‘Walk Of Shame Shuttle’ Sneak Peek: How Does A “Female Male Douche” Date?

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On the next episode of Walk Of Shame, the struggle is real for a self-identified “female male douche.” Jordan drives a woman around who says she dates like a dude. She loves football, beer, and swipes right for every guy on Tinder. Find out more about her experience getting her nostril worked over on an all new Walk of Shame Shuttle, Wednesday at 9/8c.

Is Jhonni Blaze Replacing Rich Dollaz With Rich Homie Quan?

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Jhonni Blaze Rich Homie Quan
Could Jhonni Blaze be coupled with Rich Homie Quan now? From the sneak peek of tonight’s Love & Hip Hop we know Jhonni is going to confront Rich Dollaz about whether or not he still has feelings for her but on Instagram we may have already found our answer. Jhonni and singer Rich Homie Quan have been posting adorable his and her selfies of the two of them looking awfully close! Read more…

Big Ang Opens Up About How She Really Feels About Natalie Guercio After The Reunion

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This season of Mob Wives everyone was decidedly over Natalie Guercio except for peacemaker Big Ang, however at the reunion Ang seemed to change her tune slightly saying that she doesn’t talk to Nat “like that” anymore. Now that the show has wrapped and the reunion has aired, where do the two ladies stand? VH1 had an exclusive chat with Ang who says that she heard some rumors about Nat G but after they had a sit down, they are okay.

What do you think of Ang’s allegiance to Natalie Guercio?

What Was The Reason Behind Carla And Drita’s Change In Friend Status?


Perhaps one of the biggest unresolved issues of Mob Wives season five is the rift between Drita and Carla. Fans and co-stars alike were left wondering what caused the former best friends to drift apart to the point where Drita even compared Carla’s personality to that of a mothball. In this exclusive interview with VH1.com, find out what Karen and Ang think the real cause of this rift is, and whether or not they think Drita and Carla can salvage what’s left of their relationship.

As you can see from Drita’s tweet below, she doesn’t really like people discussing her relationships, so time will tell if we hear her side of the story.
Read more…

Karen And Ang Clear Up Their Stance On Rats And Cop-Calling

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After Natalie Guercio‘s boyfriend, London, was attacked and had his face slashed in a New York City nightclub, Natalie took it upon herself to post the attacker’s picture on Instagram to help the police find him. When that subject came up on last week’s Mob Wives reunion, the rest of the mob wives called out Natalie for being a rat and a cop-caller, but many of us were scratching our heads. “Why is is a rat move to help the police find your attacker?” fans wondered? Well, it all comes down to Nat G. In this exclusive chat, we asked Ang and Karen why they lashed out at Natalie for doing something that any of us might have done, and for them, it comes down to Nat being inconsistent. As Karen explains, “You cannot be a person that says ‘You’re a rat,’ ‘I’m Sicilian, we don’t hang out with rats,’ and then you do it. It’s not even what she did, it’s the way she did it.” Read more…

Nicki Minaj’s Ex Dedicates A Song To K.Michelle On Instagram

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K. Michelle post

Aw! In Safaree and K.Michelle news: Nicki Minaj‘s ex dedicated a song on his Instagram to the VH1 favorite and our hearts are officially swelling. The rapper posted a video of him playing a new song over K’s song “Going Under” with the caption, “I ‘heart’ this song…Hi @KMichelleMusic.” Check the lyrics:

“Before I met you, I knew you had a feisty attitude. You gave me light so I have nothing but gratitude. I f–k with you, the long way, altitude. Yeah, it’s on another level, magnitude. I’m not a surgeon or a doctor but I play the part. Please sign me up cause I’m really trying to buy a heart.”

I love ?????? this song…. Hi @kmichellemusic

A video posted by Safaree aka SBSTUNTS (@iamsafaree) on

Can you imagine anything more romantic!? We are rooting for these two, hard!

‘Love And Hip Hop Bonus’: Yandy Starts Crying While Choosing Her Wedding Invitations

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With her wedding approaching, Yandy is making strides in planning, and visits a stationary store to create her custom invites. As she chooses what suits her theme, Mendeecees’ mama, Judy, walks in and shoots down Yandy’s vision. We don’t know if it’s the hormones, or her pushy mom-in-law but as a result, Yandy breaks out in random tears. Read more…

‘Black Ink Crew’ Bonus: Donna Is Frustrated With The All The Jokes Goes To Sky For Advice

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After getting into with Anya, beefing with O’Shit, and being the brunt of countless jokes about her sexual behavior, Donna has had enough, and goes to talk to Sky about her frustration.

Sky admits she’s been in the same position, and gives Donna some sound words advice. Read more…