Katherine Heigl’s Horrible Hair



Pop Quiz. Katherine Heigl thought this look (seen here at the Madrid premiere of 27 Dresses) was a good idea because:

a) If Jessica Simpson can pull off a fake bob, why can’t she?

b) Bad hair totally goes with giant snake-skin belts.

c) Her style icon is a mom from the suburbs of Texas.

d) She’s f*cking Katherine Heigl and can do whatever the f*ck she wants, b*tches!

Ellen Page Is Going to Hell


ellenpage.jpgHow do you follow up your starring role in 2007′s surprise indie hit? Apparently if you’re Ellen Page, you announce plans to work with Spider-Man director Sam Raimi on a horror film called Drag Me to Hell. The film is about an unsuspecting person dealing with a supernatural curse, or so says IMDB. Raimi’s previous films include Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness (aka Evil Dead 3), so the news, at least on his end, isn’t that extraordinary. No, what’s remarkable here is that Page, the sharp-witted Canadian press darling who brought Juno such widespread acclaim is going to . . . uh, scream for her supper. We hadn’t pegged her as the sort to trade in her credibility that quickly, so either there’s something seriously twisted going on with Raimi’s film, or Page is aiming to make herself into the next Jessica Alba. In the meantime, however, she’s nominated for Best Actress at this year’s Academy Awards. If she takes home the honor, she’ll pretty much be able to write her own ticket, at least temporarily. We wonder if she sees a lot of horror in her future. Weird.

Lindsay Returns to her Redheaded Roots


lindsaylohanbrunette.jpgLast month we begged Lindsay Lohan to dump her burnt blond extensions and return to her natural hair color. We were sick of her overdone, over-cooked do, and her once sexy look had slowly morphed into an homage to trashy housewives of the ’80s (leggings and frosty makeup will do that). So we were thrilled to see that she took our advice and sat down for a serious dye job just last week! Her luxuriously dark locks are back in a bold way, and while she still needs to go easy on the self-tanner and the bronzer brush, her new look is serious improvement.

Welcome back, beautiful auburn-haired LiLo. We missed you almost as much as you miss your Grey Goose.

Enjoy more pics of Lindsay’s darker do below!

[All images: Getty]

Chris Cozies Up With His Manager


chrisbrowngrammys.jpgWe are desperate for the day that Chris Brown comes out to the public about his alleged relationship with his much-older manager. We’ve been following this rumored love affair for months, and it seems to be the worst kept secret in the music biz. Chris was spotted sitting right next to his glammed-up lady-friend at the Grammy Awards last night, smiling up a storm. But that school boy look (complete with a back pack?!) doesn’t fool us for a second, you dirty dog. Chris has been linked to Rihanna recently, but we think that’s just a front to hide the real romance that’s going down. After all, you didn’t see him getting close with the pop starlet during the awards ceremony, but maybe he was just embarrassed by her outfit choices. You tell us – which woman do you think Chris is REALLY dating?

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Amy Grabs Grammys, Drops Hubby?


amy_winehouseTabloid staple Amy Winehouse cleaned up last night at the Grammys in more ways than one, winning five out of the six categories she was nominated for. The singer reminded the world what she was famous for when she performed “You Know I’m No Good” and “Rehab.” But there was one person who might have been less than thrilled for Winehouse — her husband, Blake Fielder-Civil. It seems Blake’s a bit worried since Amy’s been attempting to climb on the wagon, and he knows that if she gets sober, there’s a distinct possibility Winehouse might see him for the leech he is. According to Perez Hilton, Blake decided not to discuss these concerns with his Grammy-winning wife, and instead wrote an open letter to his wife, pleading with her to stay, and releasing it to the media:

Baby, oh darling. Please don’t leave me Amy. I’m so worried that now you’re thinking straight you’ll realise I’m not worthy of you. Oh God, please don’t leave me. I’ll do anything to show you my heart and loyalty is with you. I did tell my mum how you fell asleep on visits … and although sometimes I think your dad hurts me unnecessarily I love him and respect him. Me and my family are finished for good. No visits, phone calls, nothing. I love my new family and can’t wait to show them I’m not just a f*cking loser and that I can look after their daughter. That’s if you can find it in your heart to trust me. Your [sic] my family now, if you’ll all have me. Pls don’t leave me Amy, Pls. I love you so much, Blake xxx.

Note: Blake, if she’s so worth it, spell out “please.” Also, we don’t think you have much to worry about; during her performance last night she screamed out “Blake” and thanked “my Blake incarcerated” during her acceptance speech for Record of the Year. You’ll recall that Amy’s mom wrote her an open letter back in December, pleading with her to get help. What is it with this family that they only communicate through open letters to tabloids?

Best Rock Scream: Grohl’s Growl


Dave Grohl‘s gang won in both the Hard Rock Performance and Rock Album categories last night. But the gut-wrenching yowl that capped their performance of “The Pretender” could beget a new category: Best Rock Scream. Here’s the clip of the Foos getting furious. What other rock songs have earthshaking wails?

Wonderful Weirdo Winehouse Wins!


Yep, she’s go plenty of troubles. But she’s also got a boatload of talent. Amy swept through the Grammys, with five wins, but – even better – her idiosyncratic performance suggested that she’s just an odd enough and powerful enough singer to make a real dent on pop. She even gussied up that crazed tooth for the big night. Find her two-song set from London above. Over here you can get more Grammy news.

Monday: Paris Simply Sucks on Big Screen


parishilton021108.jpgParis Hilton’s Movie Not Hot at Box Office
Her unfunny flick The Hottie and the Nottie made no money over the weekend, which is wonderfully hilarious. [TMZ]

Ashton Celebrates his B-Day with Bruce
Next time you think your family is weird, just imagine Bruce Willis eating cake with his hands at his ex-wife’s husband’s 30th birthday party. Feel better? [NYDN]

Is Scarlett Engaged to Alanis’ Ex?
The actress (who dates Ryan Reynolds) was spotted wedding dress shopping with her mom, fueling engagement rumors. [NYP]

Britney’s B*tchy Grammy Commentary
We’re so glad Brit’s out of the hospital, so she can charmingly tell the Grammys to kiss her ass. British Britney is just pissed she didn’t get a nod for Best New Artist. [TMZ]

Amy Finally Fixes that Tooth
Eff all her awards, her dentist should win an prize for that work. [DListed]