Lindsay’s Sober Birthday Celebration


The starlet gathered family and friends
at a beach-front bungalow in Malibu yesterday for her 21st birthday bash, where the paparazzi caught Lindsay hanging with boozey ex Calum Best while dressed only in a bikini and the world’s nastiest pair of bright blue heels. Friends brought pricey gifts for the rehabbing actress, as they snacked and played volleyball while DJ and Lilo pal Samantha Ronson spun records. Fellow sobriety fan DJ AM stopped by, as did  her mom Dina (Cartier gift in hand), and Lindsay captured the festivities  – and the paps – on her giant camera. The party starting winding down around 2am and Lindsay ended her big day right where she had started it, at Promises Treatment Center. Pure Nightclub – eat your heart out.

Tuesday: Lindsay’s Movin’ Out; Paris is a Sucky Surfer


LiLo Moves Out of Party Apartments
Sources say Lindsay has slowly been moving belongings out of her place in LA’s Sierra Apartments, home to wild parties and stars such as Fred Durst, Matthew Perry, and her ex Harry Morton. [NY Daily News]

Drew Locks Lips with Zach Braff
Ms. Barrymore was spotted all over NYC this weekend, making out at various downtown hot spots with resident singleton and Mandy Moore ‘s ex, Zach Braff. [Gawker]

The Hills’ LC Scores Paris’ Ex
It’s sloppy seconds for the Teen Vogue intern and reality star, as she’s caught leaving an LA nightclub holding hands with Josh Henderson, Paris’ pre-clink cutie. [NY Daily News]

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Blog Best-Of: Mariah’s Mirror


Mariah_links- Mariah Carey checks herself out by looking into a mirror onstage. She’s so vain that she should change her name from “Mimi” to “Me! Me!” [Yeeeah!]

- Nicole Richie carries a pillow in front of her at an airport. She’s either hiding her baby bump or showing us a simple way that she can disappear. Either way: magical. [Dlisted]

- A newly hunky Adam Sandler is shot outside of his Beverley Hills pad wearing boxers and nothing else. This is guerrilla marketing for I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. Today’s target audience: boys who like beefcake. []

- Lindsay Lohan gets an iPhone. But wouldn’t a Razr have been more useful to her (and her nose)? [Best Week Ever]

- Lauryn Hill talks about her extended break the music scene. And talks. And talks. Apparently, absence makes the windedness grow longer. [CONCRETELOOP]

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Sexy Vegas B-Day for Lady Pam



So Lindsay didn’t blow out the candles in Glitter Gulch. Pam Anderson did. Lady Pam celebrated her 40th birthday in the quiet desert town of Las Vegas, Nevada yesterday. What better way to enjoy the landmark occasion than with a see-through top and your porn-tape ex by your side? As most entertainment vulture’s know, Pam’s in town working for her magic man, Hans Klok, who gave her a rare Houdini book. Well, well, 40, imagine that – though as d-listed noticed, there are certain parts of the Baywatch babe that are only a decade old.

Question: Did Kid Rock at least send a telegram?

The Celebreality Interview – Saaphyri



Whether you agree with her victory or not, you have to give it up for Saaphyri’s determination and unique spirit. Like the most memorable Celebreality characters (such as New York), Saaphyri has her own distinct way of communicating — the stuff that comes out of her mouth is all hers. She blessed us exclusively with her unique insight, unflinching honesty and quirky sense of humor. After the jump, Saaphyri talks about winning Charm School, her plans for the $50,000, her thoughts on Shay and Larissa, her gigantic boobs and the drag queen who helped her become the woman she is today. The fierceness starts as soon as you click:

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Oh No They Didn’t: Monday’s Review Rage


Every week we round up selections from the funniest, most obscene and brutal film criticism out there so that you don’t waste your cash at the theaters and laugh a little at Hollywood’s expense. This week: The over-long eardrum-shattering special-effects bonanza otherwise known as Transformers.

"A 17-year-old of my acquaintance assures me the fight will give ‘nerdgasms’ to diehard Transformers fans. The younger ones, at any rate. Older viewers may hope their popcorn cup will magically transform into a container of Advil." – The Toronto Star

"To call [director] Michael Bay a hack is sort of like saying Woody Allen is neurotic or Jack Nicholson doesn’t give a f*ck. It’s such a well-worn Hollywood truism, it doesn’t necessarily need repeating." – The New York Post

"[Transformers is] part car commercial, part military recruitment ad, a bumper-to-bumper pileup of big cars, big guns and, as befits its recently weaned target demographic, big breasts." – The New York Times

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Kelly Rowland: Charm School‘s #1 Fan


Mskelly It’s a big week for Kelly Rowland, who’s album, Ms Kelly, drops tomorrow. The other big event this week? The Charm School finale. That’s right: Stars — they’re just like us. They watch Charm School. "I’m obsessed with that show. I haven’t seen it in three weeks and I really need to get up to speed with what’s going on. I need to know what happened! I need to know what happened to Boots!" Find out what else Miss Rowland had to say when she checked in with us.

Timbaland Getting His Gold Watch Soon?


Timba_2 Uber-producer Timbaland is throwing in the towel. In a recent interview with Gigwise, Tim (real name Timothy Mosley) bemoaned the state of the music industry, stating: “Music is boring right now. I’m too innovative for the world.” Tim then goes on to explain how he’ll “de-crown” himself and let some of the up-and-comers have a shot. “They won’t be able to be me,” Tim explains. “There’s only one Timbaland.” We here at put Tim’s retirement party sometime after he finishes touring with Justin Timberlake, produces Madonna’s album, and quits writing all those songs with Simon LeBon for the new Duran Duran record. Which is pretty much never. We’re also elevating Tim to orange on our “Egomanic Alert” guide, for referring to himself in the third person.

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Brit’s Still Stubborn; Imus To Return?


Brit’s Mom: Come To Our Cookout!

She wants her crew-cut daughter to come to the family bash in Louisiana on the Fourth of July. Will the singer make an appearance? [People]

Imus Heading Back To Radio?
The I-man might be back quicker than you think. Rumors are floating that his return to WFAN is just around the corner. Buy or sell? [Post Chronicle]

Spice Girls Bickering Already?
Two days after announcing their tour, there are already rumors of behind-the-scenes cat fights. Will the girls ever make it to the stage? [TMZ]

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T.I.: Start Making Sense!



Clifford Harris, the man best known heretofore as T.I., has been flapping his gums about his new album T.I. vs. T.I.P. (out Tuesday) for almost a year, but it’s just now that he’s really spelling out the record’s complicated concept. He’s given his most succinct words on the subject to the New York Daily News, and yet, what he’s talking about is still anyone’s guess. Try, just try, to wrap your head around this:

"I think T.I.P. thinks T.I. is a little too concerned with fame and stardom. And T.I. thinks T.I.P. is too concerned with the way we used to live rather than the way we need to live right now. Both of these individuals reside within Clifford Harris. He just pretty much sits back and watches the show."

Which is to say: nonsense! The only difference between T.I. and some homeless schizophrenic man feeding pigeons on a park bench, ranting about the voices in his head is that T.I. is being paid to talk about his crazy. The homeless man gives it for free. After listening to T.I.’s album, it’s clear that the homeless man offers the better bargain. [New York Daily News]

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