Monday: Paris Loses Her New Dog; Lindsay Did Rehab in the Nude


Paris and PuppyVid: Paris Loses Her Latest Pup
The heiress lives up to her reputation as a poor pet owner when her latest animal accessory, a tiny Yorkie named “Cinderella”, sneaks out of the house where Paris is hanging. [X17]

Katie and Suri Keep Getting Cuter
Is it us or does Suri bring out the adorable side of her doting mom? Check out these pics of Katie Holmes and her daughter cuddling and cheering at pal David Beckham’s soccer match to see for yourself. [JustJared]

J. Lo and Hubby: “We are so normal!”
After filming some scenes dealing with spousal abuse in their upcoming film project El Cantante, Marc Anthony marvels at how normal he and wife Jennifer Lopez are. Rightttt. [NY Post]

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Live Blog: Flav Gets Roasted!


The Comedy Central Roast of Flavor Flav

We had exclusive backstage reporting access when the Comedy Central Roast of Flavor Flav taped July 22 in Los Angeles. Now that the show’s finally made it to air, you can check our opinions on what went down against your own via our live blog of the event below. Check out what made it to the tube and what ended up on the cutting-room floor (remember, read bottom-to-top):

12:47 AM – And with that, the show is over. In just two hours and 20 minutes, Flav was raked over the coals so much that he barely has any skin left. Check back tomorrow for red-carpet pics and anecdotes.

12:46 AM – Flav says hi to the Flavor of Love girls in the audience and he doesn’t insult them. At all! Amazing!

12:45 AM – Flavor Flav is back on top. We know that because he says so. And really, after being insulted for two hours, up was the only way to go.

12:44 AM – Lisa’s nickname is “5-0.” I’ll let you guess how that relates to her much-discussed interest in black men.

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