Adrianne Rails Against, Pulls a Perez


adrianne_perez.jpgIs Adrianne Curry at the center of the VH1 universe? First, she claimed to have helped cause Danny Bonaduce‘s violent display against Jonny Fairplay at Tuesday’s Fox Reality Channel Really Awards. Now she’s going after recent VH1 adoptee Perez Hilton via an angry missive posted on one of her several blogs. What’s next? Pulling New York‘s weave?

Inspired by a brush she had with the blogger at that same awards ceremony, Adrianne sets the record straight on a few things she says Perez has printed about her. Oooh! Blog vs. blog. It’s like Spy vs. Spy without the subtlety. Anyway, among Adrianne’s bones to pick are:

- She’s not banned from the Playboy Mansion.
- She’s not a “failed model.”
- She’s not “classless.”
- Her online radio show is not s***ty.

Adrianne’s vitriol is about as caustic as Perez’s, but it’s at least twice as entertaining. Here’s my favorite excerpt from her missive:

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Kim Kardashian Posed for Sexy Pics at 16?


kimk1004.jpgOur bootylicious bestie Kim Kardashian has apparently always enjoyed getting naked in front of cameras – even as a youngin’. A criminal investigation has just been launched to look into naked pics of Kim and her sister Kourtney, which are being offered for sale by a California photographer. The “sexually explicit” images – some of which also show them posing with a naked man – were taken 11 years ago when Kim would have been 16 and her sister 17. KREEPY!

Kim’s released a statement through her people that says she will file charges against anyone who prints these pics, which are considered “child pornography.” Not that we all haven’t done dumb stuff when we were 16, but didn’t she kind of know what she was getting into? Regardless, this “scandal” sure does provide some great press for her upcoming reality TV show, which also stars her sisters Kourtney and Khloe. Koincidence? [NYDN. Getty]

Britney Skips Court for Venti Whipped Latte


brit.jpgWhile her ex-husband and their respective lawyers battled it out yesterday in a three-hour court hearing about the custody of her kids, Britney Spears did what any caring, accountable mom would do – she skipped court to go to a gas station, vitamin store and Starbucks. And she brought her real child – pet dog London – along with her! She dotes, ya’ll. Her absence must have pissed off the judge, because he’s ordered the starlet to be present at their next hearing on October 26th. After completely failing to comply with any of the judge’s orders, Brit has kinda sorta started to get her sh*t together. She finally obtained her California driver’s license this week and is allegedly scheduling her first drug test. But it still didn’t sway the judge’s ruling – K-Fed still has full custody of their two boys, with Britney allowed supervised visitation with the tots.

Though she was rumored to be heading to rehab, the singer was spotted later in the day checking into the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills (even though she owns like, five mansions). A hotel employee reported that she seemed to be ” in a really good mood.” Of course she is! She’s got no god damn kids to worry about any more! She can spend an hour in the “vitamin shop” if she wants and her arms are free to cuddle with her 20-pound whole milk Frappuccino with whipped cream. Her dream of motherhood is finally realized. Way to go, B! [Image: Getty]

Hulk Is a Real American…Gladiator!



The rumors are true, brother! Hulk Hogan has been tapped to lead a new generation of men and women in tights when he hosts NBC’s revived incarnation of the ’80s feats-of-strength-and-cheesecake competition American Gladiators. The show is being prepped as a midseason replacement, so with any luck, Hulk will be corralling the strapping masses on your TV set within months.

In a statement on his new gig, Hulk said: “Gladiator-mania is gonna be running wild, brother.” No, seriously. He really said that. We could have predicted it, word for word. However, the fact that he’s still spitting his slang is somewhat comforting in a Norman Rockwell-on-lactic-acid kinda way. [New York Daily News / Image: Getty]

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They’re Playing Bas-ket-ball…



Think Common has a decent head fake? Any chance Rakim can hit a three-pointer? Whadya think, can MIMS show us why he’s hot by dunking the damn thing? Lots of rappers consider themselves decent ballers – they’ve often got hoops in their head. This Sunday in Brooklyn there’s going to be a generational clash of the titans, and we’ll see what’s what (that pic over there is Chris Brown from last year’s game). As part of Hip Hop Honors, the Celebrity Hoops game unites a swarm of famous participants; Chubb Rock, Dana Dan, Grandmaster Caz, CL Smooth, DJ UNK, Positive K, Lyfe Jennings, Love Bug Starski, and more will all be on the court. Swizz Beatz is rocking a half-time spot, Chrisette Michelle trills the national anthem, and Salt-N-Pepa, Irv Gotti, and New York herself are stopping by. Grandmaster Melle Mel is one of the coaches. If you’re a baller and you’re in NYC’s greatest borough these weekend, you should be there, too.

Two questions: What artist do you listen to most often when you’re shooting around on your own? What’s the hippest rhyme in hip-hop about being on the court?

Thursday: Nick Cannon Bails on Bride-to-Be


nickcannon.jpgHas Lindsay Left Rehab?
The starlet and her pops were spotted packing up the family SUV and heading away from Cirque Lodge. Father-daughter sobriety is just precious. [X17]

Nick Cannon Calls Off Wedding
The singer/actor and his super hot model fiancée have ended things but remain best friends, blah blah blah. [People]

Britney’s Sex Tape: Is It Real?
Just what we didn’t want to see – the Brit Brit sex tape. Though we are curious to see how she uses a giant Starbucks Frappucino as a sex toy. [WWTDD]

Paris’ Handsome New Obsession
The heiress is obsessed with the Swedish pizza boy she “discovered” this summer, and has gotten him signed to her modeling agency. That’s hot – and soooo philanthropic. [Us]

Avril’s New Video: Hot or Not?
Avril channels her inner Britney in her new music video. The song is catchy, but are her awkward dance moves? [Just Jared]

A Schatar’s-Eye View



As you may know, the shiniest apple of the Charm School bunch, Schatar, performed at last night’s Fox Reality Really Awards. The ceremony doesn’t air till Oct. 13, but we heard from Schatar earlier today via email on what to expect from her song-and-dance:

The show was a success. I opened the show rapping on stage Brooke and Becky to a hot hip-hop track. I was told the performance rocked. Producers said the footage looks great which is excellent and is a big part of what matters. I love being part of the making of ‘great TV.’

And great TV loves her, too. She says that she and the girls performed a “Fox Reality Original” composition. For Schatar’s recorded work, hit iTunes and download her single “It’s Money Banks.”

Here are some more shots of Schatar at the show. Dig the outfit change. Deee-va!

[All images: Getty]

Crossdressing Cuties of Reality TV


Work it!
We know that reality TV is a place where anything goes (what other realm could concoct the term “showmance”?) and we know that nothing’s shocking anymore, so it was good to see men flaunting their female fashion forward sides at the big Fox bash last night. You can see that Britney boy Chris Crocker looks ultra fine. But make the jump and you’ll see he wasn’t the only one in make-up and and frockery.

(Apologies that we couldn’t get a shot of Ant in that tunic he was sporting on stage; he said he got it at “Cher’s garage sale.”)

Question: Who’s your fave femme-man?

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