Brangelina Gets Fugly for Baby


brangcloseup.jpgAngelina Jolie‘s latest pregnancy isn’t that far along, but her style has already transitioned from sex pot to that of a seventh grade art teacher circa 1992. There’s nothing more painful than a giant silky black blouse – unless it’s paired with some skirt covered in an obnoxiously bright print. Even Zahara and Shiloh know that! Maternity wear got sexy for a reason, but Angie seems to be avoiding her normally spot-on fashion sense and going for a look my grandmother would love.

Her pending pregnancy, however, is NO excuse for Brad Pitt to dress like an extra on the set of a western movie being shot in 1974. At least Angie’s got something to cover up; though Brad’s new and oddly enormous head of hair could definitely be hiding something. Jennifer Aniston, perhaps?

Check out more pics of the happy pair at the Santa Barbara Film Festival below.


Fashion Week Frenzy: Girls Go Wild For Erin Fetherston


erinfetherston.jpgIt’s New York Fashion Week, and that means that Manhattan’s hosting all kinds of celebrities, models and designers. To present you with the best of the best, we asked America’s Most Smartest Model host and Harper’s Bazaar contributing fashion editor Mary Alice Stephenson to give her take on all the stylish craziness. In today’s installment, we discuss designer Erin Fetherston, whose line is a favorite of such celebrities as Zooey Deschanel (Elf), Anne Hathaway (The Devil Wears Prada) and, for some reason, Damon Dash (former Jay-Z business associate). The designer’s show was studded with celebrities, high-profile editors and buyers, and the theme had something to do with black roses — beautiful and oddly upsetting at the same time. More after the jump:

Read more… & Scarlett Belt One Out for Obama

by (of Black Eyed Peas fame) has wrangled a bunch of celebs, including Scarlett Johansson, Nick Cannon and Common, to sing it loud and proud in his new video supporting Barack Obama‘s presidential campaign. The senator’s famous “Yes We Can” speech has been put to music and celebs sing along as video of Obama plays beside them. It’s so pretty and powerful that a nation might find it in its heart to forgive “My Humps.” Stars making appearances in the piece include: Jesse Dylan, Tatyana Ali, John Legend, Herbie Hancock, Kate Walsh, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Aisha Tyler,and Nicole Scherzinger.

Super Tuesday is less than 24 hours away! Looking to vote and get involved? Find out about the issues, and click here to register and learn more.

Criticizing Rehab with Dr. Drew



This weekend, the New York Times ran an article regarding VH1′s Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, that included input from the titular M.D., as well as an overview of the criticism that the show has received. In a nutshell, here’s how the Times summed up the ill feelings some people have for a show that publicizes celebs’ struggles with addiction and rehabilitation:

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Super Bowl 08: Cheaters Never Win!


Everyone loves an upset. Everyone ‘cept those who were trounced, of course. The great drama that was last night’s Super Bowl game ended with a big-ass defense stifling a big-ass offense. Some positioned it as Manning and team vs Brady and team, but maybe it was more Michal Strahan and his wall of terror vs Tom Brady and his invisible tight ends. The Giants front line was raging full-on. At least one wag at the party I attended suggested it was payback for the Belichick video-taping scandal that went down earlier in the season. We’ll let you ponder that, and weigh in below. Why did the Giants win? Why did the Pats lose?

Check out some pics from the big game.

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The Giants Win! Paula Abdul Lip-Synchs!

Gramps Wants Brit Outta the “Nut House”



Since Britney’s all locked up, her parents are stuck fighting her in court and her pal Sam Lutfi is busy getting in trouble with the police, the press is desperate to interview someone with a handle on the Spears-sanity. And finally they’ve gone straight to the creator of all the crazy – her grandpa! Yes, the 77-year old June Austin Spears had a lot to say about his f*cked-up family, though it doesn’t seem like he realizes that their mental problems can maybe be traced right back to him. Our favorite June quips are below – do you think he said them in a British accent?

On his bread-winning granddaughter: “I’m worried about her. She shouldn’t go in the nut house. Sometimes you come out worse than you come in.”
- Yeah, kinda like entering the music business at the age of twelve?

Dishing about the way Brit’s mama is handling her littler sister’s pregnancy: “Lynne keeps Jamie Lynn hidden. [Lynne is] in denial about the pregnancy. She thinks it’s just going to go away, but it’s not. It’s going to get bigger and bigger.”
- Finally someone with a literal understanding of what getting knocked up is all about.

Gettin’ sassy about his infamous gun: “I don’t have a gun permit. I keep it under the front seat of my truck.”
- Wow, a Spears who thinks they’re above the law. Where have we seen that before?

When asked if he had previously shot at reporters June replied, “Maybe I have, maybe I haven’t.” Funny how he’d be violent toward reporters one instant and then spill the family beans the next. That behavior sounds so erratic, like he switches between two very different moods. Must be a Southern thing. [NYDN]

The Giants Win! Paula Abdul Lip-Synchs!


The New York Giants shocking upset last night wasn’t the only Super Bowl performance worth noting, although it was certainly the most memorable. In slightly less stunning news, American Idol judge and 45-year-old pop star Paula Abdul returned, singing a song called “Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow.” In a word: Awkweird. Although we are staunch believers in second chances, and know with certainty here at VH1 that second acts in American public life both exist and are de rigeur (Scott Baio is 46! Peter Brady is married! Bret Michaels is looking for love in all the wrong places!), Abdul’s lip-synching was awkward in the extreme. Fellow Idol judge Randy Jackson accompanied Abdul on bass. And more than one Internet critic has called for the return of MC Skat Kat. That would have been interesting.

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Heidi Montag’s Music Video Cost $5 to Make


We’ve watched this video for Heidi Montag‘s new single “Higher” a couple times trying to think of something nice to say about it, but all it’s inspired so far is a slight case of nausea. But hey – if you like PG-rated porn made with a hand-held camera (boyfriend Spencer Pratt shot the entire thing), then this clip is right up your alley! Heidi – at times decked out in a string bikini – writhes around in various beach spots and gesticulates with her hands like she’s giving the most important speech of her life. Sadly, this crappy song might be just that. [DListed]

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Monday: Paris Hilton Doesn’t Do Chicks


parishilton0204.jpgCam Diaz’s Dance Off
The awkward actress got into it on the dance floor with a fellow patron of a NYC club. Where’s Drew Barrymore when you need back up on jazz hands? [NYP]

Katharine McPhee Married at 23
So what if she didn’t win Idol – we don’t see Taylor Hicks walking down the aisle! In fact, we don’t see Taylor Hicks anywhere. Kat wins! [People]

Sam Lutfi Talks Sh*t About Brit’s Fam
What a surprise – Brit’s creepy pal is bashing her parents to the press, calling them crazy. When it comes to that drama, who around Britney is actually sane? [Us]

Michelle Williams Talks About Heath
The actress breaks our hearts with this statement about her “heartbroken” state following Heath’s death. [Us]

Paris Hilton: “I’m not gay!”
World to Paris: “We don’t care!” [TMZ]