Blog Best-Of: Lauryn’s Lunacy


lauryn_links.jpg – Didn’t it seem like Lauryn Hill was sane for a second there? Turns out we’re the crazy ones for ever believing that. [Crunk + Disorderly]

- Maddox Jolie-Pitt apparently doesn’t like it when Brad and Angelina fight. Maddox has no future in publishing. [Dlisted]

- You could stand under Parker Posey‘s umbrella, but good lord, why would you want to? [A Socialite's Life]

- Jennifer Hudson looks like a corpse in her print campaign for a new Avon fragrance. Is it safe to assume that it smells like formaldehyde? [CONCRETELOOP]

- Akon says he’d sign Paris Hilton to his record label. And if the music thing doesn’t work out, he could always hump her for everyone’s entertainment. [Bossip]

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Bono & Penelope Cruz: Just Friends?


Penelope CruzSt Tropez does things to people. The sun, the surf: romance is everywhere. Which is why the gossip world is wondering if it did things to the actress Penelope Cruz and the married man Bono. The pair did the party thing recently (can you say 4 am?), and wound up looking ultra cozy as they bounced to and fro. Maybe he was just holding her hand to protect her from those nasty photogs…maybe. Leave your comment on whether you see sparks flying or hear hearts fluttering.

Britney Rides the Crazy Train to Vegas


britsnewman.jpgLil’ Miss Wacky and her tiny tots have bailed on Los Angeles and headed to Las Vegas to do whatever it is a young mom and her two kids do in Sin City. G-Rated strip shows and gambling for goldfish crackers, probably. The only problem is, Britney is not supposed to have her kids out of state without K-Fed’s permission, which she did not have. Fed-daddy is p*ssed, and with good reason, it seems. His babies are probably riding Siegfried and Roy’s tigers right now!

Brit’s family vacation only got worse when her bodyguard put the smack down on a photographer at the Wynn Hotel, where the star was staying. Apparently the pap got too close to Sean Preston, and the bodyguard, JC Camera, freaked. Yes, his last name is hilarious in this situation. Camera was charged with a citation of battery, while Britney filed an “allegation of battery” against the photog on behalf of Sean Preston. Britney has since left the hotel, and has hopefully learned that if she wants to really keep the paparazzi away she should go to a remote vacation spot. Try Vermont over Vegas, girlfriend. [Image: Getty]

Maroon 5 Deliver a Wake Up Call


What do a hostages, high-speed chases and jail have in common? True, they’re all components of a Monday evening with Lindsay Lohan, but they also all have something to do with the video for Maroon 5‘s video for their latest single “Wake Up Call,” directed by Jonas Akerlund (Smashing Pumpkins, U2). We’re not quite sure what’s going on in these clips the band sent over – it’s pretty much live action Grand Theft Auto. Our verdict? We’re not sure, but Adam Levine‘s much too pretty for jail.

Check out the clips and tell us what’s going on.

Come back on August 1st for the online premiere of the video.

I Know Who Killed Me: Insider Info



Lindsay Lohan‘s I Know Who Killed Me wasn’t screened for critics, which, given the events of the past week, was probably someone’s attempt to stop the deluge of bad press with a earplug. It was, however, screened for the film’s cast and crew. An insider told Defamerhow the (supposedly sympathetic) audience reacted, and it wasn’t pretty. To wit:

“In the scene where Lindsay gets hit in the face with a shovel– a scene meant to be terrifying–the audience erupted into laughter. Another not-funny-but-funny moment: when Lilo’s stripper character who may or may not be suffering from a split personality is being questioned by cops, she refers to her mother as ‘a crackwhore, disgusting, pathetic’ . . . ouch Dina! The line was received by riotous laughter.”

Sad, sad, sad. This is not going to end well, folks.