Flavor of Love 3 Girls: Hot or Not? Vote!


Click on the thumbs below, then write “Hot” or “Not” in each girls’ comments field. We will tally all votes and list the girls in order of hotness on Monday, Feb. 11. Vote for all 21 cast members now and tune in to the premiere Monday, Feb. 11 at 9PM EST!

Saint Lewis
Thing 1
Thing 2

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Paris Hilton Not a Hottie Last Night



Someone needs to tell Paris that she’s at the premiere of her lame movie The Hottie and the Nottie, and not winning the Nobel Prize for most beautiful princess in the world. Aside from the fact that she baked herself to a nice golden crisp that will guarantee a serious wrinkle crisis in a couple of months, her over-the-top look – combining a pink gown with a diamond overload – only further proves how seriously she takes herself. She may never get invited to the Oscars, but at least she can play pretend at her movie premiere.

Meanwhile, her co-star Christine Lakin, who plays a acne-covered balding freak with rotten teeth in the flcik, actually looks totally bangin’. The nottie has become the hottie, and the hottie has become, well, more of a mess.

Check out more pics from the premiere:

Enjoy shots from Paris’ new flick The Hottie and the Nottie below:

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Celebs & Candidates: Who’s For Who?


candidates celebs

It’s Super Tuesday, and while we were making our choices for the next presidential nominees, we decided to check out which candidates our favorite celebs are endorsing. Take a look at the shot above and see if you can figure out who’s voting for Clinton and who’s for Obama. You might find some help here. The answers are after the jump. Let us know who you’re voting for!

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Kardashian Kids Punk Brandy’s Mom



Kim Kardashian is in the news again today, and it’s not because of her giant ass – but because she might be a giant ass. Singer Brandy‘s mother Sonja Norwood has sued Kim, after she allegedly racked up over $120,000 of charges on Norwood’s AMEX. Apparently Kim was Brandy’s stylist in 2004 (wait, what? She’s a stylist?) and Norwood gave her the credit card to make one purchase for her daughter. But Kim supposedly passed on the number to her sisters, and the trio used it for $62,793.83 worth of purchases in 2006 and $57,841.82 in 2007. For those of you without calculators, that puts the final tally at $120,635.82. The Kardashian sisters even apparently spent thousands at their own (horribly named) boutiques, Dash and Smooch.

Kim also once dated Brandy’s brother Ray-J – her partner in that sex tape that she loves to hate on – which may have also rubbed Mama Norwood the wrong way. And why wouldn’t she just cancel the card after she noticed over $60,000 worth of charges on the thing?! Honestly, we’re glad that she didn’t, because we can’t wait to see this play out in front of a judge. How is Kim going to afford the sexy outfits she’ll need for court without that Norwood cash flow? [Page Six]

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Tuesday: Lohan Loves Living on the Edge


lindsaylohan0205.jpgHeath’s Autopsy Reports Almost Ready
Great, so the media will have something new to freak out about all over again. [Us]

Lindsay Lohan: Back to her Old Tricks
Drinking and dry humping Paris Hilton’s ex – the old Lohan is back! [NYDN]

Brit’s Creepy Pal Bashes Restraining Order

Sam Lutfi claims the Spears’ restraining order again him “won’t last.” Maybe not, but the creepy feeling he gives us sure will. [Us]

Kirstie Alley Talks Like Tom Cruise
The Cheers star is quoted in Scientology’s church magazine rattling on about mankind, saving the world and the “fourth dynamic.” All she needs is a couch to jump on and she’s good to go. [NYP]

Jacko’s Back – But Just for the Grammys
The surgically enhanced star will appear on-stage during music’s biggest night as part of some sort of Thriller tribute. [NYDN]

DVD Debut: Beatles Good, Blondes Bad


New DVDs are released every Tuesday, which leads us to the eternal question: What should you buy? Our critic Charles Bottomley weighs in on every week’s must-haves and please-forgets.


Across the Universe
The last time someone tried to make a Beatles musical, we ended up with Steve Martin singing “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” in 1978′s Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. This retro refit is more successful, with Liverpudlian scally Jim Sturgess turning on, tuning in, and dropping out Marilyn Manson moll Evan Rachel Wood through the usual 1960s kaleidoscope. The editor’s scissors, however, should have been applied to Bono coo-coo-coo-choobing his way through “I Am the Walrus.”

Commentary from director Julie Taymor and her composer hubbie Elliot Goldenthal, alternative versions of Eddie Izzard singing “For the Benefit of Mr. Kite.”

Rating: Buy!

Watch clips of this week’s new DVD releases!

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Fashion Week Hot Shots


Bryant Park has been invaded by trend-loving celebrities. Christina Milian, Heidi Klum, Tyra Banks, Mandy Moore, Milla Jovavich, Ashley Olsen, Ashanti, and Joss Stone were just a few of the babes spotted on and off the runway.

photo_20×9.gif Click here for shots of many more fashion-grubbin’ celebs.

Check back as Fashion Week continues… we’ll be adding pics daily.

Winehouse Does Rehab and Grammys


amy_winehouseIs she or isn’t she? Today, Amy Winehouse‘s rep confirmed to UsWeekly that Winehouse, despite reports she’s entered rehab, will be performing at this Sunday’s Grammy awards. The singer, nominated in a whopping six categories — including record of the year, album of the year and song of the year — checked into a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility on January 24th, following the release of shocking footage showing an obviously high Winehouse smoking crack.

To find out more about Winehouse’s sadly ironic song “Rehab,” check out our in-depth analysis on a hit that was created from an off-hand comment and a couple of hours. We’ve also got plenty of interesting info on Winehouse and her competition.

Brangelina Gets Fugly for Baby


brangcloseup.jpgAngelina Jolie‘s latest pregnancy isn’t that far along, but her style has already transitioned from sex pot to that of a seventh grade art teacher circa 1992. There’s nothing more painful than a giant silky black blouse – unless it’s paired with some skirt covered in an obnoxiously bright print. Even Zahara and Shiloh know that! Maternity wear got sexy for a reason, but Angie seems to be avoiding her normally spot-on fashion sense and going for a look my grandmother would love.

Her pending pregnancy, however, is NO excuse for Brad Pitt to dress like an extra on the set of a western movie being shot in 1974. At least Angie’s got something to cover up; though Brad’s new and oddly enormous head of hair could definitely be hiding something. Jennifer Aniston, perhaps?

Check out more pics of the happy pair at the Santa Barbara Film Festival below.