Boys to Men – Mission: Manband Episode 3 Recap


Mission: Man Band

Want to know what panic is? Panic is when you have 36 hours to prep for a performance during half-time at an Orlando Magic game and you don’t even have a song written yet, much less your dance moves down. Yes, that’s panic, but that’s also Mission: Manband, the show where it’s becoming increasingly obvious that Miss Kate, the band’s manager, is an expert in torture. Psychological torture. As Rich said, “I hope I can hear myself over all the boos.” Read more…

Naomi Rallies for Black Beauty


blackbeauty.jpg Naomi Campbell has spoken out on her perceived unfairness of the modeling industry: “It is a pity that people don’t appreciate black beauty.” She’s so right. Literary horses are an underrepresented minority in modeling. Fashion designers are no friends of Flicka, which is so dumb because, like, duh, horses have the best walks. And don’t even get me started on their impossibly sculpted bodies!

Kidding aside, Naomi’s raging against the industry-wide machine that favors white models over those of other races. “Black models are being sidelined by the major modeling agencies…I even get a raw deal from my own country. For example, I hardly come on the front pages of London’s Vogue magazine. Only white models, some of whom are not as prominent as I am, are put on the front pages…I don’t want to quit modeling until I find that black models get equal prominence and recognition by the world media and information instruments.”

This is…complicated. It seems bizarre that Naomi Campbell should be complaining about representation, when she’s arguably been the best-known supermodel in the world for the past 20 years. But, then again, she’s right: there’s a disproportionate amount of white models dominating the industry. The sad fact of the world is that many people see Caucasian features as the highest standard of beauty — although this lopsided (and racist) phenomenon has been somewhat eroded in mainstream media. And that’s saying nothing of the fact that Naomi is actually bi-racial, and regularly subscribes to those standards herself (colored contacts, straightened hair, etc.). And also? She has the capacity to care about anyone outside of herself? Hello, revelation! Ugh. My brain hurts. I need to go pet a horse and soothe myself. [Telegraph]

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J.Lo Wants To Kiss You in Paris



Jennifer Lopez samples Mr. Cheeks in the first single from her upcoming Brave disc, “Do It Well,” and with any luck, we’ll get to see her fame-spawning cheeks in the song’s clip. The David LaChappelle clip has yet to debut, but the New York Daily News has the details: it will find Lopez’s ass clad in leather, roaming an S&M club to find her son. That this has nothing to do with the song’s lyrics matters little, as long as we get to see J.Lo rocking a ball-gag. [New York Daily News]

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Lindsay’s Spa-Hab Vacation


La La La La Loser!There’s rehab, and then there’s rehab for Lindsay Lohan. The starlet has recently been spotted participating in such enjoyable activities as mountain biking, white water rafting, and hiking with her own personal canine companion. It seems the only thing she’s not doing these days is actually going to rehab. Her latest routine sounds strikingly similar to her time at spent at outside of the Wonderland treatment facility, where all Linds did was workout fifty times a day and cruise Venice Beach on bikes and roller-blades with pals. And we all know how effective those thirty days were. Poor Lindsay is probably just desperate for all the playtime and fun that she didn’t get as a child star. Play on, playa! And hey, if this stint doesn’t work, she can always try actually spending time in rehab next time. [Image: Getty]

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Flavor of Love 3: You Watch It


The Flavor of Love 3 casting special’s two-day online run has expired. But it was here and it was loved. Be sure to keep an eye out for future casting specials on VH1 and check out some screen shots from the special below:

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A Tribe Called Quest To Be Honored by VH1


A Tribe Called Quest
Attention Attention hip-hop heads: A Tribe Called Quest have just been added to the list of honorees at this year’s Hip Hop Honors ceremony, airing on VH1 on October 8th. Q-Tip, Phife Dogg and Ali Shaheed Muhammad will be hitting the stage with fellow honorees Missy Elliott and Snoop Dogg. In addition, the music’s hottest acts will be bowing at the altars of the film Wild Style and the musical style known as New Jack Swing. T.I., Ciara, Eve, Pharrell Williams, The Game, Timbaland, Bow Wow, Busta Rhymes, Common and Nick Cannon are all scheduled to perform.

Who are you most excited to see tear it up?

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Biz Beat-Boxes for Kids


Biz Markie!Few hip-hop artists do the human beat-box thing as well as Biz Markie. So consider it a boon for edutainment that the crazed old school MC was one of the artists who helped kick-off the new preschoolers show Yo Gabba Gabba! The Nick Jr. program has a decidedly hip slant. The Shins, Elijah Wood, Tony Hawk, Sean Kingston, and Rahzel all crop up on the first few episodes. Have a look at the Biz in action below, and take some time out of your day to enjoy his “Just a Friend” video over here.

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Paris Latches onto Entourage Star


adrien082107.jpgAdrien Grenier seems like an all around good guy. Sure he plays a Hollywood playboy on Entourage, but off screen all signs point to him being cool, down to earth and obviously pretty hot. He even gets bonus points for making a documentary about meeting his dad for the first time – cuz every lady loves a tearjerker. So why then is this environmentalist spending soooo much time with the unnatural disaster that is Paris Hilton? For someone who so far has only made pretty awesome life choices, it seems like bad judgment is finally plaguing the guy. The two have been spotted hanging out together 24/7 in Malibu, and he’s apparently covering her in some documentary he’s making. You know what that means – these two are totally, definitely, maybe, kind of getting it on. [TMZ, NY Daily News. Image: Getty]

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Foxy Gets Pregnant, Engaged & Arrested


Foxy Brown!It’s too bad Foxy isn’t promoting anything right now, cuz she’s got enough juicy bad press going at the moment to sell millions of albums. The rapper was arrested yesterday in New Jersey for giving false information to police after she was pulled over for failing to yield at a stop sign while driving her SUV. When she finally gave her correct info it was revealed that she was driving on a suspended license. She was taken into custody by the cops, given seven(!) traffic tickets and released with a court date in place.

Foxy was recently overheard telling someone that she is pregnant and getting married in September. Her future hubby should start chauffeuring her around or that baby better learn to drive real fast. Foxy needs a driver – and, apparently, a lawyer. [Image: Getty]

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