American Idol Day 7: The Demon Stare of Glass-Cutting Joshua



Auditions: Atlanta

As we tiptoe ever closer to Hollywood and the beginning of the American Idol competition, the audition circuit heated up in Hotlanta. In terms of variety, ATL offered one of the most compelling audition shows yet, with the good, the bad and the tone deaf facing off to see who could be wittiest (not Nathan Hite), who could be prettiest (maybe Brooke Helvie, Miss South Florida Fair?), and who could be most glamorous (not any of the countless auditioners featured in the “Glamorous” montage). Let’s see, shall we?

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Heath Ledger’s Death: Accidental OD



The cause of Heath Ledger‘s mysterious death has finally been made public fifteen days after he was found dead in his New York City apartment. The city’s medical examiner’s office revealed that the official cause was an accidental drug overdose, after “acute intoxication by the combined effects of oxycodone, hydrocodone, diazepam, temazepam, alprazolam, and doxylamine.”

His ex-fiancee Michelle Williams and their two-year old daughter Matilda have joined Heath’s family this week in Australia to attend the actor’s funeral. Today his father released a second statement, celebrating Heath as “a loving father, as our devoted son, and as a loyal and generous brother and friend.” He also commented on the autopsy results, stating, “While no medications were taken in excess, we learned today the combination of doctor-prescribed drugs proved lethal for our boy. Heath’s accidental death serves as a caution to the hidden dangers of combining prescription medication, even at low dosage.”

And now, he can rest in peace.

Lutfi Forced Pills on Brit – and Other Insanity


britneyspears_samlutfi.jpgLate yesterday afternoon the details of the restraining order against Brit’s BFF Sam Lutfi were revealed, and man is there some ugly sh*t going on. We’ve broken down the long and the short of it for you, depending on how much Brit-news you can handle. To read the full document – including Lynne Spears‘ lengthy statement – click here.

The short of it: Sam Lutfi is a crazy dude who controls Britney.

The long of it (based on Lynne’s declaration):

  • He has “inserted himself” into Brit’s life, home and finances.
  • Britney doesn’t lock her house and has zero security. Smart.
  • Sam has disabled all of the starlet’s cars and home phones, and hides her cell phone chargers.
  • He verbally bashed Britney the night before her hospitalization, saying that she was an unfit mother and a “piece of trash and a whore.” Ouch.
  • The paparazzi reports to Sam and he had them drive Britney around to get her away from her family.
  • Sam tells Britney that her boyfriend Adnan is gay.
  • Britney, at times was so anxious that she cleaned the house and changed her outfits – and the outfits of her three dogs – numerous times.
  • She also spoke like “a little girl” and asked what insomnia was.
  • Sam confessed to grinding up Britney’s pills – including Risperdol and Seroquel – and putting them in her food.
  • Adnan informed Lynne that Sam will hide Britney’s dog and then pretend to find it after she gets upset, so he looks like “her savior.”
  • Britney went in and out of her British accent, cried, and asked for her father the night her mother was with her.

Looks like the short of it was all we needed: Sam Lutfi is a crazy dude who controls Britney – he’s even admitted to giving her “a handful of pills.” But after this massive wave of info, there’s still one thing that remains unclear – why is Britney currently obsessed with dudes rocking chin landing strips?

Wednesday: John Mayer Takes It Off


johnmayer.jpgJohn Mayer Embraces his Inner Borat
The singer with a sense of humor jogged around his Mayercraft cruise ship in only a “Borat” bathing suit. The guy’s got balls – literally. [DListed]

Michelle Williams Arrives in Australia for Funeral
The actress and her daughter are down under for the private funeral of her ex-fiancee Heath Ledger. [Us]

Kim Kardashian’s Reps Bash Lawsuit
Of course she’s innocent – the girl would never do anything that would get her BAD press! [Us]

Britney Regrets Teen Boob Job

Um…among other things? [NY Post]

J. Lo’s Twins: Two Brats are Better Than One
As if we already didn’t know – the singer is knocked up with two tots. Twice the baby bling! [People]

Fashion Week Frenzy: Elise Overland’s Warrior Princesses


overland.jpgWelcome back to our coverage of New York’s Fall Fashion Week where we’re recapping all the craziness in Manhattan surrounding the season’s style shows. Mary Alice Stephenson, America’s Most Smartest Model host and Harper’s Bazaar contributing fashion editor, gives us the lowdown on the hottest designers. In today’s installment, we meet Elise Overland, one of the winners of the Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation award, an honor given out to emerging designers. Overland’s known for her rocker-ish taste — she’s made clothes for stars like the Smashing Pumpkins — but her show this time was a tad more sophisticated than it was stage-ready. It had plenty of attitude, though, as did its designer, whose personal style we’ve always thought of as being very Red Sonja meets Clan of the Cave Bear. Overland is striking, and so are her clothes. She attracted some well-known types to celebrate with her, including model/musician Irina Lazareanu, artist Hope Atherton and first daughter Barbara Bush. More after the jump.

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Name That Tune: Grammys Edition


Grammy nominees
Think you know everything about Christina? Want to defend your title as the biggest Justin fan there is? Do you know Beyonce‘s songs backward and forward? Well we’ve got a game for you. With all the fantastic nominees in this year’s crop of Grammy artists, we want to test your knowledge on how well you know the nominated singers and their songs. See if you can match all the lyrics to the artists above. Stumped? Check out our lyrics site for help. Answers after the jump. PS: Be here on Sunday night at 8 pm. We’re live-blogging the Grammys show and want you to comment on the action.

* “Should’ve known better when you came around/ That you were gonna make me cry.”

* “Sweet reunion Jamaica and Spain/ We’re like how we were again/ I’m in the tub, you on the seat/ Lick your lips as I soak my feet.”

* “Haters, start your engines, I hear ‘em gearin’ up/ People talk so much sh*t about me at barbershops/ They forget to get their haircut.”

* “So since I’m not your everything/ How about I’ll be nothing, nothing at all to you/ Baby I won’t shed a tear for you, I won’t lose a wink of sleep.”

* “I know you’ve got your reasons/ Hey let’s call it even/ Turn out all the lights/ And go to bed.”

* “Old teenage hopes/ Are alive at your door/ Left you with nothing/ But they want some more.”

* “There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to have just one more chance/ To look into our eyes and see you looking back.”

* “I can’t give up your love without dying baby/ I’ll wait until the sea is dry baby/ How do we know what love is/ Until it is free?”

* “How’s your life? It’s been a while/ God it’s good to see you smile/ I see you reachin’ for your keys/ Lookin’ for a reason not to leave.”

* “Stood on the corner for a while/ To wait for the wind to blow down on me/ Hoping it takes with it my old ways/ And brings some brand new luck upon me.”

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Brit & Jamie-Lynn Loathe Their Rents


britneyjamie.jpgJamie-Lynn Spears – Britney’s little sister with a big belly – is allegedly trying to run away from her overbearing Mom. May we suggest she does it this week? We have a feeling Mama Spears is kinda distracted right now at the mental hospital, so pack that Louis Vuitton suitcase up and run, girl! She has apparently forbidden Jamie-Lynn from seeing her baby-daddy, so the Nickelodeon starlet is hightailing it to her dad’s house in Los Angeles. She also, supposedly, just wants to party like her big sis, according to a source who revealed, “Jamie Lynn knows Britney smoked and drank during her pregnancy — and because Britney’s boys turned out fine, Jamie Lynn thinks her baby will be fine too.”

Yup, they’re just a normal pair of sisters! Meanwhile, Britney is stuck in some padded room at the hospital hating on her pops, who is now legally in charge of her medical care and her money. She sent her lawyers to court yesterday to get him removed from as her conservator (the fancy title he’s been given), but the court ruled in his favor. Her lawyer elaborated: “There has been an estrangement for quite some time. With him as conservator, that is causing her more agitation and more distress.”

As if her pink wig wasn’t distressful enough – that thing really itches, ya’ll!

Football Is Like, Totally Sexy



Dearest Eli,

Congrats to you and the guys about the big win! God, I’m really not up on how the game is played, but I had a great time at the Super Bowl party I went to. It was hot. I was so impressed with the way you made that winning drive into the tight little end zone. Loves it! You grabbed the pigskin, clasped it tightly in your big hands, and just kept on pushing it forward over and over again. It seemed like the whole field was one big bed and you were in charge. Is it hard to keep that kind of drive going for a long time? Are you sweaty by the time you’re done? Are you doing anything this weekend? We should connect so you can teach me some of the rules. I know I’ve got what it takes to be the ball carrier, and would love to learn what a tight end can do. Some guys have even said that I’m a really good open receiver! And hey – what’s this I hear about a three-point stance? Text me, hon.

Yours, Paris

PS: Seriously, you better call. Don’t make me ring up Tom Brady!

Flavor of Love 3 Girls: Hot or Not? Vote!


Click on the thumbs below, then write “Hot” or “Not” in each girls’ comments field. We will tally all votes and list the girls in order of hotness on Monday, Feb. 11. Vote for all 21 cast members now and tune in to the premiere Monday, Feb. 11 at 9PM EST!

Saint Lewis
Thing 1
Thing 2

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Paris Hilton Not a Hottie Last Night



Someone needs to tell Paris that she’s at the premiere of her lame movie The Hottie and the Nottie, and not winning the Nobel Prize for most beautiful princess in the world. Aside from the fact that she baked herself to a nice golden crisp that will guarantee a serious wrinkle crisis in a couple of months, her over-the-top look – combining a pink gown with a diamond overload – only further proves how seriously she takes herself. She may never get invited to the Oscars, but at least she can play pretend at her movie premiere.

Meanwhile, her co-star Christine Lakin, who plays a acne-covered balding freak with rotten teeth in the flcik, actually looks totally bangin’. The nottie has become the hottie, and the hottie has become, well, more of a mess.

Check out more pics from the premiere:

Enjoy shots from Paris’ new flick The Hottie and the Nottie below:

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