Monday: Ricky Martin Defends Gay Musician; Rosie Battles O’Reilly


Rickymartin2Ricky Martin Defends Gay Musicians
"Life is too short to live closed up, guarding what you say," said Martin — whose sexual orientation has been the subject of speculation. [Yahoo!]

‘Guitar Hero’ to Unveil ‘Rock Band’
Get ready to form bands with your friends — in a room or online. You’ll need a drummer, a lead and bass guitarist, and a singer. [Wired]

Usher Engaged to Longtime Girlfriend
Sorry ladies! The five-time Grammy winner could be walking down the aisle before the end of the year. [Yahoo!]

Rosie: Bill O’Reilly Is a Stupid Puppet
O’Donnell spat back at the conservative talk show host after he called for her firing from ABC. []

Trump Wins Bet, Keeps ‘Do Intact
Donald unfortunately prevailed in Sunday night’s "hair match" at Wrestlemania, and gleefully took the shears to WWE owner Vince McMahon’s head. [MSN]

Scarlett: Haunted by Crotch



Scarlett Johannson says that she was driven to distraction by the sight of Eric Bana‘s man basket on the set of the upcoming The Other Boleyn Girl. Scarlett’s issue was the the codpiece (i.e., a decorative cup worn in the 15th and 16th centuries) her costar donned for the period piece. Says Scarlett:

We’d be ready to do a scene and I couldn’t look at anything else. I won’t get over that codpiece for a long time. Eric would use it as a tool. He would rest his hands or a cup of coffee on it. People would even lead him around the set by it.

Can you imagine how much more haunting and/or impressive it would have been if he could have done that without the piece? []

Nelly: Like a Bird or Just Weird?



Nelly Furtado made her grand entrance to Sunday’s Juno Awards (Canada’s answer to the Grammys) from the ceiling, in a purported tribute to her first hit, 2001′s "I’m Like a Bird." Except, she looks more like a bat or maybe a marine animal after an oil spill. Seriously, the only bird she’s like is a scary-ass one. If she’s like a bird, she’ll only peck your eyes out.

Regardless of her fright factor, Nelly went on to host the show, perform and win five awards. After the ceremony, Nelly talked about the big night, saying, "I’m very much floating and flying without harness." How high is she?

More shots of the promiscuous bird after the jump. [Showbuzz/CBS News]

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Best of Blogville: Usher’s Engagement


Usher_links- Usher confirms his engagement. She said "Yeah! (yeah…yeah…yeah…!)" [CONCRETELOOOP]

- Comparing Jessica Simpson‘s butt crack to Kate Beckinsale‘s is like comparing apples to apple bottoms. [CityRag]

- Britney Spears‘ wig is so beat that following Sister Patterson‘s lead would be an upgrade. [MollyGood]

- The Courtney Love-on-a-beach-in-a-bikini saga continues, and it’s only getting scarier. Is George Romero directing this thing? [Egotastic!]

- Blades of Glory‘s Will Ferrell in an ice-skating costume? Ridiculous. Will Ferrell in an ice-skating costume on a cereal box? Delicious. [Popbytes]

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Photos: Usher

They Spinnin’! – Hip-Hop Headlines


070330_eve Pitbull in a Skirt
Hip-hop honey Eve talked to Giant magazine about sex tapes, making up with Lil Kim, interracial love, and more (Giant)

50 Sent
Former Roc-a-Fella crooner Rell was busted for receiving 50 pounds of weed in the mail (All Hip-Hop)

The Vagina Luda-logues
St. John’s said no to the Vagina Monologues, so Ludacris might have to say no to swearing when he performs at the NYC university (XXL)

Hova Comes Ova
Rihanna‘s new single, "Umbrella," featuring Jay-Z, is up on the web. The Bajan beauty is also the next Cover Girl. (SOHH)

Save Your Budget for Your Bling
The latest trend in hip-hop videos? Superstars going super low-budget. (MTV)

The Celebreality Interview – Back To Surreal-ity with Andrea Lowell



Earlier this week, we ran an interview with Traci Bingham, the winner of the first-ever Surreal Life Fame Games. For a different take on the show, we checked in with Andrea Lowell, who, despite not making the Top 5, is doing well, thank you very much. After the jump, Andrea talks frankly about her level of fame, the perks of being a hot chick, and — wait for it — quantum physics.

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Sting’s Spit Take



Sometime Police frontman Sting suffered a rather large diss last Wednesday at the hands of Paul Weller, the former frontman of the Jam and a person who is obviously suffering from irritable bowel syndrome. Weller was playing a gig at Royal Albert Hall in London when he spotted a picture of Sting playing the venue in 2000. The sight so incensed Weller that he spat on the photograph and was overheard saying, “F*cking tw*t” as he walked away. Way to call it like you see it, Paul. Mr. Cranky Pants has a long history of insulting musicians. Here are a few recent hits:

On James Blunt: “"I’d rather eat my own sh*t than duet with James Blunt.”

On Freddie Mercury: "He said he wanted to bring ballet to the working classes. What a c*nt."

Also on Sting: “F*cking horrible man. Not my cup of tea at all. F*cking rubbish. No edge, no attitude, no nothing."

Paul Weller: More or less entertaining than a sock filled with cream cheese?

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Timba Preps to Drop, Game’s Got Beef


070329_timba_game Timbaland‘s Shock Value drops next week, and apparently nobody’s more curious about how it’ll be received than the man himself. SOHH ran some video of Timba at his New York listening party, and while he seems to be in a good mood when introducing the album, once it actually gets rolling you can see him scanning the room to see how people are responding. (Relax, Tim. Those in the know are mostly diggin’ on your efforts.)

In other news, a former Timba collaborator received a little shock value of his own recently. The Game was called out by model/singer Vida Guerra during a radio show appearance. Guerra "rapped" (at least we think it was supposed to be rap) about the Game having none after he called her a video ho on his single, "Wouldn’t Get Far." Don’t expect to see these two "collaborating" any time soon.

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Jenny Disses Block, Fellow Latinos


Jlo_2Enviably pelted woodland creatures, PETA and Diddy’s babymamaJ. Lo can now add Spanish-language record company Ritmo Latin to her list of sworn enemies. Ritmo has announced that its 50 stores in the New York area are boycotting Lopez’s latest, the Spanish-language Como Ama Una Mujer. Jenny from the Block recently returned to her Bronx hood to promote it offering select fans the opportunity to meet her at FYE. The fact that Lopez chose an "Anglo" store at which to promote her record enraged Ritmo President David Massry. "This is a Spanish-language CD, and if she wants to discriminate against the Latin community, then we will not sell her product," said Massry.