T.I. Gets The Dirt From His Daughters In The Family Hustle Sneak Peek

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T.I. wants to keep on top of his daughters’ lives like a good dad should, and he’s trying his best to stay cool and also stay in dad mode. In the season premiere of T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle, he takes Niq Niq and Deyjah out to the make-your-own-perfume shop for some fun, feminine bonding and gossip. But he realizes he’s in over his head when Niq Niq reveals that she’s been to a college party.

“What the heeeyyyyll are you doin’ at a college party??” Yep, even one of the world’s coolest men can turn into the world’s dorkiest dads.

Tune in for more family bonding this Monday at 9PM ET/PT on T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle.

Black Ink Crew Season Premiere Sneak Peek: Mama Jones Shows Us How To Hustle

by (@emilyexton)

Celebrities are always dropping by Black Ink, and the new season of Black Ink Crew is even more star-studded than ever. Monday night’s season premiere kicks off in a big way,thanks to a surprise appearance from Mama Jones. Fans ofJim Jones will recognize his ever-hustling mother, who has a tendency to do and say the unpredictable. Because as Ceaser explains, “when you’re hip-hop royalty, you do whatever the f–k you want to do.” And judging by her head-to-toe fur, Mama Jones is definitely doing exactly that.

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From Bieber To RiRi: Check Out T.I. And His Famous Friends


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As a rapper, reality star, and actor, T.I. works a lot of different social circles. Now unlike some of the other multi-hyphenated entertainers who shall remain nameless, T.I. is actually popular amongst his celebrity peers. So here’s a look at Tip and all his famous friends ranging from Aussie-bred rappers to A-list actors.

Also, please check out the season premiere of T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle on Monday, March 31 at 9:00/8:00c on VH1.

VH1 Fashions Of The Week: Prints Galore


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In this week’s roundup, it’s prints on prints on prints. Some prints look pretty while others will surely be a bit more, uh, polarizing. Yeah, polarizing. Let’s go with that. And of course, club attire reigns supreme. Quite a few cute dresses…and then one really weird green looking one. No shade.

Enjoy the flicks, y’all!

Tami Roman Grateful To Fans And Supporters After Health Scare Lands Her In The Hospital

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We’d like to extend our well-wishes to Basketball Wives star Tami Roman who was hospitalized earlier this week after going into diabetic shock and fainting in Houston, TX on Wednesday. Tami fell unconscious and was discovered by her daughter who called 911. She was released from the hospital yesterday, and released the statement above in Instagram thanking her fans for their support. Tami, your VH1 family wishes you a speedy recovery, get some rest!

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Ladies! Meet The Girls Of This Is Hot 97

by (@damianbellino)

You’ve already met the guys of This is Hot 97 now it’s the ladies turn. Meet the “sexy mom” of the bunch, Angie Martinez, who worked her way up from being an intern to being the unofficial ringleader of this gang. Angie is known for her interview style and the fans tell her she always seems happy. But she’s not! Get to know Miss Info who is always serving truth and keeping her colleagues honest as news director at Hot 97. She’s (said in various tones from her peers) the journalist of the station. Laura Stylez is the entertainment portion of the morning show. The guys give Laura a hard time for being the newbie at the morning show and she refers to them as “savages.” (They have her wearing sweatsuits to work.) Find out how they keep each other on their toes and not taking things too seriously.

Check out this video to meet the all the women and tune in Monday, March 31st at 10:30 PM ET/PT to the premiere episode of This Is Hot 97.

This Is Hot 97: A Behind-The-Scenes Look At The Morning Show

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A word to anyone who might be considering applying for a job at New York’s legendary Hot 97 radio station: if you don’t have a sense of humor, you need not apply. If you haven’t seen the first episode sneak peek of This Is Hot 97, you’re missing out on one pf the best new shows on television, the reason being that everyone at the station is hilarious. (And they all get along, which is another refreshing characteristic you don’t see much of on the reality TV scene.)

We got to spend the morning with show stars and morning show hosts Ebro, Rosenberg, Laura Stylez, and Cipha Sounds earlier this week to catch them doing what they do best, and as it turns out, they’re such successful DJs because they’re natural born conversationalists. In their down time, off-air, they spent the morning discussing the plot twists of True Detective, their love for fellow VH1 star Tiny Harris, and Rosenberg’s slimming secret weapon: prunes. In short, it was like hanging with your closest friends, if your closest friends also had one of the most successful radio shows in New York City.

Check out all the photos from our day at Hot 97 and tune in to the TV premiere of the show this Monday at 10:30PM ET/PT!

Renee Graziano Shows The Cast Of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Some Love

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Renee Graziano is all about celebrating the VH1 family. Back in February we saw Renee hanging out with the ladies of Hollywood Exes and this month her Instagram feed has been exploding with pics of her with some of the cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

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Basketball Wives LA Episode 7 Sneak Peek: Now I Look Like All Of You

by (@damianbellino)

“What the f— is wrong with you, Draya?

These are the words out of Jackie Christie‘s mouth upon seeing Draya in full zombie garb. Sick and tired of all the arguing and fighting, Draya has invited the ladies to participate in a zombie mud run on Monday’s Basketball Wives LA. The reactions range from Malaysia being immediately over it to Sundy boasting that she’s going to win to Jackie being absolutely petrified. The catch is that Draya isn’t running with the gals but is dressed as a zombie and ready to chase after them.

Of course, words have already been said. Sundy wants to know why Draya “looks like she’s been beat to a pulp?” And Draya’s all, “hah, you know exactly what that looks like!” Lawd.

Check out the clip to see a ghoulish Draya hiding behind a rock looking ready to go knock Sundy on her ass and tune in to Basketball Wives LA on Monday at 8 PM ET/PT to see if she does.