The Donald Thinks He Can Change Paris and Britney


donald0820071.jpgDonald Trump knows the secret to getting people to do what he wants – insulting the s**t out of them. At least that’s what he did recently to Paris, Britney and Lindsay, so we’ll have to wait and see if his plan works. The millionaire claims that he is in negotiations with Britney to appear on Celebrity Apprentice and that Paris Hilton also “wants to be on” the show. He says, “We’re negotiating with Britney right now. Can you imagine her doing it? We’re not sure what will happen. She’s a [bleep]ing mess. And that little reality show she had did nothing. But she likes the idea of being on television and I think she’d be great.”

Damn! Strong words there, DT. The combover king also has a thing for Lindsay Lohan and is in the process of sweet talking her into appearing on the show. He says of the rehabbing actress: “Another [bleep]ing mess. We haven’t asked her yet, but I’m going to call her this week. It would a positive thing for her to do . . . for all of them.”

And if there’s anyone who knows positive, it’s the Donald! Just look at the language he uses. Hopefully he’ll fix his hairdo before this new version of the Apprentice airs. After all, it’s a f***ing mess too. [NY Post. image: Getty]

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Mos Def and Jack Black Remake Ghostbusters


In what is clearly 10 pounds of funny crammed into a 2-pound bag, the trailer for Michel Gondry’s new film, Be Kind Rewind, hit the Interweb. You might remember Gondry from such videos as the one for “Fell in Love With a Girl” by the White Stripes and such movies as Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Whatever, we say. The reason to watch this is for Jack Black and Mos Def’s retooled version of Ghostbusters. As people, we would almost always rather be watching Ghostbusters than doing whatever it is that we’re actually doing, and it’s nice to see that others have the same yen for Dr. Peter Venkman.

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K-Fed Celebrates Subpoenas in Vegas


082007.jpgMr. Mom Kevin Federline continued covering Hollywood in legal papers this weekend, serving Promises Treatment Center – Brit’s rehab home in Malibu – with a subpoena. I kinda want to see him serve Britney’s new “man” Criss Angel some legal papers, just to see the magician try to make then disappear. This brings the total K-Fed subpoena count up to four (including assistants Shannon Funk and Alli Sims and bodyguard Daimon Shippen), which gave the guy something to celebrate in Vegas this weekend, where he macked ladies and danced like the tool awesome dad that he is. Meanwhile Brit’s attempting to get back at K-Fed, but apparently her lawyer, Lauren Wasser, wants nothing to do with the pop star and is trying to hand her off to another legal adviser. Anyone else see a trend here? [Image: Getty]

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Monday: Justin is Single and Mingling; Joel Pops the Question to Nicole


justin82007.jpgTimberlake Loves the Single Life
Even though he’s been lovey-dovey with Jessica Biel lately, the singer was spotted getting super cozy with a hot brunette this weekend. Get ready to cry a river, Jess. [NY Post]

Lindsay: Ready To Record Album?
Forget movies – Lindsay is ready to revive her singing career with a third album. Expect it to be chock full of great songs for car rides. [NY Daily News]

Brit Goes Bare Without Extensions
Check out these photos of the pop princess without her extensions and you’ll be dreaming of the days she rocked that bad weave. [X17]

Winehouse: Serious About Rehab
Amy skipped out on going to a cushy treatment facility and instead opted for Britain’s more serious Causeway Retreat. Now if only she’d get serious about rehabbing her hair, too. [NY Post]

Nicole and Joel Hear Wedding Bells
Joel Madden apparently proposed to his baby mama Nicole Richie on Thursday. These two are pregnant and engaged after only six months of dating – at the rate they’re going they’ll be retired and living in Florida in a year. [People]

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The Celebreality Interview – Bret Michaels (Kinda)


Rock of Love‘s Bret Michaels is not an easy man to get on the phone. Several attempts at coordinating an interview for this blog led to a whole lot of phone tag. Questions were submitted to Bret’s lovely assistant, Janna, but instead of picking up the phone and giving VH1 a call, Bret elected to answer the questions all by himself using a video camera. The results couldn’t be more entertaining — as much as I would have loved to probe his mind in real time, the answers Bret gives to the camera as he flies on a private jet are probably more revealing than anything he could have given over the phone. In the video below, Bret says “Rich the blogger” several dozen times (he can’t be faulted for not even trying my last name — sometimes I can’t even pronounce it), knocks down a few “adult beverages” and talks about throwing tantrums, looking for a “sexual soulmate” and how aging and weaker knees have forced him to adjust his lifestyle.

And, just FYI, getting in touch with Bret wasn’t a total bust…

Read more…

The Weekly Wrap Up: Bret Speaks, Foxy Beats, and Kim Kardashian Loves Her Ass



Heidi Montag Freaks After Song Leaks


Heidi MontagAwww, poor Heidi. After her single “Body Language” accidentally leaked she had a minor freak out, and reached out to every media outlet possible to assure the world that she would NEVER release a single with her manger/boyfriend Spencer Pratt rapping on it. Which is a shame, because he’s got mad skillz. The reaity starlet turned wannabee singer called into Ryan Seacrest today to clear the air – take a listen here to what she had to say. [Image: Getty]

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Siegfried and Roy Shock the World with Their Gayness


Siegfried and RoyAdd this one to the “Um, Everyone’s Known This for Years” category – right next to Lindsay being an addict and Britney being totally insane. Yes, Vegas bigwigs Siegfried and Roy are finally coming forward and admitting that they are gay. The tiger trainers are apparently writing a tell-all book about their lives together, and in it they reveal that they were once lovers. When their relationship ended they remained close friends and partners. They also both have apparently battled addictions to prescription drugs. We’re glad they felt close enough with the world to share, but we had this one pegged a long time ago. [Image: Getty]

The Pick Up Artist: Your Weekly Forecast (Episode 3)


Make Your Picks!

Last week hearts were shattered when our precious Spoon volunteered his departure and forfeited his medallion over to 45-year old virgin Fred. Let us know your picks: which guy will disappoint Mystery and his men and be sent home and who will the seduction masters ask to stick around.

Still Pimpin’:

Cut last week:

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