The Weekly Wrap Up: New York Gets Personal, Britney’s Got Sticky Fingers



Lindsay Lohan Rid of Rehab Romance


Well, is anyone surprised that this didn’t last? Lindsay’s rehab lover Riley Giles didn’t stand a chance against Hollywood hotties like Stavros Niarchos. Once Lindsay hit up Roberston Blvd, there was no chance in hell she was heading back to Utah to live in the mountains and shop with the common folk at Old Navy. Better luck next time Riley! Who knows – if you head back to rehab again you could end up with Britney Spears, she seems easier to sucker.



Gay, Straight or Buddha?


On this week’s I Love New York 2, there came a startling revelation: Buddha has appeared on reality TV before! A repeat offender! How could he possibly be there for New York? And how is it that it took this long for that information to surface, when commenters on this blog have been saying it all along?

Anyway, New York confronted him regarding his appearance on Hell Date, but no mention was made of him appearing on another dating show before he made a splash on VH1. Above is a segment of Lifetime’s Gay, Straight or Taken?, in which Buddha gives a foot massage to the woman who’s trying to figure out his sexuality. Somewhat hilariously, she thinks he’s gay at the start of the act.

The other segments of Buddha’s episode are here (Part 1) and here (Part 3). I won’t spoil the ending, but let’s just say that in a few weeks, we could be watching this play out all over again. [Via ONTD]

Akon Charged for Tossing a Teen


Konvicted! The rapper has been officially busted for throwing that scrawny kid offstage during a concert this summer, and cops in upstate New York have charged the rapper with a misdemeanor endangering the welfare of a minor and second-degree harassment. It’s probably nothing for Konvict, who’s already spent a total of five-years in prison, but it’s still a good reminder that when it comes to kicking (or throwing) some kid’s ass, you may want to think before you smack that. If you are desperate to relieve the rapper’s raucous toss, check out the video above. [TMZ]

Spoiled Lil’ Lindsay Paid to Shop


lindsay-lohan.jpgLindsay Lohan continues to get rewarded for being a totally effed up celebrity, and was paid by a bunch of companies to shop at their stores on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving when most sane humans lock themselves inside and eat cold mashed potatoes). As if she wasn’t spoiled enough, the retailers gave her free threads, too! The LoLo was spotted getting her shop on at Intermix and Armani Exchange, a store which seems a little too common for someone so rich and luxurious as Linds. Now all the hot shopping spots are clamoring to get LiLo in their doors, and as we know Linds will do anything for cash. Check out her shopping schedule for X-Mas Eve:

8:00 AM - Big Lots
10:00 AM - Barry’s House of Kinky Sex Toys and House Plants
12:00 PM – Olive Garden (family therapy session held over lunch – and a couple plates of that oh-so authentically Italian dish Five Cheese Ziti al Forno)
2:00 PM – Bob’s Discount Furniture
4:00 PM – H&N (the H&M knock-off store)

We sure hope Linds makes a couple bucks! Rumor has it she was desperate to sell some family pics taken over Thanksgiving to the tabloids, but no one was interested in her six figure asking price. Go figure. [MSNBC. Image: Getty]

Smartest Model Forecast: Who Will Be the Next to Go?


You’ve watched America’s Most Smartest Model and developed opinions. Now we want to hear them: Who do you think should be the next contestant to be kicked off the show?

Still alive

Pickel was eliminated last episode. Did you forsee his fall?

Fallen but not forgotten

This Sunday, what do you think is going to happen?

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Weezy Falls in Love Over and Over Again


weezy-lauren.jpgWait a second. Last time we checked, Lil Wayne was making sweet, tender love to Karinne “Superhead” Steffans. It was only a couple of months ago that she gushed:

“He’ll be 25 in two weeks and I’m 29, but I’m willing to wait until he’s ready. In the meantime, he’s like my best friend. He’s my John Lennon, I’m his Yoko Ono, and together, it just works.”

And then there’s his ex-wife Toya, who said at the end of September:

“Me and [Dwayne] were crazy in love. We were inseparable. I would say I was one of his best friends at the time, up until now. I’m still a good friend of Dwayne. We have a good relationship.”

So with all these women swooning over Weezy, who would have thought that he’d go out and get engaged to some random actress whom he showed up with at a basketball game!? Apparently Wayne and This Christmas star Lauren London have been spotted together in New Orleans, and she’s also allegedly rocking some serious ring finger bling. Which can only mean one thing – Wayne moves on fast. REAL FAST! You think he’s told his Yoko Ono and his “good friend” of an ex-wife that he’s marrying a Sean John model? Give the guy a month and he’ll be bedding Mariah Carey. A couple weeks after that and he’ll have Miley Cyrus on his arm, but the next night he’ll be bringing Hilary Clinton to a party. There’s no stopping Weezy from spreading his love! [Bossip]

Julia Roberts Is Gangsta



Julia Roberts recently delivered a Mona Lisa smackdown to a celebrity photog, and at least some of it was caught on tape. has posted footage of America’s sassheart flagging down a pap as they both drive. When he pulls over, she waltzes up to the car and says, “Hi, how are you? So listen, you can turn your video camera off, because I’m going to talk to you about the fact that you’re at a school where children go!” Cold busted and by a mom, to boot. Ha! Apparently, Julia was miffed that the photog was attempting to take pictures of her kids. But, really, for the footage that it produced, it was all clearly worth it. []

Tila Tequila in Straight Shocker!



A mean, evil person is trying to take all the fun out of A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila. In an item in the New York Post, a source “close to to the show” says that the reality series is a sham because its titular tart is actually straight. B-b-but, she’s Tila Tequila! And she’s bisexual! I learned that from the 5,000 times she’s proclaimed that during the run of her series.

The source continues: “Tila has and has had a boyfriend for over a year, and she’s not really bi. She’s made out with some girls in her past, as all girls have, but she is not bi at all.”

“Not bi at all?” Come now! Swapping saliva with all those girls makes her at least a little bi! But really, just watching the show, I would think that if she had to slide down one side of the fence, it’d be on the girls’ side. That way she could land in a patch of flowers. Or vaginas, whatever. Seriously, from the first episode, she had a huge boner when the girls arrived in the house. If she wasn’t bi before, now she is!

Oh, the source also claims that she’s a “diva” and a “nightmare to work with,” but, uh, who cares? Who needs a good disposition when you’ve got bisexuality going for you? [New York Post / Image credit: Getty]