Join Mystery and His Pick-Up Artist Crew



Admit it: you got hooked on last year’s hit The Pick-Up Artist and admired Mystery’s skills with the ladies. Maybe you wished you could get schooled by the stud and his wingmen and transform from a D&D loving dork into a smooth operator, just like Kosmo, last season’s winner. Well now you can! The show is coming back for a second season, and VH1 is hosting a virtual casting call to round up those guys most in need of the Mystery Method! Visit our site, create your profile, and share videos, photos and blogs that prove to the world why you most deserve to study under the master’s watchful eye (covered in ski goggles, natch). All you gotta do is make it to our final casting round and receive the most votes, and you’re in Mystery’s mansion!

Check out the site here to create your profile and peep other hopefuls. And if you’re already a mack-daddy but have a friend in need, you can nominate your pal for a spot on the show.

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Hear the New Madonna Track Tomorrow



You’ve seen the CD cover to Madge’s new Hard Candy. You’ve seen Justin Timberlake working the sexual innuendos about his MILFy workmate. Now our buds at Rhapsody are going to be streaming the first track from the disc. Come back here tomorrow and you’ll be able to blast “Four Minutes” for zero cost. It’s the track that a French DJ exposed a bit too early just a few weeks ago, and it’ll give you a taste of what you can expect from the full disc when it drops on April 29. Set your alarm: return tomorrow.

Heidi vs. Lauren: Who Will You Wear?



Lauren Conrad (seen above in her own design) debuted her latest fashion collection in Hollywood last week, just as her former BFF Heidi Montag was doing press for her new line, coming to Anchor Blue in April. Heidi aimed some fighting words at her frenemy, telling Us Weekly, “Lauren’s line is not necessarily something I would wear. She’s trying a high-fashion thing, but it’s a little overpriced. Mine is fun and flirty for the everyday woman. Most people can’t afford $200 for one dress.”

She has a point, but can most people afford to go out in a zebra-print tank top? You can check out some other pics of Heidi’s line here, as well as some pieces from Lauren’s collection below. If neither of the girls’ designs appeal to you, never fear, Hills hottie Whitney Port is also launching a collection of cute party dresses, tops and jackets. Poor Audrina better think of something fashion-related to do, and fast!

[Images: Getty, Us Weekly]

Rock of Love: Laughing at the Guru


What makes a rock star? Normally, that honor is reserved for those who are both famous musicians and possessed of a devil-may-care attitude toward life. In today’s Rock Star Moment, however, Bret Michaels shows a distinctly softer side, pairing loose cannon Kristy Joe (who was slightly more married than she let the Poison front man know) with Eastern Master Healer Satish Dholakia. Noting how distraught she is, the guru attempts to help settle her soul and bring her chakras back into alignment — a pretty hopeless endeavor, considering. He asks her if she’s ever seen a “crazy mountain.” She hasn’t, of course, but she’s shown all of us a mountain of crazy. Bless Bret. He’s such a kind man. It’s a sweet gesture, but is it very rock-star?

Kimora: Fabulosity and Scientology


kimora_lee_simmonsLooks like Scientology is looking to recruit some fresh blood, and being that they’re an equal opportunity establishment, they’d like some African-American representatives to preach their gospel. According to Radar, Kimora Lee Simmons and Will Smith and his wife Jada are the latest couch-jumpers to join the ranks. Smith and his wife — longtime friends and photo opps of Tom Cruise — make sense, but Kimora? Apparently the recently sperminated Baby Phat founder distributed copies of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard’s The Way To Happiness at her kids’ school. Umm…inappropriate?

And speaking of inappropriate, or maybe just awkward, more evidence of Tom Cruise’s completely bizarro ways has surfaced in the form of his birthday video from a few years back. After a video montage with accompanying music to Tommy’s greatest scenes, Tom hops on stage for a
rousing rendition of “Old Time Rock And Roll.” Just goes to show kids: Scientology might make you famous, but it won’t make you any less tone deaf.

For clues as to who else in Hollywood is a Friend of Tom’s, check out our Sexy Scientologist flipbook.

Real World Stars Lookin’ Real Rough



MTV threw some sort of Real World Awards Bash this weekend in La La Land, and the scene looked something like our teenage TV obsession on acid. All your favorites walked the red carpet, with some looking a little less glamorous than others (like Tanya, Trishelle and Shauvon, pictured above). Real World Las Vegas tar Trishelle donned her usual skanky get-up, but the result was more sad than sexy. Is it possible she’s getting – gasp! – old? Never fear, Malik and Lori – cast members from Season 10 who have wisely flown under the radar since their Real World stint – look hotter than ever. Peep the pics below.

[Pictured: Trishelle, Shauvon, Trisha, Tanya, Mallory, Danny and Melinda, CT, Brooke and Tanya, Paula, Arissa, Malik, Coral, and Lori, Beth, Sarah, Tyler. All images: Getty]

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Brit and Mel Gibson: Brand New BFF


We’re not sure this counts as a comeback, but maybe it’s a step in some sort of direction (we hope the right one). Britney Spears was spotted out on the town having dinner with actor/loud-mouth drunk Mel Gibson. Seriously. The pair hit up the Romanov Russian Restaurant and Lounge in Studio City, and sources say Mel and his fam has befriended the troubled singer and that he’s been offering her advice based on his own mishaps. Someone on the inside reveals that, “He understands what she’s going through. And he certainly has advice on how to not let it destroy your life.” We can only imagine…

Mel: Britney, trust me. Your career isn’t ruined just because you made a fool of yourself in public. I mean, I got hammered and went nuts and Apocalypto was still an enormous hit. Bigger than Spider-Man.

Brit: Apoca-what?

Mel: It was a movie I made about the decline of Mayan civilization. It was profound, to say the least. Epic. It was nominated for an Oscar for Sound Mixing – hellooooo!

Brit: Well, I really liked The Man Without a Face. I thought you might look like that in person. I was kinda scared to meet you.

Mel: We should really get the check. C’mon sugar t*ts.


Come As He Was: Cobain’s Shoes for Converse



The good news? The new line of Kurt Cobain-inspired Converse sneakers is the first time the late singer’s estate has ever collaborated with a brand. Considering Cobain’s choice of footwear, it’s an appropriate one. The bad news? It’s not in the best of taste. The Nirvana front man was — very famously, in case you’ve forgotten — discovered dead while wearing a pair of Converse sneakers. At the time, the image of Cobain’s splayed feet came to represent the end not only of the singer, but also an era in American music and culture. Now that we fetishize these momentos and totems of rock ‘n’ roll become increasingly untethered from their original contexts (have you been to a Hard Rock Cafe lately?), not to mention musicians who use their celebrity as an opportunity to diversify into different fields to both hedge against their inevitable irrelevance and maximize their media exposure (where are the Kanye West sneakers, we’d like to know), such partnerships are absolutely run-of-the-mill. Thing is, you’d have to be a pretty depressing kid to own a pair of these suckers, we think. And if you’re an adult, clearly there’s a problem. For reference, see Jason Bateman’s character in Juno.

[Via Nirvana Club]