Britney: Slicing Turkey with Miley Cyrus?


miley-britney.jpgWe’re sure Billy Ray Cyrus (dad to teen queen Miley) was just trying to be nice when he invited Britney Spears over for Thanksgiving dinner, but now he’s kinda screwed. Cuz girlfriend – being the wacky, spontaneous weirdo that she is – has said yes to his offer, and Britney will be shoving sweet potatoes in her mouth alongside 2007′s version of her former self. Weird right? Now that Brit has said yes to his invite of “Honey, you are welcome to a Nashville Thanksgiving at our house,” what is the Cyrus gang to do?

1. Keep the food (and the booze) coming. It’s not just Thanksgiving, but it’s Thanksgiving with a depressed, single 26-year old whose babies are with their dad on a holiday because their mom sucks at life. Make two green bean casseroles this year!

2. Lock up Miley’s closet. Britney is going to try to switch clothes with her immediately. To really prevent this, make sure no one wears a bikini to the dinner table.

3. On second thought, lock up Miley! Do you really want that kind of influence around her? [Images: Getty]

Tila Tequila, Thank You For the Phone Call


tila-tequila_vmas.jpgTila, light of our lives, flower of our secret, lubricant for our pistons, thank you for the call. You cannot know how much we enjoyed your deliciously witty banter, the repartee that made us sing for joy. We have transcribed our conversation (yes, we were taping it, but you did know about that, to be fair), and have typed it up in order to enjoy it later . . . many, many, many times. At times, it seemed like you were so close we could smell the enticing odor of your perfume. We look forward to speaking with you again. But since we don’t want to weird you out or anything, we will keep our distance for the time being. Yes, yes we will. But we anxiously await our next encounter, mystery woman.

For you, faithful readers who’d like to read our interview with Tila Tequila, check back at tomorrow night, Tuesday, November 20th, at 10 p.m. for our first installment.

Creepy-Faced Actor Gets Wasted & Arrested



What guy? Oh that guy – the Bend It Like Beckham, Match Point bug-eyed dude. Got it. His name is Jonathan Rhys Meyers, but we kind of think of him as that sometimes hot, sometimes weird looking actor. And now he’s a bona fide celebrity with his first arrest, which took place last night at the Dublin, Ireland airport. Meyers was nailed for public intoxication after displaying some serious drunkenness at the check-in counter and gate. He recently did a rehab stint in LA last April, so this is one of those classic Hollywood slip-ups. Whoops! Still, it looks like he’s been preparing for his mug shot for years. Check out all the bizarro photos we’ve amassed of the guy – he either looks possessed, ready to keel over, or like he’s about to clock someone in the face. We’re sure the real thing pales in comparison! [Us. Images: Getty]

Garage Rock, Not Philly Funk


Every week on Next Great American Band, one group never makes it out of the Green Room, one group never makes it to the stage, one group never gets to impress Johnny Goo, Sheila E, Cranky Aussie, and the viewers at home. This week, proving that the Oakland timbales tornado and former Prince protege is correct some of the time, that band was Franklin Bridge (Sheila was a big FB fan). The Philly outfit had big chops and rolled through its funkpopandroll with enough fervor and flair to sustain them through the contest. But after messing around with Billy Joel’s “Big Shot” last week, they have fallen.

This is good for Tres Bien, the giddy garage rockers with a Brit Invasion vibe, who will probably seem tres natural as they tackle a Rolling Stones song this Friday night. What tune would seem most in-sync? Something early, right? “Get Off My Cloud,” “Tell Me,” “Mother’s Little Helper”? And which band will fall next? Hit the “comments” section, y’all.

About Last Night: American Music Awards


Every music heavy-hitter was posing, performing, or getting recognition at the AMAs last night. Beyonce, Carrie Underwood, Vanessa Hudgens, Rihanna, Ne-Yo, Alicia Keys, Chris Brown, and Fergie were just a few of the hot stars to grace the red carpet and stage.

photo_20×98.gif Need more photos of the fabulous red carpet frocks?

photo_20×98.gif Or would you prefer more shots of the sizzlin’ performances?

Timbaland To Produce Baby, More Tracks


timbalandUbiquitous producer Timbaland is set to be a father by the end of November, according to sources close to the track master. The New York Post is reporting that Tim is expecting a girl with a woman who works at his Mosley Music Group. Though the pair aren’t together, the Post reports Tim will be “very involved in the child’s upbringing.”

What could that possibly mean? We’ve got a few ideas:

1. Checks from “Aunt Missy” on birthday.

2. Justin Timberlake as godparent.

3. Nelly Furtado attends Show and Tell at school whenever the lil’ one wants.

TomKat: Happy Anniversary Weirdos!



Yesterday, the most romantic, real couple in the world celebrated the one-year anniversary of their marriage. Congraulations! Granted, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are so in love they probably didn’t even notice. “Where did the time go?” they wonder as they watch their nanny bounce baby Suri in her baby swing. In case your stomach is strong enough to remember the roots of their love, check out this video that takes us all the way back to those carefree days of two years ago, when all Katie and Tom knew how to say was “excited,” “honored,” “amazing,” and “in love.” A special congrats to Ms. Kate – one year down, and only four more to go in your secret Scientology love contract! Don’t feel bad, we’d probably take the money too. [Images: Getty]

Scott Baio Is…A Daddy!



The wait is over — Life & Style reports that Scott Baio‘s fiancée Renee Sloan gave birth to their child on Nov. 2. Details are scant (all we know is that the baby weighed 5 lbs., 10 ounces), but it could be that Scott and Renee are saving them for TV: a new reality show, the follow-up to Scott Baio Is…45 and Single, chronicling the couple’s pregnancy is due early next year.

Boy, girl, whatever: congrats, Scott and Renee! [Life&Style Weekly via Dlisted / Image: Getty]

Kanye Cries for His Mama


Poor Kanye. We feel for the guy, we really do. Losing a parent is so hard, and then to break down and weep in front of an audience has gotta feel so weird. But you know what? This whole awful situation has humanized Kanye so much that we’ve pretty much forgotten all that egotistic, tantrum-filled BS he normally pulls. So that’s gotta count for something, right? And we’re sure his mom would be really proud of him standing up in front of a crowd and doing a show so soon after she passed away. Kudos to you, Kanye West. Kudos.

Monday: Nicole Richie’s Big Baby Bash


nicolerichie.jpgNicole’s Shower Reveals Baby Boy?
Pals like Paris were spotted bringing boyish gifts to Richie’s Wizard of Oz themed baby shower. Lil Madden will be able to fit into Mommy’s clothes in no time! [People]

Carrie Underwood Wins Again
Now the Idol’s got 3 American Music Awards under her couture belt. Take that Kelly! [Us]

No One Cares About Paris Anymore
No one is photographing Paris anymore! The world may not be able to agree on how to attain universal peace, but at least we all can all get behind hating Paris. [TMZ]

Amy Winehouse Puff Puffs, Freaks
The singer was busted for constantly smoking in the bathroom of an airplane, on an hour long flight. Er, obviously? [DListed]

Pics: Tom Cruise is Seriously Fat and Bald
He may be in costume, but this look isn’t that far off. This is what Katie gets for marrying a dude 20 years older! [DListed]