Watch The LIVE Hit The Floor Finale After Show Tonight

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Tonight is the night it all goes down! Not only do we find out #WhoKilledOlivia, fans of Hit The Floor will be able watch and join the cast for the first ever season finale after show.

Watch the live after show to see Derek, Ahsha, Jelena, Terrence, and all the other amazingly talented cast members discuss how the finale played out, their reactions to the murderer in the Olivia Vincent scandal, and get to see never-seen-before endings to some of your favorite episodes. Read more…

Courtney Love Mentors The Make Or Break Musicians

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On this week’s Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project, the musicians meet Linda‘s pal and sometimes collaborator, Courtney Love. The Hole frontwoman gives the artists some tough love about the business.

Courtney concedes that she was once rich enough to own the house they’re living in and now she isn’t. She embodies the ups-and-downs and fickleness of the music industry in a way that the Make Or Break cast have yet to see. With only five acts left living in the house, vying for a chance to work with Linda Perry on their album, the real talk shakes the musicians up.

Do you think Courtney Love will see something special in one of the acts? Do you think the musicians are ready for the tough and unpredictability of the music industry? Find out on an all new Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project Wednesday at a new time 11 PM ET/PT.

Bonus Clip: Sleazy & Z Score A Homerun From Lil Boosie

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It hasn’t been smooth sailing for Benzino and Stevie J‘s friendship this season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta but in a bonus clip from episode 13, we get to see the dynamic duo thick as thieves on a road trip to New Orleans. Sleazy and Z head to Louisiana to see the recently released from prison, Lil Boosie. Looking to score a scoop for Hip Hop Weekly, the guys interview Boosie about his upbringing, what it was like in prison and what’s next for him not that he’s out of incarceration. Also, what his first meal was out of prison.

It’s great to see Stevie and Zino rocking and rolling. They’re visibly thrilled with this exclusive interview they got for their magazine. Do you think Lil Boosie may do a track with Joseline or Althea?

Find out on all new episodes of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Mondays at 8 PM ET/PT.

Where Are They Now: The Ladies Of Rock Of Love

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Once upon a time, Poison frontman Bret Michaels was looking for love in the Celebreality world. Who could forget the days of Rock Of Love and its spinoffs Rock Of Love: Charm School and I Love Money. Between the flying plates and punches being thrown – the drama made Love & Hip Hop Atlanta look like Masterpiece Theatre. In the years that have passed the ladies have all but disappeared from the pop culture landscape. From Daisy Delahoya to Rodeo, we were on a mission to find out what all our favorite Rock of Love contestants lives looked like now.

VH1 was fortunate enough to have a chat with the always memorable Heather Chadwell about her time on Rock Of Love, if she still has that tattoo and what maybe lost her, her own “Of Love” show. Check out what the blonde bombshell had to say and click through our gallery to see what the gals look like and are up to in 2014. Read more…

ROFL At LeAnn & Eddie Testing Their Teen Text Knowledge

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On this week‘s episode of LeAnn & Eddie, Eddie got a text that really confused him. BTW. No, sorry, it said, BTDubs, and Eddie was all, what’s that mean and LeAnn was all, are you serious – how old are you? Turns out Eddie was serious so VH1 got right to it when it chatted with the famous couple.

Check out our round of Teen Text Talk with Eddie Cibrian to see what shorthand Eddie’s learned for when his wife is out of town or to know when his kids are up to no good.

Make sure to tune into new episodes of LeAnn & Eddie Thursdays at 10:30 PM ET/PT.

VH1′s Weekly Wrap-Up: Is Nikko A Married Man?

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This week VH1 was all about sad news filled with twists and turns. On Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Mimi learned that Nikko is married while on Hit The Floor Oscar disowned Jude as his son. On Dating Naked, Chuck questioned if he was ready for the sexual adventurous woman that is Kristen.

Read more…

Hot Couture! VH1 Fashions Of The Week

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Ooh, chile, the ladies of VH1 have upped their game this week in an unprecedented turnout of high fashion. From Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘s Joseline‘s runway realness to Love & Hip Hop‘s Tahiry‘s Kentucky-Derby-style.

Not to be shown up, lots of our stars were turning out their very best including Royce Reed, Mimi Faust, Nicole Murphy and more!

Check out all your favorite stars from VH1 and let us know who was looking dope and who left ya thinking, nope! Ya like that?

Happy weekend, squirrel friends!

Dating Naked Bloopers: “Penises Come In All Flavors”

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No one was more “excited” for Dating Naked this week than Julian. If you thought last night’s episode was crazytown check out some of the funniest and most scandalous cut footage. A lot of “Sorry, mom!”s to the camera.

Watch the best bloopers of the night right now, and tune in to Dating Naked every Thursday at 9 PM ET/PT.

A Celebration Of Hit The Floor Star Kimberly Elise’s Illustrious Career

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Kimberly Elise is somewhat of an acting legend, having worked on films like Beloved, with Oprah Winfrey and Danny Glover, Set It Off, with Queen Latifah and Vivica Fox, and Diary Of A Mad Black Woman with Tyler Perry. She built up an impressive career over the years, and we were thrilled to hear the news last year that she would be starring on a new VH1 show called Hit The Floor. She recently told us about her decision to join the cast, saying “I love it, I love surprising people and not being predictable and following my heart and what inspires me artistically.” We’re so glad she followed her heart directly to this show.

Take a look at Elise in some of her most memorable roles now, and get ready for what is sure to be a shocking finale of Hit The Floor (please don’t let Sloane be the killer!)