Jessica Does Have Fans – in the Ukraine


jessicasimpsonukraine.jpgCongrats are in order to Jessica Simpson! Her movie, Blonde Ambition, which was a total bomb in the US, is the number one movie in the Ukraine this week! The budget flick (which also stars Luke Wilson in the biggest career mistake of his life) opened only in texas theaters and grossed just $1,771 it’s debut weekend. But clearly we Americans don’t know a good film when we see one. Over in the Ukraine, the movie managed to rake in a whopping $253,008 last weekend. Now keep in mind Spider-Man 3 raked in $151,116,516 it’s opening weekend, but whose counting?! What could possibly explain the popularity of this admittedly crappy flick? An expert throws down some knowledge: “The former Soviet nations have a sweet tooth for straight-up comedies,” Conor Bresnan, editor in chief of Box Office Mojo International, reveals.”When these comedies have big name celebrities like Jessica Simpson’s, that’s all that’s needed to sell the movie. Russian and Ukrainian audiences have an even bigger urge for escapism than Americans.”

Jessica Simpson – and her papa – thank you, people of the Ukraine. Now she can afford that Louis Vuitton carrying case for her dog. [People]

There’s No Stopping the Naked LiLo Pics!



Were you craving more pictures of a washed-out Lindsay Lohan in a platinum wig clutching a scarf in front of her massive, luscious breasts? Well you’re in luck! New York magazine has released a few outtakes from LiLo’s now legendary photo-shoot, and you can do a little more staring here. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one looking – the pics garnered the website 40 million pages views on Monday (they normally average a million per day), and sales of the print version of the mag were up too. Not bad for someone whose last movie only made $7 million! [Image: New York]

Rock Gets Mocked


This week VH1′s own Rock of Love with Bret Michaels got the send-up treatment on Letterman. While the parody isn’t exactly spot-on (not one measly, “It kinda turns me on”?), it’s still pretty awesome. Not insanely awesome, mind you, but pretty awesome. Stick around for the Kid Rock cameo at the end. Check it:

Thursday: Janet to Become Mrs. Dupri?


janetjd.jpgDid Sam Lutfi Drug his BFF Britney?
Cops are trying to figure out of Sam doped up Brit to keep her under his control. Um, totally? [TMZ]

Janet Jackson: Ready to Wed JD
Is the third time down the aisle gonna be a charm for Ms. Jackson? The singer recently started shopping for wedding dresses, which will hopefully be wardrobe malfunction-free. [NY Post]

Spencer Pratt’s Got Heidi Under his Thumb

The blonde man-diva is reportedly shopping around for a new reality deal (not at MTV!) and doing all the talking for his lady-friend. [NY Post]

Pink Says She & Hubby are Still Pals
Nobody cheated, there’s no anger and the couple is still totally best friends for life. Is there a script floating around Hollywood for this sort of thing? [People]

Amy Winehouse Sings for Blake at Brits
Wino wailed on a couple of songs at the Brit Awards last night, and did her usual shout out to her incarcerated husband. But hey, and least she’s not slurring her words. [DListed]

Oscars Predictions: Who Will Win What?



Each year the act of predicting which artists will take home a Oscar becomes one of pop culture’s greatest guessing games. Someone picks a category, and everyone becomes a pundit. That includes us. We want your comments, too. Do you think our choices are right? Watch the show on Sunday night, and check back Monday morning for a recap of all the memorable moments.

Best Picture

British upstart James McAvoy and stick-thin Keira Knightley play a couple torn apart by World War II — and Knightley’s little sister, Saorise Ronan, whose despicable lies turn the lovers’ families against them. The book was excellent. The movie . . . eh, not so much.

Canadian cuteness Ellen Page is a knocked-up and very sarcastic teen who attempts to give her unborn child up for adoption to Jason Bateman and Jennifer Garner. The script’s verbal pyrotechnics are impressive — as are Michael Cera’s bandied knees — but does it have the heat to beat out No Country For Old Men? In a word: no.

Michael Clayton
It’s George Clooney in the titular role as a fixer for a law firm. When one of the firm’s top lawyers has a mental breakdown in the middle of a deposition, Clooney’s called in to fix the mess, which has to do with a class-action suit against an agricultural manufacturing company. It’s complicated, but then again, good films sometimes are.

No Country For Old Men
When Josh Brolin stumbles across the remains of a drug deal gone bad, he pockets the cash and hightails it away from the scene. Unfortunately, both the law and a merciless, Terminator-like psychopath are hot on his trail. The killer, played by Javier Bardem, has a bad haircut and nasty temper. It’s a quiet, contemplative orgy of violence.

There Will Be Blood
Daniel Day-Lewis is oil prospector Daniel Plainview, whose business conflicts with the religious interests of Eli Sunday (Paul Dano), a preacher in a desolate California town. The lives of the two are inexorably intertwined after an accident at one of the wells. As time goes on, Daniel becomes a capitalist monster and Eli loses his faith. No film this decade has an uglier ending, although No Country For Old Men comes close.

Should win: It’s a toss-up between No Country For Old Men and There Will Be Blood. Both offer particularly bleak visions of America. In the former, the Coen brothers interpret Cormac McCarthy’s novel as an existential treatise on the meaninglessness of life; in the latter, Paul Thomas Anderson converts Upton Sinclair’s Oil! into a wrenching screed about the seductive evils of capitalism. (Yes, we just wrote “seductive evils.” So what?) That said, for pure brilliance and artistic achievement, No Country is the more successful film.

Will win: No Country For Old Men.

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Gossip Break: Paula’s Forever Our Girl


paulaabdul.jpg- Michael Lohan hates Lindsay’s boobie pics, while her mom calls ‘em “tastefully done.” No wonder their marriage ended in divorce. [People, DListed]

- Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are creating a video game. If we can fight them, we’ll play. [Us]

- Paula Abdul‘s new music video is 80′s-awesome. Straight up! [Popsugar]

Is it just us or has Katherine Heigl started taking herself to seriously? [Jezebel]

Jessica Simpson is like totally going to marry Tony Romo. Get the cameras ready! [Us]

Deelishis Dishes on Replacing Flav & Ditching that Butt



Our girl Deelishis is back with a big-ass interview in this month’s Sister 2 Sister, and she’s got a lot to say. When she’s not describing her plans for world domination (radio work, her jean line, acting, breaking up with Busta Rhymes), Flav’s ex talks about everything from her daughter’s butt to her new, younger boyfriend, to shaking her image from FOL2: “I wanted to get past being the girl who had a butt so big you could have a picnic on it.” She’s even got some new pics to share, though they’re not quite as revealing as her spread in Smooth. Check ‘em out – along with some choice quotes – below, and look out – Deelishis means business.

On her 8-year old daughter’s big booty: “I say it’s a gift and a curse. And she has inherited it already.”

Describing her first date with her new boyfriend, “I said yes [to the date] and I was very intrigued by his company…he got his feet done when I got my feet done. He wasn’t self conscious.”

On Flavor Flav’s ability to land hot girls: “He’s a lot of fun. And he’s a man. A lot of people were like he’s so unattractive. There’s something that connects sometimes where you’ll see a beautiful woman and you’ll see her with a not so attractive man. He just has a way with that woman. And Flav had a way where I was attracted to him.”

Did she give Flav the boot? Answer: helllll no. “I didn’t dump Flav….That man stopped calling me, wouldn’t accept my calls, changed his number and totally avoided me.”


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American Idol: The Men Compete



After weeks of anticipation, feverish auditioning and even more feverish auditioning, American Idol has been narrowed down to 24 contestants, 12 male and 12 female. Last night the boys started us off with more finesse than might be expected. The evening had its bumps and jolts, but after six seasons, the show knows how to pick a polished youngster out of a crowd of thousands (check what Paris and other celebs think of Idol). Let’s take a look at our 12 boys, with odds onwhich two are heading home after Thursday’s first revelation episode.

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J. Lo’s Poppin’ Out her $6 Million Twins



Here come those golden nuggets of baby that Jennifer Lopez has been lugging around for nine months! The Gigli star is currently holed up giving birth in her private room at the North Shore University Hospital, where she is presumably being fanned by a small army of male models and fed grapes by an endangered monkey, as an assistant does all the pushing for her. The room sat empty for two weeks before J. Lo arrived, complete with plush leather couches and beefed up security. Hospital staff even supposedly ran drills to prepare for a possible Lopez-Anthony baby kidnapping. Rats! They foiled my plan!

Clearly, Jenny thinks she is the unofficial Queen of America, but she may be the only one at her coronation. People mag has reportedly offered Lopez $6 million for exclusive photos of her kids that will go in their US edition only, and OK! has forked over a bundle for the international rights. But why didn’t they go for the right to print the photos here in the States? One unimpressed expert responds: “Look at her track record with her movies, and look at her album sales. The U.S. market hasn’t been fascinated with her in some time,” the source said. “It makes more sense to not spend a fortune on photos that won’t cause a noticeable increase on the newsstand. This just isn’t going to sell like Shiloh (Jolie-Pitt), and $6 million is a lot of money.”