Kelly Gets Her Siouxsie On



Guess Kelly Clarkson’s iPod has more on it than just Avril Lavigne and Martina McBride. "Never Again," a fierce new eff-off track from her forthcoming disc, contains the faintest wisps of — yikes! — Siouxsie and the Banshees. With chiming 80s guitar, pummelling tom-tom thuds, and goth opera vocals that rub her ex’s face in the mude ("I hope the ring you gave her turns her finger green/I hope when you’re in bed with her you think of me"), Clarkson brings her vicious side to the table. Does this mean that Ashlee Simpson‘s next joint will tilt toward PJ Harvey?

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Oz Pulls Wonka With Ticket Giveaway



In addition to "Lovable TV Dad" and "Prince of F*cking Darkness," Ozzy Osbourne can add "Willy Wonka-Style Concert Promoter" to his job description. While promoting his annual Ozzfest — the metal event of the summer featuring Hatebreed, Lamb of God and Eurovision titans Lordi — Oz announced tickets for the fest are free. As if that itself didn’t merit throwing the devil horns, select copies of his first album of orginal material in six years, Black Rain, will contain a secret code that gives lucky fans the opportunity at priority tickets four days before the public gets their hands on them.

Will you buy Ozzy’s latest for a shot at good seats?

Monday: Leto’s Sex Work; Jam-Master Jay’s Killer Found?


Leto44Penthouse Pet Rates Leto’s Sex Work
Krista Ayne slept with Jared, but only gives him a 7 out of 10 for his performance. [New York Post]

Jam-Master Jay’s Killer Found? Career Criminal Confesses
Police are close to charging a suspect in the famed hip-hop murder of the Run-DMC hero. [All Hip Hop]

Busy Birkhead: Dannielynn’s Dad Is a Party Animal
Mr. DNA likes to party with a gaggle of gorgeous women.

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I Love New York Reunion: Your Reactions



Here’s your chance to weigh in on what went down during the I Love New York reunion. Were you as shocked as New York when Tango called off the engagement? What did you think of his reason? Does this prove that New York should have chosen Chance? Will New York ever find love?

And, maybe most importantly, what did you think of Sister Patterson’s new hairdo?

Best of Blogville: Ashlee’s Atrocity


Ashlee_links- Ashlee Simpson should get more plastic surgery…on her hair. [Dlisted]

- Britney Spears has gone from cow to cowgirl. Or, at least, that’s what the hat suggests. [A Socialite's Life]

- Lindsay Lohan travels to Japan. Any chance she might stay there? [Just Jared]

- NEWSFLASH: Paris Hilton wears panties. [The Superficial]

- All that said, why in the world would celebrities hate gossip blogs? [CityRag]

Rapping Squirrel: WTF Wordsworth?


Rap In an effort to seduce visitors, Cumbria Tourism has released a rap video. Officials who work for the bucolic English countryside decided it would be a good idea to give the area’s image a 2007 overhaul. With that in mind, they made this clip, which features a man dressed in a squirrel suit, rapping “Daffodils,” also known as “I Wandered Lonely As a Cloud.” “Daffodils,” as you might remember from your high school English classes, is a poem by William Wordsworth, the Romantic poet who died in 1850. Wordsworth lived in Cumbria, which helps explain this video. A little. But can anyone explain the squirrel?

They Spinnin’! Hip-Hop Headlines


070413_jayz Lost Son?
Video model Shenelle Scott talks about Jay-Z baby rumors (Baller Status)

Insider: Jay-Z and Beyonce to start own record label (MediaTakeOut)

‘Big S**t Poppin”
Listen to a cut off of T.I.‘s new album (XXL)

He Ain’t Sayin’ She’s a Gold Digger …
Kanye West‘s wedding plans ‘on hold indefinitely’ (MediaTakeOut)

Beat Your Own Rap
Russell Simmons: Don’t blame hip-hop for Don Imus (SOHH)

Guess Who’s Back?
In radio interview, Eminem says he told 50 to drop Cam beef, has tracks ready for 50′s new record (RapBasement)

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Friday: Imus Fans ‘Hate’ Rutgers; Lindsay & K-Fed Have Revenge Sex?


Lindsay & K-Fed Have Revenge Sex?
New reports say Federline spent the night with Lohan at a Beverly Hills hotel last week. Supposedly the  actress/lush "made the first move," but we wonder if K-Fed isn’t just getting revenge on Brit. [National Ledger]

LohankfedRutgers Accepts Don Imus Apology
"We are in the process of forgiving," says the team. But are Imus’ fans in the process of "forgiving" them? WTF! []

Girls Gone Wild Boss: Bribes Guard, Hides Pills
The multi-millionaire has been slapped with new charges for committing felonies in jail. How did someone so stupid make so much money? [Yahoo!]

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