Thursday: Angelina Takes It Off; Lindsay’s A Gym Rat


Angelina Loves Naked Chit Chat

The sexy mom of four feels most comfortable having heart to hearts while bare-ass. Brad’s one lucky guy. [Us Magazine]

50 Cent Plots Disappearing Act

The hip-hop star is ready to take a rest from recording after dropping his next two discs. [Minsters & Critics]

LC & Heidi: Rumble In The Hills
These two frenemies are crashing each other’s shoots to secure
airtime. This behind-the-scenes battle sounds better than their show. [Us Magazine]

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Hilary: Ready for her Breakdown?



Hilary Duff recently shared her thoughts on the turn Britney Spears‘ life has taken, saying Spears’ breakdown was "inevitable." Apparently, in between cutting pop music that’s neither popular nor musical and choosing a succession of film roles that’s the celluloid equivalent of walking through a house with dog crap on your shoe, Hilary is a behavioral expert. Who knew? Says Hils:

"Being Britney Spears must be difficult. She’s been told what to do since she was young. She’s not a bad mom – she’s a first-time mom, and because she’s famous, she’s expected never to make mistakes. The pressure she’s under would get to anyone. People need to leave her alone."

Hilary, who’s also been told what to do since she was young, says she fears for her own emotional well-being. "I’m not going to stop doing what I love because I’m afraid of breaking down," she adds. Atta girl, Hils. Keep doing what you’re doing! You’re gonna look so hot with a shaved head one day, when you’re a little older! [The Post Chronicle / Image credit: Getty]

Akon: Above the Law


Akkkon_2 Akon thinks he’s above the law. The Senegalese-American was excoriated in the press for tossing a fan off the stage at an upstate New York show last Sunday. Since video of the incident hit YouTube, there have been several other significant developements. First, when Akon threw the 15-year-old into the crowd, he hit a 26-year-old woman named Abby Rosa. She suffered a concussion and wants Akon to make a public apology. Second, the 15-year-old whom Akon threw has been identified by police because his mother called the cops. How embarrassing. Third, Akon’s lawyer, Ben Brafman (formerly counsel for Diddy and Michael Jackson), released a statement to the press in which he declared that Akon did nothing wrong. What do you think? Should Akon have picked on someone his own size?

The Fantasy Interview – Larissa



In the past year of working at VH1 and covering its Celebreality slate, there’s no one that I wanted to talk to more than Charm School‘s Larissa. Unlike virtually everyone else who watches the show, I like Larissa — I don’t condone her behavior, but I admire her spunk, her sharp tongue and her commitment to making what those in the business call "good TV." I’ve talked to and even met her before, but I was really excited about discussing her turn on Charm School, which is either star-making or stomach-turning depending on what you look for in your Celebreality drama.

Imagine my disappointment when, after attempting to contact her for the past two weeks, her manager told me that Larissa was not interested in speaking about her time on the show. Imagine my despair when she chose to dish her dirt to another outlet.

As sad as this makes me, I still love her. She was eliminated from Charm School this week and I really can’t let her go without a tribute. Since I couldn’t post an interview with her, I did the next best thing: I made one up. Using sound bites from Charm School, I’ve constructed a completely hypothetical, not at all real conversation between Larissa and me. It’s after the jump — I only wish I could have experienced this level of attitude firsthand.

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Paris: The Jailbird Is Free!


Well, that didn’t last long. What started as a 45 day sentence has been reduced to a dinky 72 hours in the slammer for Paris Hilton. The word is out that The Simple Life star has just been released from jail early this morning. Too bad – she was just starting to get used the delicious dinners.

The LA County Sheriff’s Department is holding a news conference later this morning to reveal why the blonde bombshell was allowed to break out early. What do YOU think? Should the heiress have done her full time or was the three day stint behind bars long enough?

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Criss Angel Loves Cam(eras)


After ending a Hollywood courtship, stars tend to go for a nice, hot rebound. Find someone way sexier than your ex, make out in public a few times, and move on. Unless you’re our girl Cameron Diaz. After getting tossed by Timberlake, she’s been spotted with magician Criss Angel, who looks less like a Houdini-type and more like the lead singer of a nineties nu-metal band.

Now Angel is gettin’ all creepy, and it’s not just cuz he’s struck by love. Turns out he likes the magic of free publicity too. At his latest stunt – trapping himself in a clear, cement covered box – he declared, "This is dedicated to my new girl. You know who you are. I’ll be thinking of you."


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The Less Hot Simpson’s Alone Again


Poor little Jessica SimpsonHer movies flop, her sister has sliced
herself into a total hottie
, and now John Mayer wants nothing to do
with her
…again. The hot and cold pair seem to have frozen over for
good, after an attempt at reconciliation on a romantic Mexico getaway
that left Jess in tears.

It’s too bad Simpson doesn’t have a strong man who’ll stick by her
through thick and thin. You know, someone like her ex-husband. Nick moved on a while ago with knife-lover and reformed wild child
Vanessa Minnillo, and sources reveal that he’s standing by his
live-in lady
, fiercely defending her formerly flamboyant ways.

Oh Jess.  Hindsight really is 20-20.  Even with that Lasik surgery.

Check out video here of a smiling Simpson leaving an LA restaurant last night.

Blog Best-Of: Maggie’s Mammary


Maggieg_links2- Maggie Gyllenhaal lets it all hang out while breastfeeding her daughter in public. A child is a wonderfully inconspicuous way to explore your inner exhibitionist! [Dlisted]

- The press release for the upcoming R. Kelly-Usher video for "Same Girl" lauds the pair for mustering the "bravery and confidence needed to do something together." Indeed: it’s a long, scary walk to the bank. [Crunk + Disorderly]

- Rihanna describes her new look as "glam rock." Until the day that she rocks glitter platform heels, I’m not buying it. [CONCRETELOOP]

- A preview of Paula Abdul‘s upcoming reality show, Hey Paula!!!, features its star taking a tumble. Lidocaine is a powerful, powerful drug. [Best Week Ever]

- Nicole Richie acting camera-shy is like Paris Hilton acting penis-shy. It defies the laws of nature. [Just Jared]

Britney to Judge on American Idol?


Britney2_2Last season’s disappointing ratings of American Idol have started the rumor mill. If you believe the Interweb murmurs (and those of the National Enquirer), executives upset by Idol‘s viewership’s attrition — to Dancing With the Stars? come on, people! — may be not-so-quietly sharpening their knives for Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson. In their time of need, those in the brain trust at Fox have allegedly come up with a list of potential replacements for the two judges. Topping that list is disgraced pop star Britney Spears. And since Britney seems to have little else to do besides warning sunbathers against the dangers of jellyfish and mounting ill-conceived and poorly styled 12-minute "comeback" performances, we think this is a great idea. Go get ‘em, girl. That would be compelling television.

Madonna Annoys Even Maya Angelou


July’s Africa-centered issue of Vanity Fair (guest edited by Bono) will sport 20 covers, all shot by the queen of click Annie Lebowitz. All of the covers have leaked (see them here), but this one’s the funniest, thanks to Maya Angelou‘s wincing:


Madonna, leave that lady alone! That poor woman is old and she doesn’t want any of your damn Kabbalah water. [Vanity Fair]