Britney Makes Her Worst Career Move Yet


britjt082207.jpgIt’s official – Britney is an effing idiot. Page Six is reporting that the washed up pop star was on board to do a duet with her ex-flame, the world’s most famous man Justin Timberlake. JT had written the song especially for Brit and it was all set to be produced by Timbaland when suddenly, right before she was set to leave to record the track, she pullled out and is now refusing to do the song.

Shaving her head may have been a little weird, but this is just insane. Imagine the awesomeness if Brit was to open the VMAs with her ex-boyfriend at her side on-stage! Now people are worried her “comeback” is going to be more embarrassing than the past year of her life. Her actions are doing nothing to stop people from whispering about her mental state, too. A source says, “People like her are sick. It’s like an anorexic who’s sick in the head and needs help. She needs help.” Right. Maybe our expectations our way to high for Brit right now. She doesn’t need help picking comeback songs, she needs help getting dressed in the morning. Parents, don’t let your children become pop stars! [NY Post. Image: Getty]

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Wednesday: Sexy Brad Saves the World; Pregnant Nicole Keeps Getting Prettier


bradpitt082207.jpgBrad Pitt Lends a Hand Down South
Brad shows off as the most perfect guy ever, lending his name and a hand to home rebuilding project Global Green in New Orleans. [Us Weekly]

Pink’s Hubby Denies Cheating
Pink’s man calls rumors of their breakup “trash.” Kinda like the women he’s been supposedly making out with while his wife’s on tour. [People]

Hayden Panettiere: Jail Bait No More
The adorable Heroes star celebrates her 18th birthday with jokes about her plans to porn and cigarettes legally. We give her a month until her jokes become reality. [TMZ]

Nicole Richie Loses the Bony Look
First it was her belly, then her boobs. Now Nicole’s face is looking full and normal. This baby deserves a gold medal for making mommy hot again. [JustJared]

Amy Winehouse: Shows a No Go
Amy may or or may not be in rehab, but at least she’s canceling the next month of shows to focus on her health. Or at least have time for a realllly long drug binge. [Us Weekly]

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Jessica Coincidentally Breaks Her Nose


eviljess082107.jpgOh Jessica Simpson, we are on to you! Funny how just last month the “actress” was happily chatting about how she’d gladly get plastic surgery one day. Well it now looks like she’s going to get her chance. What a crazy coincidence! The starlet “accidentally hit herself with a big gun on her nose” on the set of her new movie, says her rep. First of all, ha ha ha. Second, isn’t an “accidental” prop incident just the perfect excuse to have some work done on that sucker? For someone who thought tuna fish with chicken, she’s pretty damn smart.

Also, her co-star Vivica Fox wants to make sure you know that Jessica is absolutely not a bitch on the set of Major Movie Star. She was apparently “shocked” by rumors alleging diva-like behavior from Jess. Fox told People that Jess “was so much of a team player. She was gracious and so down to earth.” Sure she was! Or maybe she held that plastic gun to Vivica’s head and forced her to say nice things to the press. We wouldn’t put it past her! [Image: Getty]

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Blog Best-Of: Mariah’s Mishap


mariah_maglinks.jpg- Mariah Carey takes it all off for the cover of Interview, and looks as proud to be naked as a 4-year-old would. Next time, show us what you did in the potty, Mimi. [Dlisted]

- Saaphyri hits Chicago to interview Flavor of Love 3 candidates, wearing a potentially revealing dress. She really took the “Thou Shall Work What Thou Art Working With” lesson to heart. [Crunk + Disorderly]

- While partying, Ray J is snapped flipping off someone with both hands. He’s not angry, he’s just trying to outclass is girlfriend Lil’ Kim. [CONCRETELOOP]

- Sean Penn is almost frighteningly ripped. Must be all those cigarettes. [CityRag]

- Amy Winehouse reportedly leaves rehab again. She has such an addictive personality, she just can’t get enough of quitting. [The Blemish]

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Boys to Men – Mission: Manband Episode 3 Recap


Mission: Man Band

Want to know what panic is? Panic is when you have 36 hours to prep for a performance during half-time at an Orlando Magic game and you don’t even have a song written yet, much less your dance moves down. Yes, that’s panic, but that’s also Mission: Manband, the show where it’s becoming increasingly obvious that Miss Kate, the band’s manager, is an expert in torture. Psychological torture. As Rich said, “I hope I can hear myself over all the boos.” Read more…

Naomi Rallies for Black Beauty


blackbeauty.jpg Naomi Campbell has spoken out on her perceived unfairness of the modeling industry: “It is a pity that people don’t appreciate black beauty.” She’s so right. Literary horses are an underrepresented minority in modeling. Fashion designers are no friends of Flicka, which is so dumb because, like, duh, horses have the best walks. And don’t even get me started on their impossibly sculpted bodies!

Kidding aside, Naomi’s raging against the industry-wide machine that favors white models over those of other races. “Black models are being sidelined by the major modeling agencies…I even get a raw deal from my own country. For example, I hardly come on the front pages of London’s Vogue magazine. Only white models, some of whom are not as prominent as I am, are put on the front pages…I don’t want to quit modeling until I find that black models get equal prominence and recognition by the world media and information instruments.”

This is…complicated. It seems bizarre that Naomi Campbell should be complaining about representation, when she’s arguably been the best-known supermodel in the world for the past 20 years. But, then again, she’s right: there’s a disproportionate amount of white models dominating the industry. The sad fact of the world is that many people see Caucasian features as the highest standard of beauty — although this lopsided (and racist) phenomenon has been somewhat eroded in mainstream media. And that’s saying nothing of the fact that Naomi is actually bi-racial, and regularly subscribes to those standards herself (colored contacts, straightened hair, etc.). And also? She has the capacity to care about anyone outside of herself? Hello, revelation! Ugh. My brain hurts. I need to go pet a horse and soothe myself. [Telegraph]

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J.Lo Wants To Kiss You in Paris



Jennifer Lopez samples Mr. Cheeks in the first single from her upcoming Brave disc, “Do It Well,” and with any luck, we’ll get to see her fame-spawning cheeks in the song’s clip. The David LaChappelle clip has yet to debut, but the New York Daily News has the details: it will find Lopez’s ass clad in leather, roaming an S&M club to find her son. That this has nothing to do with the song’s lyrics matters little, as long as we get to see J.Lo rocking a ball-gag. [New York Daily News]

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Lindsay’s Spa-Hab Vacation


La La La La Loser!There’s rehab, and then there’s rehab for Lindsay Lohan. The starlet has recently been spotted participating in such enjoyable activities as mountain biking, white water rafting, and hiking with her own personal canine companion. It seems the only thing she’s not doing these days is actually going to rehab. Her latest routine sounds strikingly similar to her time at spent at outside of the Wonderland treatment facility, where all Linds did was workout fifty times a day and cruise Venice Beach on bikes and roller-blades with pals. And we all know how effective those thirty days were. Poor Lindsay is probably just desperate for all the playtime and fun that she didn’t get as a child star. Play on, playa! And hey, if this stint doesn’t work, she can always try actually spending time in rehab next time. [Image: Getty]

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