Evanescence Drummer eBays His Goodies


Evanescence_2Unceremoniously dismissed Evanescence drummer Rocky Gray is selling the six gold and platinum plaques he received with the band on eBay. Gray explained the decision as "just kinda cleanin’ house a little bit." Since management asked Gray to leave the band, along with guitarist John Lecompt, on May 5, Gray has been tight-lipped about his departure. Potential bidders will be happy to know that Gray, a.k.a. biggcrazy, has yet to receive any bids on the plaques (reserve price $500), though the transaction might be sketchy, as he’s yet to receive any feedback. In other Evanescence news, the band will continue touring with two new members formerly of Dark New Day, Troy McLawhorn and Will Hunt.

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Rock Honors: Get Your Tribute On


Gretchen_2Our Rock Honors bash went down in Vegas, and yes, the desert quaked. People have been wondering what classic songs both the honorees and tribute bands performed, and between now and the show’s airing on Thursday, May 24, we’ll clue you in one artist at a time.

First up: Heart. The Wilson sisters have quite a few jewels in their songbook. Up on stage, they tackled their own "Straight On," "Lost Angel," and "Crazy On You" (make sure you catch ‘em live this summer). By the end of next week, you’ll be able to see some of the performances here on the site. And the kicker: Gretchen Wilson connected with Alice in Chains for a wild romp through "Barracuda." See you Monday for song info on Genesis. 

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Police Blotter: Cops Spy on MCs, Eat Weed


Two stories from the world of law-enforcement. Cops gotta get their intel somewhere, but it’s still chilling to think that the comings and goings of hip-hop heroes such as Diddy, Jay-Z, and LL Cool J were monitored around the time of the Republican National Convention that was held in NYC.  Alicia Keys, too, dude. Now, what could that nice young lady do wrong?

Elsewhere, one man in blue lifted a bunch of pot from mind-altered scalawags, and instead of turning it into the evidence room, baked it up for himself and his honey. Then he called 911 because he thought he was dead. He wasn’t. It’s believed that Pink Floyd’s "Comfortably Numb" was involved as well.

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Blog Best-Of: Nicole’s Nastiness


Nicolerichie_links- Nicole Richie reportedly was a cranky diva on the set of The Simple Life. Looks like someone’s back on their diet! [A Socialite's Life]

- Dita Von Teese teases a vag-slip out. It’s not dirty, it’s burlesque. [Dlisted]

- T.I. goes gets sweaty with his alter-ego in his video for "Big Things Poppin’." He’s doing shirtless push-ups with himself, so does that make this homoerotic or masturbatory? [Crunk & Disorderly]

- Tyra Banks says, "I’m very interested in adoption, even before it was hot." So, just so you know: Tyra Banks’ bleeding heart is cooler than yours. [Bossip]

- Raunchy Christina Aguilera gets OK to perform in conservative China. Or, as she calls it, Va-China. [Hollywood Rag]

The Celebreality Interview – Courtney



While booting Courtney on Sunday’s episode of Charm School, Mo’Nique told the budding comedian, "Let the ladies who really need it, get it." Truer words have rarely been spoken on the show. Courtney is poised, witty and down-to-earth. In other words, she has charm to spare.

After the jump, Courtney talks about her elimination ("That was some bulls***!"), her upcoming time on the road with Mo’Nique and why wet panties make the world a better place.

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Five Alive!: Win Tickets to Maroon 5



What’s better than streaming Maroon 5‘s new album It Won’t Be Soon Before Long an entire week before it comes out? How about having them play it live, for you. That’s right — we’re giving you the opportunity to win two tickets to the Cali quintet’s intimate club show in the city of your choosing. And there won’t be just one winner — we’re choosing nine winners to see Adam and crew with a guest. Enter here!

Help Madonna Save Earth


Madonna “Hey You” is a new Madonna song, which sounds distinctly Christmas-y — surprising, since it was produced by Pharrell. But whatever, and we’ll save lap dance puns for the next time Madonna winds up at a strip club for research. It’s available online now to download for free, legally, as part of the promotion for Al Gore’s Live Earth bonanza, the seven-continent-concert that’s going to go down July 7th. Madge will perform “Hey You” as part of Live Earth, but don’t download the track just to memorize the lyrics. Get it now because for each of the first million downloads, MSN will donate 25 cents to the Alliance for Climate Protection. Nice work, Madonna.

Thursday: Lohan Screams and Scratches


Lohan’s Boy Toy Makes Her Scream
Lindsay allegedly tore Calum Best’s clothes after he collected phone numbers from models. You can’t treat a Mean Girls like that and get away with it! [New York Post]

Did ‘Idol’ Censor Sanjaya?
The show rejected claims that the Ponyhawk wasn’t allowed to sing Janis Joplin’s "Mercedes Benz" because Ford was sponsoring the show. [MSNBC]

Britney’s Boyfriend Back in Rehab
Does Howie Day prefer rehab to watching Spears lip-synch? [Life & Style]

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Finally, Some Good News for Paris


Paris_goodnewsIn a crushing blow to all who believe in justice and light, it has been announced that Paris Hilton may end up serving just 23 days in jail — roughly half of her 45-day sentence. Nooooooo! Whyyyyy?

Well, actually, there’s a rational explanation: "Under Los Angeles county regulations she will receive good behavior credits at the start of her sentence. Provided she behaves well, she could be released after 23 days," reports a mouthpiece for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Still, I ask: Nooooooo! Whyyyyy?

While the reduced-sentence is still up in the air, what is for sure is that Paris will be kept in a "special-needs housing unit," away from the general population of the prison. And so, it turns out that Paris has every right to act entitled because, clearly, she is entitled.

All together now: Nooooooo! Whyyyyy? [AFP/Yahoo! / Image credit: Getty]

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