Jessica and Justin Cuddle in Bad Outfits


The love fest continues as the hot-bodied pair hit Norway holding hands and looking all warm and fuzzy. Jessica even hung out with JT’s mom in Sweden, and they appeared just as close. So with all the love in the air, what’s the problem, you ask? Their ridiculous outfits (click here for pics)! These two are normally some of the best dressed stars out there (see photos, right), but Justin duds out in a pair of jean shorts with plaid trim that wouldn’t have been cool even in his N’Sync days. Jessica, GQ’s July cover model, is barely stunning in a housecoat that Florence Henderson could’ve rocked on The Brady Bunch. Wasn’t she like, the sexiest woman in the world a couple of years ago? Not anymore.

Please, Jess, Justin…Er, Justica. Bring your sexy back!

Ross: From Fit Club to Girls’ Club?


Is the now-skinny Celebrity Fit Club album Ross Matthews ready to chew the fat with the ladies of The View full-time? That’s the rumor that’s swirling around the seat that Rosie O’Donnell‘s May departure from the show has left vacant. Ross and comedian Mario Cantone are set to guest host the show next month, leading to speculation that a dude might eventually replace Ro. This would effectively end The View panel’s estrogen-only policy. View grand dame Barbara Walters has said that the choice for Rosie’s replacement won’t be revealed until late July, and a mouthpiece for the show says that no offers have been made. Other names batted around have included Whoopi Goldberg and Kathy Griffin.

Isn’t the whole point of The View that it’s a bunch of women sitting around other women, talking out of their women’s mouths and using their women’s brains? Doesn’t having a man on the panel undermine its identity? Even worse: what does adding a dude to the forum who’s as openly…open as Ross or Mario really say? That flamboyant is the new female? [People / Image credit: Getty]

The Cult of Clay Aiken


Aiken Just when you thought Idol hysteria couldn’t get any more absurd, Idol: The Musical comes along. Slated for an Off Broadway run with previews beginning July 5th, the new musical will focus on a group of students in Steubenville, Ohio who meet daily to share in their worship of Clay Aiken in an abandoned barn that "doubles as a shrine" to Aiken. For real. The play reaches its climax when the midwest leg of the Idol Tour is announced, and along with the usual performances in Chicago and Memphis, there’s a stop in Steubenville as well. No word on how Clive Davis feels on this one…

Paris Writes Fans, Gabs for Bucks & Kills Her Cat


Apparently 5000 people actually like Paris Hilton. That’s the number of letters the heiress has received while locked up in Lynwood. They must just be all from Nicole Richie asking her what the food’s like. Paris has reportedly been a great pen pal, responding to a bunch of her notes and telling her fans she’s "sad and alone." But don’t let her words fool you. She’s still cold hearted and cruel, according to the latest dirt dished in Page Six. Paris is (possibly) an animal killer! Or at least, that’s what her neighbors are accusing her of today. Seems like they’ll do anything to get the party girl kicked off their block. 

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Have a Miserable, Cigarette-y Lunch



Ever since the widow Love sold off 25% of Kurt Cobain‘s catalog and licensed his image for use by the National Entertainment Collectibles Association (yes, seriously, such a thing exists), the sadly deceased Nirvana frontman has been popping up in all sorts of places. For example, as pictured here, you can now buy the Kurt Cobain lunchbox, which holds all manner of tasteful suicide sandwiches and needle-drop soups. Kurt has also been memorialized as an action figure and in a key chain that doubles up as a liquor flask, in a move that we suspect was motivated by suits at megacorporations who were wondering if they could get Kurt to kill himself twice. This follows on the heels of Cobain’s image being used in a Doc Marten’s ad, which officially has turned us off British combat boots, like, forever.

Britney: Tantrums Are a Girl’s Best Friend


She may have gone to rehab and changed her partying ways, but Britney’s attitude still stinks. Something set the starlet off recently at shoot for her new perfume, and she reportedly freaked, walked out, and refused to continue working. A source says, "She is not listening to anyone and doing exactly what she wants." This may explain another tidbit of Britsanity, which alleges that she is trying to win back her tank top loving ex, K-Fed. She’s apparently enlisted her mom for help, and pictures show her recently sporting a ridiculously huge diamond on her ring finger. Is this a sign that Spears wants to reconcile? Or does she just love massive bling?

Let’s be real: she better get Kevin back, because there’s no way she can make a decent perfume commercial without his magic arrow shooting skills. What kind of fantasy is it without that hunk of Feder-beef running around in the ad?

Thursday: Lindsay Leaves Rehab a Lot; Jess and John Move On


Kelly Confesses Eating Disorder

The Idol has admitted that she struggled with bulimia as a teen after getting passed over for a role in her high school musical. [Us Magazine]

Lindsay: Still Playing Rehab Hooky
LiLo left rehab three times the other day, skipping the gym to head back to her apartment, where she moved truckloads of stuff out. Sounds like she’s definitely serious about staying in rehab for a while! [X17]

Mandy Bashes Braff in Song
She’s mad and she’s not gonna take it anymore! A song on Moore’s new album Wild Hope is reportedly about her rocky relationship with Scrubs star Zach Braff. [NY Post]

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Blog Best-Of: Zahara’s Zazz


Zahara_links- Zahara Jolie-Pitt has so much sass, you can catch a whiff of her stink eye just by looking at her picture. Grow up fast, Zahara: VH1 needs you for its reality programming. [Crunk + Disorderly]

- Paris Hilton responds to prison fan mail in a letter written all by herself. She didn’t need a helper monkey or anything! [Dlisted]

- Steven Tyler has man boobs. Next time he gets his lips and eyes done, he should put in for a breast lift. [CityRag]

- Pussycat Doll Carmit Bachar shows us her inner Doll. And by "inner Doll," I mean, "nipple." [The Superficial]

- T.I. says racial discrimination prevented him from buying a house he wanted. His solution? Buy a bigger house. I bet the racial divide feels so salty now that the economic divide has defeated it. [The Pop Culture Junkie]

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Tara Reid Mixes Booze and Booty


Oh Tara. It seems like just last week that you were doing so well, all cleaned up without a nipple in sight. Wait…that was last week. And now, look at you – back to your old routine of getting hammered and making out with whatever comes your way. Your outfit last night (at left) was still cute and classy – for you (though it seems your fake boobs grew back). But then you ended your evening looking all sorts of wasted with a dude in your lap. So what happened? 12 gin and tonics? Oh well. We tried. At least you still have your career. Wait – scratch that.