Vintage New York


New York’s character progression from Flavor of Love to I Love New York 2 has been something like: villain to anti-hero to hero to disgraced hero. It’s actually kind of nuanced, which is insane for reality TV. But in the beginning, there was one fight in one van featuring New York versus the Flavor of Love girls (especially Rain and Pumkin). Relive the magic of the first time New York let us know that she was the H.B.I.C. with this vintage clip below:

And, if that’s not enough to whet your appetite for tonight’s premiere of I Love New York 2 (at 9/8c), try your hand at I Love New York: Rumble for Romance, an online, Punch-Out-inspired game in which you box to win New York’s affection. You know she loves a violent man.

Annnnd, there’s even more: check this space tonight during the premiere for our special live blog, during which we’ll elicit audience participation. Make like a VH1 promo and watch and discuss.

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Brit Runs for the Border After Intervention


What did the Spears Clan have in store for this wonderful weekend?

  • Thursday morning: Britney blows of her kid’s visit because she didn’t want a parenting coach present. Mothering at its best!
  • Friday night: Mom Spears and Sister Spears arrive in LA to visit Crazy Spears
  • 3 AM Saturday morning: The Spears women reunite and cry, hug, eat – repeat.
  • Saturday afternoon: Mama, Sister and Fed-Ex gather at Brit’s house for an apparent intervention. Brit runs out at around 7PM and drives around LA all night like a lunatic
  • Saturday night: Brit and her Sis head out to Taco Bell for girl talk and farts. Intervention forgotten!?
  • Sunday afternoon: Britney and Jamie-Lynn get in a fight with a crazy woman and it’s all caught on tape! Check it out above. The price these poor celebs pay for their Starbucks addictions.
  • Sunday night: Mama Spears cooks the whole gang a dinner! Did that intervention even ever happen? Maybe it was just about her outfits. No more t-shirts as dresses!

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Touch My Backstage Pass: Behind the Scenes at the Rock of Love Reunion


Hey! I’ll show you things you’ve never seen…but could probably predict. Below is my on-set, behind-the-scenes and backstage account of the taping of the Rock of Love reunion. Over the course of the night I’d be called a “jackass” by one of the girls to my face (dying to know what they had to say about me behind my back!), I’d get to hang out with Bret and I’d achieve my elusive goal of interviewing Tiffany. See kids? Dreams do come true!

To whet your appetite, here’s a picture of Bret with an anecdote:


Bret art-directed this shot. He he’s the one who suggested he be shot next to the picture of the girl. Once a ladies’ man, always a ladies’ man.

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The Wit and Wisdom of Ice-T


Ice_TWe were lucky enough to get a little time with the West Coast’s Ambassador of Gangsta, Ice-T, when Hip Hop Honors taped last week. As he held court in the the press room (ignoring the moderator’s time limits) we realized Ice-T might be one of the savviest players in the game. Check out some of what he had to say, and be sure to tune in tonight at 10 p.m. to see Ice-T pay tribute to Snoop.

“I ended up on Law and Order. They asked me to do four shows, and now I’m on my ninth year. I’ll be on that show til they throw my black ass off. It’s a good look.”

“Imagine that — Ice-T playing the police.”

“I judge men by their women. If I see you and she all out of pocket, that’s a reflection on you. I’m going to see if she’s looking good. If you got on all the jewels and her shoes is bad, then I’m going to be like, ‘Player, you ain’t handling your business correctly.’”

“I never fronted on my albums. When I put a girl in the video, that was my girl. I never had a model in a picture with me, in life. I never posed with a car that wasn’t mine.”

“When I did the new album Gangsta Rap, with me and Coco lying in bed on the album butt-naked, I was kind of like laying there one morning looking at myself like ‘Damn, this sh*t’s kind of fly right now.’ I ain’t posing — this is the truth.”

“Most of my moves you won’t understand for two or three years.”

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Naked People in Miami


tunick.jpgToday in Miami, many people will be removing their clothes for the camera. Photographer Spencer Tunick, who has made it his life’s work to fly to exotic locales and capture stills of people in their birthday suits, will be shooting at South Beach’s renowned and clubby Sagamore Hotel. (The image to the left is from a shoot Tunick did in Melbourne.) In Florida, meanwhile, approximately 600 people will be putting it all out there for him. The artist told NBC: “I’m going to have 100 to 200 women in pink rafts. We’re going to have people on the balcony posing very much like the Tower of Babel meets Logan’s Run. We’re going to buy some champagne, 500 bottles, and were going to make a giant explosion for the climax of the installation from the balcony.” The photo will be on display at the Art Basel art fair in Miami this December. Question: Would you disrobe for the camera? Another question: Who doesn’t disrobe in Miami?

Will The Real Snoop Please Stand Up?


Snoop DoggWhen you get next to a superhero like Snoop Dogg, you just naturally start taking on some of his mannerisms. The king of South Central has a distinct fashion style (Willie Nelson is the only other pop dude sporting pigtails, right?) and a lingo all his own. No wonder Nelly, Bow Wow, Q-Tip, Ciara, , LL, Tracy Morgan and others took a shot a doing their best Snoop impersonation at our Hip-Hop Honors show. Crackalacka, nephew – check out these clips.

Which one does the best job?

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Monday: J.Lo’s Mouth Shut on Baby Bump


jlo108.jpgNaughty Beyonce Enjoys Burlesque Show
B and her group of girls got down at an NYC burlesque show. So this is why Jay likes her. [NYP]

J.Lo Keeps Baby Bump Under Wraps
J. Lo stayed silent on her rumored pregnancy and chose only to belt out songs at her NYC show. An announcement on that baby bump probably would’ve sounded better. [NYDN]

Britney Goin’ Broke
Brit’s blowing through her cash stash like a pile of good nose candy. Maybe it’s time to put down the tacos and go back to work. [NYP]

Christina Gets Ready for Baby
The singer and her hubby registered for baby goods over the weekend and they adorably rubbed her belly the whole time. So when is she gonna reveal her pregnancy? We can’t buy her gifts until she does! [People]

Paris is a Party Hog
Big surprise – the heiress took over the mic and her sister’s b-day bash like it was her own shindig. Is it possible that jail actually made Paris a worse human being? [TMZ]

The Celebreality Interview – Jes (Take 2)



If you watched the Rock of Love reunion, you know that isn’t quite the rock of love that Bret had thought. Now we can bring you the full story from Jes’ perspective. They say that winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing, but for Jes, it amounts to…well, very little.

After the jump, Jes tells us about the only time she talked to Bret in the six months between the taping of Rock of Love and the reunion. She lets us know what she really thinks of Bret, what she’s up to now and why she thinks Heather should have won.

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Spinderella Cuts It Up One (More) Time


spinderellaWith over twenty years in the game, Spinderella is more than qualified to talk about this year’s Hip Hop Honors. The Salt N’ Pepa MC helped make the group a household name while driving home the point that in hip-hop, a woman’s place is behind the decks, not just in the videos. Spin was kind enough to share her fond memories (a personal serenade by Guy) and not-so-fond memories (near-death experience with Missy) with us.

WHODINI was my first concert, besides Salt N’ Pepa, when I first got with [Salt N' Pepa]. It was one of those Fresh Fests, in ’87. I was brand new, like 16 or 17. I got to stand in the front, because I was with Salt N’ Pepa. I was like, “What the hell am I doing here?” I remember Jalil was singing to me — I was like “Oh my God.”

Me and Missy — we have a personal story — we could have died! I was driving in her car with her, and it was a really rainy night. It was flooding. She decides that she wants to drive through this big flood, and I was like, “I don’t know about this.” There was a police barricade stopping people from going down this one street, but we just said forget it, because my car was right there. The water kept rising. We could have gotten arrested if we didn’t die.

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The Weekly Wrap Up: Jes Rocks Love, Brit Lose Kids & Hip Hop Honors Rules