Wednesday: Nicole’s Skinny Secret


nicolerichie.jpgNo One Bought Xtina’s Baby Pix
People mag paid big bucks for the singer’s baby pics, but no one’s buying the issue. Blame Shiloh! [NY Post]

Nicole Richie, Spanx Addict
The super skinny new mom isn’t dieting, she’s keeping her waist under control with two pair of Spanx. Whatever works! [Ok!]

Poor Paris Banned from Oscars
The “actress” was hoping to be taken seriously enough to attend the posh awards ceremony, but b*tch has been blacklisted. Finally, a decision from the Academy that we agree with. [DListed]

Eva and Lindsay Piss Off PETA
The starlets top the activists’ worst-dressed list due to their love of dead-animal fashion. [Us]

Britney Still Baby-less For Now
Even though her weave’s on the mend and she’s been banned from driving, the judge in her custody case denied the pop star visitation with her kids. Well, there’s always the pet store. [DListed]

Scott Baio Is 46…and Pregnant: Baby Pictures!



Bailey Baio is finally here! On this week’s hour-long episode of Scott Baio Is 46…and Pregnant, Scott’s wife Renee gave birth to their first daughter together and it was, in Scott’s words a “wonderful, beautiful and slimy experience.” Instead of giving you full video of the endeavor, the show provided stills capturing the birth. Tasteful! We’re posting them below, so that you can relive the joy of life as played out on reality TV. Just a word of warning: if bloody newborns aren’t your thing, you might not want to look.

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Gossip Break: Pink’s Marriage Stinks


pink.jpg- Pink and that dude she married are getting a divorce. We’d feel a little bit sadder if we were actually surprised by this. [Us]

- No one wants to see The Hottie and the Nottie except Paris Hilton. Finally, our generation does something smart! [DListed]

- Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore look better when made of wax. These statues probably act better, too. [Just Jared]

The Jolie-Pitts go skiing in Mammoth; Jennifer Aniston auditions a new sperm donor. [PopSugar, FoxNews]

- Bindi Irwin has been turned into a doll. What do you think – terrifying or totally adorable? [Jezebel]

- Ohhhh – check out these celebrity mansions. Who knew Alyssa Milano could afford such things? [Cityrag]

Sara Bareilles & the Tour Bus From Hell



The incredibly talented Sara Bareilles is out on the road with James Blunt on the You Oughta Know Tour. We asked the piano-playing phenom to give us updates from the road, and given that she’s such a sweetheart, she obliged. In her first installment, Sara tells us what she did on Valentine’s Day, and why having a tour bus might not be all it’s cracked up to be.

I’m sitting in the front lounge of our beautiful new bus, and it’s Valentine’s night. I wish I was out celebrating with friends but I’m nursing a cold instead of a beer. Needless to say, I’m so excited to be a part of this VH1 You Oughta Know Tour. The shows have all been sold out so far, and I know that both James Blunt and I have been thrilled with the whole experience. We are getting to play INCREDIBLE venues and there are so many wonderful listeners coming out to support. But since it’s more fun to hear the sordid details than how perfect everything is…

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Britney About To Be a Mom Again


britney-babies.jpgRun Sean Preston, run! Apparently K-Fed couldn’t handle the full-time dad duties he got stuck with, and is in court right now trying to get Britney back her visitation rights. Mama B hasn’t seen her kids in almost two months, but lawyers from both sides of the Spederline custody battle are attempting a way to figure out how to make it happen. The only problem? K-Fed wants Britney’s parents to be around when the boys visit, while her people want visitations to happen in a “therapeutic setting.” They’ve allegedly been trying to get the troubled singer into a medical center where she can receive treatment for her bipolar disorder, but as the whole world knows, that ain’t currently happening.

Brit’s got a new lawyer on the case, and – other than a recent vag flash over the weekend – seems to be making a wee bit of progress on the crazy front. So what do you think – is she ready to hold her babies? [TMZ]

You Name It: Paris’ Birthday Suit?


Lots of photos simply beg for a narrative. Whether it’s nasty or silly is up to you — we want you to feel free to read the minds of the celebs and weirdos in our images. Write your caption for the below photo in our comments section. Extra points for creativity! This time: Paris goes the bondage/dominatrix route at her Vegas birthday party. (Wasn’t it just a couple months ago she told Larry King she was going to be a good girl and help others? Hmmm…)


The Hills is Back to Bore You With Drama



Haven’t you missed watching Lauren and Audrina stare at each other while they down cocktails/avoid carbs/workout? We sure have! The Hills is our greatest guilty pleasure that we still don’t quite get, and we’re anxiously awaiting it’s return to the small screen on March 24th. Luckily we’ve got this brand-new teaser to tie us over for the next month, and it’s gotten us all excited for what’s to come. Lauren is in Paris! Whitney is ready to quit her job at Teen Vogue! Brody has moved on with a new girlfriend! Ouch. As for Audrina, we can only assume she’s sitting on the couch in her apartment waiting for Lauren with a blank stare and a smile.

Noticeably absent from the video clip are bad seeds Spencer and Heidi, but never fear, they’ve been keeping very busy. On Valentine’s Day last week the pair hopped on a yacht, sipped champagne, chowed on chocolate-covered strawberries and recreated that “king of the world!” scene from Titanic, for all the world to see. Just your average couple gettin’ romantic, ya’ll! Heidi’s also hard at work at that album she’s been pimping for a while, and her BF claims it’s gonna be all sorts of awesome. “When people hear what we have in the bank, it’s gonna blow their minds,” Spencer gushed. “Madonna, eat your heart out. Britney Spears, eat your heart out.”

We’ll eat our heart out too, if it means we don’t have to listen. Please?

Free Radio: Lance Hates the Oscars


VH1’s newest show features Lance Krall as a dimwitted radio host who has some infuriating opinions and isn’t shy about expressing them. He also has a weekly blog here where he discusses his innermost thoughts. In this episode, Lance talks about how much he hates the Oscars, and why he thought Good Luck Chuck was the best movie of 2007.

Lindsay Lohan Likes to be Naked



If you ever wanted to see Lindsay Lohan naked, here’s your chance (the pics are NSFW, obvs). Of course, she’s not just posing as herself in the nude – that would be so common, so typical, so expected. Instead, the actress (who doesn’t seem to have much else going on these days) has recreated Marilyn Monroe‘s “Last Sitting,” a series of erotic photos taken right before the icon (and LiLo’s hero) overdosed and died in 1962. In our not-so-humble opinion, we’ve seen Lindsay look a lot better posing as herself. The idea is nice and all, but there’s really no topping Marilyn, and Loho ends up just looking weird and washed out. The nudie pics have even left some insiders wondering if they only end up hurting her career aspirations. One director mused, “She really is a good actress. All these antics just detract from that. With every decision she makes, it becomes clearer that she’s got no one giving her good advice.”

But there is one very important thing to take away from LiLo’s latest self-absorbed spectacle (aside from her massive freckle supply) – her amazing boobs. Seriously, those things look real – and real awesome – and are enviously enormous. Lindsay’s breasts, FTW! [Image: New York Magazine]