Wentz Banned From Simpson Christmas


wentz_simpsonLooks like there’ll be a little less eyeliner at the Simpson family Christmas this year — Star Magazine is reporting that Ashlee Simpson‘s father Joe, the king of inappropriate descriptions of his daughter’s bodies and a former Baptist minister, isn’t so into boy-kissing Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz, so he’s banned Wentz from attending. Wentz’s alleged suicide attempt a few years back coupled with his recent statements to NPR wherein he wished he were gay couldn’t have gone over well with the daughter-pimping Simpson. Ashlee, though disappointed, “values her dad’s opinions and has agreed,” said a source. It’s so unfair. We bet Tony Romo‘s invited.

Awards Season Kick-Off: Coens Grateful, Deadly



Well, it’s that time of the year again when we all take a little pause, breathe a little easier, say thanks for Scrooged, and begin to take stock of the previous 12 months. When it comes to motion pictures, that means that the National Board of Review has named its 2007 winners. Take it for it is (Oscars bellwether!), but the list doesn’t appear to be all that off-base, leastways not from our extensive research. Joel and Ethan Coen’s horribly bleak adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s horribly bleak No Country for Old Men was named best picture. Tim Burton nabbed best director for Sweeney Todd. George Clooney took home best actor for Michael Clayton. Julie Christie won best actress for Away from Her. What’s most amazing is that the bulk of those movies have actually seen a theatrical release. Nice job, National Board of Review! Way to stick with the proletariats! Speaking of film honors, VH1 will be broadcasting the 2007 Critics’ Choice Awards live on January 7th, 2008. Mark your calendars.

Wyclef Rocks Granny’s World


Wyclef Jean rocked our studios the other night during his SoulStage performance, and he got a little help from one particular audience member. The former Fugees star was playing tracks from his Carnival (Memoirs of An Immigrant), as well as past hits, when he spotted a particularly energetic woman in the crowd. He pulled the AARP member onto the stage, told her to “get crunk” with it, and well…check out what happens next in this hilarious clip. Check out the rest of the show this evening on VH1 Soul at 9 pm.

Kiefer Sutherland’s Mug Shot Hotness


kiefermug.jpgWe stopped watching 24 a few seasons ago – there’s really only so many times someone can get fired and rehired by CTU before it gets kind of boring. But if there was one reason we should set the TiVo for more drama, it’d be Kiefer’s serious hotness. His fine looks (which seriously have not changed since we were hot for him in the Lost Boys) have been overshadowed in recent months by his frat boy drunkenness and idiotic drunk driving, but there’s nothing like a nice mugshot to rekindle the fangirl flame inside! Keifer turned himself in yesterday to begin serving his 48 day sentence for drunk driving. He’ll spend Christmas, New Year’s, and his birthday behind bars, which seems a little masochistic to us. How very Jack Bauer of him. How sexy.

In case you need a reminder of why Kiefer’s locked up, here’s the star (he’s either inebriated or crazy in this clip) jumping onto a Christmas tree. Happy holidays! [People. The Smoking Gun]

Last Night’s Pics: GQ Honors Hollywood Hunks


Movie premieres, awards shows, benefit concerts, and plain old clubbin’ – even though most of us are at home, the beautiful peeps are living it up somewhere. Last Night’s Pics puts you in touch with all the action.

Megan Fox, Chace Crawford, Hayden Panettiere, Elisha Cuthbert, Rumer Willis, Casey Affleck, Paul Rudd, Jonah Hill, Judd Apatow, and Seth Rogen were among the celebs spotted arriving to the GQ Men of the Year Party.

photo_20×91.gif For more photos of the GQ bash, click here.

Thursday: Jay-Z’s a Birthday Boy


jayz-1206.jpgVivica A. Fox: DUI Drama
Come on Vivica, we thought you were smarter than that! Happy booking. [Yahoo]

Jay-Z’s Birthday Bash with Beyonce
Awww. The pair celebrated Jay’s special day with a romantic dinner in Paris followed by a trip to a fancy strip club. [People]

Celebs Speak About Skinny Standards

Hotties like Petra Nemcova, Rosario Dawson and Anne Hathway got Jennifer Love Hewitt’s back. Girl power! [People]

More Babies for Brangelina
Orphans around the world are clamoring to be the it baby of the year. Good luck little ones! [Us]

Ryan Phillippe Back with Abbie
Reese’s ex has gone public with the woman who broke up their marriage – and she’s even getting cozy with their kids.

Joe Pimpson Hooks Jess Up with New Dude


jessicasimpson-dad.jpgAs far as celebrity dads go, we’d way prefer being stuck with wack-job Michael Lohan over the creeped out preacher pimp that spawned Jessica and Ashlee Simpson. Sure Michael may be a lunatic, but that strikes us as way more fatherly than the crap Joe Simpson pulls (like commenting about Jessica’s boobs, for one thing). Yup, Joe gives new meaning to the phrase ‘daddy issues.’ His recent inappropriate behavior? Playing matchmaker to his eldest daughter, the down in the dumps divorcee Jessica. His busty little girl is currently getting it on with Dallas Cowboys quarterback and token ‘fugly jock who gets hot Hollywood girls’ Tony Romo. And guess who got the longhorn-loving pair together? Why none other than meddling Mr. Simpson! The NY Post says that, “After becoming pals with dedicated Cowboy fan Joe Simpson, Romo asked him for his daughter’s phone number.”

Joe totally approved of John Mayer, and we saw how that ended up. Maybe he should try staying out of his daughter’s love life. If it’s anything like her career, his interfering only seems to ruin things when they’re going well. Just ask Nick Lachey. [Image: Getty]

Tila Tequila Goes to Mexico (Ep. 9)



Sweetheart Tila, we’d long suspected that you were the intuitive sort, but we remained blissfully unaware of your psychic abilities until last night. How else could you have known of Amanda’s evil ulterior motives? And to think, after all you’d done for her, that she would be so insecure as to disparage the characters of her fellow contestants. The title of your show is A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila, not A Shot at Smack Talk With Tila Tequila or A Shot at Calling Dani a Slutty Strip-Club Regular With Tila Tequila. Amanda, as they say, missed the point of the exercise, which was to win your heart, not the attention of your hands. But we digress, and, actually, we lie a little, too. Dani and Bobby did not exactly behave with impunity. But tensions ran high, even given the extremely relaxing and soul-replenishing vistas of body-, mind-, and health-oriented Cancun. And although your hotel appeared to be a quaint, well-designed megalith (built with all the fluorish of a Bauhaus architect, perhaps one who’d overdosed on moldy Manchego the night before sitting down at the drafting table), there was no peace to be found in Mexico. No peace at all.

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Celebrity Body Disasters: Time to Shape Up!


jenniferlove.jpgBoth Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Love Hewitt are steaming mad over some recent accusations thrown their way about their less-than-perfect body parts. After pics of J Love in a bikini hit the blogosphere, she took to her blog to tell all the anonymous posters hurling insults at her (and her butt) to eff off. ScarJo is also pissed and preaching, and has issued a statement threatening to sue Us Weekly after they accused her of getting a nose job.

These stars may think that these are minor body infractions, but let’s be honest, lots of celebrities have let themselves go these days. How dare they have regular sized butts or average noses?! Their determination to be just like everyone else is a travesty. Below the jump we lay down the law with some other celebs who need to hit the gym and hop under the knife. If we’re gonna pay $12 to see some star in a movie, we demand airbrushed perfection! ScarJo and Jennifer couldn’t cut it, but there’s gotta be some hope for other celebs. Fix that sh*t!

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