Rock of Love Fans Are Beautiful


MySpace has nothing on! The Rock of Love 2 site allows fans to connect with the show’s cast members, debate who’s rocking Bret’s world best — and, of course, upload their craziest, steamiest photos. Maybe we’re showing off, but VH1 has the sexiest users on the Internet. Click the thumbnail images below to see for yourself, and prepare to blush.

L-R: Juliette, Deepak and Dawn.

L-R: Ashley, Amanda and Michel.

L-R: Shannon, Melissa and Amanda.

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Fashion WTF: All Signs Point to Bad Taste



Lindsay’s career may be “back on track,” but her fashion choices are as poor-planned as ever. At a recent event celebrating her current Paper magazine cover, Linds showed up decked out like a Wall Street trader on top, with a fugly skirt surely deemed by someone close to her as cutting edge. Perhaps it was created by her pal Jeremy Scott, the fashion designer who shot the cover, but we have no idea, as all our clothes are from last year’s sale rack at Old Navy. Yet while our garb may be shabby, our eye for bad fashion is not. LiLo’s ensemble is an ensembleghhhhh.

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Kanye Needs A Connect Four in Every City


kanyewest-0305.jpgTMZ got their hands on Kanye West‘s rider for his most recent concert tour, and his demands are, well, exactly what’d you expect. You can enjoy the entire 23 pages here, but why not just let us pick out the gems for you?

- There must be a masseuse at each show. Obvi. Big egos make for big back pains.

- A Connect Four game, if possible (The gang travels with one, but ya know – in case Kanye forgets it on his tour bus) .

- An entertainment center with an XBox 360, Playstation III and Guitar Hero. Fun!

- One bottle each of Hennessey, Sky or Absolut Vodka, Patron Tequila, plus six packs of Heineken and Stella Artois beer.

All food must be healthy and organic – NO fried food will be served. NONE! Kanye’s body is too precious for such things (alcohol excluded).

Our Dream Celebrity Rehab Cast, Season 2



The finale of Celebrity Rehab happens Thursday, March 6 at 10 p.m., and the Good Doctor Drew has been able to bring so much health and healing into the lives of the porn stars, American Idol rejects and washed up actors he’s touched.

Given Drew’s high success rate, and the troubles of some of our other celebrities, we’ve put together our Dream All-Star Cast for next season. And since Drew’s already wrestled with drug and alcohol addictions, we wanted to see how he’d do getting some other folks off their addictions…

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You Name It: Flav Gets Busy n’ Bubbly


Lots of photos simply beg for a narrative. Whether it’s nasty or silly is up to you — we want you to feel free to read the minds of the celebs and weirdos in our images. Write your caption for the below photo in our comments section. Extra points for creativity! This time: twin sisters Thing 1 and Thing 2 get frisky with Flav on Flavor of Love 3.


American Idol: The Men vs. the ’80s



The stakes have never been higher on American Idol. The boys are down to 8, and with only ’80s week standing between them and the Final 12, the pressure’s on. The ’80s are a decade whose vogue hasn’t ended yet, but most of the guys opted for balladry, slow-tempo jams not entirely suited to the bombastic decade that brought the world Duran Duran, Culture Club and Madonna’s early singles. This week, the contestants’ video revelations of their most embarrassing moments brought more spark than most of their performances. Who will still be with us for Beatles Week? Let’s take a look.

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Prepare Yourself for More Kim Craziness


kim_main.jpgAre you excited for the next season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians? Hell to the yes! Kim’s given Page Six a sneak peek at the upcoming madness (watch it HERE!), which looks to be a season filled with shouting, yelling, squealing, and boobs. Perfect! Kim is apparently just returning back to the states from a romantic vaca with her football stud boyfriend Reggie Bush. The pair holed up in a $1000/night bungalow (droooool) and chilled at the pool and got spa treatments at their Dominican Republic hotel. Kim’s also been busy shooting a commercial for American Eagle under the watchful eye of Entourage star Adrian Grenier, which leads us to ask, what’s her former BFF Paris Hilton been up to lately?

If you’ve been missing your weekly dose of Kim-mania on your TV, check out some pics below to tie you over.

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American Idol‘s Danny Noriega Hates You


In an unfortunate turn of events, poor Danny Noriega (whose spin on “Tainted Love” last night was horrid) is appearing all over the Internets in a video (see above). In the 30-second clip, recorded some unspecified time ago, Noriega sings “We wish you a merry Christmas” before lapsing into vulgarity and insults. Specifically, he says he hopes that Santa rapes your mom. And so ends Mr. Noriega’s 14th minute. Tune into American Idol on Thursday night to see whether or not Simon and company will finish Noriega’s chance at stardom permanently.

Madonna Wants To Be Your Dog


Rolling Stone tells us that The Stooges are going to be saluting their Motor City sister Madonna at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonies next Monday night, March 10. (VH1 Classic is airing the entire show live at 8:30 pm.). Crazy, right? But crazy is good. What Madge track would you like to see Iggy and the boys rip apart? Let’s assume it isn’t “Papa Don’t Preach” and let’s hope it’s “Into The Groove.” And if you really want to be a dreamer, imagine a world where the Material Lady has a bit too much bubbly, heaves her yoga pad in the corner, and jumps on stage to help the boys ramrod through “Real Cool Time.”

Other heroes will celebrate their forebears, too. Damien Rice (read a classic interview here) will salute Leonard Cohen, James Cotton will evoke Little Walter, and Gamble & Huff will get a tip of the hat from Patti LaBelle. Watch videos by some of the inductees.

Who are you psyched to see?

Wednesday: K-Fed’s Cheeto Binge


kevinfederline.jpgDamn! K-Fed Got K-Fat
Brit’s ex has gotten big in the belly. Maybe he should take one of her dance classes and get in shape? [Us]

Scarlett Plays House with Ryan Reynolds
The hot couple are taking things to the next level and shacking up together. Think Woody Allen’s jealous? [NYDN]

Heidi Montag’s Step-Brother Dies in Freak Accident
It’s the first real thing to happen to the “star” in ages. Our condolences. [Us]

Jessica Drops Cash on Vegas Condo
Simpson splurged on a fancy Vegas condo, and you can check out the pics. We’ll now be avoiding Sin City at all costs! [Us]

Did Mary-Kate Try to Fix her Face?
Either the twin’s had surgery, or she’s scrunching her face up in a really weird way. [Cityrag]