Music To Save, Galas To Attend


Public schools are stressed out these days – there’s not enough loot going around to fund all the programs kids need. The first classes to be cut are often arts oriented, which is why we’re proud our VH1 Save The Music Foundation has helped sustain innumerable schools by donating a variety of instruments and beating the drum about plight of the programs.

After a decade of such superhero work, the Foundation is throwing itself a bash. On September 20, the Save the Music 10th Anniversary Gala presented by LG spends the evening paying tribute to former President Bill Clinton, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, Mariah Carey, VH1 Save the Music Founder John Sykes and NAMM. Performers include Jon Bon Jovi, John Mayer, and Roger Waters, as well as an all-student orchestra of musicians from around the country. Head over here to get ticket information – you might want to congratulate some of these folks yourself.


Tyrese: Banning Male Fans From Shows?


The recently engaged Tyrese has announced that his next tour, creepily named the "Shirts Off Tour," will be for ladies only. Apparently the actor/model/singer has told media outlets that he and fellow tour mates Ginuwine and Tank are "putting a ban on all dudes from coming to the show." Hmmm. Does that include yourself, smartypants?

Maybe he doesn’t come out and say it, but one could assume from this ban that Tyrese and friends don’t want their gay male fans to come see them perform. Tyrese has allegedly made homophobic remarks at a concert before, so it appears fishy. It also seems completely ridiculous to ban anyone from a concert, especially when they are fans who are there to support you. So fine, Tyrese, have fun performing for three
ladies with your shirt off. Next time, try getting with the rest of the world. It’s 2007. Enrique Iglesias is serenading dudes at his show! AfterElton is right – take a tip from the Latin crooner and "consider a fan a fan."

It’s a Good Thing Lindsay’s in Rehab


Multiple "law enforcement sources" have told TMZ that Lindsay Lohan‘s toxicology reports show that the star had "nearly twice the legal limit" of booze and traces of cocaine in her system during her fateful Memorial Day car crash. As we already know, cops on the scene found a "usable amount" of blow in her Mercedes, so it seems only logical that some of that ended up in her nose. The Beverly Hills Police Department could present the case to the Los Angeles District Attorney very soon, which means that Lindsay may end up like one of our other favorite media darlings, drawing pictures and crying in the fetal position behind bars.

Exclusive: Megan Fox Hot For the Timbersnake


Looks like Transformers star and bona-fide Maxim hottie Megan Fox is tripping all over Jessica Biel‘s parade. VH1 News caught up with Fox on the Transformers red carpet last night and asked her what she would transform into, were she able to transform into anything she wanted. Her response? "Justin Timberlake‘s girlfriend." Watch out, Jessica Biel! Megan Fox has the crazy eye!

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Nicole: Not Your Average Crackhead


Nicole2 Nicole Richie tells all in a revealing interview in the upcoming issue of Nylon, and she doesn’t hold anything back. She opens right up about that nasty heroin habit that landed her in rehab at the start of The Simple Life‘s first season. "When I pictured heroin, I pictured some crazy crackhead with no shoes under a bridge. You never think that is going to be you. And it never was me. I was never under a bridge, and I always had shoes." Funny how she sure is barefoot a lot these days. And all skinny, like a crackhead. No connection, I’m sure.

The starlet also gets pretty defensive about that bone-thin reputation, saying, "I’ve never gone a day without putting food in my mouth. I’ve never sewn my mouth shut. I’ve never gone on a liquid diet. So I want to know why I’m the face for a problem."

Gum doesn’t count as food, Nicole! And only drinking vodka tonics is a liquid diet. Also – who the eff has sewn their mouth shut, besides a puppet? Now you’re just talkin’ crazy. Like…A crackhead?

Clay: Not Gay, But Pretty Close


If you’re going to deny that you’re gay, you might want to do a little bit better of a job keeping tidbits like this from the NY Daily News out of the gossip rags:

"Clay Aiken
and a bevy of male chorus dancers partied into the wee hours at Cain nightclub over the weekend. The group was celebrating the forthcoming Off-Broadway show, "Idol:
The Musical" which is all about Clay and his "Claymates," the fans who
love him. The guaranteed-to-be-a-classic show begins previews July 5. Spies say the group ordered multiple bottles of Snow Queen vodka and poured into cabs together after a long night."

A bevy of male dancers? Snow Queen vodka? At least show up with a couple of lady groupies and guzzle some beer, Clay. Otherwise your Claymates are gonna freak, and we know that’s never pretty.

For Those About to Barack, We Salute You


When it comes to marketing, presidential hopeful Barack Obama is one smart guy. The Democratic candidate called into Hot 97 and spoke to Angie Martinez. "I’m old-school and generally I’m more of a jazz guy," he told her. "But having said that, I’m current enough that on my iPod I got a little bit of Jay-Z, a little bit of Beyonce. A little bit. I don’t want to pretend I know as much as my [children]. I’m falling behind rapidly." He’s not falling behind in the multimedia wars, though. Hillary Clinton’s Sopranos video might have gone viral, but does she offer you club-ready ringtones? Obama does. And he’s kicking Hillary’s ass on MySpace, too — 124,225 friends (including Jin!) to 105,420. Go, Obama. Maybe this time, the kids will actually, you know, vote or something. On the other hand, there’s some muttering about how politicians who appear on the cover of Men’s Vogue are missing their cojones (does Anna Wintour keep them in a jar on her desk?). That can’t be good.

Brittany Murphy: Stalked by Mystery Man?


Hollywood was all atwitter recently after the Clueless and Sin City star secretly married producer Simon Monjack. Insiders were buzzing that the Brit supposedly wed Murphy (only 8 months after she ended a previous engagement) to avoid deportation after his work visa expired, something the actress later called "preposterous lies."

Now a source who supposedly worked for the starlet has come forward to reveal that she seems to think she and her man are being stalked by "a high-powered Hollywood player." Murphy supposedly claimed that when Monjack slipped away without a trace for 10 days in April, that her then-boyfriend was kidnapped by associates of this mysterious stalker. The spy goes on to say that Monjack returned with "head injuries," and that Brittany was not able to pay him his salary as she claimed to have spent all her money on paying the kidnapper’s ransom.

As if this wasn’t crazy enough, the dates her husband was missing apparently match the dates that Monjack was detained by US Immigration officials for overstaying his visa, according to The National Enquirer. Soon after this bizarre incident, the pair were spotted in wedding rings.

Someone needs to make this into a movie immediately. Brittany can star. Think of it as Uptown Girls meets Girl, Interrupted  – with a twist. The twist being that she and her husband are nuts.

Reunion News: Spice, Zep and Bush



Reunion You Want: Admit it — you’ll pony up the $60 (plus surcharge) to see Baby, Scary, Sporty, Posh and Ginger zigazig ha, transporting you back to those heady pre-Y2K days. Lucky for us Sporty cleared her calendar.

Reunion You Want But Don’t Get: Led Zeppelin. After days of rumors reporting they’re getting the old band back together, Rock Banshee Robert Plant has rubbished rumors, claiming "If there was one, then there wouldn’t be enough doctors to support it!”

Reunion You Don’t Want But Get: Bush. You know, Gavin Rossdale. He was in a band. Still nothing? Gwen Stefani‘s husband. Anyway, he misses "the band thing." He’s threatening a Live Earth reunion.

Thursday: Usher’s Gonna Be a Daddy; Nicky’s Sick of Paris’ Drama


Yeah! Usher’s Gonna Be a Dad
and his fiance (and former stylist) are expecting their first child
together. Expect an adorable, tiny dancing machine in about nine
months. [People]

P*ssed Paris to Sue Lawyer?
She may have told Larry King that her jail stint "happened for a reason," but Paris is raging mad that her lawyer didn’t do a better job of keeping her out of the slammer. [MSNBC]

Brit Bails on Secret Show
The starlet’s comeback won’t be happening at Cyndi Lauper’s LA show, because according to a unnamed source, "Britney said she would only dance or lip-sync – and to be on stage with Cyndi, you have to actually perform." Ouch – an anonymous zing! [NY Post]

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