The Who Is At The Center of Rock Honors


From “The Kids Are Alright” to “Who Are You” the British invasion’s most manic outfit has always been one of rock’s cornerstones. Talk about characters: the brainiac songwriter with the flying arms, the sexy singer with the robust stage presence, the silent bassist with the keen chops, and the tornado drummer with the crazed lifestyle – the guys in the Who have a combined chemistry that’s given their every move a daunting impact. That’s why they’ve been chosen to be the centerpiece of VH1′s 2008 Rock Honors presentation. It’s the first time the show has celebrated a single artist at its annual bash. The presentation airs on VH1 and VH1 Classic on July 17. An array of other high-vis artists will help celebrate the foursome – Pete Townsend, Roger Daltrey, John Entwhistle, and Keith Moon – all night long. Yep, both Townsend and Daltrey will perform on the show.

Want to get a quick glimpse at the band’s storied career? Check out this footage from the Amazing Journey documentary. And sure, here are some cool pics as well.

Facebook Fiends, Dress Up Yr Pages



If part of the social networking thingee is explaining yourself to people you don’t know, a good way to do it is through images. Into your dog? Break out the poodle pics. Into your honey? Fly a few intimate portraits around your page. Down with Mr. Bret Michaels? Grab our new bumper stickers from Facebook’s Rock of Love hub, and plaster ‘em around. That way it’ll become tres obvs that you know what’s what with Daisy, Destiney, Heather, Megan, and the rest of the ladies. And depending on which bumper sticker you choose, it’ll let others know your feelings about our always-horny bandana’d star, too. We’re assuming that many will be choosing the “Love In the Fast Lane” option.

Hey, Flav fans, don’t freak, we have fun bumper stickers full of Flavor, too.

Coco’s Loco for Ice-T’s Lovemaking



Let’s be honest – we might claim we don’t want to know about what keeps Nicole “CoCo” Austin and Ice-T‘s marriage hot after all these years, but honestly, we’re fascinated. The couple was interviewed at CoCo’s 29th (!!!) b-day party in NYC, and here’s what she had to say about their surely rambunctious sex life. She said, “It’s the Stroke, baby. We have a certain Stroke he does and he surprises every now and then with a different Stroke.”

Of course he does. Ice followed her reveal up with this juicy tidbit: “Sex is 90 per cent mental. It happens in the brain, so she thinks my Stroke is special – but it’s the way I’ve got her head believing it’s something special.” Whatever it is, we’re intrigued and horrified at the same time. You can watch a video of the happy couple expanding on their stroke theory here. Or just check out our pics of CoCo below.


The Hills Poem-cap – We’ll Always Have, Like, Paris



The Hills began the second half of their third season last night, with the usual fanfare and slinky dresses. Since the bulk of the show involves blank stares and uneaten lunches, we’ve decided to honor the few moments of reality gold left in each ep with haiku recaps of the show. Because everything Lauren, Whitney, Audrina, and the Heid-monster do can totally be narrowed down to 5, 7 and 5 syllables.

It might totally help the mood to read our poem-caps with Heidi’s latest single “No More” playing in the background. Robots have never sounded so good! Novices may think this new jam is about Spencer (whose advice column just launched today), but we totally think the track is talking about her failed relationship with Lauren. She definitely made Heidi scared to open up!

Haiku #1
Oh my god, like wow.
Seriously, oh my god.
We’re in France, bitches!

Haiku #2
Who skis in make-up?
Spencer’s dream woman, obvi.
Go get her, tiger!

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Ordinary Mom: Kardashians Stink!


Yep, we in the blogosphere take for granted the fact that there’s a wealth of nimrods these days. Danny Bonaduce calls Brit, Linds, Paris and Nicole the “four horsewomen of the apocalypse” – he may be right. But for the most part we’ve come to accept the wondrous nonsense that passes for celeb behavior. That’s why it’s refreshing to hear what a plain old mom thinks of the reality show era in its current state. Here’s one woman’s view – sounds like she’s just finished screening the first three eps of Kim, Kourtney, and Kloe’s weekly extravaganza.

Tuesday: Linds Wishes She Had a Sex Tape


lilo.jpgLindsay Mad About Nonexistent Sex Tape
LiLo apparently left her ex angry messages about the sex tape he “leaked,” even though it wasn’t of her. Talk about desperate for attention. [The Sun]

Paris Hilton’s Terrifically Tacky Shoe Line
P’s new shoe line is more hooker then heiress. But hey, isn’t she? [DListed]

Don’t Call it a Comeback – Call it Britney on TV
Her 15 minutes of televised fame may be over, but her 15 minutes of relative sanity are just beginning. The old Brit is back and brand-new! [TMZ]

Diddy Settles Slugfest Out of Court
The rapper doesn’t do court, but he does pay people off. It’s too bad, cuz we wanted to hear the details of him screaming “I’ll smack flames out your ass!” in court. Yes, he allegedly said that. [E! Online]

Pamela Anderson Ends her Mini-Marriage
Let’s all pour one out for the inevitable demise of the stupidest idea since K-Fed and Brit made it legal. We’ll miss you, sham marriage. [Us]

Nothin’ But Class at Perez’s 30th B-day Bash


Perez Hilton turned 30 over the weekend and celebrated with a fiesta at the Beverly Hills Wilshire Hotel. Partygoers included Teddy Hilton (his mini Goldendoodle), Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt, Amanda Bynes, Marc Jacobs, his mama, Jerry O’Connell, Khloe Kardashian (where was Kim?), Andy Milonakis, and Katie Perry. See pics below.