Uh Oh! Is There Trouble in Olsen-dise?


The couture-clad alien sisters are rumored to be on the outs due to Mary-Kate’s man, Max Snow, another richie-rich type who loves to dress like an unshowered homeless runaway. A source tells Celebrity Babylon that "Ashley never liked him from the get go, and now, as time has gone on, she thinks that he’s a bad influence on Mary-Kate." He also apparently has a temper and blows up at the passive recovering anorexic.

What’s more, Max has presented Mary-Kate with a diamond "promise ring," which is normally a sure sign that he’ll probably cheat on her and they’ll eventually break up before getting anywhere near the altar. Mary-Kate and Ashley will mend things soon enough, and the twin millionaires can get back to their usual routine of avoiding sunlight and sucking Starbucks out of straws while teetering on 8-inch heels.

Eve Gets New Ankle Jewelry


The hip hop starlet plead no contest to her DUI charge this week, which she received in April after crashing her Maserati on Hollywood Boulevard. Her blood alcohol level at the time was twice the legal limit – way past Paris’ .08. Unlike the heiress, Eve will be skipping the slammer and is instead rockin’ a stylish SCRAM ankle bracelet that tests for alcohol vapors released through the skin. It’s the same piece of police bling that Tracey Morgan is currently sporting. Eve will be SCRAM free after 45 days, but is under 36 months probation, must pay $1400 in fines and attend a first offender alcohol education program. With all these stars locked up and off the road, the streets might actually be safe for a few weeks.

Performance Related Issues: The 50 Cent & Lauryn Hill Edition


Fiddy goes to the video tape, giving a Zapruder film-type analysis of his flubbed performance of "Amusement Park" at Tuesday night’s BET Awards. 106 & Park, the Dateline of the hip-hop world, had the Vitamin Water mogul on to set things straight. Said hostess Rocsi, "He was fearin’ for his life, y’all." Isn’t that par for the course for 50?

According to the San Jose Mercury News, Lauryn Hill’s comeback concert in Oakland on Wednesday was a "fiasco," with the much-talented Hill "huffing and puffing like a weekend warrior," making the crowd wait over two hours, and at one point falling flat on her back. This bums us out to no end. Guess we’ll have to keep playing Miseducation.

Oh No They Didn’t: Friday’s Review Rage


Livefreediehard Every week we round up selections from the funniest, most obscene and brutal film criticism out there so that you don’t waste your cash at the theaters and laugh a little at Hollywood’s expense. This week: John McClane returns to kick ass for America in Live Free or Die Hard.

"Lights! Camera! Ancient!" — The New York Post

"Since much of the ol’ action hero’s aging core audience is presumably tied down these days, the main duty this time — for Fox not least — is to serve and protect the kids. Can we get Kevin Smith to play a ‘digital Jedi,’ joysticking for freedom in his mom’s basement? Can we say Yippee-ki-yay, muthaf*cka and still get a PG-13?" — Village Voice

"In order to qualify as bad guys in the Die Hard series, evil computer whizzes defy convention with their dashing good looks, fashion sense and physically superior endowments. The villains here are a scary hybrid: hot computer nerd ninjas." — USA Today

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Trashy Brit Hands Mom Legal Papers


Check out this video of Britney Spears giving her mom what are apparently legal papers requesting that Lynne Spears stay away from her grandchildren if she is taking medication that impairs her ability to function appropriately in their presence. Supposedly Brit’s motivation is to keep her mom from seeing her kids at Kevin’s house, where she believes the two conspired to force her into rehab. The showdown took place outside a trailer on the set of Jamie Lynne Spears’ TV show, which just seems to be an oh so fitting spot for this trashy mother-daughter battle. X17 has some great close-up shots of Brit doing the deed in skimpy jean cutoffs and a slinky tank top. In the video, you’ll notice that she picks her wedgie and has to pull her shirt straps up constantly. Real classy! Britney should just hand these papers to herself instead.

Friday: Paris Gets Lei’d; Nicole Needs a Wedding Dress


Paris Says Aloha To Hawaii
Dressed in a strange black wig, floppy straw hat and a billowy white dress, Paris bolts off the mainland for some much need R&R. [TMZ]

K-Fed Won’t Sign Divorce Papers
Kevin is holding off on signing divorce papers because he’s wary of Britney’s recent odd behavior and post-rehab boozing. Who’d have thought he’d be the responsible one?

Oprah to Open Chicago Store
It’s the one thing Oprah has yet to conquer, but now the richest woman in the world is taking a stab at retail, opening up shop near her studio in Chicago to sell Oprah iPod covers and beach totes, as well as African baskets and art.

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Sienna, Clive and Kiefer Celebrate Diana



There’s lots of star power driving the Concert For Diana – from Kanye to Fergie the performers are going to turn some heads. But the string of presenters is looking way strong, too. Sienna Miller, Clive Owen, Kiefer Sutherland, Liz Hurley, Dennis Hopper, and Patsy Kensit are slated to be take part on Sunday. And Mr. Ricky Gervais is set to make a few people laugh.

Watch the whole thing live on VH1 and VH1.com this Sunday at 11 am EST.

Music To Save, Galas To Attend


Public schools are stressed out these days – there’s not enough loot going around to fund all the programs kids need. The first classes to be cut are often arts oriented, which is why we’re proud our VH1 Save The Music Foundation has helped sustain innumerable schools by donating a variety of instruments and beating the drum about plight of the programs.

After a decade of such superhero work, the Foundation is throwing itself a bash. On September 20, the Save the Music 10th Anniversary Gala presented by LG spends the evening paying tribute to former President Bill Clinton, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, Mariah Carey, VH1 Save the Music Founder John Sykes and NAMM. Performers include Jon Bon Jovi, John Mayer, and Roger Waters, as well as an all-student orchestra of musicians from around the country. Head over here to get ticket information – you might want to congratulate some of these folks yourself.