‘Hindsight’ Sneak Peek: Jamie’s Could Be Falling Down A Dark Path

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Ever since Jamie and Lolly broke up, he’s been on a downward spiral but left us with a glimmer of hope that’s he’s not going to overdose like he did in present day. In a sneak peek for this week’s Hindsight, Jamie discovers that his apartment has been ransacked including thousands of dollars and his dad’s prescription pad. This could not only mean big trouble for Jamie but also his and Becca’s father. We hope Jamie is able to push through! Find out what happens on the Hindsight season finale, Wednesday at 10/9c.

The Most Hilarious Memes From ‘Love And Hip Hop’ Episode 512

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On last night’s Love & Hip Hop, Diamond showed her true colors when she tried to boo up with Rich Dollaz real quick. Meanwhile, Jhonni Blaze had to mark her territory and and so did Yandy with Remy (but Kimbella stepped in her for her bestie!) As usual, the fans were there every step of the way with the best memes on Instagram. Check out our gallery for the most hilarious viral responses and don’t miss an all new Love & Hip Hop, next Monday at 8/7c.

I’m Gonna Need To See That Again: Anya And Donna’s Fight Leads To A Broken Ankle

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“So I’m standing outside, and Anya gets in a can to go home, and I guess she sees me standing outside and this bitch gets out of a moving cab and gets her ankle ran over trying to get me.”

When Donna announced that she wanted to meet up with Anya on Black Ink Crew, the fiancee of the man she has been sleeping with, to clear the air, she had to know things would not end well. And they didn’t. After Donna called Anya crazy, the drinks and hair flew, and the two women wrestled on the ground at a fancy Upper East Side restaurant. And when that was all over and we thought they were each headed home, Anya decides to go for round two with terrible results. You need to watch this s— go down one more time, it’s just too crazy to believe.

“Shawty Must’ve Found Out I Like ‘Em Crazy”: The 5 Craziest Diamond Faces Of The Night

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DiamondCrazyIs Kimbella Dr. Phil now or nah? Why did Cisco and Diamond‘s friend sound just like Deb Atney? T. Wallace World, c’mon, Tara an image consultant? Was that half as bad as Peter talking to the young men like he’s a role model? Did Rich and Diamond really smash on the toliet seat in public restroom? How funny were Cyn and Rashida when they found out Diamond and Rich were an item? Was it weird that Amina went to Tara for advice? Is Jhonni Blaze going to fight the entire cast? Just, what is going on?

However, our biggest and most pressing question is what the hell is Diamond going through? Like we know she’s not quite ready for a straight jacket just yet, but we don’t know how many screws Rich needed to “loosen,” in that bathroom. Read more…

“Pause! Is Her Wig Still On?” The Cast Reacts To The Best Moments Of This Week’s ‘Love And Hip Hop’

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Any time there’s a fight on Love & Hip Hop, we can’t wait to watch the Check Yourself episode to see how the cast feels now that they’ve had a little bit of distance and time to reflect on the situation. And guess what? Jhonni Blaze and Diamond Strawberry are both STILL pissed off at each other. The insults they hurl at each other in this clip as they watch their fight over Rich Dollaz play out are hilarious (“Look at the motherf—ing Grinch-that-stole-Christmas-looking-ass bitch!” might be our new favorite insult ever.) and just wait until Diamond gets right up in the camera to question Jhonni: “Pause! What did she just say? Is her wig still on???”

Why Is Remy Playing On ‘Love And Hip Hop’ But Posting Pics Of Her “Sis” Yandy On Instagram?


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Who really is Remy on Love & Hip Hop anyway? The assistant to Mendeecees and sometimes nemesis to Yandy and Kimbella has an Instagram that tells a slightly different story. We found Remy’s page and her social media presence suggests she and Yandy are (or were) tight. There are countless photos of the assistant and Mendeecees’ fiancĂ©e together dating back years. Remy was even at Yandy’s son Omere‘s second birthday!

So, what’s the story? Were these two close and had a falling out? Is Yandy getting territorial of Mendeecees now that the two have made it official? Check out the photos and let us know what you think in the comments! Read more…

Did Tara Turn Jhonni Into Her Mini Me?

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Jhonni Blaze is known to spark up the drama on Love & Hip Hop, but she also wants to tone down her reputation, which is why she enlists Tara to help media train her. Tara’s new company specializes in smoothing out people’s rough edges and preparing them for life in the spotlight, which is why she pulled Jhonni off of social media and gave her a physical makeover. But…there’s something familiar about that makeover, right? I mean, did Tara just lend Jhonni one of her wigs or what?

Waka Flocka Cancels Show At University Of Oklahoma Because Of Racist Sigma Alpha Epsilon Viral Video

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Waka Flocka Cover
Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Waka Flocka has responded to the Sigma Alpha Epsilon controversy surrounding a viral video of the University of Oklahoma branch singing a racist song about not admitting black students into the fraternity. In a post on his Instagram, the rapper said he is “disgusted and disappointed in the actions of the SAE fraternity at University of Oklahoma” and that “Racism is something I will not tolerate.” Read Waka Flocka’s full statement in his Instagram post. Read more…

Chance Posts Photos From Real’s Funeral And Thanks Fans For Support

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Is this a dream? That's the question I constantly ask myself. #missyoumahdi #gonewaytosoon

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When Real Chance Of Love and I Love New York star Ahmad “Real” Givens lost his battle with cancer earlier this month, the world lost a star. Real’s brother and former costar Chance took to Instagram to thank fans for the outpouring of love over the last few weeks and to share some photos from Real’s funeral services. We are sending our condolences to Chance, as well as Real’s wife and young son. Read more…

‘Mob Wives’ Sneak Peek: Karen And Renee Get Into It With Natalie Guercio At The Reunion

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Of course Natalie Guercio is going to be a subject of conversation at the Mob Wives reunion this week. In a sneak peek, host Vivica A. Fox asks Karen about her return to the show but things get heated when Fox asks the other ladies what they think of Gravano’s comeback. When Natalie says that Alicia DiMichele didn’t want to have anything to do with Karen, things instantly take a turn.

Renee has had about enough of Natalie and says she doesn’t need to attack Karen or her family in order to defend Alicia! Oof, looks like it’s going to be quite a dramatic reunion. Do you think Karen and Renee are finally going to put Natalie G in her place?

Find out on Mob Wives, reunion part 1, Wednesday at 8/7c.