Rilo Kiley Rock VH1 Offices


Missed Rilo Kiley at their sold-out Webster Hall shows? So did we, which only compounded our case of the Mondays. The only thing that could salvage our day? Having the adventurous indie darlings over to rock the 20th floor offices of VH1. Which is precisely what they did this morning. To promote their brand new Under the Blacklight, the Kiley stopped by to play us three tracks off their latest.

The band launched into their slinky, sex-worker single “The Moneymaker,” with the lovely Jenny Lewis nailing every note, despite her self-confessed sleepiness. “This is the first time this combination has ever happened,” the floppy-hatted Lewis dead-panned, gesturing to her coffee and her performance. Next up, the band played a bongo-laced version of “Dreamworld,” with co-singer Blake Senett on vocals, before finishing up with the impossibly tiny Lewis warmly belting out the glorious “Silver Lining” (watch the video here). Before they jetted off to their Conan appearance, the band hung around to chat and eat cupcakes. Pop stars — they’re just like us! Check out their latest record here.

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Blog Best-Of: Beckham’s Burlesque


posh_links.jpg- Victoria Beckham is rumored to be joining the Pussycat Dolls for a few performances. Going from the Spice Girls to PCD is like going from working the BunnyRanch to Hunt’s Point. Tragic. [Dlisted]

- Meg White‘s rep denies those sex-tape allegations chalking them up to “a very twisted sense of humor.” I’m more concerned about people’s eyesight than their sense of humor, but hey, that’s me. []

- The filming for the Sex and the City movie is underway. If we’re lucky, they’ll hold the sex. [CityRag]

- Lil Wayne adopts a Gollum-like stance for the cover of Vibe. He’s never looked more presssshhhhhusssssss! [Crunk + Disorderly]

- Sienna Miller is upset that nude photos of her have leaked. So is my stomach. [Seriously? OMG! WTF?]

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Ladies Love WHODINI


Ramping up for Hip Hop Honors, we spoke with each of this year’s heroes for our “Tales From the Road” series. We asked seminal hip hop group WHODINI to recall some of their craziest experiences on the road. The Brooklyn trio fondly remember playing Detroit, and each cops to some competitive boot-knockin’ that went on in Motor City. Check out the clip and find out who holds the record for the most conquests…in one evening.

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Rock of Love: Finale Forecast


The Rock of Love season finale airs Sunday, September 30 at 9PM ET. Will it be Heather or Jes that wins the all-access pass to Bret Michaels‘ heart and superstar lifestyle? Watch season highlights and sexy clips of the girls, check tons of pics, and then make your picks.

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Lindsay Lohan Breaks Up a Marriage


lindsaylohan0924.jpgMight as well face it you’re addicted to coke booze shopping dying your hair sex! Phew – there you have it. We knew Lindsay Lohan was still addicted to something, rehab or no rehab. We doubt this was advised in her group therapy sessions, but it looks like La Lohan is now hooked on home wrecking, after the wife of her alleged rehab romp has filed for divorced and cited the actress as the cause! Stephanie Allen has kicked her “rocker” husband Tony out, after he allegedly got it all up in Lindsay in the bathroom at Cirque Lodge. Stephanie is the heir to the McDonald’s container fortune (no joke) so you know she means business. Tony, front-man of the band Dead Stays Alive, has denied any sort of romance, and pics of him hanging with LiLo during rehab outings are strictly G-rated. But the divorce papers cite adultery as the cause for the split and use tabloid articles about his affair with Lohan as evidence.

Who needs evidence when dealing with LiLo!? She’d probably just lie and say the pants she was wearing weren’t her’s and Tony Allen just happened to be in them. [Image: Getty]

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I Love New York 2 – Casting Special!



A slew of I Love New York 2 Casting Special extras have hit VSPOT, and the personalities involved are so big that it’s shaping up to be a hell of a season. Flavor of Love / Charm School graduates Goldie and Shay “Buckeey” Johnson curate the spots as the producers travel to Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta and New York in hopes of finding men to compete for New York’s affection. Along the way, you’ll meet an Asian dude who goes by the name of “Big Johnson,” a self-professed “partying Indian,” a man who describes himself as “hood and a homeowner,” a father-son team, a guy who claims that “body and joint manipulation is my specialty” and a rather curious fellow who goes by the name “Mr. Bojangle” (no S!), looks like Sisqo and claims that New York “mentally called him” to the audition.

Below, check out one of the clips featuring a thirtysomething virgin and a retired male exotic dancer. Both are pleading to be on the show and both are as portly as they are entertaining.

The I Love New York 2 Casting Special airs Monday, Oct 1 at 9/8c on VH1.

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2007′s Best Hip-Hop Tracks (So Far…)


Lil’ MamaLil’ Mama‘s “Lip Gloss” made the summer afternoons a bit more fun (she be rubbin’ it) and the groove of T.I.‘s “Big Sh*t Poppin’” mowed down everything in its path. By now you know that we’re celebrating hip-hop history, but there are lots of dope tracks being dropped these days, right? We lined-up 20 of the best so far. Come see if your fave is on the list and tell us what’s missing. As T.I. himself sez: “may the best man win, pahdna.”

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The Hills’ Lauren & Audrina Strip Down


The Hills star Lauren Conrad and her sidekick Audrina took it all off for their recent Maxim photoshoot, and the results are almost as hot as a catty girlfight outside of Les Deux in Hollywood after a night of vodka tonics. The girls were probably sick of Heidi Montag‘s stick thin bod getting all the attention and wanted to do a little flaunting of their own. Check out video above of the sexiness – nothing beats Lauren throwing rose petals on a bed while dressed in a slinky camisole. Er, except Audrina in a skimpy bra. Justin Bobby approved, we’re sure! [Just Jared]

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Race Matters, With Adrianne Curry


adrianne_onrace.jpgIs Adrianne Curry the new Cornell West? Maybe! The VH1 Celebreality goddess has set the Internet on fire via her outspoken, somewhat curious views on race that she posted on her MySpace blog.

It all started Wednesday, when Adrianne took to the Internet, railing against Jesse Jackson‘s claim that Barack Obama was “acting like’s white.” Adrianne ranted (all sic, obviously): “For someone to take a jab at someone for not acting like “their race”, I think it proves that THEY ARE RACIST! (something I have always felt when watching Jesse Jackson)Let me just say that if I am expected to act a certain way because of my skin color, tell me what NOT to do! Like HELL if I am going to try to “act” like an Italian mut, or except anyone else who thinks that is OK. We are all brothers and sisters on this planet.” She concluded her post with some words about O.J. Simpson and added Morgan Freeman‘s branding of Black History Month as “ridiculous” as a sort of post script. And that’s when the real fun began!

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Could Britney’s Life Get Any Worse?


Of course it could! She could have uglier, faker extensions. She could – nope, that’s it. Her life has officially hit rock bottom over a 48-hour span. If you don’t believe us, check this shizz out:

  • Bad: On Friday that massive bodyguard, Tony Barretto, who served as a surprise witness in Brit’s custody battle revealed the gory details about life with the singer, which apparently included drug overdoses, whiskey kept in the pantry and her own made-up language. It’s-Ay Ritney-Bay, Itch-Bay!
  • Totes Bad: Also on Friday, she was charged with a hit and run after she rammed her Mercedes into a parked car in August (see video above). Brit was spotted that day leaving her lawyer’s office in tears.
  • Seriously Badtastic: That same bodyguard does a second interview and claims Brit talked about suicide and ate sushi for breakfast. Her craziness clearly has a range.
  • Possibly a Good Thing?: This weekend her lawyers and friends(she has friends?) apparently tried to get Britney back into rehab. She did leave LA this weekend, but is supposedly in Atlanta and not detoxing.
  • It Only Gets Worse: The bodyguard kept his blabbing going on The Today Show this morning. Stay in Atlanta, Brit! We hear the food their is really good fried. You’ll love it!

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