Flavor Flav’s Back…With a New Taste



That’s right…there’s a new season of Flavor of Love on the way, and this time there’s a twist. In the time since Flavor of Love debuted, Flav has seen his public profile skyrocket. The woman he’s looking for this time around will be a woman of sophistication who can keep up with his high-profile lifestyle. It seems that Flav paid attention to Charm School (after all, he did attend the reunion taping) and saw that his new show could benefit from a new, positive perspective.

If you think you’re classy enough to be one of Flav’s ladies, you can submit your profile to the Flavor of Love 3 casting site. Online casting will be determined during open voting until Tuesday, September 4. Submissions must include an uploaded video profile, biographical information and photos. Only five women will be cast from the online profiles, so make sure to wow (or as Flav would say, “Woooooooooooow!”) ‘em.

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Leading-the-Blind Items



- When Bret assigns the girls a songwriting challenge on Sunday’s Rock of Love, will their pens make like Poison…or poison?

- When Scott meets Renee’s daughter on Sunday’s Scott Baio is 45…and Single, will he be left singing “Thank Heaven for Little Girls,” or curse the day he was born?

- When Terry gets a makeover on Sunday’s Hogan Knows Best, will there even be a point? I mean, how can you mess with perfection?

For more sneak peaks and clips of Rock of Love, Scott Baio is 45…and Single, and more, hit VSPOT.

Lauryn Hill: America’s Entertainer



Lauryn Hill delivers her best performance since the 1999 Grammy Awards (remember when she actually made good music?) in a video recently uploaded to YouTube, and she doesn’t sing a note. For almost 15 minutes Lauryn, who’s rocking a bag-lady-does-Oprah look, mugs (see above), uses the phrase “Western paradigm,” and rambles about her career and fame. She does this all in a borderline belligerent manner that totally reminds me of a pre-zonked Whitney Houston, Newport-nasty voice and all. Oh, and adding to the weirdness, the interviewer facilitating Lauryn’s chatter is none other than the sister of Technotronic rapper Ya Kid K. I know! Lauryn, it would seem, is at the tipping point and it’s freakin’ genius. It’s soooooo good to have her back.

Watch the video and read some of the best, most self-important quotes from it after the jump:

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Eddie’s Exes: Ganging Up Against Him?


nicolemel080307.jpgTime for Eddie Murphy to watch his back! His ex-wife Nicole and ex-girlfriend Melanie Brown just happened to have a lunch date with each other yesterday at the most photographed celeb hangout in LA – The Ivy. In what was surely a calculated move, the babymamas brought along Zahra, Eddie’s youngest daughter from his first marriage, and Angel, his baby daughter with the Spice Girl. The meet and greet and eat came just a day after Mel and her lawyer announced that they were suing Eddie’s butt for some child support cash. It’s serious business when the exes join forces to gang up on a former flame, so Eddie better look out. There’s no underestimating the strength of GIRL POWER! [People. Images: Getty]

Fiddy: Lil’ Kim is Dude-ish



In the August issue of Sister 2 Sister, (aka, the best magazine evarrrrr!) 50 Cent touches on his years-old beef with Lil’ Kim. He clears the air about as well as an AK-47, first proclaiming that there isn’t any beef and then proceeding to insult her. He’s always into something! Says Fiddy:

I don’t have beef with her. She just had bad people around her. I think when a woman presents herself as a woman, she deserves special treatment. And then when she get beside — when it’s, ‘F*** that!’ then it gets different. Then I start feeling like she’s a man. So she gets the same treatment that you would treat a guy that was being disrespectful.

50 never reveals exactly what that “treatment” is, and interviewtrix Jamie Foster Brown doesn’t ask. Maybe she was too scared to? [Sister 2 Sister / Image credit: Getty]

Video: Fan Yanks Tim McGraw’s Ring


Apparently Tim McGraw has got that “special something” that drives fans to totally violate his personal space. Earlier this week video surfaced of a lady-fan grabbing his junk (followed by a serious verbal beatdown from his wife Faith Hill), and now there’s a new clip of an audience member accidentally grabbing a ring off his hand during a concert. Tim, like his wife, doesn’t stand for it, and stops singing to continuously demand his jewels back. Maybe McGraw needs to put up some sort of barrier between himself and the audience when he performs – that’ll give Faith some time to teach ‘em all about class!

Oh No They Didn’t: Friday’s Reviews Rage


el-cantante.jpgEvery week we round up selections from the funniest, most obscene and brutal film criticism out there so that you don’t waste your cash at the theaters and laugh a little at Hollywood’s expense. This week: El Cantante is the story of Hector Lavoe, the king of salsa, brought to the big screen by real-life married couple Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. You’d think, seeing how they’re married, there’d be some chemistry on screen. But no, apparently chemistry costs too much.

“Four years ago, Jennifer Lopez paired up to star in a film with then-boyfriend Ben Affleck, and the result was the famously incompetent Gigli. Apparently she didn’t learn her lesson back then.” — The Newark Star Ledger

“Worse . . . Jennifer Lopez tries to make the film about her; miscast as Lavoe’s missus, Puchi, Lopez hides behind aging makeup that makes her look like Bebe Neuwirth.” — The Village Voice

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I Hate My Fridays (I Hate My 30s Recap)



In last night’s installment of I Hate My 30s, things went to hell in a handbasket when Mandy was invited to one of her former sorority sisters’ wedding — and didn’t have a date. She’s a free-spirit, seemingly immune to the yearning felt by colleagues like Carol. (In case you didn’t see last week’s episode, Carol started to worry her eggs would dry up and fall out of her like fossilized dinosaur eggs. You had to be there.)In order to save face, Mandy asked Kyle, the office’s perpetually positive postal person (read: mail jockey), to join her. Kyle’s platonic roommate Katie, however, is an obsessive type, and quickly became jealous. Hilarity ensued. We thought it would be good to check in with Mandy and Kyle to get their take on love and life after 30. Interviews follow the jump.
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Friday: Rihanna’s Sexy Photoshoot; Paris’ New Business Venture


rihanna080307.jpgPics: Rihanna heats up Maxim Cover
You might need an umbrella to shade yourself from the hotness of these new Rihanna pics, taken for the German issue of Maxim. [Just Jared]

Nicole: Headed to Paris’ Jailhouse
The Lynwood Jail is just like Chateau Marmont – full of celebs who have done naughty things! It’s a good thing Paris and Nicole are used to sharing everything – clothes, boys, and now jail cells. [NY Daily News]

Jessica Simpson Can’t Get a Date
Even though she has the hot blond thing down, Jessica Simpson can’t find a date and is turning to a professional matchmaker for help. Somewhere Nick and Vanessa are laughing. [Life and Style]

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