The Hills Girls Keep Busy with Fashion, Pussycats, and Good Ol’ Drama



The Hills is back on MTV in less than two weeks (set those tivos for March 24th), and the girls have been keeping busy in various drama-filled ways, obviously. Lauren, Lo and Audrina are all moved in to their mansion-sized bachelorette pad, which means all the fighting crying and hook-ups can now neatly be contained in one space! Valley girl Audrina is set to appear with the Pussycat Dolls (just like the pic above, natch) to celebrate the show’s new season, Lauren made up with enemy Kristin Cavallari and even invited the valley girl to her fashion week debut last night! Awww, our little bitches are all grown up. And speaking of women with attitudes, we especially enjoyed this Hills sneak peak at Heidi and her mom ganging up on Spencer when he apparently surprises her in Colorado.

The ladies of The Hills may be all grown up, but the drama remains the same. You can take a hot, popular girl out of high school, but you can’t take the high school out of the hot, popular girl! Thank god.

K-Fed on Broadway?


kfed-90x.jpgAfter starring in the real-life version of Criminally Insane Blonde, Kevin Federline is in talks to star in Legally Blonde on Broadway. Based on the 2003 Reese Witherspoon girltravaganza, K-Fed is up for “a trio of roles” according to USWeekly, including the UPS guy who falls in love with protagonist Elle’s manicurist.

This isn’t Federline’s first time in the world of song and dance. Before he was Mr. Britney Spears, Federline was a back-up dancer with L.F.O. He also released an ill-fated solo record in 2006 entitled Playing With Fire, which Rolling Stone called a “reprehensible rap debut.”

Panic In the Studio: Behind the Scenes of Pretty. Odd.


In 2005, a group of teenagers from Las Vegas caught the attention of Pete Wentz, the guylined Fall Out Boy bassist who moonlights as a record executive. With the release of their fantastical first album, A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out, the band won raves from fans and critics alike.

After dropping an exclamation point and picking up a new band member, Panic At the Disco are back with Pretty. Odd. Check out a behind-the-scenes look of the band recording their brand-new album, and come back on March 18th when VH1 will be streaming the disc an entire week before it’s release!

Watch the video for “Nine In The Afternoon,” the band’s first single off Pretty. Odd

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Wednesday: Benji Under Paris’ Spell



Nick Lachey Returns to Reality
He’s got nothing else going on besides that hot girlfriend of his, so why not make a new reality TV show? [People]

Benji Rocks Paris Ring, Of Course
The cheesiest love of all knows no bounds. [Us]

The Beckhams Bored in Hollywood

The British stars think La La Land is dull. The feeling’s mutual, mates! [MSNBC]

Is Jowen Waniston a Hot New Couple?

The two actors have been spotted cuddling on the set of their new movie. Lonely hot people need love too! [Star]

Brit Looks Better Animated
Wow, in her cartoon form (created for her new video, natch) Britney looks hot – and nothing like her real life persona. [People]

Snoop Votes Gangsta


Celebs head to Larry King‘s studio to explain their views, and Snoop Dogg is no exception. Mr Suspenders recently tried to nail down the Doggfather, “as a black man” sayeth Larry, on whether he was rolling with Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. He said that Hil was probably the “mind and soul” behind her husband’s presidency, and both candidates have good “situations” behind them. But it’s the Gangsta party – not the Democrats or Republicans – he’s with. “Gin and Juice” in every home, y’all. Rhapsody is the place where you can hear Snoop’s new Ego Trippin’ for free.

Pussycat Recap – Episode 4 – The Top 10



Everyone’s demons need to be dealt with now: Chrystina grapples with having been in the bottom two of the last elimination, and Carrie and Nichole reflect on the fact that they’re the only two blondes left.

Another message arrives and Pussycat Dolls Melody and Kimberly tell the girls that style is central to being in Girlicious. They’re told to choose a style that expresses the real them.


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Paula: She’s Got That Simon Cackle Down


We all know that Ms. Abdul doesn’t need much help being thrown off her game. But what is it that Simon‘s whispering in her ear during all those episodes of American Idol? He can’t be coming up with stuff like “the moth that finds a melon ball in a wonton will win” every night. Last night she told David Letterman how Cowell tries to mess with her head. See what she has to say about “Dude Dawg Dude” (Randy), and check her spin on Simon’s sneering laugh.

What Can Brit Buy With Her Allowance?


britney-spears-shopping.jpgBritney Spears has finally been given a little bit of freedom by the judge monitoring her court case. The singer is now allowed a $1500 per week debit card, given to her every seven days by her pops Jamie. Brit’s worth around $100 million, so she’s gonna have to curb her spending habits if she wants to stay on budget. As for her upcoming guest role on the ABC show How I Met Your Mother? Brit’s playing a receptionist at a dermatologist’s office, and will have to bank the bucks she’s raking in from the gig. Maybe she can save for a new weave?

We took a look at Brit’s shopping habits and have broken down what she can buy with her meager allowance. It’s gonna be tricky!

- 2542 bags of delicious, nutritious Cheetos

- 307 Venti Frappuccinos from Starbucks

- 125 pairs of fishnet stockings

- 116 cartons of Marlboro Light cigarettes

- 100 copies of pal Paris Hilton‘s CD – on sale!

- 75 pink wigs

- 1/2 of a Yves Saint Laurent Downtown Hair-Calf Tote

- .031 of a 2008 Mercedes GL550 SUV

Listen to Snoop’s Ego Trippin’!


snoop-dogg-85x.jpgAll sorts of reviews are coming in for the new Doggy disc, but if you want to figure out if you like the way Snoop’s investigating old school R&B on his album, you can hear if for yourself (no, don’t worry, he hasn’t given up the gangsta scene completely – check how he’s getting paid in “Staxxx In My Jeans”). Rhapsody gives you the chance to stream the CD for the null set. Yep, free – no cost.

Don’t forget to check the “Life Of the Party” video.