Gov’s Call Girl Sues Girls Gone Wild



Let’s see…they’re both trashy and they’ve both made a ton of cash off of sex. So why are Ashley Alexandra Dupre and Joe Francis battling each other in court? Ashley, whose best known as former Governor Eliot Spitzer‘s preferred call girl, is suing the Girls Gone Wild creator, after his company dug up and used tapes of Dupre that she made for the video porn biz as a high school student while on spring break. Francis, who just got out of jail, issued the following statement: “She’s seeking $10 Million for topless photos taken in front of a room full of people, including two newspapers and multiple crews we had in the room. These images were taken in public places and contain no sexual contact. We expect to triumph in this matter and continue to offer the best and hottest girls.”

$10 million! Not a bad asking price. And hey – she could get it by taking her clothes off, or leaving them on and going to court. We’re kinda proud of Ash for choosing the latter. [ET]

Flavor of Love 3 Blog Party (Episode 12)


Live Twin Dismissal Posted at 9:55PM EST


Now Thing 2 is leaving, after not a lot of explanation from Flav. Do you think she really wasn’t independent enough for him? Did Flav make a mistake in letting go a girl who was clearly there for him?

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Live The Bond Breaks Posted at 9:38PM EST


After Sinceer told Flav that she didn’t think Thing 2 was a strong enough woman for him, the two have a falling out. Did you see it coming?

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Early Reviews: Two Thumbs Up for Iron Man



The first reviews of Iron Man, the Marvel adaptation directed by John Favreau and starring Robert Downey Jr., have hit the web — and they could not be more glowing. Here are some choice excerpts.

Den of Geek:

Batman had better watch his ass.

Fox News:

Iron Man plays like an old-fashioned hit, full of character development, witty dialogue and a plot that plausibly makes sense.

Because of [Robert Downey Jr.], the movie is going to be the first big summer blockbuster.

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Sneak Peek: Radiohead In Your Basement


What’s better than having Radiohead in your living room? Well, nothing. But second to that, we’re bringing an intimate clip to your computer screen from the band’s upcoming show Radiohead_In Rainbows_From the Basement, airing on VH1 on May 3rd at midnight. Above, the band play the gorgeously haunting “Reckoner,” shot in a studio as the band prepare to hit the road on a massive world tour.

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Ambre Alert: “There Will Not Be a Rock of Love 3



Bret Michaels‘ current rock of love, Ambre, has taken to her MySpace blog to share her thoughts on life after Rock of Love 2. Here’s what we learn:

  • She’s doing “fantastic” and “auditioning like crazy.”
  • She plans on appearing at some of Bret’s upcoming shows: “We are working on our schedules together and scheduling dates on the cities I will be at.”
  • She’s still with Bret and what she told us about their relationship holds true: they’re “dating” and seeing where things go.
  • That said, don’t expect to see a Bret Loves Ambre reality show anytime in the near future.
  • Another thing you shouldn’t expect, according to Ambre: Rock of Love 3. “Bret and I talked about this and as far as we know there will not be a Rock of Love 3 and if there is, it could possibly be with another rocker. He is looking to do another show called Bret Michaels’ Big Rock Road Show. Details and dates are not available at this time.”

Do stay tuned — when we know details and dates, so will you. [Ambre’s MySpace Blog]

Gossip Break: The Brit is Back



BritBrit may not be ready for primetime, but she’s heading back to the set of How I Met Your Mother for another guest spot. [DListed]

Holy crap – Slash from Guns N’ Roses has two sweet children. [Seriously? OMG]

Jay-Z steps in to defend LeBron James after Wizards guard DeShawn Stevenson starts some beef with the b-ball star. [Crunk+Disorderly]

Baby Mama star/funniest lady ever Amy Poehler is a baby mama herself. Best movie promotion ever! Also, congrats. [Us]

John Mayer might be tappin’ Jen Aniston, which is awesome only because we want to use the name “Maniston.” [People]

Bikini-clad Brooke Hogan and her boy friend (boyfriend?) get frisky in a pool. [Egotastic]

Damn. Mischa Barton has no career AND no fashion taste. At least she’s got that DUI under her belt! [I'm Not Obsessed]

Heidi Rocks Old Outfit at Fancy Gala



Heidi, Heidi, Heidi. Seriously, you change your boobs and face, but you can’t even change your clothes? After much gossipy fanfare, Heidi – and her boy-troll Spencer – showed up at the White House Correspondents dinner this weekend in Washington DC wearing the same exact outfit she had donned at an appearance earlier in the week. For shame! We’ve got the photographic evidence above as proof: on the left is our plastic heroine this weekend, and on the right she’s hawking her clothes at Kitson in LA, just a week earlier! You’d think she would have learned something while selling out in Hollywood.

We’ve got pics of all the other well-dressed stars who showed up at the White House this weekend below. For some shots of Heidi and Spencer desecrating the American flag at national monuments in our nation’s capital, click here! Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

(Spencer & Heidi, Lauren Conrad, Rosario Dawson, Joel McHale, Jenny McCarthy, Donatella Versace, Ashlee Simpson, Pete Wentz, Ed Westwick, the Jonas Brosthers,, Pamela Anderson and President George W. Bush)

Rocky Rocks Out


Above, check out a one-minute preview of I Know My Kid’s a Star breakout Rocky’s upcoming single, “Who’s the Bitch Now?” When we spoke to Rocky earlier this month, she told us, “If you think the tampon line gave everybody a heart attack, wait till everybody hears the words to my new song. It’s about bondage!” And so it is. The above video takes footage from I Know My Kid’s a Star to accompany a rough cut of Rocky’s single — she says that a sexy, official video is on the way. As it is, though, the language in the clip above is mildly not safe for work…or your booty.

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