Tuesday: Paris Bares All for her B-Day


paris-tiara.jpgParis’ Birthday Striptease
The heiress turned 27-years old with her usual routine – a tiara, a striptease and a dominatrix outfit. Seriously, isn’t she sick of herself yet? [Us]

Winehouse’s Hubby is a Jail Junkie
Amy’s “Blake incarcerated” almost became “Blake overdosed,” after shooting up heroin in jail. [Star]

Dancing with the Stars – All New Cast of D-Listers!

Apparently America is desperate to watch Steve Guttenberg and Shannon Elizabeth tango. This country loves to cringe. [Us]

Jessica Simpson: Her Secret Video Scandal
There’s no sex involved, but Jess is desperately trying to cover up the workout video she made in 2005. [NY Post]

Britney Besieged by Bodyguards
The poor little trainwreck is now surrounded by an assistant, a chaperone, and an army of bodyguards. But is the constant attention making her even crazier? [NY Post]

DVD Debut: Denzel Washington and Harlem Heroin


New DVDs are released every Tuesday, which leads us to the eternal question: What should you buy? Our critic Charles Bottomley weighs in on every week’s must-haves and please-forgets.


American Gangster
Denzel Washington plays Frank Lucas, a 1970s hood who bucked trends by smuggling heroin inside the corpses of American servicemen and running his crime empire like a business. Russell Crowe is the cop who starts sniffing around and discovers that nobody is an innocent. The Godfather it ain’t, but the two leads navigate around the mobster clichés with juicy performances.

Extras: The commentary on the two-disc edition gives insight into director Ridley Scott’s process, while a 78-minute documentary features Crowe and Washington’s real-life counterparts. Tons of extra footage.

Rating: Buy!

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Artists Assist Victims of the Station Fire



One tragic event, innumerable tragic offshoots. When Rhode Island’s Station nightclub burned to the ground on February 20, 2003, 100 rock fans died and 200 were injured – many of them dreadfully so. It’s been five years since the infamous blaze took place, and lots of lives still need help being rebuilt. Though some compensations have been issued, the whopping medical bills and daunting personal struggles are crippling for many of those who went out to see Great White perform in the tiny club on that frigid night. Those facts are the reason that an array of artists from both the rock and country camps have chosen to participate in “Phoenix Rising! Musicians United To Benefit the Victims of the Station Nightclub Fire.” VH1 is making a concert special from the evening’s performances.

On February 25, in Providence, Rhode Island, John Rich of Big & Rich, and Dee Snider of Twisted Sister, host a multi-artist concert bash to raise money for the Station Family Fund which was founded by survivors to provide treatment and rehabilitation relief. Gretchen Wilson, Dierks Bentley, Alabama’s Randy Owen, Kellie Pickler will represent the country side of the fence. Staind‘s Aaron Lewis, Tesla, Winger, Boston’s Tom Scholz and Gary Pihl, Kevin Max, Carmine Appice’s SLAM, and Stryper will join Snider and the Twisted Sister crew. The goal is to honor the anniversary of those lost, and make life a bit easier for those still recovering. Tickets are available through Ticket Master.

On Sunday, March 23, VH1 Classic and VH1 will air Aftermath: The Station Fire Five Years Later, a one-hour special of show highlights.

Ticket Contacts: Dunkin’ Donuts Center 401-331-0700 or www.dunkindonutcenter.com

Perez and Pink Talk Dirty


Perez Hilton, the self-proclaimed Queen of All Media, is a diva-lover (and yes, he’s something of a diva himself, too). On his upcoming VH1 special, What Perez Says About Divas, the celebrity blogger gets down to the roots of diva behavior, interviewing household names like Tori Amos, Stevie Nicks and Elton John, who’s really a divo, but let’s not split hairs. The show doesn’t premiere until Tuesday, but in the meantime we can show you this clip, in which Perez sits down to talk turkey with Pink and Dolly Parton. Pink is a motorcycle-punk kind of diva — actually, as we find out here, Pink owns a motorcycle and likes to ride it naked. On the other hand, Dolly Parton is a “nice” diva, at least until Perez begs her to whip him. She does, with only the sort of charm that Dolly Parton can muster. If you can’t get enough, tune in Tuesday, February 19 at 10 p.m. (EST). In the meantime, allow the video above to quell your jones.

The Weekly Wrap Up: Heidi Cried, Gary Wed, Rihanna & Jay-Z Got Pissy in Public



American Idol Contestants Party


The new crop of American Idol kids hit the red carpet at a party in L.A. last night. The top 24 took the stress off by partying at a club called the Day After. Just a thought: If you were about to embark on a grueling singing competition, would you really want to party at a place called the Day After? Seems a little ominous, somehow, no?