The Best Infomercial in the World. Ever.


We here at the VH1 Blog can’t stop watching this infomercial for the Hawaii Chair, the exercise machine that takes the “work out of your work out” by combining the Hula with a motorized chair. They prove it’s alleged simplicity by touting the tasks you’ll be able to do easily while your hips and ass rotate at 50 MPH; things like typing at the computer, filing, and talking on the phone. Well Ellen Degeneres has called their bullsh*t, and it’s almost as funny as the original video. Take a look at her attempting to interview Charm School host Mo’Nique while they both spin in their Hawaii Chairs. [via Jezebel]

Tyra Banks To Rule Magazine Biz, World



Only one of us can be America’s Next Top Media Mogul, and Tyra Banks is determined to win that title. The model-turned-dream-crusher-turned-Oprah-wannabe has begun working on her latest TV venture, a reality competition about the magazine business, of which she knows nothing about. Sure she’s been in a billion magazines, but you know, I’ve been in a lot of skyscrapers, yet you don’t see me trying to build one. “It is a competition show about aspiring assistants looking to become assistant editors at a fashion magazine,” says Tyra BFF/executive producer Ken Mok. “At the same time they’re trying to prove themselves as aspiring fashionistas, that they have a sense of style and savvy – all the things to make it in the fashion world.”

Hurray! More skinny girls crying and fighting over who ate whose food. Riveting, surely. Next thing we know Tyra will go from making a show about the biz, to naming a magazine after herself. There’s no stopping the genius (or the ego) of Tyra Banks. [Reuters]

Bart Simpson Gives Scientology $10 Million



Well, not Bart Simpson exactly (though wouldn’t that just be precious?!), but the woman behind the voice of America’s adorable cartoon troublemaker, Nancy Cartwright. The vocal talent, who apparently makes $250,000 per Simpsons episode, donated $10 million dollars to the Church of Scientology, of which she is a longtime member. Her contribution was put toward their creepy “Global Salvage” movement, the goal of which is “to rid mankind of psychology ills and other “aberrant behavior.”

Way to go, Nancy! She also beat out other uber-famous Scientologists with her donation. Tom “Demon Eyes” Cruise and Jenny Craig hawker Kirstie Alley gave a measly $5 million each, while John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston plopped down $1 million a piece. We can only imagine what kid of good deeds that cash is being used for, but we welcome a couple Gs thrown our way to rid us of our taco-addicted ills and aberrant habit of not wearing designer jeans. [Page Six]

Come Into Flav’s House



Welcome to a tour of the Flavor of Love 3 house! Note that it’s actually the same house used in the first two seasons (fun fact: contrary to popular belief, this house has only been used for Flavor of Love – the first season of I Love New York and Charm School were shot at different locations). But, you know, the decor has changed from how it was during Flavor of Love 2 (dig the safari motif!) so that’s something, right?

Below, you’ll find shots taken all over the house. I was able to visit the set during the first night of filming and let me tell you that TV sets do not do this place justice: touring the mansion was like being swallowed (and sometimes regurgitated) by a cartoon. I also got witness some of the filming, especially the naming ceremony, which has a twist this time around. It took about an hour for Flav and the girls to agree upon their names and if only that was aired, it’d make for a completely entertaining hour of television. It seriously seems like an amazing batch of girls this time around.

Before they even entered the house, Flav gave the girls a stern talking to, asking them to be on their best behavior since, “this is Flavor of Love, not Flavor of Hate.” See if the ladies are up for the challenge when Flavor of Love 3 premieres Monday, February 11 at 9/8c.

Common areas:



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American Idol Day 5: The Freaks Come Out In Omaha



Auditions: Omaha, NE

The seemingly endless parade of auditions continues, as American Idol breaks new ground and pays a visit to America’s Heartland: Omaha, Nebraska. After the opening fervor of Season 7, the show’s pitch has begun to drop a bit: the judges look shopworn, the contestants ape earlier contestants and even the montages have a recycled air. But the city still deserves a shot, so let’s meet the best and worst of the sprawling Midwest and flip through American Idol’s Omaha Yearbook:

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Kanye Glows In The Dark, Hits The Road



After days of dropping hints, Kanye West has revealed he’s hitting the road on his “Glow In The Dark” tour. Ye showed off his Tron-like transformation in his tour poster on his blog last night, but failed to include tour dates. Also traveling with the College Dropout are Rihanna, Lupe Fiasco and N.E.R.D. This isn’t the first time Kanye’s gotten together with Lupe and Pharrell — the trio formed a rap supergroup this past summer, releasing a single under the name the Child Rebel Soldiers. Hopefully they’ll find some time to work on the rumored album.

Pills & Coke: Ledger Refused Rehab


usweeklyAccording to UsWeekly‘s cover story this week, Heath Ledger‘s ex-fiancee pleaded with the actor to get help, going so far as to drive him to a rehab facility in California when their daughter was five months old. Ledger refused to get out of the car, and promised to clean up on his own. Ledger’s break-up with Michelle Williams this past fall was the result of his addiction to heroin, cocaine and a variety of pills. Most recently, Williams had threatened mandatory drug tests prior his visits with their daughter.

When news broke that Ledger had died, Williams was inconsolable, and reportedly “screamed and cried,” according to a source on the set of her film. Shooting on Williams’ upcoming film Blue Valentine has been suspended until the actress has had time to cope with the loss.

Speaking of coping, Ledger’s co-star Jake Gyllenhaal is understandably beside himself, with Ledger’s death proving “a major trauma” for him. Gyllenhaal, who is godfather to Ledger’s daughter Matilda, left the set of his latest film, but returned a few days later to resume shooting.

Bret Michaels: Sexy Veggies


If you need further proof of the sense of humor Bret Michaels possesses about himself, look no further than the video below. We put Bret’s perpetual turned-onedness to the test with a little game we call Animal, Vegetable or It Kinda Turns Me On. The concept is simple: we throw out the name of an object to Bret (New York, pussycats, Busch Gardens, etc.) and he categorizes it for us…with sexy results! Be sure to stick around (or just forward to) the last few seconds, in which Bret reveals just how big of a rise we were able to get out of him. It’s not just awesome; it’s insanely awesome.

Just Another Brit Lost in Her Mercedes


That poor car. Even though it’s not a living, breathing creature, we still feel bad for the thing. It’s so beautiful, in all its brand-new, $55,000 glory. Leather seats, GPS, luxurious steering wheel made of gold (we’re making that up because we’ve never been inside one of a rich person car, but this is probably true, right?). But soon it will be covered in Cheeto dust and Taco Bell Border Sauce, and its sweet sweet leather will be permeated by Marlboro Red smoke in a matter of minutes. So we were happy that the Mercedes (with Britney inside) ended up lost in the Hollywood Hills last night. Don’t even begin to think it was an accident, that car did it on purpose! It was trying to dump Britney off somewhere and run the f*ck away, like Forrest Gump on wheels. Just like everything else it Britney’s life, it was surely trying to escape her wrath.

Check out the video of Britney wandering around her car while rambling to the paps in a British accent trying to get home. It’s called a plane to Lousiana, Brit! Hop on it and don’t ever look back.

How Hollywood Stays Connected


There’s lots of drama in the office of David Newman, cool-ass film agent and dude who lunches simply to be seen. His assistant is quitting to work for his competitor, his clients are falling for the wrong partners, and his pals break up via text-message. Worst of all? He’s got the big-time hots for the agent who prowls the penthouse office.

Want to find out what we’re talking about? For the next six days we’re recapping our “Connected” series, one Webisode at a time. Here’s where you can find out more about the series, here are 10 Things You Should Know going in, and here’s episode 6: “NYE: Swimsuits Optional”