Halle Berry is One Good Lookin’ Mama


hallea.jpgWell played Ms. Berry, well played. Your sultry appearance in world’s most amazing blue dress has almost made me forget all about your awkward “Jewish cousin comment.” Bravo! Halle looked beyond ravishing at the London premiere of her new Oscar-buzzin’ flick Things We Lost in the Fire, and is a walking advertisement for all the pregnant ladies in the house. I’m pretty sure if all us ladies could all walk around looking 4 months preggers like Halle, we would. Everything is workin’ in all the right places. Does she even have a bad place?

Check out more of Halle’s hotness below. Try not to drool!

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Tommy Lee: Too Smart for Rock of Love



The idea of appearing on a reality dating show does not turn Tommy Lee on. According to MTV News, in a recent newsletter, Tommy cleared up those rumors that he’d be the center of an upcoming season of Rock of Love:

I am not, nor would I ever, do a stupid show like the Rock of Love.

Yes, yes. Tommy Lee is way too sophisticated for that. His on-screen offerings generally involve high-brow situations like having extremely vocal sex with Pamela Anderson or eating testicles on his not-at-all-stupid 2005 reality series Tommy Lee Goes to College.


Take that, Bret Michaels! [MTV News]

About Last Night: Ultra Fresh Party Pics


Movie premieres, awards shows, benefit concerts, and plain old clubbin’ – even though most of us are at home, the beautiful peeps are living it up somewhere. About Last Night puts you in touch with all the action.

Katie Holmes accompanied her vertically challenged husband, Tom Cruise, to the German premiere of Lions for Lambs.

Halle Berry looked amazing at the UK premiere of her latest film, Things We Lost in the Fire.

Steve Carell, Dane Cook, Juliette Binoche, and most of The Office cast (including Jenna Fischer and Melora Hardin, pictured above) attended the premiere of Dan in Real Life.

Jay-Z Wants To Tell You A Story…



“This is what would have happened if I hadn’t become Jay-Z,” said the president of Def Jam Records last night at the taping of our latest Storytellers show. “This is Shawn Carter’s story.” And with that, the veteran MC launched into eight tracks from his upcoming American Gangsta (inspired by the new Denzel Washington movie, but you know that). With a full horn section, a DJ, and his girl Beyonce in the audience singing along to nearly every song, Jigga rocked the new studios that populate the Brooklyn Navy Yards – just a few blocks from his dope-slinging beginnings at the Marcy Projects. Imploring the crowd to “make a party out of it,” Jay tore into the stomping “Pray,” and ended with the already-leaked bonus track “Blue Magic” (hear it legally on Rhapsody). To find out what’s in between, you’ll have to tune in on November 8th.

Check out another shot of Jay at last night’s show after the jump. There’s also a RZA interview about the new movie.

[Images: Jason Kempin/FilmMagic/VH1]

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Mariah Carey on the Way Things Work



Mariah Carey‘s upcoming album is now as delayed as signs of aging are on her face. But you can’t blame Botox for this one — in fact, it’s hard to know what to blame. It would seem that it’s merely a matter of Mariah taking the time to record the album that she wants to (art, much like love, takes time, didn’t you know?). She’s, in fact, still recording — she recently had a “really hot” session with “someone Miami” (she’s not saying who). Except, instead of using the perfectly valid excuse of that pesky creative process, she’s blaming the delay on…consumerism. Eh? Says Mimi:

You can’t really put records out in December if you want the whole world to have a chance to actually hear it, [and] my fans all over the world are very important to me.

How selfless of her! Pay no attention to the fact that more albums sell during the holiday-buying season than any other time of year. You know, she’s only been doing this for 17 years, you can’t really expect her to understand how the music industry works. [MTV News / Image credit: Getty]

Lindsay’s New Year’s Party: Toasting with Apple Juice


lindsaylohan102507.jpgWhoops! Lindsay Lohan backed out of hosting her birthday party at Las Vegas club Pure this summer to enroll in rehab, but she had no problem pocketing the $400,000 she was supposedly given for the gig. Now the club is holding her to her word, and she’s stuck hosting a New Year’s Eve party at the joint sober ‘cuz she doesn’t have enough dough to pay them back. So what the hell is our rehabbed diva gonna serve? [Getty]


Thursday: Brit and K-Fed Reunited & It Feels So Toxic


britkfed.jpgBrit and K-Fed Forced to Reunite
The pair met for their first parenting class yesterday, and Brit supposedly burst into tears. Don’t worry – it was a happy cry that she’s not Popozao-ing anymore. [TMZ]

Is Lance Bass Feuding with Fiddy?
The boy-bander and the hip hop star are releasing books on the same day and swapped “words” about their dueling tomes. At least 50 will probably win this one. [NYDN]

Diddy Dishes on J. Lo’s Baby
The rapper claims that he’ll be the best god-daddy to J. Lo’s kids, complete with plenty of gifts. No offense Diddy, but we think she’s gonna ask Ben Affleck first. [Us]

Jessica Biel Gets P*ssed at Paps
Er – just who does she think she is (and who do the photogs think she is?) – Britney? someone we actually care about? Puh-lease. [DListed]

Spice Girls Plan Tell-All Film
The gals are planning to release a rock doc that tells the story of the band from creation to the present. We’d rather just watch the “Wannabee” video on repeat for two hours. [JustJared]

Joe Francis and the Case of the Extremely Messy Prosecution


As you probably remember from every newspaper article written about America’s declining ethical standards since Lewinskygate, Joe Francis is the man behind the hugely successful Girls Gone Wild franchise. He’s a miraculous entrepreneur who discovered that a crappy handicam, a couple of Jello shots and a pair of breasts (preferably aged 18 to 21) could become an incredibly lucrative platform for establishing a business.

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Blog Best-Of: Badu’s Bad Hair


erykah_links.jpg- Erykah Badu‘s range of terrible hairstyles are, at last, collected in one place. Most of these can be explained away by the fact that incense smoke was getting between her and the mirror. [SOULBOUNCE.COM]

- American Idol alum Constantine Mouralis and ’80s teen queen Debbie Gibson are dating. I look forward to the point in their relationship when they start fighting about who has the better career. [Dlisted]

- A minor debate on racism breaks out on The View after the ladies are portrayed as cavewomen. This is just the ghost of Betty Rubble getting back at the world for being depicted by the porcine Rosie O’Donnell. [Best Week Ever]

- Justin Timberlake does a beer shotgun during a tailgate party. That’s what I call preserving your douchey. [CityRag]

- I think it pisses God off if you surf by Fantasia wearing gold lamé on the Internet somewhere and don’t notice it. [Crunk + Disorderly]

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David Copperfield Can’t Make His Creepiness Disappear


copperfield101407.jpgThe web world has been all abuzz lately, twittering about the recent charges of rape brought up against magician David Copperfield by a Seattle woman. She alleges that the attack took place in the Bahamas and the FBI is now investigated. All we know about the guy is that he is all sorts of magical and miraculously managed to hold onto Claudia Schiffer for six years, so Copperfield’s relatively boring background make the deets of the investigation even that much weirder. Here’s what we know so far.

  • Investigators raided Copperfield’s Las Vegas warehouse last week and made out with “digital camera equipment” and a hard drive.
  • Sources have revealed that the magician supposedly created a system for picking out attractive women from his audience. He uses code words like “mama” with his assistants, who then mark of the female audience member’s location on a map. They are then brought backstage, photographed, and told that David would like to use them in his show if he comes to their town. Then they are asked to name colognes they like and preferred vacation spots. Ewww. Try none and nowhere!
  • TMZ reports that one location often mentioned is the Bahamas, which is where the alleged rape took place. Connection?
  • Could this mean that the female accuser is one of the women David photographed in his bizarre post-show lady round up?
  • Lastly, is your card an ace of spades? [TMZ. Getty]