Lindsay Lohan Hits the Studio, Possibly Bottle


lindsay_lohanWhat better way to celebrate a successful stint in rehab than to open yourself up to the acrimony of the public (Exhibit A: Britney) by recording an album? That’s precisely what Lindsay Lohan is planning to do — the uninsurable actress and marginally talented singer has announced plans to start work on her third album, tentatively titled Nobody’s Angel. Indeed. In more upsetting news, The New York Daily News is also reporting that La Lohan might be back on the sauce, having been spotted out in New York City drinking.

Given our familiarity with Linds’ back catalog (we own Raw and A Little More Personal), our hearts are aflutter with the possibilities of all this album will be. Here are a few tracks we’d love to see end up on there.

1. “The Black Kid Was Driving”
2. I Know Who Killed My Career…Me
3. Riley’s Song
4. Coke Ain’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be
5. Daddy’s Little Girl
6. I’m (In) OK (Magazine)…You’re (Not In) OK (Magazine)
7. Sober…Enough (duet with Britney Spears)

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Meet Christina’s Baby Belly



These pictures of Christina Aguilera on the cover of and in Marie Claire are a confusing mess of right and wrong. The cover is so horrendous that we did a double take. It’s just all so Britnified – the Rue McClanahan hair color, the soft-boiled skin, the cropped leather jacket surely adored by Olsen wannabees worldwide, and that awful turquoise font color most commonly found in the pattern of an intricate 80′s sweater. Painful! But then that second picture is all sorts of sexy – we love a good nudie shot that’s dignified with $500,000 worth of baubles, shoes and fake hair. These pics really just show both sides to our favorite well-adjusted warbler, that she’s both trash and class all at once – and does it best barely covered. Oh, how could we forget the greatest part? That pregnant belly of hers – the fashion accessory of 2007, obvs – which she rocks oh so well. Even that leather jacket can’t stop her mom-to-be hotness!

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Tila Tequila Meets the Parents (Ep. 8)



Tila Tequila, you special sun blossom, how you impressed us last night! You flew around these United States of America, from New York to Oregon to New Jersey to Florida, all in pursuit of your bliss. You met the final four’s respective parents, and, at risk of being criticized for our bias, we must say that you displayed a wealth of tact. After all, you only embarrassed two siblings, pole-danced for one troupe of firefighters, and danced on the lap of a single grandmother. But let’s call it as we see it: presenting Bobby’s brother with your whipped-cream-stained breast was the height of table manners; accusing Ryan’s sister of Sapphic tendencies was but a gentle observation; and wrapping your limbs around a pole for Dani’s fire-fighting brethren and demonstrating the hoochie-coochie for her grandmother was probably the high-point of their respective days. You bring a little light into everything you do! How we envy you your irrepressible spirit! They’re going to write books about you, Tila. Or maybe a tabloid charticle.

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The Celebreality Interview – Mr. Wise



Mr. Wise was charged with being “emotionally unavailable” on I Love New York 2, but in real life, that’s not at all how he is. After the jump, he spills his guts and talks everything from about Pretty’s hasty departure to staying in touch with his ex, Kia to why appearing on the show hurt his rap career to how he wishes that he would have kicked Tailor Made’s ass when he had the chance. Read more…

Birdman Busted, Lil Wayne Talks Crazy


lilwayne_birdman-copy.jpgIf Birdman was supposed to be like a father to Lil Wayne, you’d think he’d at least lead by example. Turns out he might be the kid in the relationship (or just a really stoned dad). The Cash Money co-founder, his 18-year old wife and their entourage were all busted when cops spotted the RV they were riding in swerving on the highway. When cops noticed the smell of weed emanating from the car they did a search and turned up about a pound of chronic (woah!) and two guns. All sixteen people on board were arrested, and you can enjoy the mugshot mania here.

Meanwhile, Birdman’s protege and pal Lil Wayne did an interview recently with Complex Magazine and lets his crazy light shine big and bright. Weezy says he’s not afraid to lay the smack down on haters, just like civil rights leader and all-around awesome American hero, Martin Luther King. “You’d expect me to pay somebody to do it? You supposed to be able to do anything in this world. That’s what Martin Luther King told me. He ain’t never put a specific on what to [do]. He said you can do anything. ‘Kill’ falls under that.”

Yup, MLK had a dream and it was that his children’s children would feel empowered enough to kill people themselves.

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Britney: Pregnant, Horny & Living in Filth


britney-pregnant.jpgYes, Britney Spears acts totally, effing insane. But it’s not that’s she’s crazy – it’s because she’s pregnant! Again! All those hormones are makin’ her weird, ya’ll! According to numerous tabloids, Britney’s been lugging around baby #3 for four weeks. Apparently Brit even emailed around a pic of the ultrasound last week (she knows how to email?) and the rumored father of her baby, producer J.R. Rotem, has supposedly confirmed the news (er, he probably confirmed it by leaving the country).

But a baby isn’t going to like growing up in Chez Britney, where she supposedly changes her kids’ diapers on the same white couch that she lets her little dog poop all over (we are not making this up). And if her new baby needs a pacifier, it can just suck on one of the sex toys Brit keeps in the “large, covered candy dish on the living room table.” The baby’s first words will probably be ‘booty call,’ cuz that’s what sex-obsessed Britney loves to do. She even has a “double-locked fantasy room” that a source says is “filled with sex toys, from ticklers, whips and chains to fur-trimmed handcuffs hanging from the metal bedframe.” Sounds like it’ll make a great nursery! [Image: InTouch]

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Last Night’s Pics: Javier Bardem & Nicole Kidman


Movie premieres, awards shows, benefit concerts, and plain old clubbin’ – even though most of us are at home, the beautiful peeps are living it up somewhere. Last Night’s Pics puts you in touch with all the action.

Uma Thurman, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Keri Russell, Javier Bardem, Laura Linney, Amy Ryan, Emile Hirsch, and Ellen Page were among the actors at the The 17th Annual Gotham Awards.

The Golden Compass World Film Premiere was attended by Nicole Kidman (baring a bit of a baby bump) and husband Keith Urban, Daniel Craig, Eva Green, Freddie Highmore, Hugh Grant, and Dakota Blue Richards.

For being at the British Fashion Awards, some of the attendees were not in vogue. Those on the red carpet included Lily Allen, Kimberly Stewart, Dita Von Teese, Kelly Osbourne, and Thandie Newton.

Lauryn: Crazy as Hill?


lauryn_garbage_pail_kid.jpgIf Lauryn Hill‘s most recent public behavior (remember this amazing interview?) left you worrying about her mental stability, you aren’t alone: Lauryn’s former Fugee cohort Wyclef Jean tells Rolling Stone that he thinks the diva could use some counseling. Bellows Clef:

I felt sorry for her, because I think she needs psychiatric help. I felt like she’s bipolar. You can’t get angry with someone who’s sick…So I even called her mom, and I stressed to her, ‘Yo, you need to get her psychiatric help.’ But I think they all fear her to death. She wasn’t always like this – but if someone has the ego and you keep feeding the ego, it’s going to turn monstrous.

While the third Fugee in the equation, Pras, has never been shy about telling the press exactly what he thinks is wrong with Lauryn, Wyclef has been at least slightly more discrete. Perhaps he’s finally given up on the dream of the Fugees reunion. Maybe he’s really concerned for his former bandmate. Or it could be that he’s just really desperate for attention, what with his new album sitting on shelves, and all. [New York Post]

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Hogans: Faking Divorce to Save Cash?



Would Hulk and Linda Hogan really divorce to simply protect their assets? That’s what Kimberly Kohn – the attorney for the father of Nick Hogan‘s friend John Graziano - is alleging. John was riding in Nick’s passenger seat when he crashed his Toyota Supra on August 26th. He remains in the hospital due to his injuries, and his both his parents are planning on filing civil suits against the Hogans regarding the wreck. Kohn claims “a divorce could be one step the Bolleas could take to try to protect assets,” as it would split Hulk’s assets in half and therefore limit access to their entire stash of cash.

The Hogans and their lawyers have yet to issue a comment on this latest accusation, and as we know, Hulk has asked for privacy during this time. The couple also struggled with marital issues on the last season of Hogan Knows Best, which was filmed long before Nick’s legal troubles. [SP Times. Image: Getty]

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Hotties of the Week: Spice Girls


Photo_20x9_1 All Spice Girls Pics

How many different ways can you think of to say “cougar-ific?” We can think of at least five — and lucky for us, they’re all collected together in the Spice Girls. The ’90s British sensation kicked off a decade’s worth of bubblegum pop and teen idolatry with singles that ran ruts in the collective consciousness. (We dare you not to hum “Wannabe” right now. Hard, right?) In the years since their initial rise to fame, they never left the pop-culture eye. Posh turned her marriage into a business venture; Baby started a solo career and made guest appearances in Bollywood films; Scary broke up with Eddie Murphy and made it to the finals of Dancing With the Stars. And that’s to say nothing of their reunion. Their tour kicks off Sunday in Vancouver, and they’ll be heavily featured on CBS’s broadcast of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on December 4th. We’re looking forward to their get-ups.

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