Behind The Shot: Episode 5 Recap



Were you stoked for yesterday’s episode of The Shot? In the last installment, the contestants were asked to capture sensuality in texture, which meant drenching each other in food, and photographing models who, for the most part, were only wearing makeup. All over their bodies. Challenging. And therein lies the core of the show, which pits 10 up-and-coming fashion photographers against each other for the chance to win $100,000, a spread in Marie Claire, and a Victoria’s Secret campaign — all the while being judged by a he-Tyra with an Australian accent, Russell James. Catch up on what you missed. Check the recap below.

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Adorable Internet Animals On Strike


In solidarity with the current writers strike plaguing Hollywood, the legions of cute creatures you’ve come to love on YouTube are apparently now on strike. Gasp away, my bored at work friends. Not only is your beloved Office gone, but you will no longer be able to watch that cat play piano while you’re supposed to be doing your boss’ expense reports. Yes, this strike is ruining everything. Everything!

Montel Williams Wants to “Blow Up” Teen Reporter


After ending an press event when a teen newspaper intern asked Montel Williams a seemingly thoughtful question about the ramifications of his free drug prescription program on pharmaceutical companies, the talk show host (and Multiple Sclerosis advocate) later threatened the young scribe at his hotel. One of the web producers for the paper described the incident: “As we were preparing to film, Montel walked up with his bodyguard and got in Courtney Scott‘s face pointing his finger telling her ‘Don’t look at me like that. Do you know who I am? I’m a big star, and I can look you up, find where you live and blow you up’…At this time he was randomly pointing at all of us.”

Someone should probably tell Montel that you don’t need to be a famous to look people up – or blow them up either, sadly. It’s called internet stalking, and anyone with a couple free minutes and little to no dignity can do it very quickly (trust us!). Also, we need to add a pic of Montel next to the definition of “big star” in our mental dictionary. Tara Reid is currently holding down that spot, but we guess the standards just keep getting lowered! [MSNBC]

Miss Puerto Rico: Pepper Spray Liar


misspr_123.jpgAnd now a question from the judges: Miss Puerto Rico, if you were going to fake some attack so you could demonstrate your triumph over adversity, how would you do it, and why?

Why, I’d concoct an elaborate story about someone stealing my costumes and make-up, and then squirting pepper spray on them – this would of course cause me to suffer from a horrible cases of hives. Why? To make me look like a trooper who can handle any situation, and help me win the entire contest. That’s what I’d do!

That’s just the sort of genius plot authorities think occurred at last week’s pageant, after no traces of the self-defense spray were found on clothes belonging to Miss Puerto Rico Universe Ingrid Marie Rivera. The winning lady and pageant heads claimed that a mysterious party-pooper “had laced her makeup and doused her clothing with a chemical they believed to be pepper spray.” The scandal came after Rivera reportedly had her gowns, makeup and credit cards stolen. Now all fingers point directly, back to the recently crowned, beauty, and police say, “I guess she has a lot of explaining to do.”

It’s a good thing she knows how to answer those soft ball pageant questions! [Us]

Last Night’s Pics: Pop Goes the Movies


Movie premieres, awards shows, benefit concerts, and plain old clubbin’ – even though most of us are at home, the beautiful peeps are living it up somewhere. Last Night’s Pics puts you in touch with all the action.

“Movies Rock” A Celebration Of Music In Film was the place to be last night in Hollywood. Guests included Beyonce, Carrie Underwood, Eve, Chris Brown, a very pregnant Jennifer Lopez, Kate Hudson, Usher, Fergie, Will.I.Am, Nicole Scherzinger, and Joshua Jackson & Diane Kruger.

Think You Know Your 2007 Movies? Take Our Quiz and Prove It.


labeouf.jpgDid you go to the theater a lot in 2007? Were you happy to plunk down $10 and change for the summer blockbusters, the foreign indies, or George Clooney’s Oscar traps? If so, you might have accrued a certain specialization in movie trivia. We want to find out how well you know your stuff. All month long, World of Pop’s Juggernaut quiz will be about 2007 films. And it’s hard. No question about it. If you didn’t see Superbad, steered clear of Transformers and forgot all about Captain Jack Sparrow . . . well, you might be able to glean the answers at There’s a new question every day, prizes at the end, and the thrill of conquest in between. For example, check this sample question:

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Britney Spears Turns 26, Looks 46



Britney Spears is 26-years old ya’ll! What will the next year of her life bring – a changed pop star or more of the same of sh*t? We’re guessing by the way she went out on the town to celebrate her big day – decked out in a choker necklace from 1992, a tight dress that pinched all the wrong places and a broken shoe – that twenty-six is gonna be a delicious disaster for B. We can’t wait!
The singer crashed a party hosted by Sharon Stone in Bel Air for Scandinavian designers, and turned the fete into her own birthday bash, complete with cake, champagne, and the world’s most atrocious white fur coat. Brit hit up the gift suite and snagged $30,000 worth of furs, diamond jewels worth $10,000 and some sunglasses with price tags in the thousands. Free! Happy birthday indeed. Around 11:30 PM the biggest present of all arrived when Paris Hilton sashayed her way through the paparazzi. The former BFFs headed back to the Four Seasons hotel for some celebrating and champagne. We can only imagine that the two giggled and toasted to a new year full of botched lip injections. Happy birthday indeed, Brit!

Check out more pictures of Britney’s birthday night below!

[Images: Getty]

Remy Ma Takes On Vagina



If you think a little thing like an attempted murder charge is going to shut Remy Ma up, think again. The outrageous hip-hop gangstress runs her mouth in the January/February issue of XXL, and the result is nothing short of her best performance in ages. Here are a few of her more…reckless quotes:

On women:

“I don’t like bitches. And I say ‘bitches,’ becasue if you have a p****, you’re a bitch. Even if you’re two-years-old. Like, look at this little bitch on the slide! Look at this little bitch with her Barbie in the playground!”

On how her life has changed since the attempted-murder charges:

“One of the first shows after it happened, I’m in the bathroom and this girl kept bumping into me. I’m like, normally this is when her face would go through the mirror. And if I put her face through the mirro, it’s like, ‘See, I told you she’s violent!’”

On her provocative fashion sense:

“I’d be getting dressed and getting my hair done, like, ‘The bloggers are gonna kill this outfit tomorrow.’ I’m wearing an orange sweat suit with lime-green spandex and f***in’ purple clogs and blue contacts, and I’m putting my bangs back blonde! I be getting dressed like, ‘Media Takeout‘s gonna have a field day tomorrow! Bossip, here I come!”

It’s somewhat comforting to know that possible jail time hasn’t made her any less of a mess, isn’t it? [Image: Getty]

Kardashians: Sex Partners, Sex Pictures


‘s celeb career got some early juice when that sex tape with Ray-J made the rounds, and last night on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the forever tittilating subject of naked pics and numerous lovers was revitalized. Making an appearance at a car show (don’t quit school, kids), Lady Kim introduces Fabolous, who the tabloids say she’s “been” with. Then her publicist calls, explaining that Page Six wants verification regarding her snuggling it up with Terence Howard at the chic club, Butter. “One of the things that drives me crazy about being famous is everyone wanting the details of who I’m dating,” says Kim. But with a giggle, it’s revealed that it was her sister that was rubbing groins with the actor. With all that eye make-up, how can you tell those two apart? Bad girl, Kourtney, bad girl. How best to rectify? Kim & Kourt have scheduled a radio chat with Ryan Seacrest. She can use the session to tell the world she’s not a slore (that’s slut-whore for you church-goers), aka sluvette.

Ryan: Let me start the list. Did you date Joe Francis from Girls Gone Wild?

Kim: No way! That’s my sister’s friend.

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