Blog Best-Of: Fergie’s Fug


fergie_links2.jpg- Just when you thought Fergie‘s appearance couldn’t get more offensive, she busts out the crimper. She looks Ferg-a-tarded. [Dlisted]

- Keyshia Cole appears topless on the cover of Vibe. So how ’bout that singing career? [Crunk + Disorderly]

- Photoshop helps someone hypothesize what Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes would look like if their features were combined on one face. Awww! So much cuter than Suri. [CityRag]

- Dennis Rodman dresses up for as a woman for Halloween. As if he needed the excuse. [CONCRETELOOP]

- Meanwhile, Diana Ross turns up on a red carpet looking like a clown. No excuse given, no excuse needed. [Seriously? OMG! WTF?]

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What’s The Best Who Song?


You can hear the high-vis tunes on the weekly CSI franchises, and marketing campaigns have used “I’m Free” and “Happy Jack” of late. But for the most part the Who‘s music isn’t around all that much – frustrating for fans who know there are lots of other tracks to blast at top volume. Many of them are heard or discussed in Amazing Journey, a portrait of the band and VH1′s latest Rock Doc (watch it this Saturday night). Of course there are lots explosive songs by the band that don’t get spun enough. Write back and call us liars if you’ve given “I Can’t Reach You” some love lately.

We made a list of hidden gems that you should check out. But what’s more important is getting a taste of the Roc Doc and submitting to the power of this video list.

Above is a nice clip regarding the quandary the guys had over choosing a band name. Make the jump if you want to find out why they were banned from Holiday Inns for life! And do make sure to tell us your fave Who song.

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Madonna Was Desperate for Tupac’s Baby


madonna-1030.jpgA story this morning tempted us with something that was sadly too good to be true. Madonna, who apparently dated doe-eyed Tupac Shakur a year before he was murdered, wanted to have the rapper’s baby! Madge’s pal reveals, “She was going out with him … but homegirls were saying to him, ‘I can’t believe you’re going out with a white girl.’”

Tupac apparently dumped her and then you know – Madonna got knocked up by her trainer, married Guy Richie, had another kid, got into Kabbalah, wrote some books, made some track suits, sang a little, and is still insanely rich. But man – can you imagine the spawn that could have been? His eyes, her…arm muscles. Their combined musical talent and passion for living life on the edge. Their kid would have kicked Maddox’s ass and dated Suri before she could walk. Damn, that would have been one bad-ass baby. [Image: Getty]

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Hottie of the Week: Kim Kardashian


Photo_20x9_1 More Bootylicious Pics

Kim Kardashian, we’d like to thank you for making our workplace NSFW. Anytime we Google you, we’re forced to cover our screens. Why is that, you ask? Is it because you’re beautiful? True, but no. Is it because your show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, is on E!, VH1′s competitor? Also true, but also no. It is mainly because you’re a spicy number who keeps showing up naked all over the Interweb. There was your sex-tape scandal with Ray-J — that kept us busy for awhile. Then there was your Playboy spread, the shoot that will be in the December issue of Hugh Hefner’s storied publication. That hit cyberspace recently. And that’s to say nothing of your frequent appearances on red carpets all over Hollywood, where your clothes are more butt-sheaths than dresses. You have all but implored us to make you our hottie of the week. Well, congratulations, Kim: All your hard work finally paid off.

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Lindsay Lohan’s a Party Pooper


lindsay-lohan-1030.jpgLindsay has backed out (again) of hosting a New Year’s Eve Party at Pure nightclub in Las Vegas, which can only mean one thing: this girl is serious about rehab, which is making her seriously boring. Lindsay canceled her appearance as part of her desire to “focus on her work and sobriety,” and we totally respect her new, dry lifestyle. it’s just that we had kind of hoped she’d find a few ways to be sober and insane. She doesn’t have to let go of the crazy now that she’s clean! Here is some tried and true sober stuff Linds could do to eff sh*t up and get the blogs buzzing again:

  • Random food fights
  • Getting juiced up on Red Bulls and talking way too much
  • Rollerblading in places where people aren’t allowed to Rollerblade
  • Wearing a jester hat out in public
  • Panty raids (or boxer short raids! Crazy!)
  • Get a bunny as a pet and carry it around like a tiny dog


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About Last Night: Ultra Fresh Party Pics


Movie premieres, awards shows, benefit concerts, and plain old clubbin’ – while we’re at home, the beautiful peeps are living it up. About Last Night puts you in touch with all the action.

Petra Nemcova, John Legend, Joss Stone, Ashanti, Diddy, Kelly Ripa, LL Cool J, Jessica Stam, and Jamie-Lynn Sigler were among those at the 2007 Angel Ball Benefiting Cancer Research.

Denzel Washington, Russell Crowe, Lymari Nadal, Mel Gibson, Jeremy Piven, and Damon Wayans attended an industry screening of American Gangster in LA.

Pete Wentz Broken-Hearted and -Ankled


pete_wentz.pngPete Wentz put the “fall” in Fall Out Boy when he took the stage at last weekend’s Voodoo Music Experience in New Orleans — the on-stage live wire broke his leg while performing. Posting shots to the heartbreakingly emo social networking site Friends or Enemies, Wentz described the incident, and the uh, fallout: “ended up breaking the bone that connects my shin to my foot. no shows will be cancelled. i am currently trying to get a “rocker” boot so i can have a walking cast. currently my foot is the size of a small car. if you see me at a show come sign my cast.” The laid-up rocker posted several shots, captioning one photo, “I guess karma owed me.”

Check out the shot of Pete’s car-sized ankle after the jump.

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Britney Pisses Off The Catholic Church


britney-spears-prayer.jpgHey God,

Waddup. It’s your girl Brit – remember me? I know, I know – long time no pray. Sorry about that. I got busy marrying a couple people and I had some babies and – oh you probably know all this stuff, huh. Anyhoo, I need to talk to you about something – no, not the flashing problem. I’m trying to wear underwear now, thanks. Here’s the thing – I did a bunch of sexy pics for my new album that feature me posing on a priest’s lap (not a real priest, obviously!) in one of those confession booth thingies. Now all these leader-y people in the Catholic church are like, super mad at me! I was just trying to be proactiv provocative and stuff – that’s why people pay attention to me! I wanna make sure you and I are still cool because you’re like my main homie – even if I don’t act like it I’m still totally religious-y. I wear a lot of necklaces with diamond crosses on them and I’m totally shouting you out! Okay, I think my hot pockets are done so I should stop prayin’ now and go eat.

Oh also, I pray that lotttttssss of people buy my new album today. Please?

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