Letterman Makes Paris Hilton Squirm


We’re big fans of anything that makes Paris Hilton uncomfortable (we love 6×8 foot jail cells!) – and apparently so does David Letterman. The veteran talk show host grilled the heiress about her experiences behind bars on Friday’s Late Show, asking her if she knew why she went to jail (she does!). He also inquired about her slammer pals and the taste of the baloney sandwiches she was given for lunch. Watch (and giggle) as Paris shifts in her seat, shakes her leg, and finally refuses to answer any more questions about her slammer stint. She did get a chance to plug her upcoming movie and new perfume – which Dave promptly guzzled from the bottle. All in the the name of good great TV. Thanks, Dave.

Monday: J. Lo Dressing Like a Mom-to-Be


jenniferlopez1001.jpgBritney Spears’ Sassy New Song
Brit lets it all hang out in her latest leaked single. We mean the mental stuff, not her boobs (amazingly). [Just Jared]

Kate Hudson Dumps No Name Beau
Poor Dax Shephard – those fifteen minutes are long gone now that Kate has jumped ship. At least she did the right thing and had a pal dump him for her. What manners! [OK!]

Jennifer Lopez Rockin’ Maternity Outfits?
Er, Jenny and her hubby Marc Anthony are claiming that the diva’s not knocked up, but what other excuse is there for outfits like these? [NYDN]

Angelina Not Fired, Still Perfect
Luxury clothing line St. John denies that they’ve fired Brad’s boo as their spokesmodel. Too bad – Shiloh and Zahara were all ready to take her place. [Us Weekly]

Beyoncé Cancels Controversial Show
The singer canceled her concert in Malaysia following protests from Muslim groups. Maybe she just wanted to hit up St. Tropez with Jay instead. [Us Weekly]

The Celebreality Interview – Jes



After 11 weeks and innumerable hangovers, Bret has finally found his rock of love in Jes. Good girls rule!

After the jump, Jes talks about her attraction to Bret, what it’s like to date a man who’s more than 20 years her senior, letting her guard down and what it was like to be one of the few sane people in a house full of crazies.
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Kat McPhee To Wed Dude Twice Her Age


File under “Happy (But Vaguely Creepy) Daddy Issues News”: American Idol runner-up Katharine McPhee, 23, is engaged to be married to her 42-year-old boyfriend Nick Cokas. The two have been dating for some time, and McPhee credits Cokas with helping her beat bulimia.

A few months back we had the lovely Ms. McPhee in to chat about her video for “Over It,” in which she blows off an ex-love. Looks like she truly is over it. Check out what she has to say about the kiss-off scene, and which childhood fantasy she got to live out.

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The Weekly Wrap Up: Ja Rule Speaks, Britney Snaps & Kosmo Closes His Final Set



Fashion WTF: Rumer Willis’ Blond Ambition


rumerface.jpgThere’s no real reason to give a crap about Rumer Willis, except that her parents are the super famous (and way hot) Demi Moore and Bruce Willis. Without the celeblood in her veins, she’d be any other 18-year old in America, dabbling in art school or working at Starbucks, in which case failed hair experiments (as well as bird tattoos) would be totally acceptable and understandable. When you’re that age you do dumb stuff to your body and fool yourself into thinking that you are totally cutting edge and hot, when neither are true. Millions of brunettes have come before Rumer, sizzling their scalps with bleach until the result, as in Rumer’s case, is a burnt boy cut modeled after that one time you cut all your Barbie’s hair off when you were four. The girl has the cute quirky thing down and we secretly are fond of her weirdo fashion sense, so let’s forgive her this time. It’s nothing a bottle of Nice n’ Easy in Natural Darkest Brown can’t fix.

Check out more pics of Rumer – in both shades – below.

[All Images: Getty]

Mariah Carey Smells Like 2005


Remember that ridiculous print ad for Mariah Carey’s M perfume that hit the web last month? Now you can see it in motion on a commercial that also features a song that people are whispering may be Mariah’s new single. It seems to be a ballad with the same Jermaine Dupri-styled mechanical percussion that was present on her comeback megahits “We Belong Together” and “Don’t Forget About Us.” Ah, 2005. We’ve missed you so!


Did you catch her brushing it between her breasts? She’s no Wendy Williams, but she sure knows how to entertain.

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Lil Wayne Makes Babies, Love & Hip Hop


lilwayne.jpgOh sh*t ya’ll. The interview with hip hop prodigy Lil Wayne in the upcoming issue of Vibe is gonna be money. How money you ask? Try this gem – in which Wayne talks about his relationship with his first wife and baby-mamma – out for size:

“…I was on tour like crazy with Cash Money, and my momma said she was bored, alone, and scared in the house by herself. She was like, ‘Why don’t you just have a baby with somebody? Just tell the little girl’s mom I’ma take care of the baby, don’t worry about that.’ I was like, ‘I don’t have nobody I like like that!’ She was like, ‘Just find somebody! You don’t like Toya?’ I was like, ‘Alright, I like her then.’ Toya was 14 when she got pregnant, and I was 15 asking 14-year-olds. Toya’s the only person that agreed outta all the ones I asked. I said that my momma wants a child. And they was like, ‘That’s your momma’s problem!’ So Toya was like, ‘Shiiit, when we due, boo?’”

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Andy Samberg Votes for Kanye West


Spies on the street pointed us to this video of Saturday Night Live stars Kenan Thompson and Andy Samberg smack-talking about the 50 Cent vs. Kanye West battle. Kanye won in real-life (and he’ll also be playing SNL tomorrow night, boo-yah!), but he also won the heart on Mr. Samberg, the righteous love-child of Adam Sandler and Jimmy Fallon. We’re with Andy right until the end, when he says he wants to snort some Skyy Vodka “off Kenan’s dong.” Is that what the kids are doing these days? Color us bashful!

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Teenage Wasteland, After All These Years


More proof that the party was over before you even dared to knock on the door — Amazing Journey: The Story of The Who. The film chronicles the rise of the British rock superpower, the band that not only hoped they’d die before they got old but helped coin the term “rock opera.” Roger Daltrey, Pete Townsend, John Entwhistle and Keith Moon provided a punkish counterpoint to the bluesier Stones and acid-addled Beatles; they were wild and free, crazy and beautiful, and their drummer was so unpredictable he once parked a car in a swimming pool. Anyway . . . VH1 will premiere the film on November 3rd (our version comes with 20 extra minutes, so be sure to watch). Above is the exclusive trailer. Don’t cry. Don’t raise your eye. It’s only teenage wasteland, yo.

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