Blog Best-Of: Mimi’s Militia


mariah_links2.jpg- Mariah Carey has an army prep her for a TV appearance. What, you didn’t think that sausage jumped into casing all by itself, did you? [Crunk + Disorderly]

- Jake Gyllenhaal, is that a new beard you’re rocking, or are you just back together with Reese Witherspoon? [Dlisted]

- Britney Spears‘ new facial modification strikes a question: are collagen injections just vaginoplasty for show-offs? [CityRag]

- ’80s-inspired chains rock the hip-hop community. But if it isn’t solid gold, it isn’t ’80s enough. [CONCRETELOOP]

- Lindsay Lohan‘s car is hit by a paparazzo. If you guys are trying to knock some sense into her, next time aim for her head! [Seriously? OMG! WTF?]

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The Hills: Is Brody Jenner Really That Hot & Is Lo Really That Rad?



Wow. Lauren hasn’t been on a date for 3 whole weeks. Try your whole lifetime, LC! Not like we’re counting or anything (and you can’t really count lifetimes, right?), but b*tch should quit her whining and get back to her oh so important job of staring at naked dudes for little pay. Because that’s what life’s like in LA!

Below the jump, more of the finest from this week’s Hills ho-down, including straight up proof that our favorite show is FAKE! We love judging reality shows, don’t you Lo?

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Hottie of the Week: Carrie Underwood


Carrie Underwood
Photo_20x9_1 All Hottie Pics

American Idol winner Carrie Underwood is the 24-year-old pop-country singer with a mane of blond, blond hair and plenty of attitude. She has the honor of being the fastest-selling debut country artist in the entire history of everything, which should tell you a little something about how much down-home folks appreciate her musical sensibilities and pretty looks. But she’s not just for country and pop fans, either. Because she’s been a vegetarian since she was 13, she was named by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) as the “World’s Sexiest Vegetarian” in 2007. Victoria’s Secret called her this year’s “Sexiest Female Musician.” People magazine named her to their 50 most beautiful list. And her work visiting American troops in Iraq on USO tour has endeared her to practically everyone. What do you think? Sexiest do-gooder alive? Bono and Al Gore aren’t pretty enough for that award.

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Foxy Brown Locked Up and Alone


foxybrown_102307.jpgIf only we could be a roach on the cell wall of Foxy Brown – we’d give anything to hear the conversations the hip hop diva is gonna have with herself in solitary confinement for the next 76 days. The once on top of the world superstar got her ass thrown into the infamously lonely cell (she gets one hour a day out of her 12×12) after getting in three – THREE! – altercations with prisoners and officials at her Rikers Island jail. Foxy got in a shoving match with a fellow inmate at the beginning of the month, and then was verbally abusive toward officers and refused to take a random drug test. That kind of ‘tude may fly in Brooklyn, but not at Rikers! She ain’t got no blackberries to use as weapons on this island.

Imagine it – Foxy gets 23 hours to just talk to herself:

Bitch get out of my face! Oh wait – there’s no one else in here. I’m the bitch I was talking too. Wow, am I a bitch? Heyyyyy, I think I might be a difficult, misanthropic person. It probably stems from starting in the often rough n’ tumble entertainment industry as a teen singing about some fairly adult topics. Who you calling difficult, you motherfu-oh look sunlight! Sigh. I wonder who can get me some Crown Royale around here. That sure does remind me of the old days. Whatever happened to Blackstreet anyways? They owned the mid to late ’90s! What’s that little rat friend? You can hook me up? Sweet – high five! Wait – did you just give me the finger? Oh, that was your tail. Sorry about that. [NYP. Getty]

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People of the World, Spice Up Your Ears



Here it is, the kinda anticipated new single from the Spice Moms Girls – “Headlines!” It’s got the same slow n’ sexy vibe that you may recognize from other earlier Spice hits. We’re curious as to which four lines belong to Posh – the skinny mama apparently only sings for fifteen seconds on the single. Was she too busy prancing around Beverly Hills to actually work? Maybe it was the “crying and strange spiritual stuff” that went down at their video shoot? Give a listen to the new jam and let us know what you think – are the Girls back and in business or is this just a mediocre attempt at a comeback by a bunch of hot has-beens? [Image: Getty]

Smartest Model‘s Mary Alice: Mandy Lynn’s Chest, Andre’s Anger, Jesse’s Tears



Mary Alice Stephenson, co-host of America’s Most Smartest Model, is a fashion industry insider whose smart looks and smart tongue control her show’s pretty people. Each Tuesday we talk with her about issues on the show. This time the subjects are Andre’s temper, Mandy Lynn’s attitude, and Jesse’s future (which isn’t going to be on the runway).

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Hollywood Finds Its Kurt Cobain



After several rumors and many delays, the upcoming Kurt Cobain biopic may have finally found its star. Scottish actor James McAvoy, who first caught Hollywood’s attention in the Oscar-winning Last King of Scotland, is the suspected frontrunner to play the reluctant voice of a generation. The film will be based on the Charles Cross biography Heavier Than Heaven, with Cobain’s widow Courtney Love producing and Troy (yes, that Troy) screenwriter David Benioff writing the script. Months ago, Love stated that the film would “of course be A-list and high-end.” We’re betting it’ll at least be better than that t.A.T.u. flick.

Is McAvoy a good match to play Cobain? Any thoughts on who should play modern day Yoko Courtney Love?

Heidi Montag’s Cheap-Ass Video Shoot


Heidi’s New Music Video

Heidi Montag and her boy loser Spencer Pratt are never boring, especially when what they’re doing is so downright pathetic! And honestly, what is sadder than having your boyfriend/manager/self-esteem ruiner shoot your music video (for her single “Higher”) with a hand-held camera (while playing your single on a boombox) as you prance around the ocean in a bikini, flailing your awkward arms? NOTHING! Check out video of the two “working” on the shoot and just try not to cringe. I hope Lauren and Audrina watched this and had a good laugh – and then shot it a couple times for The Hills. [Mollygood]