Wonderful Weirdo Winehouse Wins!


Yep, she’s go plenty of troubles. But she’s also got a boatload of talent. Amy swept through the Grammys, with five wins, but – even better – her idiosyncratic performance suggested that she’s just an odd enough and powerful enough singer to make a real dent on pop. She even gussied up that crazed tooth for the big night. Find her two-song set from London above. Over here you can get more Grammy news.

Monday: Paris Simply Sucks on Big Screen


parishilton021108.jpgParis Hilton’s Movie Not Hot at Box Office
Her unfunny flick The Hottie and the Nottie made no money over the weekend, which is wonderfully hilarious. [TMZ]

Ashton Celebrates his B-Day with Bruce
Next time you think your family is weird, just imagine Bruce Willis eating cake with his hands at his ex-wife’s husband’s 30th birthday party. Feel better? [NYDN]

Is Scarlett Engaged to Alanis’ Ex?
The actress (who dates Ryan Reynolds) was spotted wedding dress shopping with her mom, fueling engagement rumors. [NYP]

Britney’s B*tchy Grammy Commentary
We’re so glad Brit’s out of the hospital, so she can charmingly tell the Grammys to kiss her ass. British Britney is just pissed she didn’t get a nod for Best New Artist. [TMZ]

Amy Finally Fixes that Tooth
Eff all her awards, her dentist should win an prize for that work. [DListed]

Odds & Sods: Don’t Overlook These Discs



All this Grammys talk got us thinking about music from last year that fell below the radar. There are a handful of 2007 discs that are still giving us goose pimples. Here are a few of ‘em.

Manu ChaoLa Radiolina
The ultimate cosmopolitan icon remains a boho experimentalist with a yen for high-flying horns and bouncy bass lines. He’d love to rub your face in some incendiary headlines, but at no point on this ever-shifting program does he allow the groove to dissipate — even while he chants how politik kills, or hollers slogans such as “Senor presidente George Bush: Cuidado!”

Bettye Lavette - The Scene of the Crime
The celebrated soul singer is a magnificent communicator, able to give you a look into her heart any time she chooses. This follow up to her seismic I’ve Got My Own Hell To Raise connects her with unlikely bedfellows: Southern rock renegades the Drive-By Truckers. But the sixtysomething singer and the scrappy band make lots of hay, especially in the ballad department. “I Guess We Shouldn’t Talk About That Now” is about as eloquent as simmering desperation gets.

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Flavor of Love 3 Girls: Hot or Not Results!


There is a new batch of girls vying for Flav’s heart. We asked which of them are hot and which are not, then we read through thousands of comments and ranked the cast in order of hotness. Each girl’s “score” is the percentage of people that find her to be hot. Let us know if you agree with the final results and visit the Flavor of Love 3 show page for photos and videos.

1. Seezinz
HOT: 137
NOT: 40

Score: 77%

2. Saint Lewis
HOT: 338
NOT: 104
Other: 9

Score: 75%

3. Myammee
HOT: 137
NOT: 74

Score: 65%

4. Q-Tee
HOT: 124
NOT: 72
Other: 1

Score: 63%

5. Bunz
HOT: 100
NOT: 61

Score: 62%

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Rock of Love 2 Forecast: Who Should Be the Next to Go?


Rock of Love 2 is heating up! Get caught up here and tell us which ladies are safe and who will be dismissed next episode.

Still safe:

Angelique and Roxy were kicked off last episode. Did you forecast their falls?

Fallen, but not forgotten:

Watch Rock of Love 2 Sunday, 9PM EST.

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You Name It!


Lots of photos simply beg for a narrative. Whether it’s nasty or silly is up to you — we want you to feel free to read the minds of the celebs and weirdos in our images. Write your caption for the photo below in our comments section. Extra points for creativity! This time: Adrianne And Her Medical Pal.


Lost Recap: A Physicist, Ghostbuster And Drunk Walk Onto An Island


From polar bears to ghost whisperers, last night’s episode continued to take the show in new directions. We met the goofballs who were supposed to rescue the survivors, and Ben gave us even more reason to love and hate him. After this episode, I feel like my brain exploded. Here are the highlights. Comment below with your favorite freak-out moments.

The episode opened in the Indian Ocean’s Sunda Trench with an underwater mission to retrieve shipwrecks – was it the Black Rock? However, the crew stumbles upon Oceanic Flight 815 – just where Naomi mentioned they found it. The subsequent news reports triggers a series of flashbacks that introduce us to the ragtag crew of the chopper that has arrived from SS “Not Penny’s Boat.”

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Fashion Week Frenzy: Monique Lhuillier’s Oscar Gowns


lhuillier.jpgFashion Week is all about finery in one form or another. There are high-end designers and then there are super-high-end designers, not to mention couture designers, reality-TV designers, designers who support other designers, and, of course, design students. Into this fray stepped Monique Lhuillier, whose collection managed to be flashy without sacrificing elegance. (And if you think that’s easy, you try to sew a bodice out of peacock feathers — and make it look cool.) Avid fans of America’s Most Smartest Model will probably remember Lhuillier from her guest-judging position on that show’s finale, in which V.J. triumphed over Andre. Her show this season defined class with the sort of eveningwear that’s really only meant for red carpets. Lucky for Lhuillier, the Academy Awards (and the Grammys, sure) are coming up later this month. In attendance were Sophia Bush, Lipstick Jungle‘s Kim Raver, Joy Bryant, and our own Mary Alice Stephenson. More after the jump.

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