Lindsay & Paris Battle For Timbaland’s Love



Well look what we have here! It’s the world’s dumbest – and most dysfunctional – love triangle! Poor Timbaland has found himself trapped between two dueling dimwits – Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. Both the girls are desperate to give their music “careers” another try, and the divas duked it out at the super-producer’s pre-Grammy party for his attention. Each was also horrifed that the other was in attendance, with Lindsay allegedly declaring, “What the hell is that b*tch doing here?” when she saw the heiress. Paris’ response? “F*ck off, you b*tch.”

Wow. Those words are gonna sound even more amazing when sung and put to music! A source reveals that both of the women “want to work with Timbaland to revive their faltering music careers,” and had seen this party as away to get him on their side. Lindsay already has Ne-Yo on board, which seems to signify that she’s serious about singing. Paris, on the other hand? She’s probably just trying to get closer to Justin Timberlake. [MSNBC]

Rock of Love: Rockstar Moments


In the past, we’ve seen our Rock of Love hero Bret Michaels in all sorts of sticky situations. Primarily, these involve nudity. For instance, there was the time he almost shut down the Forty Deuce. Then there was the time he was given a pole-dance by his potential paramours. This time, Bret’s the recipient of some witty dialogue, which has something to do with keeping his pipes clean. There’s some double entendre going on there. Is it rock star-worthy? We don’t know. But it’s definitely Bret.

Tuesday: Nicole Ditches Baby for LA Bashes


nicolerichie0212.jpgFergie Plans Shotgun Wedding
What’s she gonna do with her lovely baby bumps? Walk down the aisle asap so no one notices that she’s preggers. [NY Post]

Nicole Can’t Stop Post-Baby Partying
You’d get out of the house too after lugging a baby around for 9 months. Mom power! [Us]

Paris Loses Her Pussy
Don’t get your hopes up – we’re talking about her cat. She left it at the vet and hasn’t picked it up in weeks, so it’s going back to a shelter. [TMZ]

Brit’s BFF Sam Tried to Take her Cash
Note to Britney – that’s what people who randomly come into your life when you’re vulnerable really want. [Us]

Natalie Cole Bashes Winehouse’s Win

The aging diva thinks Amy shouldn’t have won a Grammy (or five) until she’s sober. If the Grammys followed this rule, no one in the biz would ever win anything (um, including Natalie?).

DVD Debut: Gumshoe Hunts For Girl


New DVDs are released every Tuesday, which leads us to the eternal question: What should you buy? Our critic Charles Bottomley weighs in on every week’s must-haves and please-forgets.


Gone Baby Gone
Casey Affleck is the Boston gumshoe hired to find a missing girl in this thoughtful thriller from novelist Dennis Lehane and director Ben Affleck. Lehane also wrote Mystic River, and the Afflecks strain for the same kind of dramatic intensity. The mark is missed, but blue-collar Boston is neatly realized, and the Oscar-nominated Casey has the smoldering intensity of a major star in the making.

Extras: Ben Affleck’s commentary provides insight into the challenges facing a first-time director, while the featurettes turn their attention to an often overlooked aspect of filmmaking — casting.

Rating: Buy!

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Grammys: Fashion Flubs


Some of the styles on last night’s red carpet were almost as confusing as Cuba Gooding Jr. introducing Amy Winehouse. Our goal today was to create Best and Worst Dressed lists, but we found ourselves scraping for a single outfit we actually loved. We would have expected Bai Ling to throw us for a loop, but between the ice princess, sherbet delight, and skunk…we can’t figure out what the stars were thinking. Who do you think needs to show their stylist the door?

Pictured above: Beyonce, Aretha Franklin, Fantasia, Bai Ling, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Brooke Hogan, Cyndi Lauper, Jill Scott, Kelis, Miley Cyrus, and Yoko Ono.

Nice To Meet You, Hope To Beat You


It’s not always friction and jealousy at awards shows, sometimes it’s sweetness and light, too. Too bad Feist and Taylor Swift came away empty-handed at the Grammys. Check out their impromptu salutations on the red carpet.

See all of our Grammys coverage, winners pics, red carpet shots and more right here. Check out video interviews with Plain White T’s and loads of other nominees here.

Britney Runs LA’s Biggest Gang


britney-peace-sign.jpgApparently the crew of photographers that bulldoze Britney Spears with their SUVs and cameras is made up of a number of former gang members. Some peeps in the know are accusing some photogs of being Crips and Bloods, while others say that the lensmen just dress the part. “They may dress like gang members with large pants and tattoos,” says X17‘s founder, “but to say they’re gang members right now, well, real gang members are not into Britney Spears.”

But damn it, they should be! It’s time to turn in the red and blue garb and come together peacefully as one big gang – the Brits. The pop star would be the perfect head of a crew – she’s crazy, controlling, and her schedule is free! Britney already puts up a peace sign for every pic (which is also her hand sign for “get me two big-ass Frappucinos, now”), and the group’s mandatory accessory – pink wigs – reps their color. And seeing how Britney already makes the paparazzi millions of dollars, they really have no choice but to make her the Boss of their crew.

Katherine Heigl’s Horrible Hair



Pop Quiz. Katherine Heigl thought this look (seen here at the Madrid premiere of 27 Dresses) was a good idea because:

a) If Jessica Simpson can pull off a fake bob, why can’t she?

b) Bad hair totally goes with giant snake-skin belts.

c) Her style icon is a mom from the suburbs of Texas.

d) She’s f*cking Katherine Heigl and can do whatever the f*ck she wants, b*tches!