Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Racist Rant


dog-chapman-1101.jpgDog Chapman – that mulleted giant who tracks down criminals in Hawaii with his big-breasted wife in A&E’s show Dog the Bounty Hunter – is now at the center of a good ol’ fashioned sh*t storm, and he’s got no one but himself to blame. Turns out Dog likes to throw around the “N word” – a lot – and did so in a serious rant while talking on the phone to his son. His rage revolved around his son’s African-American girlfriend, and his opinion of her was less than complimentary – it was straight up racist and gross. The conversation was magically recorded (isn’t America great?) and is now all over the internet for your listening and cringing pleasure. Be advised – his language is seriously NSFW. Dog has since apologized, prayed with his pastor and reached out to the go-to guy for idiots who say stupid stuff – the Reverend Al Sharpton. Still, A&E has reacted quickly and “suspended production on the series.” That’s gotta hurt, Dog! But probably not as much as what you said. [Image: Getty]

Now and Then: The Backstreet Boys


“Now and Then” finds us chatting with artists about the breadth of their careers. They explain their latest video and then comment on one of their classic clips.

In our first installment, we get cozy on the couch with the Backstreet Boys. Their new disc Unbreakable just dropped, so we dug up the dirt behind the making of the video for “Inconsolable.” Then we took a trip down memory lane with their spooktastic video for 1997′s “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back).”

Brian: This was originally supposed to be shot in a city during a solar eclipse, but we translated it to the beach. Everybody’s raving about my house in this video. It’s cool, because it’s right on the beach, but it was all concrete, and so not me. Not my style.

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About Last Night: Ultra Fresh Party Pics


Movie premieres, awards shows, benefit concerts, and plain old clubbin’ – even though most of us are at home, the beautiful peeps are living it up somewhere. About Last Night puts you in touch with all the action.

Devon Aoki, Stacy Keibler, Kyle MacLachlan, and Santino (of Project Runway) were at Heidi Klum’s annual Halloween bash… in costume, of course.

Who ever said middle-aged women don’t know how to party? Sheryl Crow, Glenn Close, and Martha Stewart were at Bette Midler’s annual “Hulaween” party. The Pageant Place girls were there too… their motive remains a mystery.

Vin Diesel Busts a Move


We know Vin Diesel for being beefy, bald and a former bouncer turned actor with a bizarre resume (who goes from The Fast and the Furious to The Pacifier in five years?). So it’s kind of refreshing to see a young Vin – or Mark Vincent – with a full head of hair and a rad old school track suit, busting out the break dancing moves for this instructional video. We even tried a little bit in our office and our breakin’ skills improved drastically. Thanks 1980′s Vin Diesel! [via Towelroad]

Thursday: America Wants More of Britney


britney-spears-1101.jpgBritney’s New Album Reaches #1 Spot
You did it girl! Now if only some genius producers could make everything else in your life amazing too. [Us]

Owen Wilson’s Immodest Bathroom Break
Apparently the actor pees with the door open at events so no one thinks he’s inside snorting coke. Someone tell Lindsay Lohan this brilliant plan! [NYP]

Nick Cannon Crushing on Miss USA
The singer/actor dumped his fiancee and is trying to woo with the pageant winner by constantly sending her flowers, chocolates and balloons. Doesn’t he know that stalking isn’t sexy. [NYP]

Joel Madden Ready for Baby with Nicole
Aw cute, Joel’s so excited for his lil’ Richie that he’s printing tiny t-shirts for his kid. Maybe Nicole can borrow them from baby someday! [People]

Paris Getting Rich Doing Nothing
As usual, people are throwing millions at the dumb bombshell just to appear at their events. I’ll pay Paris to come to my party in a cave and tip her to stay forever. [DListed]

Blog Best-Of: Paula’s Pull-Out


paula_links3.jpg- Paula Abdul has reportedly dumped her man. She let him down easy by saying, “I might not, but I’m sure America loves you.” [Dlisted]

- Mike Tyson stocks up on milk and cookies. In a related story, the Keebler Elves are preparing for pure hell. [Crunk + Disorderly]

- Rosie O’Donnell dresses as Queen Elizabeth I for Halloween. But no matter what, she’ll always have the body odor of a king. [Seriously? OMG! WTF?]

- Aaaaaah! Jessica Simpson‘s Halloween costume is scary. Oh wait. That’s not a costume. [CityRag]

- Who needs a Halloween costume when you’re wearing a see-through shirt? Amy Winehouse doesn’t, that’s who. [Jezebel]

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Kim and Britney Talk Nonsense


britneykim.jpgWe can’t get enough of Kim Kardashian and Britney Spears (we have a soft spot for fake hair and fake butts), so needless to say we’ve been marveling at the dumb things they’ve both said recently that will surely come back to bite them in the ass (not that Kim needs the help). For starters, Kardashian claimed in July that her Playboy spread would “not be a nude pictorial.” She also promised that “it would be tasteful like Mariah Carey,” which is an obvious oxymoron, right? Turns out the pics rank as super classy on the Mimi scale, as they are fabulously trashy and totally nude! Oh Kim, why bother lying? We can still see all your lady-bits even through the pearl necklaces you’ve hung all over yourself. Tasteful indeed.

Meanwhile, Ryan Seacrest woke up Britney Spears at 9AM this morning to do an interview in which she proceeded to make zero sense answering questions about her kids: “my lawyers know all that;” and celebrating her new record: “we watched movies…and we had fried chicken.” Britney, who was particularly out of it (it was early, we guess) hops off the phone in the middle of the interview to go take a shower. Obviously. She does whatever she wants, even when it makes no sense. Luckily, her hanger-on pal Sam told Ryan the interview was the only thing they were doing to promote the album. It’s a good thing she’s freed up her schedule to do nothing! It’s kinda what she does best. [Images: Getty]

The Celebreality Interview – 20 Pack



Before she dismissed him, New York called 20 Pack many things: freeloading, a purse-holder, a girlfriend. But her harsh words didn’t get him down, as our interview attests. And in fact, he has some choice words of his own (New York has “ranch breath” and Tailor Made is “smegma,” for just two examples). Below, 20 Pack talks about his no-kiss policy, those pesky gay rumors and what he does to maintain those killer abs.

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Tila Tequila: Heaven on the Installment Plan (Episode 4 Recap)


Tila, last night you took us on a journey. A journey to a fantasmagoric place, or, more literally, to the Hollywood hills, where you and your brethren mounted tableaux of “Heaven” and “Hell” to titillate your house guests and home-viewing audience. Here’s what it looked like:

Unfortunately, darling, it didn’t work. Those of us watching at home had trouble remaining conscious. And if you were hoping to capitalize off of Halloween, we would like to remind you that on your show, everyday is already Halloween. The whole concept fell flat, like a lead souffle, and left us cold on the couch, an unsmoked cigarette in one hand and glass of Burgundy dampening our crotch. Really, Tila, the only ones who could find last night’s episode sexy are people who suffer from horrible hormone imbalances and teenage boys.

If you weren’t so mesmerizing, so Nefertiti-like in your physical charms, we might have even canceled our cable.

And yes, in answer to your next question, we are still hurt that you didn’t invite us to your birthday party. But darling, you’ve almost redeemed yourself. Yes, tossing Ashley out almost renewed our confidence in your cognitive prowess. But kissing Ashli? Showing Domenico sympathy? Permitting Vanessa to stay?

You work in mysterious ways, Tila.

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What’s More Depressing Than Dating Jessica Simpson?


jessicasimpson-1031.jpgThe cheesy songs. The creepy dad. The Proactiv commercials. The reality TV show. The shoe line, hair extension line, and bathing suit line. The slew of stupid movies. Nick Lachey. And…everything else. It makes us wonder – what is there to like about Jessica Simpson and why would Owen Wilson even want a piece?

The two have been spotted doing the usual Hollywood date and canoodle routine, and frankly we’re worried about the toll this is going to take on Owen’s fragile mental state. Perhaps one could claim that she’s just a fine piece of ass, but even her manufactured good looks are so fake it makes us seriously depressed. Listening to her tell stupid stories about that dumb dog she’s always lugging around or recounting her shopping trips to Louis Vuitton is enough to make someone want to…you know. Lip locking with Simpson is way more than just a kiss – it’s Owen self destructing! Jessica is worse for him than heroin, and – as we saw from her needy relationship with John Mayer – really hard to kick. [Image: Getty]