Stop! Or Fab’s Mom Will Shoot


Fabpg Fabolous may have the No. 2 selling record in the country, but he still needs his mama. At a record release party for his album From Nothin’ to Somethin’ at Level, Fab’s mom Deborah Jackson took it upon herself to kick groupies out of the club’s VIP area, informing them, "You do not belong here!" The rapper, whose album sold over 158,000 records in its first week, also barged into the club early, with his bodyguards shoving the hostess after she told Fab and co. it’d be a few minutes, according to Page Six.

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Angelina Gives, Gets No Love


Jolie has apologized for her attempt to ban certain news organizations from The Mighty Heart premiere (and took no responsibility for it, which is always the smart way to go), but apparently the skinny star can’t stop trying to control the media. She allegedly kept Us Weekly and Life & Style magazines from attending the film’s press junket, allowing in only OK! and People, an Angelina ally. A source says that she’s "a control freak." I think just "freak" might be an accurate description, too.

Needless to say, some people are a little p*ssed, and sure, it’s kinda ridiculous that she banned certain TV channels and publications from covering a movie based on a journalist’s pursuit of the truth. We get it. But this is Saint Angelina that we’re talking about! She adopts kids and donates money and works for the UN, and therefore can do no wrong! All is forgiven whenever Angie makes mistakes. Even that blood necklace is long forgotten. What blood necklace, you ask? Exactly.

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Wednesday: Lindsay Loves Rehab; Rihanna’s Been a Bad Girl


Pics: TomKat the Cutest Family Ever?

They may be kind of wacky sometimes, but they’re also totally adorable. Check out these pics of Tom, Katie and little Suri and see for yourself. [Just Jared]

Lindsay Extends Rehab Stint
The troubled starlet was set to be released from treatment at the end of this week, but Lilo is reportedly taking rehab so seriously, that she’s decided to stick around past the normal 30 days. [NY Post]

Paris Speaks: No Special Treatment
Paris supposedly wants the world to know that she’s being treated just like every other inmate in the Lynwood jail. But don’t worry, when she leaves she’ll go back to being better than everyone else. [TMZ]

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Charm School Gets Soundtracked



Attention Charm School fans: while we haven’t given you the finale, we did give you a treat Sunday night in the clips show. That hooky beat that’s been stuck in your head since Sunday? That’s R&B siren Emily King‘s first single, "Walk in My Shoes" and it turns out she’s a fan of the show, too. "Mo’Nique‘s the best part of the show," says King. "[But] they all stand out in their own way," she says of the show’s contestants. As for how she’d be? "I’d probably be the quiet one, watching it all go down, not feeding into the drama."

To find out more about Emily King, check out the interview she did when she stopped into the VH1 offices.

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Blog Best-Of: Paula’s Primer


Paula_links2- Paula Abdul is writing a self-help book. Whether she intends it or not, the book is for drug users – if you’re turning to Paula Abdul for help, you are high. [I'm Not Obsessed]

- Lindsay Lohan‘s buddy Samantha Ronson responds to Candy Spelling‘s open-letter contributions to TMZ: "Does she honestly think anyone cares what she has to say?" Who says irony is dead? [Dlisted]

- D. L. Hughley kinda sorta agrees with Imus’ infamous words about the Rutgers Basketball Team. Because if he didn’t, we wouldn’t have any reason to mention him, you know? [Crunk + Disorderly]

- Has Beyoncé gotten liposuction? If so, we finally have an answer to the age-old question: her body is, indeed, too bootylicious. [CityRag]

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Hottie of the Week: Angelina Jolie


All Angelina Hottie Pics

Years before Brad Pitt and her baby boom, Angelina Jolie was a blockbuster actress who was known for being charmingly crazy. Remember the time she kissed her brother on the lips? How about when she bared everything in Original Sin? Or what about when she was dating Billy Bob Thornton? Nutty…and wildly sexy, too.

Now that she’s all grown up, Saint Angelina is more interested in serious roles. Consider her position as a U.N. rep to Africa, or her character in A Mighty Heart, out this week, in which she plays Marianne Pearl, the wife of a murdered Wall Street Journal journalist. It’s a worthy movie. Join us as we celebrate the beauty, intelligence and compassion of Angelina Jolie in this week’s HOTW photo gallery.

Nicole: Fighting DUI, Loving Rumors


In an attempt to one up Paris on the attention meter, Nicole Richie is going to go to court to fight her DUI charge. This seems like kind of a tough rap to beat, seeing as she has been arrested before. Oh, and because she was driving in the wrong direction on the freeway and confessed to having used both Vicodin and marijuana.
But as we know, Nicole’s the kind of girl who, when she puts her mind to it, can accomplish anything (oh like, I don’t know, ridiculous weight loss)!

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Jessica and Justin: So Happy Together?


What is the deal with Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel? They are two hot, rich, twenty-somethings with awesomely buff bods and decent wardrobes. Can’t they just be happy together? The answer, apparently, is no, because they can’t seem to make up their minds about whether they are totally into each other and want to spend every second locking lips (and other, naughtier body parts), or if every moment together is pure, effing hell. 

Are these two in love or do they hate each other’s guts? Find out after the jump.

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Listen Up: News on the White Stripes, Amy Winehouse and more


WhitestripesThe White StripesIcky Thump arrives with a bang today as the candy-striped duo take over the venerable Tower Records space on L.A.’s Sunset Strip. The first 200 fans who buy the record there get access to an in-store performance. In related Stripes news, this is only the latest in their long string of weird moments.

- VH1 You Oughta Know artist Paolo Nutini and VH1 You Oughta Know artist Amy Winehouse have announced that they’re teaming up for a two-week North American tour in September. Keep in mind that tour dates are subject to Amy showing up at the gig, which is a 50-50 proposition at the best of times.

- Proving that he’s no slouch in the comeback department, Al Gore responded to Bob Geldof‘s complaints that Gore’s Live Earth event — a massive seven-continent concert taking place on July 7th — lacks specific goals. The former Vice President replied, "We will have very specific goals that will be very significant and hard-hitting." He then added a few more choice statements before finishing with "nana-nana boo-boo."

Isaiah: Victim of Racism?


Isaiah_racismIsaiah Washington isn’t the only one who’s mad as hell over his firing from Grey’s Anatomy — lesbian blogger/activist Jasmyne Cannick has started a petition to get him his job back. It’s more or less common knowledge that Isaiah’s axing stemmed from his repeated use of the word "faggot" to refer to his gay Grey’s co-star T.R. Knight. Jasmyne contends, however, that racism is the real culprit and that Isaiah is one of many blacks to get the boot from the ABC network. She writes:

"Minority actors have been dismissed at an alarming rate over the past two years over at ABC.  Blacks, including Isaiah Washington (Grey’s Anatomy), Star Jones (The View), Harold Perrineau (Lost), Alfre Woodard and Mehcad Brooks (Desperate Housewives) have been let go.  But it’s not just Blacks, add to that The George Lopez Show and out lesbian Rosie O’Donnell of The View.  Not to mention actress Diahann Carroll and Richard Roundtree whose characters were directly related to Isaiah Washington’s character."

Would Isaiah have been fired if he were white? Would Rosie O’Donnell have stayed at The View if she were straight? Would Alfre Woodard’s character have remained on Desperate Housewives if her plotline weren’t so damn boring? Would The George Lopez show have been canceled if people actually watched it?

In her post, Jasmyne also writes, "Isaiah has done more for the gay community than T.R. Knight has done in or out of the closet." She might be right, but for the wrong reasons, as she’s referring to his limp PSA that danced around its own issue. Isaiah has shown the country that intolerance against gays will not be tolerated. As an example, he couldn’t be more useful. [New York Post / Image credit: Getty]