussauds? The pic makes the former Mrs Lachey (where is that guy these days?) seem like she’s giving a body language shout-out to the ever-lovin’ Mistress of the Dark, Vampira. Consult study Plan 9 for further details. And feel free to comment on what the stylist is saying to himself…

Tuesday: Bravo, You are Out


projectrunway.jpgProject Runway says Auf Wiedersehen to Bravo
Heidi Klum has moved her uber-hit Project Runway from Bravo to Lifetime! Think they’ll film a special made for TV movie starring Meredith Baxter Berney about the process? [DListed]

She-Pratt Dishes on Spencer and Heidi
Lil’ sis Stephanie Pratt opened her rather large mouth about her brother’s troubled relationship. OMG she thinks they’re “perfect for each other!” [Us]

Drunk Driver Mischa Barton Takes Plea Deal
Messed up OC star Mischa Barton is grabbing the plea deal offered to her in her DUI case. No jail for this celebutard – yet. [People]

Rob Lowe Sues Ex-Nanny for Claiming Infidelity
This seems like the perfect plot for a Rob Lowe comeback flick! [People]

Gossip Guy Dumps Carrie Underwood via Text
Chace Crawford gave crooner Carrie the boot with the ol’ “Sry, IDK, but we need 2 brk up.” Classy. [Us]