Lindsays Waves Goodbye to Rehab, Hello to Sin City


Lindsay071607 The Mean Girl is finally free! After 45 days of rehab (complete with MySpace love letters, a birthday party in bad shoes, and lots of AA meetings) Lindsay Lohan has walked out of Promises Treatment Facility a clean woman. And where did she immediately head to celebrate her sobriety? Las Vegas. But don’t you worry – LiLo may have hit up nightclub Pure to celebrate her assistant’s birthday, but there was only water and Red Bull on hand for the rehabbed starlet. And to convince you doubters out there, Linds is going to be sporting an alcohol monitoring bracelet (which conveniently does not track cocaine snortage) as proof that she’s staying sober when surrounded by booze.

The starlet is beginning her new outpatient treatment with drama already on the horizon. In an online chat with blogger CelebSlam, a p*ssed off LiLo revealed that naked photos of her taken by Calum Best have been stolen off her computer and that she’s got her lawyers on the job. Poor Lindsay – millions of dollars in the bank and yet she can’t seem to find a hacker-proof computer. Still, can’t we just leave the starlet alone for a second so she can get her sh*t straightened out? If she has some space she’s sure to do something uber-insane again. And really, how much more bare, freckled skin do we need to see?

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Monday: Paris Has a Playdate; Snoop Snags Reality Show


Paris071607 Brangelina Brood Leaves Prague
Bony Saint Angelina, Papa Pitt, and their tiny crew of kids boarded a private jet out of Prague this weekend. Are they headed home to New Orleans or could they be off to adopt another tot? [Just Jared]

Paris: G-Rated Sleepover with Pals
Paris invited friends to a weekend sleepover at her fave Beverly Hills Hotel bungalow where the group chowed on grilled cheese sandwiches and strawberry shakes and watch old movies. [NY Post]

Simon Blasts Kelly Clarkson
Idol judge Simon Cowell went after Kelly Clarkson, following her attack on aging label head Clive Davis. Does the embattled pop star have any friends left in the business? [TMZ]

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Rock of Love: Let the Comments Begin!



Depending on your taste, our new dating-based elimination show with Poison frontman Bret Michaels is a sexy turn on or an animalistic turn off. Or maybe it’s a combination of both. Regardless of how you feel about Rock of Love, it would be hard to call the show boring — from the elimination in the first act to the impromptu pole dancing to a whole lot of crazy talk. Let us know what you make of all this insanity right now and stay tuned for our official recap!

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The Weekly Wrap-Up: Paris’ Pants, Beyoncé’s BFF, Lindsay’s Love Letters


Beckhams300x400    Beyonce300x400    Busta300x400    Lindsay300x400

Diddy300x400_2    Sienna300x400

    Jessica300x400    Fergie300x400_2


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Blog Best-Of: Lindsay’s Language


Lindsay_links2- Lindsay Lohan supposedly argues with a blogger over Gmail chat. We are so jealous! It’s not everyday you get insulted by, cursed at and begged to be left alone by a superstar! [Celebslam]

- Nicole Richie gets down and dirty about penis preference. It’s her mind that’s dirty, not the penis, FYI. [Dlisted]

- Mariah Carey and Hilary Duff duke it out over who has the best butt. Who wins? We do. [CityRag]

- Reggie Bush says he and Kim Kardashian are “just friends.” He’s just getting to know her ass. It’s going to take a while. [Bossip]

- Jessica Biel gets all frilly for the premiere of the I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. Looks like someone has found something more exquisite than Queen Anne’s Lace! Finally! [Just Jared]

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Jermaine Dupri: Moving Out of Janet’s Way



Jermaine Dupri has revealed that his girlfriend Janet Jackson is following in his footsteps by moving from Virgin Records (where Jermaine was the president of the urban-music department and where Janet has been releasing records since 1993′s janet.) to Island Def Jam. Unlike with Janet’s flop 2006 album 20 Y.O., Jermaine, now the president of Island Records Urban Music, says he’s keeping his hands off her next album:

She’s on Island, but it’s more or less [Def Jam CEO Antonio "L.A." Reid's] project. I let him deal with that on a day-to-day basis…I don’t really know what he’s got in mind at this point. His past record isn’t shabby so I’m going to let him do what he’s going to do. I’m going to do [the new] Mariah [Carey album], and we’re going to make it seem like we’re in competition to see who’s going to have the biggest album of the year.

While the release of Janet’s next disc is as yet unknown, Mariah’s follow-up to The Emancipation of Mimi has been tapped for a Nov. 20 release. The two titan divas going head-to-head is an exciting prospect, however, I get the feeling that this could all be settled with a few rounds of mud wrestling or foxy boxing. They both have the boobs for it.

But really, Jermaine is widely blamed for the failure of 20 Y.O. His lack of involvement could be the best thing for Janet’s career since getting those ribs removed liposuction she became, like, really hot via a sensible diet and strenuous exercise. [ / Image credit: Getty]

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Brit and K-Fed: Snoopin’ on Each Other


There’s no trust left in this crumbled marriage. Both Britney and Kevin have allegedly hired private investigators to dig up dirt to use against each other in their messy custody battle. And though it would be adorable and we’re sure Brit considered it – the snoops are not Jayden James and Sean Preston. So what have they learned? According to Kevin’s spy, Britney has a booze runner who goes out and picks up her bottles so no one spots her at the liquor store. Now this IS something she’s having her kids do, natch. She also reportedly walks around the house naked and doesn’t care who sees her. Come on Kev - is anyone really looking?

The naked pop star got a big pile of dirt on her ex too. Her spy reportedly says K-Fed boozes with pals, smokes mounds of marijuana, and brings home ladies galore for one night stands. How fatherly! This is parenting at its best, folks. The judge in their custody battle should do the right thing and just keep those two kids for himself. It’s doubtful Sean and JJ enjoy being shuttled between CheetoLand and the poor man’s Playboy mansion. Poor little tots. Now go get Mommy some Schnapps! [Splash News]

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Only the Strong Survive: World Series of Pop Culture Recap


Last night saw yet another evening of intense trivia from the 2007 World Series of Pop Culture. In the first round, Wocka Wocka took on They’re Real & They’re Spectacular — and kicked some serious ass. In the second, El Chupacabra failed to dominate Fragilay and were promptly booted from the stage. Pop culture is brutal, yo. For all your in-depth recapping needs, check the most excellent World of Pop blog and test your own knowledge with some of their games. And remember, the action continues Monday night at 9 p.m. on VH1. Get nerdy!

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