Angelina Continues Quest for Sainthood in Iraq


angelina082807.jpgWhile Brad was busy taking their babies out to lunch at tourist-y New York City restaurants, Angie jetted off to Syria on a humanitarian mission visiting refugee camps with the United Nations. Can’t you just feel the angel dust circling in the air around Her Holiness? She made it to Iraq today to meet with refugees who are fleeing the war-torn country. Angie described her mission in a statement: “I have come to Syria and Iraq to help draw attention to the humanitarian crisis and to urge governments to increase their support for UNHCR and its partners. My sole purpose in both countries is to highlight the plight of those uprooted by the war in Iraq.”

She neglected to mention her other, less-disclosed purpose – to forever make Jennifer Aniston look like a big, heartless loser. Now quickly, everyone bow at Angelina’s feet! [Image: Getty]

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Amy Winehouse’s In-Laws Beg for Boycott


amyvaca082807_2.jpgYup, that’s the latest plan presented by Amy’s hubby’s dad. He told the BBC on Tuesday that Amy’s “addiction and her behavior are not acceptable,” and suggested that fans send a message to the singer. “Perhaps it is time to stop buying records,” Giles Fielder-Civil said. “It’s a possibility, to send that message.”

Great idea, Pops. Kind of as smart as checking out of rehab, doing drugs with a call girl, getting in a big, bloody fight and then jetting to an undisclosed Bahamian island for some R&R. Cuz that’s exactly what Amy and her fellow addict/husband Blake Fielder-Civil are doing RIGHT NOW. See? They didn’t need an intervention – they needed a Bahamavention. [Image: Getty]

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Mellencamp To Make America Hurt So Good


john_mellencamp1.jpgJohn Mellencamp is always on the move. Dude just finished up a spooktastic musical with Stephen King (wha?), and now he might be coming to your town. The roots rocker has announced a string of dates in support of this year’s Freedom’s Road, a politically-charged disc that will undoubtedly prove action-packed in concert. Check the dates, and watch a string of his vids.

Oct. 26 Terre Haute, IN Hulman Center
Oct. 27 Champaign, IL Assembly Center
Oct. 28 Louisville, KY Freedom Hall
Oct. 30 Grand Rapids, MI Van Andel Arena
Nov. 1 Ft. Wayne, IN Memorial Coliseum
Nov. 2 Toledo, OH Seagate Centre
Nov. 3 Indianapolis, IN Conseco Fieldhouse
Nov. 6 Madison, WI Alliant Energy Center
Nov. 7 Mankato, MN Alltel Center
Nov. 9 Des Moines, IA Wells Fargo
Nov. 10 Sioux City, IA Tyson Events Center
Nov. 11 Omaha, NE Qwest Center
Nov. 14 Rockford, IL Metrocentre
Nov. 15 St. Louis, MO Scottrade Center

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Yep, He Did it: Owen’s Suicide Attempt Confirmed


owen082807.jpgJust in case there was any question about yesterday’s reports that Owen Wilson had tried to kill himself by popping some pills and slitting his left wrist, there is now official proof. The call log belonging to the Santa Monica Police Department lists Luke Wilson‘s 911 call emergency as “attempted suicide.” It was the younger Wilson brother who discovered Owen early Sunday afternoon.

As friends like Samuel L. Jackson head to the hospital to visit the troubled star, two movies that the star was working on are currently in limbo as Owen addresses his health needs. Tropical Thunder with Ben Stiller is set to start shooting in a couple of weeks, and Owen has also signed on to co-star alongside Jennifer Aniston in Marley and Me, which begins shooting in January. There is no word yet on if Wilson will still participate in these two films, but for now he’s probably right where he belongs – in “good condition” and resting at the hospital. [Variety. Image: Getty]

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Britney’s Kids Have Rotting Teeth


britney082807.jpgGood News: Britney got new, pretty blond extensions!

Bad News: The latest outlook on the Brit-cast is dark and stormy, ya’ll. A friend of the starlet’s got in a car accident trying to flee K-Fed’s cronies who showed up at his house to serve him with a subpoena. Her former manager, Larry Rudolph, is currently hiding out somewhere to avoid the same fate. His pal Ryan Seacrest said, “He’s actually on the run, if you will…he doesn’t want to say where he is and he doesn’t want to be served because he said it won’t be good for Britney.”

Brit’s also being investigated by the Department of Children and Family Services due to “allegations of poor dental hygiene, as well as poor eating and sleeping habits for her kids.” Apparently it may even be K-Fed who filed the complaint! There are two lessons to be learned here. Don’t marry a tool-ish backup dancer at twenty-three years old. Also, brush your kids teeth.

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Miss Teen South Carolina is Still Kinda Dumb


Check out Miss South Carolina’s appearance this morning on The Today Show. Obviously still a little nervous and mortified, she attempted to re-do her answer to the question she was asked Friday night at the Miss Teen USA Pageant, which has been viewed online more than 2 million times. The thing is, she doesn’t really answer the question, even though she’s now had 3 days to think about it! You may recall that Lauren Caitlin Upton was asked, “Recent polls have shown a fifth of Americans can’t locate the U.S. on a world map. Why do you think this is?”

Her answer today, while coherent, basically says “My friends and I know where America is on a map, so what the hell is wrong with all these dumb people?!” Right. If only they had whipped out a nice big map of the world and tested her 17-year old ass. She’d probably be pointing at The Iraq.

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Tuesday: Ashanti Packin’ the Pounds; Jessica Simpson Will Sing Anywhere


ashanti082807.jpgBritney’s No Dog Beater
The pop star has been cleared of charges that she was responsible for breaking her dog’s tiny leg. Now…what about those kids and their rotting teeth? [Us Weekly]

Ashanti: Overweight and in Hiding
Apparently the singer has gained so much weight she refused to be photographed at an event in San Diego. Check her out looking svelte (right) in June 2007 – she must have done some serious eating since then. [NY Post]

Cameron’s Got Another New Man
I think I know who’s bringing sexy back, and it ain’t Justin. His ex-girlfriend is getting it on all over NYC, and this week she’s linked to Alias star Bradley Cooper. Put your back into it, Cam! [E Online]

Jessica Simpson’s New Singing Gig
The Texan recently burst into song at a Louisiana restaurant, performing an impromptu mini-concert. Apparently, she will work for food. [A Socialite's Life]

Fight with Pal Turned Owen Suicidal
Actor Owen Wilson’s rumored suicide attempt was apparently spurred on by a big battle with a close friend. Let’s hope he’s getting some help - and cutting some peeps out if his life. [NY Post]

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Rock on TV – The Shortlist


houseparty.jpgJonesing for music on your television set? Don’t know what to watch? Love to see your favorite musicians tied up in absurd plots? Well, then, you’ve come to the right place, rockers! Check out our shortlist below. For more extensive listings, read VH1’s Rock on TV schedule daily.

House Party, 8:15 p.m. (EST), Cinemax: Before versions 2, 3 and, unbelievably, 4, there was this 1990 classic. More musical than movie, it starred Christopher Reid and Christopher Martin (aka Kid ‘N Play) in a story about high hair, neon pajamas and what happens when your dad grounds you just as you’re about to hook up some hot teenage action. The culture was innocent once, and young!

Charlie Rose with the Beastie Boys, 11 p.m. (EST) PBS: The three bad boys that you know so well keep Charlie company tonight. Will they talk about their new instrumental album? Will they wax eloquent about international politics? Will they announce plans to scuttle their hip-hop ambitions and live on a self-sustaining commune? One thing’s for sure: Charlie will be the equal of it. Has he ever been fazed by anything?

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The Rock Life Recap, Episode 5


Tony Potato
Tony Potato, the “fat guy who dances on a box,” according to Cisco, loses his job. The real job, that is. Apparently Tony’s commitment to the band was overshadowing his ability to practice law. It’s actually something of a blessing though, as now Tony feels he can dedicate himself more fully to the band. This statement is followed by severeal images from Tony’s day, which include (but are not limited to) Tony cooking, golfing, and chasing a ball around the pool. Read more…

Boys to Men – Mission: Manband Episode 4 Recap


Mission: Man Band
Last night’s Man Band was a cruel exercise in humiliation. When Miss Kate forced the guys to perform at the Orlando Magic half-time show against their will, that was one thing. Everyone was expecting to be booed. And booed they were. But when Miss Kate pointlessly, antagonistically made them listen to radio jocks tear their performance to shreds the following morning, that was something else. And when she made them watch a tape of the show, that was the camel that broke the straw’s back. Read more…