Jonesing for Jack?


If you can’t wait for the White Stripes, have already checked out the "Icky Thump" leak link Idolator posted here, and the earlier news about Jack recording with the Raconteurs in Nashville made you salivate, then just check out Mr. White’s Coke commerical below. Thanks to Fashionista for finding the link.

T.I. Getting Hitched? Common Apologizing?


070425_ti_2 Has ‘King’ Found His Queen?
Doing his best to be a Stand Up Guy, T.I. is reportedly going to marry Tameka "Tiny" Cottle just a month after the couple suffered through a miscarriage.

T.I. Won’t Have to Duke It Out
Duke University has decided not to sue T.I. for ducking out of a performance 20 minutes early. "I (think going to court) would cost more than what we would get back," said a school rep.

Common Apologizes to Duke
Classy rapper Common apologized to Duke and its lacrosse team for dissing (barely … watch) the players after they were falsely accused of raping an African-American exotic dancer. Stand Up Guys aren’t just from the ATL, evidently.

Web Trawling: Rock News on Rihanna, Jason Schwartzman and Meat Loaf


- We’ve told you about this already, but Rihanna’s new video premieres tomorrow! At 10 a.m.! She’s added 14 extra syllables to the word “umbrella,” and boy, does it sound sweet-eet-eet-eet-eet-eet-eet!

- Former Phantom Planet drummer and acting whirlwind Jason Schwartzman has released a new solo record called Nighttiming. The first single, “West Coast,” is beautiful. So is the video, which stars skate legend Mark Gonzales. Only problem is that the footage wasn’t exactly Schwartzman’s to use. Ooops.

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Ro: Bye Bye



As expected, Rosie O’Donnell announced her imminent departure from ABC’s estro-fest The View today. "It’s on CNN?" she asked mockingly. "It’s breaking news?" Well, it was certainly breaking enough for Rosie, Barbara Walters, Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck to discuss immediately upon settling into their seats — and then maintain the topic for seven minutes.

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Idol: Compassion, Hope and Hell on Earth



‘Last night’s American Idol was the first of a "two night TV extravaganza" known as Idol Gives Back, on which our heroes sang "life anthem songs of compassion and hope." That description may have given you back the meal you just ate, but really, the purpose of the night was to raise money through calls that Ryan Seacrest said will "not only save your favorite contestants—they will also save lives." Jeez, as though it weren’t pressure enough to have to choose between your favorite of the top six, now the voting process is a life or death situation.

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Wednesday: Katie’s “Mommy Lessons,” Reese’s Rage


Mills2America Dumps Heather Mills From "Dancing"
Her elimination shocked everyone, except Paul’s ex, who had a farewell speech tucked in her top. [People]

Cruise Orders Katie To Take "Mommy Lessons"
Tom has suggested his wife attends the Scientology Church to become a better mother. [Us Magazine]

Reese to Aniston: Stay Away From Jake
Pics of Jen and Jake Gyllenhaal sharing a kiss at a recent awards ceremony have Witherspoon freaked. [Entertainment Wise]

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Courtney Love Hawks Clothes on Net


Love Sure, everyone wants to look like Courtney Love. But it’s not easy — smearing your lipstick just so and getting that rolled-out-of-bed hair is an art. Luckily, Court’s thrown some items up on eBay that’ll make emulating the rocker/tabloid fodder that much easier. Assures Court from the message board: "i will make sure i put some cheap[er stuff up so people caN AFFORD it cozs most of it is quite expensive stuff,,,,,,,,,,were starting with that stufff first, but i have tons of jeans and tshirts and dresses that arent couture that will go in teh second batch"[sic]. With her recent weight loss (the product of yoga and isopure shakes) Love can no longer fit into her size 8 Marc Jacobs pinstripe pants, or her size 32 Juicy Couture slacks, and she wants you to have them! Procceds will go to the Chrysalis Foundation, which provides help for the homeless.

And amazingly, she’s got good feedback.

Tour Survival Guide: The Kooks



Now and then our Tour Survival Guide will check in with rockers about life on the road. Here’s guitarist Max Rafferty on Tijuana, staying Rolling Stones-style sexy and Courtney Love’s commitment to fandom.

Tough Work for the Liver
The long stretches while we’re on the bus can get tedious, but we all genuinely enjoy each other’s company, so that helps. We usually smoke a lot, drink until we pass out and listen to Bob Marley.

Touring Is Like a Psychedelic Picasso
The freakiest place we’ve ever been was Tijuana. When I went there, I had envisioned the place as an American Spring Break resort. Instead, all I saw were these transvestites wandering around with massive heads and old men playing guitar. Fascinating and a little scary.

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Charm School – Extra Credit


Check out the following two VSPOT extras for some bonus footage you didn’t see in this week’s Charm School. In the first, etiquette coach Collette Swann has the girls share their feelings on New York using "appropriate language." What would seem like an impossible task is handled with restraint from Larissa. Brooke dishes the dirt on her infamous kiss with New York. But it’s Saaphyri who steals the scene (as usual!) with her take. She starts with, "I feel that New York is a great person. I still am trying to find out if she is a man or a woman." It only gets better from there.

The second clip is an extended cut of Schatar’s presentation at Andrew Firestone’s winery. Watch as she struggles to get a cork out of a bottle. You know, royalty probably doesn’t ever have to open its own bottles, so you probably can’t fault her incompetence.

Hit VSPOT for even more great Charm School extras.

Blog Best-Of: Posh’s Provisions


Vbecks_links- Victoria Beckham defensively says, "There is a big difference between someone having an eating disorder and someone who is controlled about what they eat." And by "big difference" she means "50 calories." [Dlisted]

- Paris Hilton shops for a bird. She was probably in the market for a mini-me. Score! [Best Week Ever]

- After seeing what Akon has to offer, this shot of Michael Jordan getting freaky in Cabo is a bit of a letdown. [CONCRETELOOP]

- Melanie Brown names her child after her alleged father, Eddie Murphy. Awww, "Norbit" is such a great name for a little girl. [Just Jared]

- All right, Sanjaya. Now that we’ve seen you slimed and posing with a chicken head, we have all we need from you. Go away now pls, k thnx bye. [Crunk + Disorderly]