Tila Tequila Talks About Bull Penis, Michael’s Genital Waxing and Why She Doesn’t Like Virgins [Part 1]


Finally, Tila Tequila, you’ve granted our wishes. How we’ve longed to speak with you! In our first installment of the heavenly conversation we enjoyed with you, we discussed a variety of matters pertinent to your television spectacle: eating bull penis, Michael’s testicle-waxing excursion, and why innocent youngsters don’t move at your speed. Fascinating, Tila. We look forward to hearing from you again, next Tuesday. In the meantime, consider us smitten. Interview after the jump.

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Smartest Model‘s Mary Alice Stephenson: Daniel’s Birthday Surprise


Mary Alice Stephenson
, co-host of America’s Most Smartest Model, is a fashion industry insider whose smart looks and smart tongue control her show’s pretty people. Each week we talk with her about issues on the show. This time the subjects are the way Daniel crumbled under pressure, Angela’s excuses and how V.J. sailed through the whole episode, looking pretty.

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The VH1 Blog Interview – Daniel



After the jump, the latest contestant booted from America’s Most Smartest Model talks about being targeted by his castmates, his drunken rant and why it’s better to be America’s smartest model than America’s most smartest model.

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Blog Best-Of: Ne-Yo’s No-Go


neyo_links.jpg- Ne-Yo gets dropped from R. Kelly‘s tour. Like many of Kells’ exes, he seems pissed off. [Crunk + Disorderly]

- Julia Roberts parks in a handicapped spot. Fame is so crippling! [CityRag]

- Lily Allen‘s drunk again. Or should that be “…still”? [Jezebel]

- American Idol alum Constantine Mouralis performs at a Stein Mart in Ohio. That show never stops churning out the stars, huh? [Dlisted]

- Pam Anderson isn’t wearing a wedding ring because of the prevalence of blood diamonds. She is, after all, vegetarian. [Seriously? OMG! WTF?]

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Britney: Cherry Poppin’ at Fourteen?


britney-coverjpg.jpgUs Weekly has Britney back on their cover this week, and amazingly she’s looking a lot better than she has in recent months! Oh wait – a slower look has revealed to us that the girl on the cover is Britney from about 15 years ago. Whoops. They really had our hopes up there for a second! The mag is accusing Britney of faking her squeaky clean, virginal image from years past and alleges that she lost her virginity at the age of 14 to her hometown love Reg Jones. That whole purity thing with Justin Timberlake was supposedly all a scam too, and the mag says Brit and JT were actually knockin’ boots the entire time! Even worse, they dig up some real dirty stuff from her past – like her grandma who shot herself in the chest on the grave of her dead child, for example. Her great uncle Earnest Spears even weighs in on Britney, saying, “She didn’t have a hope of turning out normal.”

While not quite as salacious as a shotgun-wielding, suicidal grandma and an early-aged sex fest, we tend to think Britney’s recent life events have more to do with her current spiral towards disaster than some guy she got with as a teenager. If you consider that:

  1. The girl got famous at 16
  2. Brit traveling with world with no parental supervision whatsoever
  3. She earned gajillions taunting ogling dudes (and little kids) with her abs
  4. She got stuck with a loser husband, two babies, post-partum depression and a divorce in just two years

Well, she seems to be doing reasonably well given the past ten crappy years of her life. [Us Weekly]

The Hills: Whitney Dates the Dull Trainer


We love Whitney. We love when Whitney works out, we love when Whitney wears lingerie with moccasins to go to a bar, and we REALLY love when Whitney calls herself “awkward.” Because honestly….


She’s right.

Below the jump: Jaret the trainer puts the moves on Whit, Spencer cringes when he enters a church and Heidi continues Whine Fest 2007!

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Hottie of the Week: Bai Ling


Photo_20x9_1 All Bai Ling Pics

There are few “actresses” in Hollywood as fearless as Bai Ling, the Chinese-American performer whose costume choices are frequently insane. As the girls of Go Fug Yourself have extensively illustrated, the actress’s “whimsical” attire on red carpets all over Hollywood is a boon to photographers everywhere, since she often leaves little to the imagination and doesn’t seem to care when her naughtier bits are exposed. That shouldn’t come as any surprise: Consider, for instance, her appearance on the cover of Playboy. That shoot was supposedly to promote Bai Ling’s appearance in Star Wars III, but her scene was cut. The magazine came out anyway. OK, so she’s never going to rise to the top of the celebrity pyramid — no need for Angelina Jolie to watch her back — but for mid-level fashion entertainment, Bai Ling can’t be beat. Unless, say, you’re a fan of the Hustler store or The Robin Byrd Show.

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Kourtney Highjacking Kim’s Hotness?


Got siblings? Then you’ve got sibling rivalry. Sunday night on the Kardashian show, it was the big sister’s time to leave the popular sister in the dust, gossip-wise. In Vegas, after a night of drinking and groping in the Jacuzzi, Kourtney told the family that she and her beau Scott would be going to the chapel to get some love business done. Oh, cute, you say, what a nice tribute to Britney and that nimrod from her home town that she married a couple years ago in a pre-K-Fed romp through Glitter Gulch.

But Kourtney’s move begs the question. Is she encroaching on Lady Kim’s star status? She doesn’t show off her rump and chest as much as the Playboy model and sex-tape sister does, but she does come from that Kardashian gene pool – meaning, she’s got a hot side.

Weigh In: Any chance that Kourt would trump Kim on the leopard-skin body stocking front? Who do you think is hotter?

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