Papa K-Fed: Custody Battle Smack Down


britney_spears.jpgAfter serving Brit’s “cousin” Alli Sims with legal papers over the weekend, K-Fed and his team of lawyers pounced on another victim, serving her manny/boyfriend/security guard Daimon Shippen with two subpoenas yesterday to testify in the couple’s latest custody hearing. Apparently Shippen “was completely surprised to be served. He was dumbfounded and in a state of shock.” What we’re most shocked about is that K-Fed can actually afford lawyers. How many copies of Playing With Fire did he sell? Five?

One of Brit’s pals is defending the singer and going after Kevin, arguing that the back up dancer really wants Britney’s other baby – her money. A source close to the star told X17, “…his dispute now is clearly for financial gain. Britney isn’t hiding anything. And why didn’t he fight for full custody of his kids with Shar Jackson if he loves his kids so much?”

Good point mystery source! Now if only you could tell us why Britney let Jayden wear one of her hats out to dinner last night. [Getty]

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Inspecting Kim Kardashian’s Ass



It seems like every time we hop online, Kim Kardashian is doing everything possible to draw attention to her giant booty. The ridiculously super-tight outfits, the over-the-shoulder pose, the sign she carries around everywhere that reads, “LOOK AT MY ASS PEOPLE!” More power to her for doing so, even though her big butt should probably be featured at a Ripley’s Believe It or Not rather than on the red carpet. Kim’s hard work finally paid off, what with the recent announcement of her new reality show on E! coming just days after the network canceled her former BFF’s show, The Simple Life. When asked about it, a threatened Paris Hilton got sassy, saying, “I’m doing a show with a huge network right now. It’s going to be a surprise.”

Sure she’s attempting to be cool about it, but we can see Paris sweating under those extensions. If even she is fearing the wrath of Kardashian’s popular lady humps, than surely Kim is set to conquer the world with that thing.

For a closer look at Kim’s behind, take a peak at the pics below. [Getty]

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Becky’s Got the Fever for More Flavor



If you’ve perused the Flavor of Love 3 casting site recently, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that Becky Buckwild, the Flavor of Love 2 and Charm School alum, has entered herself into the running to become Flav’s next top hottie. Yes, her profile is real, and yes, she’s serious about wanting another stab at Flav’s heart. It could happen, too: although the rules don’t allow for previous Flavor of Love contestants from signing up for Flav 3, it hasn’t stopped anyone from voting for Becky. So far, she’s nabbed the most votes, and almost twice as many as the second-place profile.

I talked to Becky exclusively about her desire to reconnect with Flav. During the course of our conversation, she unleashed a bombshell: “I might be having Flavor Flav’s eighth baby.” She’s not pregnant now, but she’s willing to go that far to win Flav’s heart. Seriously. Read how she explains it and her attraction to Flav after the jump…

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Michael Vick Faces NFL Suspension and Trial Alone



Alleged dog fighter Michael Vick is having a seriously sucky summer, and it’s only getting worse. Two of his co-defendants have reportedly decided to accept plea bargains in the illegal dogfighting case against them, which means that they will be testifying against the Falcon’s star quarterback in court. The third has already pleaded guilty to the charges and will also be taking the stand to rat out the football player. Vick, who pleaded not guilty to charges of “conspiracy to travel in interstate commerce in aid of unlawful activities, and conspiring to sponsor a dog in an animal fighting venture,” now must decide if he too will accept a plea bargain or fight the horrific charges by himself. It’s lonely at the top, but damn, it’s way lonlier at the bottom.

Vick may also be getting the boot from the NFL, as commissioner Roger Gooddell is expected to announce his suspension from the league sometime this week (Vick was not allowed to attend the Falcons training camp in July due to the charges).

What do YOU
think? Does Vick – who allegedly funded and gambled on the dogfights and abused and killed dogs – deserves the treatment he’s getting? Should he give in and take the plea bargain or is it time for him to stand up and fight the charges against him? [ESPN, Yahoo, SI. Image: Getty]

Check out some pics of pup-loving celebrities with their pets. No animal cruelty pictured! [Getty]

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Boys to Men – Mission Man Band Episode 2 Recap


Bryan Abrams
Last night on Mission: Man Band, Bryan fell off the wagon. A couple of times. The former Color Me Badd-er started the episode promisingly enough: He hired a personal trainer to help him get his weight down, setting a goal to lose 25 pounds — an admirable amount. But early on there were also signs that things were headed south. Signs like Bryan calling Jack Daniel’s “Uncle Jack” and him telling Chris that the alcohol “demon is always around the corner.” It was. By the end of the episode, he’d slept through a personal training session and endangered the band’s chances of success. Read more…

Superbad, Not Supernude



Superbad, out Friday, aims to set itself apart from usual teen sex-comedy fare. For one thing, its wit is much sharper. But for another thing, despite a high raunch factor, there’s no nudity in the film. Star Jonah Hill (above, middle) explains why:

When I see nudity in comedy it always seems gratuitous and misogynistic. It makes you uncomfortable. I mean, why would you do that?…[Writers] Seth [Rogen] and Evan [Goldberg] wanted to make a movie that’s R-rated just because of the language, how people talk to each other. Nudity wasn’t in the script, so why would we add that in?

Besides, according to co-star Christopher Mintz-Plasse (above, left), “We didn’t see a lot of nudity in high school.”

Check out shots from last night’s Superbad premiere in Los Angeles below. The aforementioned stars, as well as Michael Cera, Seth Rogen, Casey Margolis, Martha MacIsaac and Stephen Borello all showed up, as did supporters like Kristen Bell, Pharrell, Rumer Willis, the All-American RejectsTyson Ritter and Hanson. Yes, Hanson. [ / Images: Getty]

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Winehouse Hits Rehab, Will She Change Song Lyrics?


amyblake081407.jpgA bunch of British rags are reporting this morning that Amy Winehouse has indeed entered rehab, apparently flying across the Atlantic to hit up one of America’s fine treatment facilities. Amy’s husband Blake is also along for the ride, as they’re attempting rehab together (really bad idea?). The singer was allegedly caught by her best friend on Friday night smoking heroin in the hotel room where she was supposed to be recuperating from her previous drug overdose. Her family flipped out and Amy finally changed her tune on the whole rehab thing.

Before the couple jetted away for treatment, they stripped off their clothes to prove to their parents that while they had been smoking heroin, they had not injected the drug. Was that news supposed to make their families jump for joy? It’s not like smoking the stuff and putting coke (and horse tranquilizers!) up your nose is that much better. But really, kudos to the dysfunctional couple for getting their collective s**t together. [The Mirror, The Daily Mail. Image: Getty]

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Tuesday: Paris Pulls a Fast One; Britney’s Headed Back to the Stage


paris081407.jpgIs Paris Faking Good Behavior?
Though she seems to be on her best behavior – cuddling with babies, wearing full-piece bathing suits and ignoring her pals the paparazzi – a source alleges that it’s all an act. [NY Post]

Nicole’s Got a New Hot Body
After years of looking painfully thin, Nicole’s body finally gets hot – and it’s all thanks to that baby bump. We like this kid already. [TMZ]

Lindsay Cleaning Toilets in Rehab
The starlet’s daily schedule at posh rehab joint Cirque Lodge includes cleaning duties as well as gardening, hiking and spa treatments. So when do they address the actual addiction? [Us Weekly]
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The Rock Life Recap: Episode 3


Rainbow Jeramy

The boys hit the road, with the express purpose of geting Tony Potato laid. Which shouldn’t be a problem, given that Whitestarr has “girls galore.” Post-show, Cisco describes Mr. Potato as “a dancer, a lawyer, an overall renaissance man, but he cannot follow through on anything.” A heart-to-heart ensues after a crestfallen Tony leaves the backstage area to take a leak, and Cisco follows him into the bathroom. Apparently Tony’s trouble isn’t the fact that he’s overweight, balding and in a struggling band (what girl wouldn’t want that!?!), but that he has no follow through.

The band embark on a tour, playing 28 shows in 30 days to bring the music to the people. Cisco doesn’t seem to think of what he does as “touring and playing music” so much as pirating: “taking what we need and leaving some scurvy…new town every night, new girl every night.” This proves more difficult for Tony. In one particularly painful scene, Tony has one unsuspecting female in a half nelson, and as she cackles on his lap she says, “I don’t do dancers. I only do rock stars.” Wrong bus, sister.

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The Pick-Up Artist Recap: Episode 2


The Pick Up Artist
In episode 2, the caterpillars begin their (long, arduous) transformations into butterflies. And maybe not butterflies, but moths – with bleached hair and piercings.

Mystery begins teaching the boys about “peacock” theory — dressing slutty to attract chicks. “We can’t wear short skirts, but we can wear tighter pants,” he advises. Yikes. At the end of the lesson, Mystery charges them with creating their own “avatar” or persona. The winner of this challenge will receive a special one-on-one learning session with an actual female. Mystery suggests the group find “accessories that convey sexuality, and go crazy with your hair.” For most of the guys, this is probably the first time someone other than their mom has cut their locks. We can hear the sound of their shells breaking already!

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