The Pick-Up Artist: Finale Forecast


It’s the moment we’ve all been eagerly anticipating — it is down to two contestants, and there can only be one Pick-Up Artist. Who do you think will take the (furry, three-foot) crown, $50,000 and the numbers of unassuming ladies everywhere? Will it be the bottle-blonde stripper-getting Brady, or the artist formerly known as Alvaro, Kosmo. Weigh in before Monday night’s finale!

Fallen, but still pimpin’ in our hearts.

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1, 2, 3, 4, Feist: Live Performances


There was a moment, maybe a few days actually, where America watched the silhouettes of U2 raging from the TV screen and said “What’s that song?” Hard to imagine that the earth-shaking “Vertigo” was a mystery tune for a while, but one thing’s certain: it became known damn quick. Those iTunes campaigns have introduced us to some very cool tracks.

The latest is Feist’s wildly catchy “1,2,3,4.” Though the Canadian indie chanteuse isn’t as well known as Bono, her stock is on the rise. During the last few days, the Web search queries for “iPod nano song” and “iPod nano commercial” have tripdupled risen significantly. Yes, the world is getting a grip on this occasional member of the acclaimed Broken Social Scene. The quickest way to fall into Feistville, however, is to check our You Oughta Know pages, where vids, tour dates and lots of other info lives. And if you’re seeking a sweet live take on “1,2,3,4″ and other Feistian ditties, come down to our “Unplugged” session. You’re probably wondering what she’s knows about music, too, right? A couple months ago we gave her a blindfold test. She did just fine.

What’s your favorite song by Feist?

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De La Hoya In Fishnets?



Even tough guys like to feel pretty, as is evidenced by the shots that recently surfaced of boxer Oscar De La Hoya dressed in a fishnet body stocking, high heels and pink panties. De La Hoya was allegedly photographed at a Ritz-Carlton in Philadelphia by a stripper who claims the photos are one link in a kinky year-long affair that featured dressing up, men and women and role-playing. A source close to the woman says, “He liked sex games. He and the girl would sit in a chair that they’d pretend was a motorcycle. He’d pretend he was the girl on the back of motorcycle. She’d be the guy. He’d grab her around the waist and squeal, ‘Faster! Faster!’”

The married De La Hoya denies the photographs are of him, and his representative claims he’s the victim of very clever Photoshopping. De La Hoya’s camp is pulling out the big guns in terms of denials — former Saved by the Bell star Mario Lopez is coming to the boxer’s defense. “Clearly they are fake,” says Lopez. “His wife was teasing him that he looks better in lingerie than she does. ” Let’s hope not.

The Weekly Wrap Up: Mya Drops, Amy Flops, Common Gives Props



Some Idiot Gets Stuck in a Chimney


Here’s a Friday video treat for you – wonderfully serious news footage of a man in Indiana who got drunk and tried to get back into his girlfriend’s house via her chimney. Surprise! It didn’t work, and the fire department had to break a wall to get him out. His girlfriend’s response? She throws beer bottles at his head. It’s the feel-good viral video of the week! [via BeepBoop]

At Least Diddy Loves Britney Spears


diddy_britney.jpgWho knew that the only person to come to Britney Spears’ defense after her VMAs dance disaster would be Diddy? The rapper only had nice things to say about his pal, which kind of makes us love him more (Britney, however – is still lame), Combs said, “The times that I was around her, in her defense, she don’t (sic) drink any alcohol. I didn’t see her drink. You know I was hospitable, I offered everybody a drink and you know she had water. “Everybody has their own way.”

In regards to Brit staying up until sunrise just hours before she was supposed prove to the world that she was back, Diddy replied, “Some people deal with, you know, nerves, they can’t go to sleep and you don’t know what the problem is. To just say ‘Oh, her career is over she [is] done,’ to discount all her work beforehand because she is a human being — we all go through hard times.”

Damn, Diddy actually makes sense. We’ll leave Britney’s career alone for a second, but it still seems fair to rag on her for sucking on a pacifier, doesn’t it? Even Diddy can’t deny that. [Access Hollywood. Image: Getty]

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Whitney Houston’s Crazed Birthday


Ramping up for Hip-Hop Honors, we spoke with each of this year’s heroes for our “Tales From the Road” series. During the chats we asked them to recall some crazed moments of their career. Andre Harrell, the former boss of Uptown Records, and one of the progenitors of New Jack Swing instantly remembered his first taste of fame: it involves Whitney Houston, a screeching organ grinder’s monkey, and a p*ssed off Eddie Murphy. Oh yeah, a couple guys also got frisked…twice. Check it out!

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Friday’s Reviews Rage: Good Luck Chuck


good-luck-chuck-jessica.jpgEvery week we round up selections from the funniest and most brutal film criticism out there so that you don’t waste your cash at the theaters and laugh a little at Hollywood’s expense. This week: Good Luck Chuck isn’t funny, entertaining, credible or witty. The film stars Dane Cook as a dentist whose love-life has been cursed. Jessica Alba is his crush. His best friend is Dan Fogler. And together the three of them are about as funny as a fart joke. A not-funny fart joke. The kind of fart joke that reads like a form from the IRS. A fart joke that could make you declare bankruptcy! Laughing yet?

“I’ve occasionally heard Dane Cook, one of the stars of Good Luck Chuck, described as a comedian. I find this confusing, since my understanding is that comedians are people who say and do things that are funny. Perhaps Mr. Cook is some new kind of conceptual satirist whose shtick is to behave in the manner of a person attempting to be funny without actually being, you know, funny. Or maybe he answered an ad in the back of a magazine and sent away for a mail-order license to practice comedy. Whether Jessica Alba, his co-star, acquired her acting credentials by similar means is an issue that will be addressed if she ever tries to act.” – The New York Times

“With any luck, you won’t upchuck.” – The New York Post
Read more…

Kim Kardashian Dates Her Way to the Top


kimterrence0921.jpgThere she goes, getting more and more famous for doing nothing. That’s our girl! Kim Kardashian went from getting peed on by Brandy’s brother in an “adult” cinematic experience, to scoring a reality show, a Playboy spread, and now a real live Oscar-nominee. Kim has been spotted getting her groove on with Terrence Howard, who is currently separated from his wife. A spy revealed that the two made out at a couple of NYC clubs, saying “They were all over each other. She was sitting on his lap and he was rubbing her butt.”

Of course he was! Terrence is smart enough to know that if he rubs her butt long enough, a genie will pop out and grant him three wishes. But as a newly single dude getting it on with a hot piece of ass, hasn’t one wish already come true? [NY Post. Image: Getty]

You think we’d let you go without glancing that booty?

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Lindsay Lohan: Actress. Addict. Homewrecker?


lindsay_lohanRemember those rehab rumors about a rehabbing Lindsay Lohan getting busy in a rehab restroom? There might be more truth to them than previously thought. A few weeks back Dead Stays Alive rocker Tony Allen and La Lohan were accused of getting it on while both were getting treatment at the Cirque Lodge in Utah. Both vehemently denied such claims, but now Allen’s wife, McDonald’s container heiress Stephanie, has thrown him out of the house. Just last week Lindsay’s rumored paramour was attempting to disabuse folks of his relationship with the 21-year-old starlet, stating that they’re “great friends. We share a common affliction, and we just talk about life.” He then went on to say that his band is Lindsay’s new fav. His denial runs counter to reports that 40-year-old Allen was heard bragging about bedding Lohan: “C’mon, it’s Lindsay Lohan. Hell, yes!” Class-act Allen was overheard making these claims in a pub. Sounds like the rehab didn’t really take.

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