Sacrificing L.A.M.B.



Gwen Stefani played the mainly Muslim (and therefore immensely conservative) country of Malaysia on Tuesday, and her performance was a little less naked than usual. Literally. Protests from conservative Muslims meant Gwen had to cover up and ditch the skimpy threads that she normally dons on stage. This is just one in a series of incidents in which the potential indecency of Western artists has clashed with the purportedly chaste ideals of Malaysia.

But if you think that the idea that Gwen Stefani’s cleavage could corrupt Malaysian youths is ridiculous, check out her response to the opposition, as reportedly related to Malaysia’s Galaxie magazine before the show:

I’ve made a lot of changes to my concert just for Malaysia. It’s a major sacrifice that I have made as an artist. But I’m willing to do it because I want my fans in this country to see me perform here.

It should be noted that Gwen’s whining about sacrifice in a country whose per capita income is about 3.5 times less than that of the United States. Gwen Stefani seriously knows nothing about sacrifice. Yeah, it sucks to have to bow to the stifling ideals of others, but covering up your naked arm by wearing entitlement on your sleeve isn’t going to net you much sympathy. At least not in these parts.

Below, check out some shots of Gwen performing in the U.S. and, presumably, not sacrificing.

[GMANews.TV / Images: Getty]

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Mia Rocks No More



Bret had trouble deciding whether to elminite Lacey or Mia. He admitted that Lacey was “absolutely crazy” according to everyone in the house. But his connection with Mia was “too little too late,” and so he sent her packing. Was it the right decision? Weigh in now and check back soon for our official recap!

The Pick-Up Artist: Your Weekly Forecast (Episode 4)


Was it the newsies cap? The fact that he was the living embodiment of The 40-Year-Old Virgin (plus five years). No matter, as Mr. Fred is has left the building, disappointing Mystery and his Brothers in Booty one last time. Who’ll be next on the chopping block? Let us know your thoughts.

Which remaining guy has picked up his game the most?

Fred got the boot last week. Did you forecast his dismissal?

Does Spoon deserve another chance?

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The Weekly Wrap Up: Lindsay’s Lucky, Hayden’s Hot, Flav is Back in Business



Ask Doc Ali



Scott Baio Is 45…and Single may be all about Scott Baio, but his life coach, Doc Ali, isn’t. In addition to helping Scott sort out his love woes on TV, she’s helping our readers sort out their problems online. If you need some advice on love, life and/or work, drop Doc Ali a line here. And check this spot every week to see if Doc has answered your questions.

After the jump, Doc Ali continues doling out the virtual guidance.

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Kanye West and 50 Cent’s Feud Fizzles



So apparently that giant feud between Kanye and Fiddy was fake. Well gee, we spent a lot of time crying over nothing then. All to sell albums? Thanks a lot, guys. Page Six reports that the rappers joined Diddy, T.I., and Jay-Z at the 40/40 Club Wednesday night and palled around over vodka shots. Their boys night out came after the Screamfest ’07 show at Madison Square Garden where the group of guys all performed together onstage. Some feud that was! We’re not buying anyone’s albums on September 11th – so there. [NYP. MTV. Image: Getty]

Crazy Talk: Celebrities Say the Darndest Things



Every day we’re amazed at the ridiculous things that come out of the mouths of famous people. We’ve rounded up the best of this week’s wackiest celeb statements for your reading pleasure, straight from Jamie Foxx, Amy Winehouse, and a slew of your other favorite stars. Enjoy their wise words – and your sanity.

  • “If they’re using dry paper, they aren’t washing all of themselves. It’s just unclean. So if I go in a woman’s house and see the toilet paper there, I’ll explain this. And if she doesn’t make the adjustment to baby wipes, I’ll know she’s not completely clean.” – Terrence Howard, detailing to Elle Magazine why he will only date women who use baby wipes after going to the bathroom. [DListed]
  • “Blake is the best man in the world. We would never ever harm each other. Take back what you said on the blog. I thought you was my girl. I was cutting myself after he found me in our room about to do drugs with a call girl and rightly said I wasn’t good enough for him. I lost it and he saved my life.” - Amy Winehouse in a text message to blogger Perez Hilton, following a bloddy fight with her husband. [PerezHilton]

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Lindsay Finally Owns Up to Her Demons


lohan_mugshot_070724_sm.jpgAfter getting off nice n’ easy with a plea bargain that will land the starlet with one day of jail time and ten days community service, Lindsay Lohan released the following statement admitting – finally – that she is “addicted to alcohol and drugs.” Give it a read and let us know what you think – is she fully changed or full of s**t?

“It is clear to me that my life has become completely unmanageable because I am addicted to alcohol and drugs. Recently, I relapsed and did things for which I am ashamed. I broke the law, and today I took responsibility by pleading guilty to the charges in my case. No matter what I said when I was under the influence on the day I was arrested, I am not blaming anyone else for my conduct other than myself. I thank God I did not injure others. I easily could have. I very much want to be healthy and gain control of my life and career and have asked for medical help in doing so. I am taking these steps to improve my life. Luckily, I am not alone in my daily struggle and I know that people like me have succeeded. Maybe with time it will become easier. I hope so.”

[TMZ. Booking Image]

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I Hate My Fridays – (I Hate My 30s Recap)



You know you’re over 30 when you discover that bad credit and collection agencies aren’t just the stuff of insomniac theater. In last night’s I Hate My 30s, Chad‘s poor financial habits catch up with him and leave him homeless. In the meantime, Kyle and Katie get an unexpected visitor. The two roommates get to host Kyle’s teenage niece, Kelly, after she has an argument with her mother and runs away from home. Kelly’s the shoe-shopping obsessive of Internet fame, and her abrasive personality doesn’t mesh well with Katie, who’s an obsessive herself — an obsessive real-estate agent. We caught up with Katie and Kelly to ask them about each other, Kyle and shoes. Interviews after the jump. Read more…