50 Cent: Maybe Snorting, But Probably Not


We were all excited to enjoy this video of 50 Cent allegedly caught snorting a big ol’ pile of coke on Croatian television. But after giving it a watch, all we learned was that Croatian newscasters look like old anthropology professors and can’t afford wireless mics. Is 50 Cent snorting coke in the video? Maybe. It’s kinda hard to even tell because he appears to be in a blue jacket at first, but then appears in a white t-shirt to talk to Professor Crazy Hair (some bloggers say he took off the coat prior to chatting). And really, couldn’t he also be praying, playing cards, looking at a magazine, dissecting a frog or checking out a treasure map? Hellz yes. His rep also released a statement which said:

“These are the facts:
50 Cent does NOT drink alcohol.
50 Cent does NOT smoke.
50 Cent does NOT do drugs.”

Take a look and make up an answer that you like, because he really could be doing anything. Personally, I think he’s looking at a picture of Britney Spears’ pores through a tiny microscope. Cuz not every celebrity has to have a penchant for drug-induced nosebleeds. [Bossip]

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Angels on the Runway


If you caught the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last night, you know there was no shortage of eye candy. Adriana Lima, Heidi Klum, the Hills girls, Posh, Seal, Will.I.Am, and Hayden Panettiere swam in the sea of models at this glamorous event.

photo_20×9.gif Click for more Spice Girls and Angel Wings

Dig The DVDs: Superbad, The O.C., The Wire


Superbad – Extended Cut
With Superbad, Seth Rogen came into his own to claim the crown as this year’s comedy kingpin. He and frequent partner Evan Goldberg wrote the script in hopes of capturing the quintessential high school movie, in which three loser teens try to score alcohol to impress some girls at a party. Of course, things go south quickly. One of their clique, Fogell, whose fake ID claims Hawaiian heritage and the single-name moniker “McLovin’,” is accosted in a stick-up at the local store. The responding cops (Rogen and Saturday Night Live‘s Bill Hader) take him under their drunk-driving-wing, while the others are forced to steal beer from the violent host of another party. All ends in disaster for the boys, but not for the audiences, who are treated to verbal pyrotechnics worthy of Richard Pryor. Michael Hill, Michael Cera, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Rogen and Hader share an easy camaraderie, and have unparalleled ad-libbing skills. A literate and incredibly funny, if also X-rated, display.

The O.C. – The Complete Series Collection
Chrismukkuh is here, so it’s a good time for people of all faiths to absorb the antics that impressed the TV nation back when Josh Schwartz‘s SoCal soap made its initial dent. Every generation needs its Dallas (seen Dirty, Sexy, Money?), and the gorgeous young people of Newport Beach wove in and out of each others lives (and beds) on a regular basis. The 92 episodes on these 28 discs contain all the haughtiness, conniving, and angst that an uppercrust bedroom community can muster. But there was always something mildly romantic about the turns taken by Seth Cohen and his pals. The polar opposite of Judd Apatow’s Freaks & Geeks crowd, they wrung their very privileged hands over innumerable decisions (stay or go, stay or go?), flaunted their LaCoste sophistication, and reflected all the teenage worries that their viewers though t they too, were experiencing themselves. Why do you think all that hyper poignant pop music made it to the soundtrack each week? Long live melodrama. Long live Marissa.

This mega box is the bomb, an O.C. universe loaded with outtakes, bloopers, widescreen shows, beach couture featurettes, and star commentary. Some zealots find an embarrassment of riches the only option. California here we come!

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Wednesday: Lindsay’s Love Leftovers


lindsay-1205.jpgLindsay Hungry for Hilton’s Ex
LiLo satiates her need for booze and drugs with men – specifically Paris Hilton’s. We like these 12 steps! [NYP]

Dave Chapelle’s Six Hour Stand Up Act
The prolific stand-up broke his own record of doing stand-up for 6 hours and 7 minutes, clocking in at 6 hours and 12 minutes. We hope it was one long joke about walking away from $50 million. [Yahoo]

Posh Spice: “I’m a gay man!”
Victoria Beckham hates all other celebs who attempt a perfume line but excuses herself, claiming she’s “camp” and “such a gay man.” Which has what to do with her crappy scent? [NYP]

Britney: Lames Excuses in Court
The driving machine used her kids’ safety as an excuse to block court records from social workers. Since when does she have safety in mind anyway? Only when it helps her, apparently. [NYP]

Dennis Quaid Sues Drug Firm Over OD
The actor and his wife are suing a pharmaceutical company over the drug that was accidentally given to their newborn twins in large, toxic doses. [People]

Blog Best-Of: Pimp’s Passing


pimp_c_links.jpg- R.I.P. Pimp C. [CONCRETELOOP]

- The financial failure of Jay-Z‘s American Gangster reportedly caused major layoffs at Def Jam. But you know he still got paid. Why? Because he’s gangster. [Sandra Rose]

- Kate Hudson is covered in white fur. Has she been rolling around with Owen Wilson again? [Jezebel]

- Sherri Shepherd said on The View that “nothing predates Jesus.” Hey, Sherri: that Bible you’re thumping contains a little section called the OLD TESTAMENT. Just a tip. [Dlisted]

- Speaking of, nothing predates Aretha Franklin in yellow chiffon. Well, nothing that matters anyway. [Crunk + Disorderly]

America’s Most Celebratoriest Models



Last night, members of the cast of America’s Most Smartest Model got together to celebrate the series at Winston’s in Los Angeles. Clearly, their spokesmodeling skills have improved a bit since the show.

Shots of the models, Mary Alice Stephenson, Ben Stein and attendees such as Adrianne Curry, Christopher Knight and Carmen Electra follow:

[Images courtesy of Amanda Edwards/Elevation Photo]

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Pop Up Video Is Back!



Want to know which classic-loving rocker wrote Madonna‘s sexually charged hit “Justify My Love”? Why was Bruce Springsteen kicked out of community college? The answers to these and other questions are contained within the mystical vaults of Pop-Up Video, available from now on here. You read that right: We’re making the classic VH1 show available online, which will undoubtedly improve your cocktail conversation and decrease your work productivity. Get busy watching!

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Smartest Model‘s Mary Alice Stephenson: Down to the Final Three



Mary Alice Stephenson, co-host of America’s Most Smartest Model, is a fashion industry insider whose smart looks and smart tongue control her show’s pretty people. Each week we talk with her about issues on the show. This time the subjects are Brett’s dirty mouth, Rachel’s overall collapse and — what else? — V.J.’s sneaky-sneaky behavior.

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Britney Needs Booty, Drunk Dials K-Fed


britneyspears1204.jpgFinally – proof that Britney Spears is a HUMAN! The always-wasted singer apparently wanted a little Federlove for her birthday (what, $30,000 in furs wasn’t enough?) and made a call to her ex asking him to join her in celebrating her b-day. She wanted some ex sex! A source revealed that Brit had to use pal Paris’ phone because she couldn’t find her own (too many mojitos, maybe?). A source revealed that, “She begged him to come out with her, [but] Kevin reminded her that one of them needed to be a parent and take care of the boys. Then she hung up on him. Kevin said she was drinking.”

Is the Fed-love really that good? It’s too bad Kevin wasn’t at Brit’s recent video shoot, because maybe that would have motivated her to go. Britney almost bailed on the shoot, and only went – 12 hours late – when she learned that her label was going to give it to another singer on the label. Not wanting to be outdone by eager up and comer, Samantha Jade, Brit got off her ass and schlepped to the vid. Who knew they could repurpose shoots like that? Sounds like Jive isn’t willing to let Britney waste their money anymore. [NYP. Getty]

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