Tuesday: Lily’s Nip Slip; Brit P*sses Off Animal Rights Group


Katie Holmes is Hot and Cruise-Free
Though she’s married to the most possessive guy in Hollywood, Katie hit up the Hairspray premiere by herself looking sexy and single. Maybe Tom got stuck babysitting Suri? [Just Jared]

Rehabbed Lindsay Clubs Like Crazy
After 45 days in rehab, Lindsay’s gotta satisfy her quench for the clubs. She’s been spotted  making up for lost time while downing energy drinks at hot spots in Vegas and LA. [People]

Video: Lily Allen Flashes Third Nipple
The British songstress gives the world a peek at her extra nip on a UK comedy show. [WWTDD]

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Blog Best-Of: Trump’s Temptation


Trump_links- Donald Trump has invited Rosie O’Donnell to join the upcoming season of The Apprentice. In addition to be an all-celebrity edition, it will also be an all hair-pulling edition. Expect an even more visible scalp on the Donald by the season’s end! [Dlisted]

- Paris Hilton shows off some nipple while surfing. At this point, a nip slip for Paris is when her breasts accidentally stay in her top. [Egotastic!]

- Rihanna says she wants to be “the black Madonna.” On your knees, then, girl! You’ve got work to do! [Bossip]

- Britney Spears carries a small dog around like it’s a piece of meat. Which it very well could be: something tells me that that dog’s gonna wind up between two pieces of bread. [CityRag]

- Justin Timberlake is set to open a barbeque restaurant in New York this week. After all, what goes better with ribs than blue-eyed peas? [Just Jared]

Video: Kelly Rowland Collapses Onstage


The Destiny’s Child star turned solo artist took a tumble while performing at a concert in Nigeria this weekend. The spill happened as she was beginning a performance of "Say My Name" for a crowd of screaming fans. After being taken to a local hospital Rowland was treated for dehydration and released. Her new album, Miss Kelly, is already a huge hit, debuting last week in the number six spot on the Billboard Album Charts. Maybe BeyoncĂ© got jealous and meddled with Kelly’s water supply! Or…maybe she was just damn hot n’ thirsty. You can’t blame us for hoping for a little scandal amongst friends! Check out a video of her fall and diagnosis her yourself. Get well Kelly!

Diddy: Gettin’ Ready to Pay up?


‘s left a trail of baby mama’s in his ladykillin’ wake, and it’s about to take a big toll on his bank account. The NY Post revealed that the mogul already pays ex Misa Hylton-Brim around $30, 000 a month in child support for their son Justin. But now the newly single Sean Combs may end up dishing out a big bundle of cash each month to support the three kids he has with recent ex Kim Porter. Divorce lawyer Raoul Felder
told the paper: "With Misa Hylton-Brim receiving approximately $30,000 a month, there
is no reason that Ms. Porter shouldn’t be able to get close to $100,000
or more per month in child support. That amount accounts for Porter having three children
with Combs and inflation in the years since Misa received the ruling in
her case."

But for now though it seems Diddy ain’t worried about his dough, cuz he’s got better things to think about – like the hot blonde who was spotted on his arm at his "All White Diddy Affair" in Baltimore Friday night. Who needs to worry about child support when there are ladies to mack? [NY Post, TMZ]

Pics: Jessica Simpson’s Bikini Bonanza



In what could easily go down as the creepiest pic of the week, Jessica Simpson (with her parents and hairdresser Ken Paves in tow) gives us her best O mouth while watching models debut her new swimwear line in Miami. The bathing suits, which Jess says she is "beyond excited" about, range in style "from all-American girl to bohemian." At the fashion show, Jess got so worked up she exclaimed, "I don’t even know what to do with myself!" Shutting that mouth would probably be a good start.

More pics of bikinis, Kim Kardashian and Papa Joe Simpson – under the cut!

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Is This Man Ugly?


Hip-hop head honcho Karrine Steffans is on the cusp of releasing another tell-all (The Vixen Diaries hits stores September 25), which means she’s flapping her notorious lips to whomever will listen for the sake of promotion. In this particular case, the woman best known as Superhead, dishes on her…arrangement with Lil’ Wayne in a cover story for the September issue of King. The secret of their mutual arrangement? He’s ugly and she digs it! Says Karrine:

"I always thought he was ugly…One day I Googled Lil Wayne to see what he looked like now. I was like, ‘Oh.’ The memory I had of him was this young kid coming into himself. I started listening to his music and saw that he grew into his ugliness. I don’t like cutesy-tootsie guys, I like a dude that’s a little bit ugly. I don’t want no fine ass…I don’t need no baby hair or your sideburns to be looking like a swirl."

Wow. Lil Wayne overcame ugliness only to land a woman who’s slept with everybody and their favorite rapper! Inspiring! Hip-hop hasn’t seen a triumph of the human spirit this moving since Ma$e learned to talk through rapping. [Image credit: Getty]

Britney Makes Crazy Music with Her Mouth


Britney071607_2 X17 has posted of a video (and pics!) of Brit driving away from a store blasting what sources say is a new tune from the washed up pop starlet. While it certainly is exciting to hear ten seconds of Britney moaning "Yeahhhh" over beats, the real magic happen inside the store when she realizes she’s about to be accosted by a paparazzi swarm. After appearing shocked by the onslaught of cameras, she exits the vitamin shop while groaning like a dying (but still sassy) lamb about to be butchered. It is both hilarious and horrifying at the same time – and 100% Britney. Something tells me this is how she and her sons communicate at home. One dead sheep groan means "It’s time to change your diaper," and two groans roughly translates into " Get mommy her damn cigarettes, you idiot!"

More pics of Britney making the "Holy eff I’m horrified by the paparazzi – but look at my sexy pink bikini shirt!" face can be found here.

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Remy Ma (Meat) Packing?


Terror Squad rapper Remy Ma has lived up to her violent reputation, turning herself over to police yesterday after being accused of shooting one of her best friends on Friday night. According to the victim, Makeda Barnes-Joseph, the two were out partying in New York City’s Meatpacking District (which, for those of you who’ve been, is this story’s first mistake). Remy asked Makeda to hold her purse, and when Makeda handed it back to her, Remy thought that her wallet felt a bit light. So she allegedly shot Makeda twice, dumped Makeda’s purse out and started going through the contents. "What hurts me is that when she shot me she went over and dumped the bag," Maked told The New York Daily News. "She didn’t even say, ‘Oh my God, I just shot her.’"

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Lindsays Waves Goodbye to Rehab, Hello to Sin City


Lindsay071607 The Mean Girl is finally free! After 45 days of rehab (complete with MySpace love letters, a birthday party in bad shoes, and lots of AA meetings) Lindsay Lohan has walked out of Promises Treatment Facility a clean woman. And where did she immediately head to celebrate her sobriety? Las Vegas. But don’t you worry – LiLo may have hit up nightclub Pure to celebrate her assistant’s birthday, but there was only water and Red Bull on hand for the rehabbed starlet. And to convince you doubters out there, Linds is going to be sporting an alcohol monitoring bracelet (which conveniently does not track cocaine snortage) as proof that she’s staying sober when surrounded by booze.

The starlet is beginning her new outpatient treatment with drama already on the horizon. In an online chat with blogger CelebSlam, a p*ssed off LiLo revealed that naked photos of her taken by Calum Best have been stolen off her computer and that she’s got her lawyers on the job. Poor Lindsay – millions of dollars in the bank and yet she can’t seem to find a hacker-proof computer. Still, can’t we just leave the starlet alone for a second so she can get her sh*t straightened out? If she has some space she’s sure to do something uber-insane again. And really, how much more bare, freckled skin do we need to see?

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