Blog Best-Of: Alicia’s Aloofness


alicia_links.jpg- Alicia Keys says, “I’m not the chick that breaks down, I’m not the one who loses it and wilds out, that’s not my thing.” Way to go – you just talked yourself out of ever having a reality show. Hope you’re happy, Leesh! [CONCRETELOOP]

- Britney Spears leaks a song that comments on the media’s fascination with her. We can only hope that the next chapter in Brit’s self-conscious realm of music-making will be a remake of “Baby Come Back.” [CityRag]

- Ray J reportedly is prepping a memoir called Sex Machine that will chronicle his bedding of over 1,100 women. Let’s pray the Kardashian chapter is titled, “Butt Seriously…” [Crunk + Disorderly]

- Angelina Jolie is the current target of Bai Ling‘s affection. Try to resist adopting her, Angelina. Just try! [Dlisted]

- Demi Moore is going gray! A crack in the facade! Break out the champagne! [Seriously? OMG! WTF?]

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Snoop Dogg: From the Streets to the Suites


Tonight VH1 continues its week-long paean to hip-hop with a series of rap-related programs (see the schedule here). Tonight we’re most excited about Rags to Riches: Snoop Dogg, in which the Doggfather, one of this year’s Hip-Hop Honors honorees, explains how he went from East Long Beach, California, to owning a fleet of luxury cars. Fans of Porsches and fans of Tia Carrera can unite over Snoop’s clever wordplay. (You know, there’s the Porsche Carrera, and then there’s the Wayne’s World/Curb Your Enthusiasm star. OK, sure, it’s a bad pun, but a) Snoop’s wealthy enough to make it, which means it’s just weird enough to be interesting, and b) it is true that the Porsche Carrera and Tia Carrera share a name.) As the man says, his rides don’t need to be pimped because he already is a pimp. And that, friends, is the truth. Watch it tonight at 11 p.m. (EST) on VH1.

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New York Is Seriously Amazing


TMZ recently posted this video of New York mouthing off to he paparazzi. Go get ‘em, Tiffany! The best part of this occurs toward the end when the guy holding the the camera demands, “Tell me something else.” New York looks right into the camera and says, “Nooooo.” Hee!

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Did Lou Pearlman Molest a Backstreet Boy?


pearlman.jpgThis photo of Lou Pearlman seemed to be begging for a caption, something like “It was awesome!” Or simply, “Boys!” But both of these felt really wrong. In case you aren’t sure who that big old fat dude is, he’s the puppet master behind such boy band phenomenons as The Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC (and their insignificant copycats Take 5 and LFO). The problem is, he not only made these guys, he also maybe molested them. According to a new Vanity Fair article, Pearlman allegedly preyed on his young future stars, and traded sexual favors with promises of boy band stardom. His former assistant said, “I would absolutely say the guy was a sexual predator. All the talent knew what Lou’s game was. Some guys joked about it. I remember [one singer] asking me, ‘Have you let Lou [fellate] you yet?’ ”

Apparently Nick Carter, the youngest Backstreeter, was the main target of Pearlman’s, er…affection. One former BSB member said that Lou was “definitely inappropriate” with the star, and Nick’s own mom revealed, “Certain things happened and it almost destroyed our family. I tried to warn everyone. I tried to warn all the mothers . . . I tried to expose him for what he was years ago.”

Damn. Maybe this explains all of Nick’s sh*tastic life choices thus far. Paris Hilton, the House of Carters TV show, that hair-do – there’s a reason the guy’s so messed up! Pearlman’s currently in jail for bank fraud, so boy bands across the country should feel safe to continue ruining radio with their crappy make out jams. As for Pearlman – Nick Carter’s got big muscles and one crazy brother. We hope one day he can put them to good use. [NY Post]

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Anthony Kiedis Welcomes Littlest Pepper


anthony_kiedisRed Hot Chili Peppers lead singer Anthony Kiedis welcomed his first child, a boy, earlier today. Kiedis’ girlfriend, model Heather Christie, 22, went into labor yesterday, and delivered the baby at Cedars Sinai Medical Center. Kiedis’ father is reporting that they named the child Everly B.

Let’s hope the little man inherits his mom’s height, and his dad’s sock size, if you catch our drift.

Lindsay Lohan’s Bizarre Family Vacation


lindsaylohandad-copy.jpgLiLo has recently reconnected with her father – after three years of estrangement – as part of her grueling rehab process out in Utah. You know, she plants some flowers, smokes a cig, gets a mani/pedi, and reconciles with her dad. Tough work! Today the father-daughter team is beginning a five day retreat to a rural lodge where they will presumably try to impress each other with how much coke they’ve each done. Oh, and hopefully make up and hug it out. Wouldn’t you give anything to be a fly on the wall (or a cigarette in Lindsay’s back pocket) for one of their healing conversations?

LL: “Dad, I’ve done a lot of bad things.”
Dad: “Me too, honey. It’s okay.”
“Like lots of coke. And obviously pot. Oh, and ecstasy. And maybe meth a couple of times.”
Dad: “Been there, done that.”
LL: “I’ve had a lot of sexual partners, and don’t remember a lot of their names. Or we would do drugs together.”
Dad: “Check.”
LL: “Like Calum Best.”
Dad: “Yup, me too.”
LL: “What?”


The Celebreality Interview: Salt-N-Pepa (Part 2)



At last, we bring you Part 2 of our exclusive interview with Salt-N-Pepa (here’s Part 1 of our Salt-N-Pepa interview). After the jump, the hip-hop titans talk more about The Salt-N-Pepa Show (their upcoming reality series that debuts Oct. 15 on VH1), women in hip-hop, feminism and the question that’s on everyone’s mind: where on earth is Spinderella?

Read more…

John Mayer & Minka Kelly: K-I-S-S-I-N-G


johnmayer.jpgJohn Mayer has a new woman, Minka Kelly, who thankfully seems to be the exact opposite of his former obnoxious flame Jessica Simpson. She’s a casually dressed brunette and an actress (no, Jessica’s crappy movies do not count as acting) on our fave football drama “Friday Night Lights.” So far, we like. Nice work John! A couple interesting tidbits thanks to Wikipedia: Minka is the daughter of former Aerosmith guitarist Rick Dufay, and once dated actor Donald Faison, whose current gal pal is Jessica Simpson’s ex-assistant CaCee Cobb! The smallness of the world makes us so happy sometimes.

In case you aren’t yet familiar with Ms. Minka, we’ve got the visual goods below. Enjoy!

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Meet Your Most Smartest Models


The brains-and-beauty competition America’s Most Smartest Model premieres Sunday at 9/8c on VH1 (after the Rock of Love reunion), but you can get an up-close look at the models competing in the show now. Enlarge the pics below for a good look at the guys:

(Their names are, starting with the guy all the way to the left in the first row: V.J., Slavco, Jesse, Jeff, Gaston, Daniel, Brett and Andre.)

And here are the girls:

(They are: Victoria, Rachel, Rachael, Mandy Lynn, Lisa, Jamie, Erika and Angela.)

For even more on the contestants, check out their mini-bios. But before you do that: guess which guy is bisexual and which girl posed for Trashy Lingerie. “All of the above” is totally an option!

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Britney Spears’ Guide to Losing Your Kids


britneybabies.jpgCurious as to how to get rid of those two brats that clog up the backseat of your car? It’s easy! Just follow Britney Spears‘ simple guide and soon you too can get your children plucked from your arms!

Tip #1: If the judge in your custody battle gives you a strict and clear set of guidelines to follow and tasks to complete, don’t do any of them! Brit ignored orders to get drug tested, attend counseling and parenting classes and sign the judge’s order. Worked for her – and it can work for you!

Tip #2: Don’t ever get a valid license from the state in which you live. The judge will want to see it, so be sure to still use the one you got in high school in a different state. It’ll piss the judge off a lot! Once he takes your kids you can obtain a new one (just like Britney did yesterday) – but only after your kids are gone, natch!

Tip #3: Do something after your kids are grabbed that prove you don’t give a sh*t that they’re gone. Britney went tanning after she lost her children – what mundane thing will you do?

Tip #4: Once the kids are gone, you’ll probably be all smiles just like Britney! Everyone will expect you to be devastated, but let’s face it, you won’t be. You can finally shop in peace (right Brit?)!

Tip #5: If crazy rumors start circulating that you were doing coke or meth the night you lost custody, don’t freak out! Because if the rumors are true, then you’re kids will be gone for a longgggg time. [Image: Getty]

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