Heidi Copies Lauren with a Clothing Line


heidi-montag-1127.jpgObviously if a clothing line is “designed” by a celebrity, it just makes us regular peeps want to buy it more. Because knowing that Sarah Jessica Parker or Nicky Hilton stared at a shirt for a few seconds just makes it that much more awesome, amazing and stylish. I mean these people know fashion. They wear clothes, so obviously they should be able to design them, right? And now, resident Hills frenemy Heidi Montag has decided to follow in the footsteps of her former BFF-turned-designer Lauren Conrad, and give her own clothing line a go! She tells People, “It’s going to be called Heidiwood, and I’m so excited I can’t even tell you!”

Oh my god! That name is so brilliant, so original, that we’re so excited we can’t even tell you! What else, Heidi? “I want all my fans to be able to buy it. I want to bring that fashionable clothing line down to a price range where people can actually afford it.”

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Tuesday: Check Out Paris Hilton’s Butt!


paris-hilton-1127.jpgFoxy Brown Ditches Cell with Good Behavior
The jailed rap star was allowed to leave solitary confinement early due to her good behavior. Really? [TMZ]

Paris Wears Underwear to Lunch
P, her sis Nicky and pregnant pal Nicole Richie all met for lunch, and Paris wore a slip with stockings and not much else. If she is that desperate for attention maybe she should try covering up. Then we’d actually be shocked. [Just Jared]

Britney Gets Babies for X-Mas
K-Fed generously gave Brit their kids for Christmas after he got the boys on Thanksgiving. He just wants to get sloshed in peace this holiday season. [NYDN]

Madonna Won’t Let Her Hubby Fail

Madge is reportedly doing damage control for her man’s new movie after it got panned by British critics. She should just show them one of her flops and Guy’s flick will look a lot better. [NYDN]

Dancing with the Stars Disappoints
The finale of everyone’s fave show was a flop, because the celeb dancers kinda suck. Eh, Jennie Garth could have told ya that. [Us]

Behind The Shot: Episode 4 Recap




Were you stoked for yesterday’s episode of The Shot? In the last installment, the contestants were asked to capture motion, and they did — with varying degrees of success. First, there was a volleyball shoot with enticing blondes on the beach, and then there was a trampoline. Complex. And therein lies the core of the show, which pits 10 up-and-coming fashion photographers against each other for the chance to win $100,000, a spread in Marie Claire, and a Victoria’s Secret campaign — all the while being judged by a he-Tyra with an Australian accent, Russell James. Catch up on what you missed: Check the recap below.

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Klum’s Krazy TaTas


Or as Heidi herself refers to ‘em, knockers. It’s always good to be lighthearted about the “sexy time” parts of our bodies, so hats-off to silly supermodel Heidi Klum and the video that hit the Web just before Thanksgiving (t*ttie-loving boys and girls everywhere had extra reason to give thanks this year). Like other parts of the male and female anatomy, breasts can be imagined as a variety of things. Deadly machine guns weren’t on the top of our list until Klum clued us in.

Britney Fills Baby Void With More Babies


britney-pregnant-1126.jpgSeeing as China just welcomed Paris Hilton to their fair land, we doubt they would have a problem with Britney Spears paying them a visit. But let this be a warning to our communist pals – BritBrit is coming and she wants your babies! Yes, the world’s most unnatural disaster is rumored to be looking to adopt a set of twins from China, and has told pals that she is in the “final stages of talks with an adoption agency.” Britney must be having a great time explaining her love of driving kids around in her lap to the adoption officials! Apparently Britney is devastated by the current custody loss of her two sons, which is obvious to the human eye by the amount of time she spends tanning and drinking Starbucks. That’s a woman who misses her kids! Her two new potential tots are actually six-years old, which probably means Britney just wants them cuz they’re old enough to be her pals. Lets be real – at six they’ve got the same level of emotional maturity as Brit (if not more) and they’ll be so much fun to watch High School Musical with! She’ll probably try to dress them in fishnets and drag them out dancing. And they’ll have to say yes – afterall, she’s the mom. Gulp. [NOTW. Image: Getty]

Bindi Irwin Raps, Makes Us Uncomfortable


bindi-irwin.jpgWhile you were busy making a sandwich out of leftover turkey and pecan pie, Bindi Irwin – the adorable spawn of the late, great Crocodile Hunter – was busy rapping on the Today Show in a pair of khaki capris. Watch the whole song and dance here and get ready to have a song about grizzlies and pandas stuck in your head for a week. Backed up by a surely depressed posse of male dancers/singers, lil’ Bindi breaks down humankind’s destruction of the animal planet one awkward dance move at a time. If we weren’t so strangely charmed by the girl we’d be totally horrified. But something inside us tells us we have to be nice about this horrible kiddie career move (and whatever other disasters may follow) until she turns 16 – or winds up coked up and riding a croc through the streets of LA. Whatever comes first. [Jezebel. Image: Getty]

Tyra Looks Fierce Doin’ It Without a Wig


Tyra Banks is the sh*t. Seriously. If you don’t get off on her spazzing about the wonders of vaseline in a mock Oprah moment or testing fake hair with a fan, there is something wrong with you. Trust. Check out our fave Tyra moment above if you’re a non-believer. She brings the world the best in trash TV, while trying to hide it behind some sort of meaningful facade. This makes her kind of brilliant because we buy it all, from the Top Model marathons to the vagina puppet. Yes, Tyra is the master of our TiVo. So it was pretty disappointing to learn that the woman who reps all things fierce (or so she says) is allegedly too freaked out to get it on with dudes because she’s afraid guys won’t like her without her wig on. A source says that “Tyra is a confident woman for the most part, but she is really insecure about her hair. She doesn’t want any guy to see her without her wigs or hair extensions. Tyra feels like guys are with her for her image that they see on TV and in magazines. If one wakes up without her glamorous hair, she’s worried he may not call back!”

We have a hard time believing that the woman who is so comfortable with everything goin’ on “down there” can’t handle her own hair. That’s not our Tyra! If a man is givin’ her beef about how she look sans extensions, girlfriend needs to put on that brown bathing suit and give him a piece of her mind. For the love of all things fierce!

Paris Hilton Dumbs Down China


parishilton-1126.jpgThis Thanksgiving I gave thanks to Paris Hilton, for being beautiful, sure; but mostly just for being wonderfully stupid. Yes friends, that dead turkey you deep-fried and devoured last Thursday has more brain power than our rich, perfume-hawking princess, and she wants the whole world to know! Paris was in China doing whatever it is that she does for that job of hers (posing, smiling, spending, and swapping fluids with dudes, probably) and was blown away by the stylistic modernity of Shanghai. “Shanghai looks like the future!” she declared of her surroundings, which was, at the time, a Hyatt Hotel where her press conference was being held.

Ladies and gentlemen, Paris Hilton has seen the future and it’s full of polyester, neon lighting, and crappy framed photographs of world landmarks. But rest assured – there will be sleep number beds for all! [Ok! Images: Getty]

Check out more pics below of Paris partying, sightseeing and clutching a stuffed panda bear while roaming the streets in China.

More Driving Don’ts from Britney Spears


If we told you that Britney ran a stop sign, would you be surprised? How about three stop signs – in a row? Still not surprised, right? Yeah, neither are we. But what’s even less surprising is that there’s video of her dumb driving, and we’ve got it for you above! Because you know that whatever Britney does, it must be documented on tape. Britney waxes her moustache? On tape. Britney clogs the toilet? Gotta film that! No matter how small the dirty deed, regardless of how boring it is, it must be captured for the masses to see! Because as we all know, she does everything wrong. You think her driving is bad? You should see the girl sleep. And at the rate the paparazzi is going, we will, soon. [via Us Weekly]