Britney Spears Turns 26, Looks 46



Britney Spears is 26-years old ya’ll! What will the next year of her life bring – a changed pop star or more of the same of sh*t? We’re guessing by the way she went out on the town to celebrate her big day – decked out in a choker necklace from 1992, a tight dress that pinched all the wrong places and a broken shoe – that twenty-six is gonna be a delicious disaster for B. We can’t wait!
The singer crashed a party hosted by Sharon Stone in Bel Air for Scandinavian designers, and turned the fete into her own birthday bash, complete with cake, champagne, and the world’s most atrocious white fur coat. Brit hit up the gift suite and snagged $30,000 worth of furs, diamond jewels worth $10,000 and some sunglasses with price tags in the thousands. Free! Happy birthday indeed. Around 11:30 PM the biggest present of all arrived when Paris Hilton sashayed her way through the paparazzi. The former BFFs headed back to the Four Seasons hotel for some celebrating and champagne. We can only imagine that the two giggled and toasted to a new year full of botched lip injections. Happy birthday indeed, Brit!

Check out more pictures of Britney’s birthday night below!

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Remy Ma Takes On Vagina



If you think a little thing like an attempted murder charge is going to shut Remy Ma up, think again. The outrageous hip-hop gangstress runs her mouth in the January/February issue of XXL, and the result is nothing short of her best performance in ages. Here are a few of her more…reckless quotes:

On women:

“I don’t like bitches. And I say ‘bitches,’ becasue if you have a p****, you’re a bitch. Even if you’re two-years-old. Like, look at this little bitch on the slide! Look at this little bitch with her Barbie in the playground!”

On how her life has changed since the attempted-murder charges:

“One of the first shows after it happened, I’m in the bathroom and this girl kept bumping into me. I’m like, normally this is when her face would go through the mirror. And if I put her face through the mirro, it’s like, ‘See, I told you she’s violent!’”

On her provocative fashion sense:

“I’d be getting dressed and getting my hair done, like, ‘The bloggers are gonna kill this outfit tomorrow.’ I’m wearing an orange sweat suit with lime-green spandex and f***in’ purple clogs and blue contacts, and I’m putting my bangs back blonde! I be getting dressed like, ‘Media Takeout‘s gonna have a field day tomorrow! Bossip, here I come!”

It’s somewhat comforting to know that possible jail time hasn’t made her any less of a mess, isn’t it? [Image: Getty]

Kardashians: Sex Partners, Sex Pictures


‘s celeb career got some early juice when that sex tape with Ray-J made the rounds, and last night on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the forever tittilating subject of naked pics and numerous lovers was revitalized. Making an appearance at a car show (don’t quit school, kids), Lady Kim introduces Fabolous, who the tabloids say she’s “been” with. Then her publicist calls, explaining that Page Six wants verification regarding her snuggling it up with Terence Howard at the chic club, Butter. “One of the things that drives me crazy about being famous is everyone wanting the details of who I’m dating,” says Kim. But with a giggle, it’s revealed that it was her sister that was rubbing groins with the actor. With all that eye make-up, how can you tell those two apart? Bad girl, Kourtney, bad girl. How best to rectify? Kim & Kourt have scheduled a radio chat with Ryan Seacrest. She can use the session to tell the world she’s not a slore (that’s slut-whore for you church-goers), aka sluvette.

Ryan: Let me start the list. Did you date Joe Francis from Girls Gone Wild?

Kim: No way! That’s my sister’s friend.

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Monday: Kim Kardashian Sheds Giant Tears


kim-kardashian-1203.jpgKim K. Cries Over “Stolen” Baubles
As expected, her tears are enormous and round. But seriously, where the eff is her jewelry – and the police report she should have filed about the incident? [NYP]

Britney Battles Rolling Stone
Her brain pops up to work, as the star plays hardball over a possible cover shoot for Rolling Stone. [NYP]

Pete Wentz Denies Bashing Indie Band
We should have known – Petey is way too cool to give a sh*t about some nameless band mocking his girlfriend (and way too smart to bring up Ashlee’s embarrassing jig-dancing past). [NYDN]

Paris Hilton’s Plastic Lips of Horror
WTF happened to Paris’ lips? No seriously – what is going up there? Did a Jimmy Dean sausage latch on to the spot where her upper lip once was? [DListed]

Madonna’s Kids Don’t Need Presents
Madge’s kids only get three presents on Christmas – because they get everything else they want on every other day of the year. [Ok!]

World AIDS Day: Get Involved!


The fight has been spectacular so far, and plenty of lives have been saved. But HIV/AIDS is still with us, and the battle must continue. We’ve assembled a page of information regarding the myriad ways people can participate in protecting themselves and ending the crisis. In honor of World AIDS day (Saturday, December 1) head right over here for lots of information, and dig Annie Lennox‘s latest clip that helps spread the message.

Evel Knievel Makes His Final Leap


Zip up your protective suit, grab your helmet, and get your psych on – being a daredevil is pretty easy, right? Well, not really. Not if you’re a motorcycle-riding thrill seeker who spends a big chunk of your life rocketing through the air in hopes of pleasing a crowd. Evel Knievel was such a dude – and during his decades of embracing danger, he broke every bone in his body.

Last week he made up with Kanye West over some small potato legal stuff (Evel was one of the first to “Touch the Sky,” right?). This week he defies death no more, now busting moves in heaven, seeing if they’ve got 15 or 16 Mack trucks he can jump. RIP.

Thriller Turns 25, and Michael Jackson Invites Kanye West to the Party


It’s been 25 short years since Michael Jackson released Thriller and changed the music industry forever. In the intervening years, the self-appointed King of Pop has undeniably been plagued with problems, but notwithstanding his biography, Thriller, which has gone platinum an astounding 27 times, remains an incredible collection of hit singles. You can’t deny it. And if you try to deny it, we’ll play you “P.Y.T.” or something and dare you not to dance. Good frickin’ luck.

The 25th anniversary edition of the album will feature the videos, the music, a live performance, and the help of a few friends: Kanye West, and Akon. We’re looking forward to “Billie Jean 2008″ with Kanye in particular, though hearing what Akon has going on “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’” is a fairly intriguing proposal as well. In unrelated news: the Francis Ford Coppola-directed masterpiece Captain Eo will not be included, much to all of our sadness.

The Weekly Wrap Up: New York Gets Personal, Britney’s Got Sticky Fingers



Lindsay Lohan Rid of Rehab Romance


Well, is anyone surprised that this didn’t last? Lindsay’s rehab lover Riley Giles didn’t stand a chance against Hollywood hotties like Stavros Niarchos. Once Lindsay hit up Roberston Blvd, there was no chance in hell she was heading back to Utah to live in the mountains and shop with the common folk at Old Navy. Better luck next time Riley! Who knows – if you head back to rehab again you could end up with Britney Spears, she seems easier to sucker.



Gay, Straight or Buddha?


On this week’s I Love New York 2, there came a startling revelation: Buddha has appeared on reality TV before! A repeat offender! How could he possibly be there for New York? And how is it that it took this long for that information to surface, when commenters on this blog have been saying it all along?

Anyway, New York confronted him regarding his appearance on Hell Date, but no mention was made of him appearing on another dating show before he made a splash on VH1. Above is a segment of Lifetime’s Gay, Straight or Taken?, in which Buddha gives a foot massage to the woman who’s trying to figure out his sexuality. Somewhat hilariously, she thinks he’s gay at the start of the act.

The other segments of Buddha’s episode are here (Part 1) and here (Part 3). I won’t spoil the ending, but let’s just say that in a few weeks, we could be watching this play out all over again. [Via ONTD]