Kanye Wants To Know More About…Kanye


kanye_blogs.jpg Apparently, you can tell Kanye West…something. The notoriously arrogant producer-rapper-dandy reveals to Marc Ecko in the August/September issue of Complex that he not only reads blogs, he enjoys them. “I have a pessimist with me all the time,” says Kanye, giving an example of a way he keeps himself in check. But who needs a pessimist in your entourage when you have a laptop? Kanye continues:

Man, it takes a really strong person to read the blogs; it’s just no holds barred. So if you’re feeling good about yourself and you want to feel like s***, go to the blogs. It’s good to have a place for someone to have unabashed opinions. Even if they’re dissing me or I’m the butt of jokes, I respect people giving their real opinion.

How refreshing it is to see a blast of humility from a star like Kanye. But did you notice that he prefaces it all by calling himself “strong?” I’ll spare him my real opinion on this.

Has Britney Gone Mental?


britneyspears080207.jpgUs Weekly has brought in a bevy of brain shrinks to analyze Ms. Spears, and the diagnosis isn’t pretty. It seems that all the weirdness – the impromptu underwear swim sessions, the strange scarf face mask, the nip slips, the outbursts – could signify that Brit’s got “a mood disorder,” says psychologist Robi Ludwig, based on her “self-destructive, erratic and dramatic” behavior. This can also be “symptomatic of drug and alcohol abuse.” Hm – you mean like Brit’s addiction to bathroom breaks? Ludwig also added that Britney “… strikes me as someone going through a delayed adolescence.” Come on ya’ll! Adults love wearin’ jean shorts and tank tops every day! Adults totally prefer Cheetos over caviar! Adults are always droppin’ their babies! Right? No? Fine, whatever. Time for a tantrum. [Us Weekly. Image: Getty]

Bobby’s Got a Brand New Bag: Paranoia



After the bitch-slap of Whitney Houston craziness from earlier this week, it seems only fair that we should hear from her former other half, King of R&B Bobby Brown. And hear from him we have! Bobby’s still yapping about Osama Bin Laden‘s supposed jealousy and wish to kill him, despite the fact that the story’s been circulating for over a year and that it refers to events that took place 11 years ago. Whatever. Attention is attention even if it’s from a terrorist. Eleven years ago.

Says Bobbaaaaaaaaaaaaay:

I figure if Bin Laden wants me, and everybody is looking for him, it probably won’t happen. But if he wants to try and find me for something so stupid, he can do what he wants. I have to leave it in the hands of my higher power. Come on, if anybody [else was] threatened by Al Qaeda, they’d take it seriously.

Isn’t it comforting to know that even if they aren’t together, Whitney and Bobby’s craziness is still potent, almost complementary? Even though we know how very far apart they are, it helps to think they might be wishing on the same bright star. It’s like that ’80s animated film An American Tale, except with more hootin’ and hollerin’ and drugs instead of mice. All together now: “Somewhere out there…” [New York Daily News / Image credit: Getty]

Marilyn Manson Wasted His Money on What?


marilynmanson080207.jpgKeyboard player Stephen Bier is laying a big-ass suit today on the shock rocker and his managers, accusing Manson of squandering away money owed to Bier and his band-mates on some bizarre buys. In an email to Page Six, Bier’s lawyer alleges that the millions of dollars the band earned together were instead spent by Manson on “sick and disturbing purchases of Nazi memorabilia and taxidermy (including the skeleton of a young Chinese girl).” In addition, the rocker blew the money on a massive home, an enormous engagement ring for now ex-wife Dita Von Teese, and their extravagant wedding in Ireland. It makes sense that all those things would cost a ton, but what is the price tag on a skeleton? And is there any reason at all to buy it? Splurging makes a lot more sense when it’s on bling, not bones. [NY Post. Image: Getty]

Thursday: Nicole’s Baby Bump is a Boy; Brangelina Falling Out of Love?


nicolejoel080207.jpgEddie Murphy Sued by Baby Mama
Scary Spice is hauling Eddie’s butt into court to legally establish him as their baby’s father. [Yahoo]

Nicole and Joel: Having a Baby Boy?
Now that the pregnancy’s confirmed, it’s time to speculate about Baby Richie-Madden’s gender. Regardless of whether it’s a boy or girl, we know the kid will have a ton of tattoos! [In Touch Weekly]

Britney’s Cousin Alli Speaks Out
Brit’s former assistant/cousin speaks out on her own singing career and calls her cousin a “wonderful mother.” [People]
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Hogan Knows Best Recap – Season 4, Episode 2 – I Wanna Run From You


Remember, The Bodyguard, that slice of ’90s cheese in which Whitney Houston plays a pop star who enlists the services of a bodyguard played by Kevin Costner and, after some initial bumps, they fall madly in love?


Yeah, well, this episode of Hogan Knows Best is nothing like that. For one thing, Brooke doesn’t wear a flowing head covering, like, once!

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Blog Best-Of: Simpson’s Suckage


jessicasimp_links2.jpgJessica Simpson‘s Working Girl remake Blonde Ambition will reportedly go straight-to-DVD. They should change the title to This Ain’t Working, Girl. [Dlisted]

- Kimberly Stewart reportedly plays a practical joke on Diddy by stealing his yacht. She could have played and easier and infinitely more hilarious practical joke by simply complimenting his music. [Crunk + Disorderly]

- Drew Carey greets his Price Is Right audience with a single, “F***.” Hey, an F-bomb is one way to get that Plinko chip going. [Best Week Ever]

- Lil’ Kim rocks a “Leave Lindsay A-Lohan” shirt. The back of Kim’s is personalized, though – it reads, “Pay attention to me, instead!” [Popbytes]

- Kate Beckinsale wows the geeks at ComicCon. This year’s theme? Erections of Fury. [CityRag]

[Image credit: Getty]

Diddy and Penelope: St. Tropez Sleepover


penelope.jpgA bunch of celebrities are down in St. Tropez causing trouble, and man-hopping Penelope Cruz seems to be at the heart of it all. First, the sexy Spanish actress (who apparently needs to cool down her hotness with a fan) was spotted holding hands with the very married Bono. The U2 singer’s wife quickly swooped in, and the rocker’s boat took off from the French Riviera shortly after her arrival . But Penelope stayed behind and was later spotted with Diddy on his yacht, headed toward his bedroom. She then showed up the next day with the rap mogul at the Nikki Beach Club, in the same dress as she had been wearing the night before. Penelope Cruz is doing the walk club-hop of shame! Stars, they really are just like us. [NY Daily News, PopSugar. Image: Getty]

Get Ready to Make Whoopi


whoopi080107.jpgJust like Nicole’s baby, another obviously true rumor is finally official. Whoopi Goldberg is the new moderator/co-host of The View. Rosie who? The announcement was followed by a big lovefest amongst the new quartet of BFFs, with Elisabeth and Joy cooing over Whoopi’s arrival. Apparently Babs had also wanted to announce Sherri Shepherd as the fifth chat-lady, but her contract negotiations fell through when ABC was not willing to pay her $2 million, which is reportedly what Whoopi will earn for one year. Sherri could still join the group, but ABC is also checking out other options. How about Michael Lohan?

Check out video of the big announcement here!
[Us Weekly, In Touch. Image: Getty]

VH1 Exclusive: D*ck Out of the Box


If you can’t wait for Friday’s release of Hot Rod, you’re not the only one. Interweb impresario and current Saturday Night Live funnyman Andy Samberg is right there with you. When VH1 News caught up with Mr. “Lazy Sunday,” he explained why, exactly, he was looking forward to the release of the film: Because it would help him get girls. So it goes, people.