Erica Mena Surprises High School Graduation With Commencement Speech

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Love & Hip Hop‘s Erica Mena surprised the class of 2014 at New York’s Unity Center for Urban Technologies with a speech at their commencement ceremony. The reality star responded to an invitation from class vice president Simone Dixon who said the “student body can relate to [Erica's] story full-heartedly.”

In her speech Erica spoke of her personal journey, revealing she did not receive her diploma but was inspired after her experience with the Unity Center for Urban Tech students. The singer-model said: Read more…

Who Wore It Better? Erica Mena vs. Somaya Reece Face Off In Florals

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Back on season two of Love & Hip Hop, Erica Mena went in on Somaya Reece when Somaya came to her friend Kimbella‘s defense in a petty war of words. It was a mess and Erica taunted Somaya with some slurs against her appearance…but we wonder if Somaya’s having the last laugh now that she’s committed herself to her fitness. We spotted the two women wearing the same dress by Hot Miami Styles recently, and we have to say it’s hard to pick a favorite. What do you think, who’s wearing it better? Take our poll now to vote!

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La La’s Full Court Life‘s Justin Molina Celebrates Pride In NYC

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Justin Molina has made quite the impression this season of La La’s Full Court Life for his larger than life personality, his style and his #cledgy wannabe-catchphrases.

We caught up with La La’s newbie stylist about his plans to paint the town gay for New York City’s Pride event and Justin shot us some images of him galavanting around the city with friends and fans alike.

Catch more of Justin and the whole gang on La La’s Full Court Life Monday at 10 PM ET/PT.

Pic Of The Day: Nicki Loves Her Some Steebie

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Nicki Minaj may have thrown some shade at Iggy Azalea at last night’s BET Awards, but she’s got nothing but love for her boy Stevie J! Proving that she is indeed the world’s biggest Love & Hip Hop Atlanta fan, Minaj posted the photo above to her Instagram account captioning it with a shout-out to her bro, “Steebie!”

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Can Drea Get Past The Golden Showers Jokes?

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Last week on Hollywood Exes the silly fun came to a screeching halt when, during a game of truth or dare, Shanna and Nicole asked Drea if she ever participated in golden showers. Being sensitive to the topic because of her ex-husband’s allegations from the early ’00s, Drea stormed out of dinner. Read more…

Po’s Got Beef With Her Record Label On The Next La La’s Full Court Life

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On the next episode of La La’s Full Court Life, Po Johnson is hard at work in the studio. Po’s excited for her new venture with Tommy Boy Records but is experience a hiccup on her road to success. When creative differences come to a head, Po is faced with compromising her art and pleasing the powers that be.

Po seems downright tired of it when her colleagues ask her if she thinks her way is the better way.

What do you think of Po’s rapping abilities? You think she has what it takes?

Find out on an all new La La’s Full Court Life Wednesday at 10 PM ET/PT.

Nicole Richie Tackles Big Issues Like Race, Health + Chicken Farming In The Candidly Nicole Supertrailer

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Nicole Richie is known for being outspoken, sarcastic and super funny on her Twitter and Instagram feeds, and now she’s taking that candid personality to the airwaves. In this trailer for VH1′s new series, Candidly Nicole, you’ll get to see the fashion icon, mother of two, and purple-haired inspiration to us all address the big issues in the world. Issues like race. Prejudice against short people such as herself. Whether or not 90210 changed the world. And how to raise tolerant, gay-friendly chickens. In short (not a dig against you, Nicole, we swear!), she is about to make your Thursday night’s hilarious this summer.

Candidly Nicole premieres Thursday, July 17 at 10PM ET/PT.

Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project Is “Not About Spinning Chairs Or Picking People Out of A Lineup”

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“People think they know about the music business, but honestly, they don’t know s—.” So says Linda Perry, the brains behind the new VH1 series Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project. This show is not the same old formula you’re used to for finding a new artist, and in the trailer, Linda explains the difference between this series and all the others: “It’s not about spinning chairs and picking people out of a lineup. It’s about hard work in the studio.” Read more…

The Sexiest VH1 Instagrams Of June

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On your marks, get set, go! It’s another round of the filthiest, sexiest, most delicious Instagram pics from the VH1 fam from this past month.

We’ve got sultry bedroom eyes and a few glimpses at all the best bits and pieces of your favorite reality stars. Click through our gallery and let us know who is the sexiest of them all.

Now stop drooling!

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Bonus Clip: Joseline & Stevie J Pick Up Girls Together

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On episode 9 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Joseline and Stevie held auditions for back-up dancers for Joseline’s upcoming show. How could we forget all those chicks on the pole dancing?!

In a bonus clip from this week episode, Mr. and Mrs. J get down to business about what they’re looking for in a dancer and how Joseline can fix these chicks into hot young things worthy of dancing behind the baddest boosh.

What do you think of Joseline and Stevie J’s audition process? Do you think Joseline’s show is going to be sexy or a mess?

Find out on all new episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Monday at 8 PM ET/PT.