Test Yourself on Britney’s Bad Decisions



Not a day goes by that our favorite mess of starlet doesn’t do at least a few monumentally stupid things that seem out of the realm of regular human behavior. So we’ve fancied ourselves a little quiz to see if ya’ll can pick out today’s real Britney Spears news from the fake. Give it go and check your answers under the jump!

1. According to a statement, Britney’s lawyers fired her as a client yesterday because of:
a) “a mental breakdown.”
b) “a breakdown of communication.”
c) “her constant breakdancing.”
d) “her dog London, who Ms. Spears permitted to urinate on her counsel’s leather chairs.”

2. Britney Spears skipped what very important event yesterday?
a) Her sister Jamie-Lynn’s first mammogram.
b) Sean Preston’s tanning appointment.
c) The opening of a new Starbucks on Robertson Boulevard.
d) Her deposition in her custody battle with K-Fed.

3. Britney and her new photographer “boyfriend” Adnan Ghalib spent 5 hours, from 2am – 7am, at the Parker Hotel in Palm Springs together allegedly doing what:
a) Drugs. Ambiguous, plentiful drugs.
b) Discussing the future Britney Spears photo-book he is creating.
c) Ordering and eating fifteen continental breakfasts off the room service menu.
d) All of the above.

Check out the answers under the jump!

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Thursday: Ne-Yo You Didn’t


neyo.jpgLindsay Lohan Needs Your Money
LiLo is unemployed and desperate for cash – care to spare a nickel…or some botox? [NYDN]

Ne-Yo Sues Former Pal R. Kelly
The rising star is suing the creepy crooner after getting booted from his tour, and claims he was kicked off because the fans were liking him better. [NYDN]

Amy Winehouse: Renewing Vows in Slammer
Wino’s also apparently penning a new song for her jailed hubby, too. Crackheads are so romantic, eh? [NME]

Janet’s Sexy Songs Make Babies
Miss Jackson loves it when people tell her about all the babies they conceive to her tunes – except when it’s her bro Michael talking. [People]

No Ring for Kim Kardashian
Kim K. is NOT engaged to Reggie Bush, ya’ll – they’re just making sex tapes. But they’re totes in love. [EOnline]

You Want Some Lip Chap?



We mentioned it last week, but just in case you missed it, Charm School winner and Flavor of Love 2 alum Saaphyri has launched her line of lip balm dubbed Lip Chap (duh). It’s available in five flavors, including Mojito and Piña Colada. Who needs alcohol when you have Lip Chap? For the follicly challenged (and not so much), she also just launched her line of Indian hair. She talked about both projects recently on Becky Buckwild’s Blog Talk Radio show (check the Dec. 23 episode). Did you know that you can give a dog extensions? It’s true, Saaphyri says so. Also revealed is the fact that Lip Chap is unisex (for boys, girls, girlish boys and boyish girls, says its creator). But most importantly, it’s guaranteed to keep you from beating a bitch’s ass.

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Hottie of the Year? Jes!


Jes from Rock of Love.



We asked you to name the hottest human being of 2007 and we have sampled more than half of your 800 responses. Our tally shows Jes narrowly edging out New York to become the year’s hottest, finest, cutest, sexiest person. Rock of Love winner Jes and our H.B.I.C. reality diva New York had approximately 150 votes each. But New York attracted dozens of harshly negative comments, and so we’ve crowned Jes our first-ever Hottie of the Year! Here is the list of candidates (in order of hotness, according to you) with some of your positive and negative comments.

1. Jes


“Jes all the way! She is so hot I’d consider switching teams!”


“She’s ugly and has rat nest hair.”

2. New York


“New York … the other girls are boring.”

“Are you kiding me New York is hot dang she is smokin hot and that’s real.”


“Looks like somebody hit her in the face with a shovel and just wouldn’t quit.”

“New York looks like a sick horse.”

“New York looks like a horse. Better yet, a horse crossed with a dog.”

“I would have picked NY if we were voting on best transvestite of the year but we’re not so I pick Kim!”

3. Kim Kardashian


“Kim is sexy as hell. No one above could compete with her … just look her body.”

“Armenians are the most beautiful people she’s freakin fine.”


“Kim sounds like she’s on helium.”

4. Chris Brown


“Boy u so sexy if u were a pie i would eat you.”


None, at least that we can find.

5. Vanessa Hudgens


“I think Vanessa is the hottest. She is so adorable and I think she has a head on her shoulders – although it is said that there are naked pic of her. Who doesn’t make mistakes?”


“Vanessa is so ugly and it looks like Fidel Castro is hiding down there.”

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American Idol Losers Win Big


Remember that sexalicious off-key crooner Constantine Maroulis? Admit it, you too were totally turned on by his stringy hair and dimpled chin. Well now he can be all your’s – if you’re into BINGO and live in Wisconsin, that is. Yup, the singer – who has appeared on soaps and off-Broadway since his Idol run and is rumored to be dating Debbie Gibson – recently made an appearance in Oneida, WI at the local bingo night. He’s come so far since rockin’ out for Simon and Randy! Impressive.

Meanwhile, last season’s runner-up Blake Lewis was busy being a tool this New Year’s Eve, shouting “Titties in yo mouth!” to a pap’s video camera (if only he had beat-boxed it). American Idol just keeps churning out winners! We can’t wait to see what kind of stars they’ve unearthed this time around – the new season of Idol debuts on January 15th!

Tila Tequila Takes Another Shot at Love


Last night, Variety confirmed what you all knew in your hearts to be true: A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila is returning for a second season on MTV. The show will follow the same format as the initial series — 10 episodes wherein men and women compete for a chance at Tila’s affections and network superstardom (the show earned a 5.9 rating among viewers aged 12-34, which means it enjoyed, to paraphrase Borat, great success). It will premiere next spring, following the Tila Tequila spin-off, That’s Amore with Domenico Nesci, who will be aided in his search by Ashley, the insane guy who broke his foot when he was kicked off the initial series.

But wait, you say! What about Bobby, the first season winner who vanquished Dani and promised to cherish his Tequila moments forever? According to Tila’s blog, it just didn’t work out. Writes Ms. Tequila, “Bobby had broken up with me a few days before all of this went down. I wasn’t expecting it at all because I thought I had finally found someone that I was compatible with, but I guess I was wrong. My hectic schedule was really hard on him and we both were getting frustrated, but at the same time . . . I just wanted to find someone who would understand what a crazy lifestyle I have so it’s too bad that things didn’t work out between us. With that said I just want to make it known that I still think Bobby is a great guy and I wish him the best.”

In the meantime, Tila Tequila and company partied hard on New Year’s at Tila’s masquerade ball in New York. Those in attendance? Ashley, Dani, Domenico and Vanessa (from the series), Perez Hilton, Angela Simmons, Wyclef Jean and Paramore. We wish all of them health, happiness, and good luck in finding soul-mates with the help of MTV.

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Britney Spears: Sleeping with the Enemy


britneyspears-010208.jpgScientists have often argued that animals, unlike humans, do not have or use reason. And with her current choice of boyfriend, it looks like Britney Spears has a lot more in common with her dog London that we thought. The peculiar pop princess is supposedly dating one of the stalkerazzi that follows her around 24/7, and the pair even spent New Year’s Even together with her kids. Seriously. This is either the stupidest idea Brit’s ever had or she’s working some awesome spy move, where she’s boning the dude to get into the inner circle that’s set out to destroy her. After the photog spent time with Brit in her hotel room last week, the gang rang in ’08 at a fancy beach house – with her court appointed monitor along for the ride, obvs. Think they posed for any pics?

You can check out her new man – Adnan Ghalib – in all his creepy paparazzo hotness here. What do you think is their favorite date activity?

a) Running over each others’ feet with Brit’s Mercedes.

b) Finding a quaint gas station bathroom to cuddle in.

c) An early morning surprise photoshoot outside of Brit’s fave Starbucks.

d) An all day shopping spree where anything goes – cars, dogs, birds, chandeliers & tanning, ya’ll!

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Britney Drives Like an Effing Idiot

Must-Hear CDs: Bedingfield Boom



There are lots of ladies on the must-hear list for the first month of 2008. The sultry Sia, cockney Kate Nash, and fierce Catpower all have new discs dropping. So does our one-time You Oughta Know artist Natasha Bedingfield (listen to her new “Love Like This” on Rhapsody). But the guys haven’t given up their chunk of turf. From the Mars Volta to Drive-By Truckers, there’s lots of ass-kicking to be done.

Jump into our January game plan to find out more about each of the albums. Which title are you hot about?

Lindsay Lohan Orders Italian (Men)


lindsay_lohanLooks like Lindsay Lohan has found a new addiction — Italian men. While accepting an award at the Capri Film Festival this past weekend, Lindz hooked up with three Italian dudes in 24 hours, taking one back to her room at the end of the night.

First up was waiter Alessandro Di Nunzio, whom she met upon arrival. The pair shared a meal and a quick tryst, but the next day La Lohan was off with old-enough-to-be-her-dad actor Eduardo Costa. It was Lohan’s third and final selection, actor Dario Faiella, that made it back to her hotel room though. After a classy makeout session in plain view of cameras at a nightclub, the pair headed to her hotel and were photographed looking disheveled on the balcony of her room the following morning. No word on what the newly clean-living actress received an award for.

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Kim Kardashian Ready to Wed Again


kim-kardashian-010208.jpgWhat’s that we hear? Why, it’s the sound of stillettos stomping down the aisle for a second – yes, second - time. Kim Kardashian is allegedly engaged to her man, 22-year old NFL star Reggie Bush, who she’s been dating for like one whole month! How sweet – we’re sure weddings are way more romantic the second time around (27-year old Kim was married before to producer Damon Thomas for four years). Sources are saying the two are definitely headed for the aisle, but Kim won’t reveal any deets about her love life because, as she admits, she kinda learned her lesson with that video of her bumpin’ uglies with Ray J. “One thing I did learn from ‘07 was to try to keep it as private as possible,” Kim told OK! Magazine, “So I’m trying to hold that close to my heart.” If you’re clamoring to buy the happy couple an engagement, Kim’s professed a love of cooking soul food, so surely cooking supplies would come in handy. But if you want to surprise the pair with something creative, go with a gift from our list below:

  • Season One DVD of Keeping Up with the Kardashians (we know she loves watching herself on video)
  • A vintage Suzanne Somers ButtMaster LBX™
  • Perfume by ex-BFF Paris Hilton

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