Fashion WTF: Brooke Hogan is Fierce!


brookemaine.jpgThis is how Brooke Hogan showed up at the Fox Reality TV Awards show last night. And yes, everything with her outfit is technically “wrong” by fashion standards:

  • Black and blond highlights a la Christina Aguilera circa 2002
  • Neon animal print cut-out dress connected to neck with diamond chocker
  • Matching hot pink lip, nail and cheek color
  • Did we mention the dress?

Our pal Brooke will surely end up in the back pages of some crapola tabloid getting ragged on as a Fashion Don’t. But we’d beg to differ. Seriously. While the outfit may be questionable, her fearlessness is admirable! Brooke is at a reality TV awards show – so isn’t she really just showing up to a crazy theme party appropriately dressed? The girl clearly doesn’t give a crap what the rest of us think, and it’s kind of nice that she’s not another Olsen wannabee, traipsing along in 6-inch platform Louboutins and leggings while dragging a massive Balenciaga bag. You know what self-serious b*tches I’m talking about! Not to mention, that regular posse of Hollywood fashion followers have all ended up in jail, rehab, or knocked up, while Brooke’s just a nice, grounded girl with a flair for, well – flair. So let the girl do her thing – it may be unconventional but at least she’s not like everyone else. [All Images: Getty]

Check out more pics of Brooke’s outfits from last night:

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VH1 Invades the Fox Reality Channel Really Awards



The Fox Reality Channel Really Awards taped last night, and it almost goes without saying that it was a Celebreality-studded event — you know VH1 owns this ish! Rock of Love‘s Heather, Kristia and Brandi C., Charm School‘s Schatar and Saaphyri, Brooke Hogan, Danny Bonaduce, Alexis Arquette, Brigitte Nielsen, Adrianne Curry, Christopher Knight, Ant, Chyna and Scott Baio with his very pregnant fiancée Renee were just some of the past and future VH1 stars to take part in the festivities. The show doesn’t air till Oct. 13 on the Fox Reality network, but you can get a peep at what people were wearing (or in some cases, not wearing) below. Make sure to check out the shot of Heather posing on Chris Crocker‘s lap. She could teach him so much about hair!

[All images: Getty]

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Biggie Smalls Open Casting Call



As you may or may not have already heard, Fox Searchlight is producing a film entitled Notorious. The film, slated to come out next year, is about the life and times of Christopher Wallace, aka Biggie Smalls, the ’90s legend whose influence over hip-hop was so pervasive it’s still felt today. Rumored to be characters in the movie? Diddy and this year’s Hip-Hop Honors recipient, Snoop. (That’s going to be one harried casting director!) Biggie was a giant — not just in terms of his music — and whoever fills the man’s shoes is going to have to be pretty damn convincing. So Fox Searchlight has put out the word: They’re holding an open casting call this Saturday, October 6, in New York City. If you think you have what it takes, and you’re in the area, head to City Stages, 435 W. 19th St. Auditions start at 10 a.m. You’re going to want to get there early. If you don’t live in the area, you can always hit the producers up on their casting-call Web site, too. See the full ad after the jump. Read more…

Danny Bonaduce Beats Up Survivor Star



You’d expect there to be drama at an awards show for reality TV stars, but it appears Danny Bonaduce took it to the next level last night. Are you surprised? According to TMZ, the Breaking Bonaduce star hopped on-stage at the FOX Reality Channel Really Awards, picked up notorious Survivor contestant Jonny Fairplay (who is having a baby with America’s Next Top Model reject Michelle, natch) and slammed the guy on his face, leaving him bloodied and toothless. Fairplay was hauled off to the hospital in an ambulance, while Bonaduce went on Adam Carolla‘s radio show this morning to explain that he’s always been bugged by Fairplay (who lied on Survivor to win sympathy), so he had no problem stepping on-stage to inform Fairplay that the crowd was booing him. Fairplay jumped into Bonaduce’s arms and then the Bonaduce beatdown occured. Danny should probably save his “testimony” for a judge, seeing as he’s now the suspect in a “felony battery report.” Reality sure is sweet! [TMZ. Images: Getty]

Check out more pics from the bizarre bloodfest below:

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Wednesday: Christina Stinks So Good


xtina1003.jpgX-Tina Jumps on Perfume Bandwagon
The singer has her own scent and a (kind of) sexy new commercial. She may have the best voice, but can she beat Mimi and Britney when it comes to stinkin’ up America? [Just Jared]

Brad Blabs about Copying Angie
Mr. Jolie sounds more like Mr. Mom in this interview, in which he dishes on politics, helping others, and his paparazzi-savvy son “Maddie.” Cute? [ICYDK]

Pics: Lindsay Acts like a Kid in Rehab
Just another little girl picking out her Halloween pumpkin! Except that she’s washed up and 21-years old. [X17]

Nicole Richie Shows off her Glow
In these pics Nicole proves the theory that pregnant ladies glow – or her hair highlights are just that good. [Just Jared]

Britney Hates Super Fan Chris Crocker
The singer was apparently “insulted” by Crocker’s “Leave Britney Alone” rant. We think she’s just a little jealous that someone else is getting all the attention. [Us]

Celebs & Their Fave Old School Tunes


busta_rhymes.jpgMario is into Ice Cube (we won’t say which song). Diddy is down with Run-DMC (you can guess the track, can’t you?), Busta Rhymes salutes Public Enemy (no, not “Bring the Noise”). In fact lots of celebs still get a kick out of old school hip-hop tracks. We put together lots of lists for Hip-Hop Honors. Come see who chose which joint, and while you’re hanging out, check the 20 cuts we’re calling the best of 2007 (so far).

Hey, what’s your favorite old-school classic? C’mon, spill the beans…

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Hottie of the Week: Jes from Rock of Love


Photo_20x9_1 All Jes Photos

We’re in that weird waiting zone between finale and reunion, so it only makes sense that Rock of Love winner Jes be our hottie of the week. The pink-and-blonde-haired spitfire, who resembles no one so much as ’80s cartoon hero Jem, won one for the nice girls, beating out Lacey and the like for a shot at Bret Michaels’ heart. Speaking to, Jes explained how she stayed true to herself: “I stuck to my morals from day one . . . . I’m not going to sit there and show affection to a man who’s showing affection to 20 other women. I wouldn’t do that in front of chicks to make them jealous. I don’t play that game in my life and I refuse to play that game on TV.” She also explained how she remained calm, even when Lacey threw her into the pool: “They portrayed that in my favor. I did freak out and the producers rushed outside: ‘Jes, do not hit her.’ I was screaming, ‘Get her the f*ck out of my face right now.’ But I got over that quickly. I don’t hold grudges.” We’re kind of impressed. Are you?

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Blog Best-Of: Alicia’s Aloofness


alicia_links.jpg- Alicia Keys says, “I’m not the chick that breaks down, I’m not the one who loses it and wilds out, that’s not my thing.” Way to go – you just talked yourself out of ever having a reality show. Hope you’re happy, Leesh! [CONCRETELOOP]

- Britney Spears leaks a song that comments on the media’s fascination with her. We can only hope that the next chapter in Brit’s self-conscious realm of music-making will be a remake of “Baby Come Back.” [CityRag]

- Ray J reportedly is prepping a memoir called Sex Machine that will chronicle his bedding of over 1,100 women. Let’s pray the Kardashian chapter is titled, “Butt Seriously…” [Crunk + Disorderly]

- Angelina Jolie is the current target of Bai Ling‘s affection. Try to resist adopting her, Angelina. Just try! [Dlisted]

- Demi Moore is going gray! A crack in the facade! Break out the champagne! [Seriously? OMG! WTF?]

[Image: Getty]

Snoop Dogg: From the Streets to the Suites


Tonight VH1 continues its week-long paean to hip-hop with a series of rap-related programs (see the schedule here). Tonight we’re most excited about Rags to Riches: Snoop Dogg, in which the Doggfather, one of this year’s Hip-Hop Honors honorees, explains how he went from East Long Beach, California, to owning a fleet of luxury cars. Fans of Porsches and fans of Tia Carrera can unite over Snoop’s clever wordplay. (You know, there’s the Porsche Carrera, and then there’s the Wayne’s World/Curb Your Enthusiasm star. OK, sure, it’s a bad pun, but a) Snoop’s wealthy enough to make it, which means it’s just weird enough to be interesting, and b) it is true that the Porsche Carrera and Tia Carrera share a name.) As the man says, his rides don’t need to be pimped because he already is a pimp. And that, friends, is the truth. Watch it tonight at 11 p.m. (EST) on VH1.

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New York Is Seriously Amazing


TMZ recently posted this video of New York mouthing off to he paparazzi. Go get ‘em, Tiffany! The best part of this occurs toward the end when the guy holding the the camera demands, “Tell me something else.” New York looks right into the camera and says, “Nooooo.” Hee!

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