Tracy Morgan ‘Splains The Whole Thing


Tracy Morgan at VH1’s Hip Hop Honors 2007Always good to know something about the host of a big show. In midtown Manhattan, on Thursday night, rattled off a list of his fave discs to kick 07 Honors live. (Feel free to fill the comment section with what you think might be some of those discs, and know this in advance: he’s a Nas fan). Then the 30 Rock comedian busted some poetry, telling us that the music stretches from jazz to showmanship to the gangster lean itself. Then he hit the brakes. “Before we go any further I gotta tell you something about your boy. Me and hip-hop come outta the same womb, the Bronx. What that means is me and hip-hop is blood brothers, like KRS-One: “I am hip hop.” I’m Slick Rick’s first chain, I’m all of Afrika Bambaataa‘s records in his crates, and yes, yes, ya’ll, I’m the the hydraulics in Dre‘s Cadillac, I’m the Forbes’ richest rappers list, and the carboard box under the breakdancers’ heads, I’m every train on the 4 line. And I’m loving my butt-crack boxer shorts, saggy pants, eff the police attitude.”Boom. Street creativity, cultural weight, and commercial clout summarized nicely. See ya Monday night.

Kid Rock Calls Pam a Big Fat Liar


pamkid.jpgWhat is it about these Hollywood types that they can’t just break up and shut up? Take exes Kid Rock and Pam Anderson – their mouths are open and they only have wonderful things to say about each other. In the latest interview with Rock in Rolling Stone, he jumps right into a touchy subject without an ounce of tact. Here’s his tale of the time Pam got pissed when he ditched her(shooting in Vancouver) for a Lakers game: “I’m like, ‘Baby, I got these tickets. I’ll see you on the weekend there,’ and that leads into her saying, ‘You don’t care about me, blah blah blah.’ She finally comes up with this: ‘I just had a miscarriage’ … and hangs the phone up.”

Rock goes on to detail what happened when he finally got to Canada to see his woman, saying, “She’s partying at this restaurant, drinking champagne, jumping on the tables. I’m thinking, ‘That’s a quick recovery from a miscarriage.’ ”

Eek. TMI, Kid! Pam’s publicist did confirm back then that the actress had suffered a miscarriage, but even if she made it all up, shouldn’t the guy just keep it to himself and his journal? Pam has asked that, “If he has nothing nice to say about me, then please tell him to stop talking about me.” Good luck, lady! [People. Getty]

Charlie Sheen’s Sweet Words To Denise


dc2.jpgPlease enjoy this poem constructed solely and completely from emails Charlie Sheen allegedly sent to his ex-wife Denise Richards. His emails are now a part of documents filed in the couple’s custody battle over their two daughters. Charlie’s words are the stuff of true poetic genius – honest, gut wrenching, pure, and totally f*cking mean. Bravo, young scribe.



Cover Your Ears, America! Don Imus Is Coming Back


imus.jpgIf rumors and the Associated Press are to be believed, white devil Don Imus is preparing for his return to radio. You probably remember Imus as the cowboy-hat wearing talk show host who called the Rutgers Women’s basketball team a bunch of “nappy-headed hoes.” Even if you don’t remember Imus, you might remember how the reaction to his comments caused a media sh*tstorm and wound up publicly trying hip-hop in the court of public opinion. Everyone from Snoop to Russell Simmons weighed in on the issue. Can you say overkill? Anyway, Imus has apparently been negotiating with Citadel Broadcasting, which owns ABC Radio, and also promotes such stellar modern commentarians as Sean Hannity. Is this smart business or just the way business works? We can’t tell you. But in a month that’s already seen a visit to Columbia University by Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad — where the anti-semitic and homophobic world leader, who was invited to speak, explained that there were no gay people in Iran — we’re sort of spinning. What’s next? Kanye West donating vowing to become an ascetic and donating his riches to the poor? Anything could happen!

Adrianne Rails Against, Pulls a Perez


adrianne_perez.jpgIs Adrianne Curry at the center of the VH1 universe? First, she claimed to have helped cause Danny Bonaduce‘s violent display against Jonny Fairplay at Tuesday’s Fox Reality Channel Really Awards. Now she’s going after recent VH1 adoptee Perez Hilton via an angry missive posted on one of her several blogs. What’s next? Pulling New York‘s weave?

Inspired by a brush she had with the blogger at that same awards ceremony, Adrianne sets the record straight on a few things she says Perez has printed about her. Oooh! Blog vs. blog. It’s like Spy vs. Spy without the subtlety. Anyway, among Adrianne’s bones to pick are:

- She’s not banned from the Playboy Mansion.
- She’s not a “failed model.”
- She’s not “classless.”
- Her online radio show is not s***ty.

Adrianne’s vitriol is about as caustic as Perez’s, but it’s at least twice as entertaining. Here’s my favorite excerpt from her missive:

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Kim Kardashian Posed for Sexy Pics at 16?


kimk1004.jpgOur bootylicious bestie Kim Kardashian has apparently always enjoyed getting naked in front of cameras – even as a youngin’. A criminal investigation has just been launched to look into naked pics of Kim and her sister Kourtney, which are being offered for sale by a California photographer. The “sexually explicit” images – some of which also show them posing with a naked man – were taken 11 years ago when Kim would have been 16 and her sister 17. KREEPY!

Kim’s released a statement through her people that says she will file charges against anyone who prints these pics, which are considered “child pornography.” Not that we all haven’t done dumb stuff when we were 16, but didn’t she kind of know what she was getting into? Regardless, this “scandal” sure does provide some great press for her upcoming reality TV show, which also stars her sisters Kourtney and Khloe. Koincidence? [NYDN. Getty]

Britney Skips Court for Venti Whipped Latte


brit.jpgWhile her ex-husband and their respective lawyers battled it out yesterday in a three-hour court hearing about the custody of her kids, Britney Spears did what any caring, accountable mom would do – she skipped court to go to a gas station, vitamin store and Starbucks. And she brought her real child – pet dog London – along with her! She dotes, ya’ll. Her absence must have pissed off the judge, because he’s ordered the starlet to be present at their next hearing on October 26th. After completely failing to comply with any of the judge’s orders, Brit has kinda sorta started to get her sh*t together. She finally obtained her California driver’s license this week and is allegedly scheduling her first drug test. But it still didn’t sway the judge’s ruling – K-Fed still has full custody of their two boys, with Britney allowed supervised visitation with the tots.

Though she was rumored to be heading to rehab, the singer was spotted later in the day checking into the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills (even though she owns like, five mansions). A hotel employee reported that she seemed to be ” in a really good mood.” Of course she is! She’s got no god damn kids to worry about any more! She can spend an hour in the “vitamin shop” if she wants and her arms are free to cuddle with her 20-pound whole milk Frappuccino with whipped cream. Her dream of motherhood is finally realized. Way to go, B! [Image: Getty]

Hulk Is a Real American…Gladiator!



The rumors are true, brother! Hulk Hogan has been tapped to lead a new generation of men and women in tights when he hosts NBC’s revived incarnation of the ’80s feats-of-strength-and-cheesecake competition American Gladiators. The show is being prepped as a midseason replacement, so with any luck, Hulk will be corralling the strapping masses on your TV set within months.

In a statement on his new gig, Hulk said: “Gladiator-mania is gonna be running wild, brother.” No, seriously. He really said that. We could have predicted it, word for word. However, the fact that he’s still spitting his slang is somewhat comforting in a Norman Rockwell-on-lactic-acid kinda way. [New York Daily News / Image: Getty]

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